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Apollo Creed

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Win Percentage: 37.50%

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Apollo Creed (born circa 1943 - died August 31, 1985 in Las Vegas, Nevada) is a fictional character from the Rocky films, initially portrayed as the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World. He was played by Carl Weathers.

Creed had multiple nicknames, including The Master of Disaster, The King of Sting, The Dancing Destroyer, and The Count of Monte Fisto. Urban legend states that Apollo Creed's name is a wordplay on the Apostles' Creed, a statement of belief used in Christian churches. All of Apollo's championship fights were scheduled for the 15 round distance. Championship fights did not convert from 15 rounds to 12 rounds until 1987. Rocky Balboa is often wrongly credited with popularizing the red, white, and blue trunks; Creed was the first person to wear them, although normally he wore red and white, as seen in Rocky II. Balboa's signature colors were black and gold; colors he even used again in the latest movie.

Apollo Marvin Creed first appeared in the 1976 Oscar-winning film Rocky as the charismatic, intelligent and undefeated 33 year old World Heavyweight Champion. A planned Bicentennial fight against number one contender Mac Lee Green was scheduled for January 1, 1976, which Apollo gladly hypes whenever someone places a microphone in front of him. However, Green hurts his left hand in training, and when none of the other top ranked contenders, such as Joe Czak and Buddy Shaw, step up to face the champion, Creed responds with a promotion that will generate huge publicity. He will offer an unknown local fighter an opportunity to battle Creed for the title, in a match in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Upon reviewing the local boxers in Philadelphia, Creed is drawn to a club fighter named Rocky Balboa because Balboa is Caucasian and has a catchy nickname, "The Italian Stallion." Apollo also explains his choice by saying: "Who discovered America? An Italian, right? What better way to celebrate its 200th birthday than to get it on with one of his descendants?" Apollo brushes off the idea of the left-handed Balboa giving him a fight, pledging to knock him out in three rounds. In spite of his trainer's concern when he sees Balboa in a television interview, training by punching sides of beef in a meat packing plant, Apollo puts more effort into giving everyone a good show rather than training for the bout. When the match actually takes place, Apollo dresses up like both George Washington and Uncle Sam in the pre-fight festivities and is in a jovial mood until Rocky knocks him down in the first round with a single uppercut, the first time Creed has ever been knocked down in his career. He then endures a grueling 15-round fight with the game Balboa, who manages to get to his feet after Creed took him down with an uppercut in the 14th round in what appeared to be the end of the match. This was the first time anyone had ever taken the champion the full 15 rounds.

Apollo Creed

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