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Doomsday is a fictional character, a supervillain that appears in comic book published by DC Comics. The character first appears in Superman: The Man of Steel #17 (Nov. 1992), and was created by writer-artist Dan Jurgens. Doomsday is best known as Superman's murderer in the 1992 storyline, "The Death of Superman".

Doomsday is a nearly mindless, berserk killing machine, with no feelings apart from unfocused hatred, murderous rage, and the sheer malicious joy of destruction.

He was created in the distant past on Krypton, long before the humanoid Kryptonian race had gained dominance over the planet. It was a violent, hellish world where only the absolute strongest of creatures could survive. At the time, the world's dominant life-forms were said to be the most dangerous creatures in the universe. In a cruel experiment intended to create the perfect living being, the alien scientist Bertron decanted a humanoid infant (born in a lab in vitro) onto the surface of the planet - where he was promptly killed by the harsh environment. The baby's remains were collected and used to clone a stronger version of him, a process repeated time after time as a form of accelerated artificial breeding. The agony of these repeated deaths were recorded in his genes, driving the creature to hate all life. Evolving, the child later became able to survive the high temperatures and searing atmosphere, only to be quickly slain by the vicious predators that inhabited the planet. Eventually, he gained the ability to thrive on solar energy without the need for food or air, to return to life and adapt to overcome whatever had previously killed him, without the assistance of Bertron's technology. "The Ultimate" hunted and exterminated the dangerous predators of Krypton. He then killed Bertron himself, whom he had come to identify as an enemy, due to Bertron having "killed" him thousands upon thousands of times.

The Ultimate escaped Krypton via a ship that regularly came to deliver supplies to Bertron - who wanted little contact with the planet's natives - and went on a killing spree across several planets. It began 245,000 years ago on Bylan 5, where Darkseid was about to wed a princess (in order to obtain that planet's chemical deposits for Apokolips' weapons factories). Just as the Ultimate and Darkseid were to meet in combat, Darkseid was forced to flee, as the battle had caused the planet's atmosphere to become toxic and therefore worthless to Apokolips. The Ultimate hitched a ride on an escaping shuttle, which crashed on Khund. The warring Khundian clans united in order to build protective armor for a warrior named Kobald, who was hoped to survive long enough to force the Ultimate onto a rocket. Once the rocket was in space, the Ultimate killed Kobald and the resulting explosion sent him hurtling through space.

Doomsday Doomsday Doomsday Doomsday Doomsday Doomsday Doomsday

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Win Inhuman Royal Family 21 to 11
Win Batman 15 to 14
Loss Doctor Doom 15 to 16
Loss Son Goku 12 to 17
Loss Captain Marvel / Shazam 16 to 21
Loss Hulk (World War) 14 to 26
Win Lobo 18 to 16
Loss Thor Odinson 12 to 20
Win Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 15 to 4
Win Spider-Man 19 to 2
Win Super Skrull 16 to 4
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Win The Abomination 22 to 7
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Win Order of the Phoenix 9 to 5
Win Black Adam 21 to 20
Win Cell 11 to 5