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Alien Hominid

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Alien Hominid (released as Alien Hominid HD on Xbox 360) is an independently developed console video game released for Sony PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube in 2004 through publisher O~3 Entertainment. A PAL version was later released during May 2005 for PlayStation 2 and Microsoft's Xbox through ZOO Digital Publishing. A Game Boy Advance version (co-developed by Tuna Technologies) has also been released in Europe. The game was developed by The Behemoth. The Xbox version is not compatible with the Xbox's successor, the Xbox 360, but was made available for download on February 28, 2007 on Xbox Live Arcade for 800 points.

Alien Hominid began as a flash game developed by programmer Tom Fulp and animator Dan Paladin, which was released on Newgrounds in August, 2002. It is often referred to as the Alien Hominid "prototype" by The Behemoth. Inspired by side-scrolling shooter games such as Metal Slug, the flash game features a little yellow alien who has crash landed on Earth and must fight through hordes of FBI trying to capture him. The game consisted of one level containing two bosses, who would later reappear in the retail version. It became very popular among the online gaming set and has currently been played over 19 million times. Later in the year, then-co-worker John Baez approached Paladin as a fan of Alien Hominid. He suggested that Paladin and Fulp make a console version of the game, even offering to produce the game. Paladin and Fulp agreed, forming The Behemoth.

In the course of two years, Alien Hominid became a much larger project than its online prototype. Whilst 3D graphics were considered initially, The Behemoth decided nothing compared to the traditional 2D stylings of the prototype. The art of Paladin, who drew all visual aspects of the game by hand, became much more refined (though still cartoon-like and inviting). The project was entirely re-coded for consoles, and many new gameplay features were created. The final product contained sixteen stages (set in three different locations)Urban, Russia and Area-51; Area-51 consists of the final boss. There are hundreds of enemies and numerous bosses. Six minigames were also added, the "PDA Game," with 200 different levels and a level editor, "All You Can Eat", "Super Soviet Missile Mastar", "Challenge", "Neutron Ball" and "Pinata Boss". Matt Harwood of Petrified Productions, who had previously worked with Paladin, created all of the music for the game. DJH has been credited with extensive play-testing, citing Alien Hominid as "the pinnacle of arcade entertainment".

The game is a side-scrolling shooter in a similar vein to games like Metal Slug, where one hit instantly kills. Players play as the titular hominid who has to fend off waves of secret agents. His main arsenal is a blaster, whilst players can also melee close-up enemies and use a limited amount of grenades. Advanced moves include rolling under shots, jumping on and biting off enemies heads, temporarily scaring other enemies, and digging underground and dragging enemies down with them. Players can collect a variety of power-ups which simultaneously give players extra grenades, a shield and unique ammo. Players can also drive vehicles, ride on top of a monster and pilot a UFO. Completing certain tasks will unlock hats the players can dress their Hominid in.

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