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Artemis Fowl II

CBUB Wins: 14
CBUB Losses: 10
Win Percentage: 58.33%

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Artemis Fowl II is the main character of the fictional series Artemis Fowl by the Irish author Eoin Colfer.

Colfer has said that he based Artemis on his younger brother Donal, who as a child was "a mischievous mastermind who could get out of any trouble he got into". A childhood picture of his brother in his first communion suit caused Colfer to think of how much Colfer's brother resembled "a little James Bond villain" and "how funny...a twelve-year-old James Bond villain" would be, inspiring Colfer's creation of Artemis.

Colfer planned for Artemis to have been called Archimedes but changed the name due to an interest in using a “classic Greek name” and trepidation that “people would think [the series] was about [the historical figure] Archimedes". Artemis is a notable choice for a name because while it is traditionally a female name, it “was [historically] sometimes…given to boys as a kind of honorific if their fathers were great hunters”. Fowl was derived from the Irish name Fowler as a play on word to convey the characterization that Artemis was a nasty or foul individual at the beginning of the series.

As shown in the fifth book and the chapter of the seventh book on the series' website, Artemis' birthday is September 1.

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Result Opponent A Score   B Score
Win Kasumi Goto 16 to 6
Win Ant-Man (Hank Pym) 14 to 11
Loss Judge Cassandra Anderson 4 to 13
Loss The Question 8 to 9
Win Inspector Gadget 14 to 10

Fantasy Teams Season 9 Record:

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Tie Darkwing Duck 7 to 7
Win Sherlock Holmes 6 to 4
Win Nancy Drew 8 to 1
Win L (Death Note) 7 to 4

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Win Dexter 43 to 41
Loss Boba Fett 25 to 99
Loss Harry Potter 40 to 54
Loss Tsunade 31 to 38
Win Carmen Sandiego 40 to 32
Loss Doctor Doom 24 to 60
Loss Skynet 16 to 27
Win L (Death Note) 19 to 12
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Win Hannibal Lecter 17 to 3