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Maxie Zeus

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Maximilian "Maxie" Zeus is a fictional character in the DC Comics Universe. He is a criminal mastermind who believes that he is the god Zeus from Greek mythology. He is an occasional enemy of Batman. He first appeared in Detective Comics #483 (April–May 1979).

Maxie Zeus is a former history teacher who loses his mind when his wife leaves him. He becomes a gangster and uses his cunning and intelligence to rise to power amidst the chaos in Gotham City's underworld. He fights Batman on several occasions before being committed to Arkham Asylum.

Because Maxie seems less dangerous than the Joker, Two-Face, and other notorious Arkham inmates, Arkham's administrators do not commit him in the maximum security wing, despite repeated recommendations from Batman to do so (Batman and the Outsiders #14). Batman's concern is proven warranted when Maxie escapes to form a team of Greek Mythology-based superhuman agents called the [ New Olympians]. He attempts to kidnap Olympic athlete Lacinia Nitocris and force her to marry him and become a mother to his daughter Medea. This plot is foiled by Batman and the Outsiders, who beat the Olympians in a series of Olympic-style games.

Maxie is one of the villains that escape Arkham when Bane brings down the walls of Arkham Asylum in the Knightfall storyline. Maxie's escape attempt is disrupted when he collides with a tree.

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