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Samus Aran

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CBUB Losses: 16
Win Percentage: 77.14%

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is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Metroid video game series. Introduced in the 1986 video game Metroid, Samus is a female ex-marine bounty hunter usually fitted with a powered armor suit with weapons that include beams and missiles. Throughout the series, she executes missions given to her by the Galactic Federation while hunting the antagonistic Space Pirates and their leader, Ridley, along with the energy-draining alien parasites called Metroids. Orphaned at a young age, Samus was brought up by the Chozo alien race, who trained her as a warrior. The Chozo also gave her the Power Suit, which features the ability to collapse Samus into a sphere to roll through tight areas such as tunnels.

Samus has appeared in all eleven Metroid video games as of 2010. She has also been featured in media outside of the series, including the comic book version of Captain N: The Game Master, all three games in the Super Smash Bros. series of multiplayer fighting game, and the video games Super Mario RPG (1996), Kirby Super Star (1996), and Kirby's Dream Land 3 (1997), in which she makes cameo appearances. Makoto Kano created the characters for the original Metroid while Hiroji Kiyotake designed them. The idea for Samus to be female came up partway through the development of Metroid when the developers determined that it would be an interesting twist to reveal her as female at the end of the game. Samus is one of the first major female protagonists in a video game, and her popularity among fans has helped her top several lists of the best video game heroines.

The style for the original Metroid game was designed to be a cross between the side-scrolling gameplay of the Super Mario games and the exploration and puzzle-solving aspects of The Legend of Zelda series, with inspiration from science fiction. The game's characters were conceived by Makoto Kano, while Hiroji Kiyotake designed them.

The game's atmosphere was influenced by Ridley Scott's film, Alien (1979). Samus was one of the first major female protagonists in a video game. Sakamoto noted that during the course of the Metroid series, developers constantly try to express Samus's femininity without turning her into a sex object. Samus's image was based on actress Kim Basinger from 9 1/2 Weeks and My Stepmother is an Alien.

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Win Black Canary 19 to 5

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Win Yoko Littner 6 to 4
Win The Punisher 6 to 3
Loss Blade 7 to 12

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Win Luigi 10 to 2
Tie Crash Bandicoot 5 to 5
Win Spyro the Dragon 7 to 3

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Loss Venom (Mac Gargan) 68 to 70
Win Ratchet and Clank 71 to 20
Win Mega Man X 58 to 48
Loss Iron Man 43 to 69
Win Vash the Stampede 42 to 28
Win Fanboys 80 to 19
Win Riddick 61 to 33
Loss Darth Vader 52 to 72
Win Pokemon 65 to 38
Win Spiderman 2099 64 to 34
Win Solid Snake 60 to 43
Win Jabba the Hutt 87 to 25
Loss Boba Fett 56 to 71
Win Hunters 84 to 25
Win Guyver Unit 1 (Shō Fukamachi) 74 to 39
Win Mega Man 34 to 25
Win Juniper Lee 86 to 14
Win Venom 64 to 50
Win Battle Angel Alita 56 to 16
Win Boba Fett 65 to 35
Loss The Hulk 20 to 64
Win Spiderman 2099 61 to 56
Win Ryoko Habuki 69 to 45
Win Captain N 52 to 22
Loss Link 34 to 49
Loss Master Chief 250 to 258
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Loss The Abomination 44 to 64
Win John Preston 77 to 17
Win Master Chief 51 to 31
Win John Spartan 54 to 28
Win Dark Samus 15 to 14
Loss Megatron 13 to 29
Win Riddick 21 to 16
Win General Grievous 21 to 15
Win General Grievous 22 to 15
Loss Spider-Man 13 to 14
Win Captain Falcon 13 to 8
Win Count Nefaria 10 to 6
Win Knuckles the Echidna 11 to 6
Loss Tau Empire 5 to 7
Win The Flood 15 to 3
Win Crimson Dynamo 16 to 3
Win Black Panther 15 to 14
Win Master Chief 15 to 13
Win Saren Arterius 11 to 5
Win Vilgax 12 to 7
Win Admiral Piett 12 to 6
Win Godzilla 12 to 11
Win Dark Troopers 18 to 6
Loss Captain Falcon 16 to 18
Loss Mega Man X 9 to 10
Win Cad Bane 12 to 5
Win Sarah Kerrigan (Infested) 17 to 2
Loss Iron Man 4 to 14
Win Divatox 11 to 2
Win Bruce Lee 9 to 4
Loss Broly 3 to 19
Win Tenma Tsukamoto 19 to 6
Win Nova (StarCraft) 34 to 2
Win Dark Pit 18 to 5
Win Kobolds 4 to 0
Win Finn 5 to 0