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Raava is a character appearing in American comic book published by Marvel Comics. The character, created by Saladin Ahmed and Christian Ward, first appeared in Black Bolt #1 (May 2017). She is a Skrull pirate. Raava was in a deep-space torture prison for being against the Skrull Empire for the deaths of her children (Skragg and Raavaka). Raava conspired with Black Bolt, Metal Master, Blinky, and Absorbing Man to escape which the prison convicts were eventually successful at.

Rabble is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Raneem Rashad is a technopathic Jordanian girl and a mechanical prodigy who failed to get into Brooklyn Visions Academy since Miles Morales got the last spot. Becoming the villain Rabble, Raneem plotted to take revenge on Miles even when she figured out that he operated as the second Spider-Man. As part of her revenge, Rabble targeted Miles' family and Starling.

During the "Gang War" storyline, Rabble collaborated with Hobgoblin to make an invention using a drive stolen from the Beyond Corporation and technology that would enable them to find Queen Goblin. When Spider-Man, Prowler, Ms. Marvel, and Gust of the Cape Killers enter the building while the Starling, Scorpion, and Shift fight Hobgoblin's hired help Goldbug, Lady Stilt-Man, Man-Bull, Mr. Fish, , and Shocker outside, Hobgoblin and Rabble ambushed those who are with Spider-Man.

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