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Sheldon Jeffrey Sands is a fictional character from Robert Rodriguez's 2003 film Once Upon a Time in Mexico. He is portrayed by Johnny Depp. He is mainly the catalyst of the movie and the movie's anti-hero.

Sands is portrayed as a borderline sociopath who will kill without the slightest hesitation; Rodriguez even described him as a "mass murderer". He can be a charming eccentric or a ruthless killer, depending on what the situation demands. He even killed a cook who made puerco pibil "too good" (most likely in a sarcastic way, as El Mariachi, after being asked to try the dish, spit it out immediately after taking a bite). Towards the middle of the movie he is shunned by the CIA and left hanging in Mexico after his mission comes to a sudden halt. He scurries around the city trying to run and hide from the people he felt were following him; signs of paranoia (although it is likely he was being followed).

Towards the end of the movie, however, Rodriguez reveals Sands as a man not without mercy- during the final standoff between Sands and two of his enemies he tells a little boy (whom he had been using as a guide to lead him around the city after his eyeballs were taken out) "I don't hear you running".

Sands is shown to be quite witty, often engaging in clever wordplay. In the opening scenes of the movie, when he is talking with Belini (Cheech Marin), he gives him $10,000 for the information he has provided him. When he gives the money to Belini he says "I couldn't find a briefcase small enough for $10,000 in cash." Upon saying this, he hands the money to him in a Clash of the Titans lunch box in order to make Belini feel foolish for asking for so little money. Sands uses the word "savvy?" to ask El Mariachi if he understands him, much like Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean.

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