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Tiffany Valentine

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Tiffany (also known as "The Bride of Chucky") is a murderous doll and the main protagonist featured in the Child's Play series of horror film, famous for featuring the iconic killer doll Chucky.

Tiffany was voiced by Academy Award nominee Jennifer Tilly in Bride of Chucky and again for Seed of Chucky. Jennifer Tilly also played herself in the later movie.

Tiffany as a human had bleached blonde hair and brown eyes. She is sort of the lighter version of Chucky, killing, but, unlike her love interest, feeling guilty about doing so later on. She sported a gothic style of clothing and makeup, along with a tattoo of a broken heart above her breast that had Chucky written above it. After becoming a doll, she redoes its hair and makeup to resemble a miniature version of herself, and wears a golden necklace that says "Tiff". Her style also changes notably in the next film: her lips are now smaller, her hair is straighter, she no longer wore the leather jacket, and she wears a different dress and new boots. Also, like Chucky, she wants to transfer her soul to the human protagonist.

Tiffany is a muddle of different styles. She dresses in a gothic fashion and can be described as a hopeless romantic. She has a "bimbo" air, but is clever, inventive, and somewhat feminist. Her temper is short, and she is struck sometimes by remorse out of sync with her love of killing.

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