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The Manhattan Clan

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The Manhattan Clan are the fictional protagonists of the animated Disney series Gargoyles. They are six gargoyles (mythical winged humanoid creatures that turn to stone by day), the last survivors of a Scottish Gargoyle clan who are frozen in stone in the year 994 A.D only to be reawakened in 1994 in Manhattan. In 1996, they were joined by Angela (who originated from the Avalon Clan which are the children of the Scottish Clan). In 1997 the clan would grow significantly with the addition of Coldstone & Coldfire (Both being robots that house the spirits of two Scottish Gargoyles who were killed), and Brooklyn's family consisting of Fu-Dog, Katana, Nashville and Egwardo (The former two Brooklyn met in other time periods, while the latter two are children he and Katana give birth to).

Originally from the fictional Castle Wyvern in Dark Age Scotland, they were part of a larger Wyvern Clan of gargoyles, living alongside humans and protecting them. Castle Wyvern sat on top of a cliff, of which the gargoyles originally lived in caves within the cliff face. However, they were betrayed by the humans, and their castle attacked by Vikings. Many of the gargoyles were destroyed - smashed into rubble while in their stone sleep - and only six survived: the leader, Goliath, and his mentor, who had followed bad information and were away from the castle tracking the Vikings during the attack, and three younglings and their pet, dog-like creature who had been locked in the underground rookery as punishment. A seventh, Demona, also survived, though this was not known at the time.

The Vikings then captured many of the castle's human inhabitants, as the surviving gargoyles pursued. They successfully rescued most of the prisoners, but the Magus of Castle Wyvern, mistakenly believing the gargoyles had caused the death of his beloved Princess Katherine during their counter assault, cast a spell on five of the remaining clan, turning them permanently to stone. However, when the Princess returned after being rescued by Goliath, the Magus realized that he had made a terrible mistake. Unfortunately, the necessary counterspell was destroyed earlier when the Viking leader Hakon burned a page from the Magus' spellbook to taunt him, thus precluding restoring the clan, except for the fact that the curse would end when the castle "rose above the clouds" which seemed impossible at the time. A grief stricken Goliath, feeling alone and wanting to join his brothers, asked the Magus to perform the spell on him while Katharine and the Magus would care for the rookery eggs.

One thousand years later, billionaire industrialist David Xanatos acting on a tip from Demona and the Grimorum Arcanorum that he owned, purchased Castle Wyvern and had it moved, brick by brick, to the top of his skyscraper, the Eyrie Building on Manhattan in New York City, New York. As Xanatos anticipated, the building was high enough to satisfy the requirement for the spell to be broken. This liberated the gargoyles from their stone sleep, only to be stunned to find themselves 1000 years in the future in a place far away from their ancestral homeland. After the initial shock passed, the clan would eventually attempt to fit in to their new environment with the five unnamed gargoyles (apart from Goliath), taking names from New York boroughs and landmarks to allow the people of this world to better relate to them. For the most part however, the period of adjustment was relatively smooth, for the younger trio in particular who delighted in the vast varieties of goods and activities available.

The Manhattan Clan

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