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Abu Fayed

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The following is a list of recurring and minor fictional characters from the American television drama 24. The following events are fictional and portrayed from both an in-universe and out of universe perspective. Furthermore, this list contains minor characters whose story arcs lasted anywhere from one or two episodes to two or three seasons. The list is sorted by when the character made their first appearance on the series, however many have appeared in subsequent seasons.

In season 8. He is shown to have an active role in the administration, negotiating alongside President Taylor, a peace deal for the Middle East. Kanin suffered a heart attack after discovering Chief of Staff Weiss' plot to turn President Hassan over to the terrorists threatening to detonate a nuclear bomb in New York City. This incident was kept hidden from President Taylor. Kanin was discovered during the arrest of Weiss and General Brucker, and was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Kanin rejoins President Taylor's cabinet, recommending that she work with disgraced ex-President Charles Logan at getting the Russians back to the table following Hassan's widow succession of her late husband. He is aghast to discover that, on Logan's advice, she is not only hiding evidence of the Russians' involvement in the day's events, but allowing Logan to stop Jack Bauer from revealing this evidence. When he realizes that President Taylor has no intention of changing her mind, he offers his resignation.

The following are terrorists, mercenaries, and minor non-political conspirators whose actions go against those of the protagonists.

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