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Isla Sorna

CBUB Wins: 4
CBUB Losses: 7
Win Percentage: 36.36%

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The Jurassic Park franchise is a series of books, films, comics, and videos centering on a disastrous attempt to create a theme park of cloned dinosaur. It began in 1990 when Universal Studios bought the rights to the novel by Michael Crichton before it was even published.

The book was successful, as was the 1993 film adaptation which led to two sequels, although the last was not based on a novel, as the previous films were. The software developers Ocean Software, BlueSky Software, Sega of America and Telltale Games have had the rights to developing video games since the 1993 film, and numerous games have been produced.

Currently a is in the works, but it has been lingering in "development hell" since a year after the third film. There have been numerous rumors about the project since it was first reported, many of them relating to plot and script ideas, and new logos. Recently in November 2009, Joe Johnston, the director of Jurassic Park III, stated that the fourth film will have a different plot than the other three films.

After Jurassic Park was released to home video, Crichton was pressured from many sources for a sequel novel. Crichton declined all offers until Spielberg himself told him that he would be keen to direct a movie adaptation of the sequel, if one were written. Crichton began work almost immediately. After the novel was published in 1995, The Lost World: Jurassic Park began production in September 1996.

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Win Ronald Weasley 9 to 6
Win Muttley 10 to 4

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Loss Officer Rick Grimes 7 to 8
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