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Swifties are the fandom of American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. Regarded by journalists as one of the largest and most devoted fanbases, Swifties are known for their high levels of participation, creativity, community and fanaticism. They are a subject of widespread coverage in the mainstream media.

Critics have opined that Swift has redefined artist–fandom relationships by establishing an intimate connection with Swifties. Swift has frequently engaged with, helped, credited and prioritized her fans, while the latter have offered unprecedented support and interest in her works irrespective of her wavering reception in the media. They continued to support Swift through her genre transitions and unexpected artistic pivots, helped her during her highly publicized controversies such as the 2019 masters dispute, instigated the political scrutiny of Ticketmaster that led to implementation of various laws, and stimulated economic growth with the cultural impact of the Eras Tour. Swift's releases, promotional efforts and fashion have garnered attention for incorporating Easter eggs and clues that are decoded by Swifties and considered part of her musical universe.

Having influenced the music industry in several aspects, Swifties have carved their own space in popular culture; the fanbase has received a number of accolades as well. Cultural analyses have variably described Swifties as a community of interest, a subculture, and a near-metaverse. Academics have studied Swifties for their consumerism, content creation, social capital, collective effervescence, organizing prolificacy, and interpersonal relationship. Nevertheless, members of the fanbase have been criticized for disregarding Swift's privacy and swarming all her locations, and verbally attacking Internet users and celebrities who malign Swift. The word Swiftie(s) was added to the Oxford Dictionary of English in 2023.

Swift released her self-titled debut studio album in the United States in October 2006. It sold 40,000 copies in its first week, but became a sleeper hit as its sales remained consistent over time, reaching one million copies in November 2007. It garnered its highest sales week in January 2008, with 187,000 copies. This sleeper success contributed to a rapid increase in Swift's notability within and beyond the country music scene. Taylor Swift spent 24 weeks at the number-one spot of the U.S. Top Country Albums chart and became the longest-running album from the 2000s decade on the all-genre Billboard 200. where country music was then not popular, catapulting Swift to mainstream fame and widening her audience. The success planted dedicated fanbases for Swift in overseas markets such as the United Kingdom,

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