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The Walrus is a minor Marvel Comics supervillain of Spider-Man who has appeared in at least three comic book issues (Defenders #131 and Spectacular Spider-Man #184-185).

The Walrus is a supervillain and foe of Spider-Man. He wears a costume that resembles a walrus (or a giant plush toy) and despite being physically strong, proved to be completely inept and pointless. Where most supervillains are interested in stealing money or taking over the world, the Walrus was content with mindless property damage. He considered his role as a supervillain as that of a "mass-destructionist".

The man who would one day don the guise of the savage Walrus, was once a cab driver named Hubert Carpenter (a minor reference to Alice in Wonderland's The Walrus and the Carpenter). Hubert's uncle Humbert (a mad scientist/eccentric janitor) used devious experimental technology to endow Hubert with the attributes that would surely make him into the pre-eminent supervillain of all times. Hubert, now with the "proportionate speed, strength and agility of a walrus", started causing havok.

He fought the New Defenders and Frogman II, before collapsing. Then he teamed up with


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