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This list of characters describes notable characters who appear in the Dragon Age universe. These characters are explored in the novels Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne and Dragon Age: The Calling and the video game Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age Journeys. This list describes only major protagonists, antagonists, and party members that appear in the series, although these storylines feature much larger supporting casts consisting of dozens of minor characters.

Dragon Age: Origins includes ten characters of whom the player can recruit into their party over the course of the game. Decisions made by the player may affect whether a party member is recruited at all, and may also lead a party member into becoming disillusioned with the party and thus leave for good as a result of a low approval rating. In some cases, particular decisions made by the player may result in the death of a party member. Players may pursue different romance options with certain characters.

Alistair (voiced by Steve Valentine)

He joins the player's party early on in the game at Ostagar and will not leave the party under any circumstance, save one exception in which the player has Loghain undergo the Joining ritual to become a Grey Warden during the Landsmeet. Alistair is a possible romance option for female characters. He favors doing the right thing, and will disapprove greatly of actions which are not so, such as defiling the Urn of Sacred Ashes during a quest, or allowing the death of any of Arl Eamon's relatives.

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