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The Transformers: More than Meets the Eye was a serialized comic series that was part of IDW Publishing's The Transformers comic book line. Its title was taken from one of the two taglines of the Transformers franchise, while the other was given to its companion series The Transformers: Robots in Disguise. The series opens after the one-shot Death of Optimus Prime, where the Transformers’ planet of Cybertron faces a period of uneasy peace and political instability. In response, Rodimus Prime recruits a large crew of Autobots to search for the Knights of Cybertron, a group of religious ambassadors who had vanished prior to the events of the comic. The series was written by James Roberts and was primarily drawn by Alex Milne. Issues 1 to 22 were primarily coloured by Josh Burcham while issues 28 to 57 were primarily coloured by Joanna Lafuente.

The series ended at issue #57, to be relaunched as Transformers: Lost Light.

Issues 23-27 of More than Meets the Eye comprise the even-numbered parts of the Dark Cybertron crossover event; the odd-numbered chapters were originally released in IDW Publishing's other ongoing series, Robots in Disguise.



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