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The Xiliens

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This is a list of the extraterrestrial races featured in the tokusatsu film and television series produced by Japan production company Toho, including the various Godzilla films.

The (from The Mysterians, 1957) make their presence known on Earth following a sequence of disasters in the Fuji area: a forest fire, an earthquake, and the rampage of a giant robot called Moguera. Following these events their leader meets with five scientists and reveals their history: Originally inhabitants of the (formerly) hypothetical planet Mysteroid, ancient Mysterians had advanced nuclear power and subsequently destroyed themselves and their planet in a nuclear war (thereby creating the asteroid belt). Their descendants colonized Mars and remained there until Earthlings began claiming Martian land. In retribution, and to preserve their fading race, the Mysterians request a 3-kilometer patch of land on Earth and the right to marry Earthling women. They wrought destruction at first, they claim, to demonstrate their power and prevent humankind from foolishly instigating a nuclear war against them.

Despite their unprovoked attack, the Mysterians claim to be pacifists, using mild force at first to prevent large-scale conflict later. Mysterian uniforms consist of white bodysuits with color trim, boots, gloves, and helmets, with color indicative of rank (red the highest, then yellow, then blue). As would become the norm in Toho alien invasion movies, the Mysterians are basically human in form; however, unlike many future alien races, this is their true form, rather than a disguise. Their tactics are innovative and clever; during the Markalite raid on the Mysterians' dome, they destroy one of the devices with a flood and another by sacrificing a second Moguera.

The Natarls appeared in Battle in Outer Space, the 1959 sequel to The Mysterians. This film itself takes place in 1965, several years after the formation of the Earth Defence Force, of which Etsuko Shiraishi and Dr. Adachi are now members.

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