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The Chiss Ascendancy

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The Abyssin inhabit the planet Byss. They are a nomadic race, often described as "brutish and violent." They stand approximately two meters tall and have a humanoid appearance, with long limbs and weathered skin. They also possess a single large slit-pupiled eye which dominates their greenish-tan foreheads. Abyssins do not take kindly to derogatory nicknames regarding their eye, such as "monoc," "one-eye," or "cyclops." They are quick to anger, especially when taunted or insulted. They are known to look for conflict and rarely show restraint. All Abyssins have the ability to heal quickly and to regenerate body parts, which leads to their belief that change is impossible, and as such they rarely stray from their home world. Abyssins dislike blaster fire and space-battles.

This short-bodied alien race was native to the planet Aleen. These beings were characterized by their thick bodies and short limbs. They waddle when they walk, and were ungainly to look upon. Their heads were dominated by a long, thin plate of body which extended back from the skull, and their faces were flat. Two small eyes sat over a wide mouth which was filled with short, sharp teeth. Aleena were known for their quick-change metabolism, which helped them escape from sagcatchers on their home-world. Individuals were bred for their color variation, another way they avoided becoming prey. As a people, the Aleena had a strong warrior tradition. They possessed exceptional reflexes as well as a fast metabolism which allowed them to convert food into energy very rapidly in order to escape predators on their harsh home planet.

The Amanin, nicknamed Amanaman in some regions, are large alien that have long arms and a broad body. Their heads resemble a hooded cobra's head, but with a humanoid face. They prefer to travel in the trees, using their arms to swing among branches, but their shapes also allow them to curl into a ball and roll at incredible speeds. They organize into small tribes that form war with good chiss parties to fight the other tribes for territory. They do not use technology and prefer to fight with spears and arrows, but they are vicious fighters and are galaxy-renowned for it. Their reputation was even more so after they wiped out an entire stormtrooper division that had set up on their home planet. During and after the rule of the Empire, they sold their POW into slavery. They are also popular as guards and bodyguards with the criminal elements of the galaxy. The Hutts are the biggest users of their services.

An Amanin can be seen briefly in Return of the Jedi. This alien serves as one of Jabba's guards in his palace and can be seen guarding one of Jabba's most prized possessions- Han Solo encased in carbonite. He is yellow with brown/green stripes and carries a long spear.

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