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Lola Bunny

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Lola Bunny is a cartoon character from Warner Bros. Studios. She is an anthropomorphic rabbit and has been established as having a romantic involvement with Bugs Bunny, as well as being his main love interest and girlfriend.

She has tan fur, blonde bangs, and wears a purple rubber band on both ears like a ponytail. She has aqua colored eyes and she is 3'2" tall. Lola is voiced by Kath Soucie in her first appearance (in the 1996 live-action/animated film Space Jam), and by Britt McKillip in the animated series Baby Looney Tunes.

Lola first appears in the film Space Jam, in which she is voiced by Kath Soucie. Lola's basketball skills get her a spot on the Toon Squad, in which the Looney Tunes characters battle the villainous Monstars for their freedom, with help from Michael Jordan.

Although she initially turned down Bugs' advances, her feelings shifted to affection after he saved her from a belly-flopping Monstar, getting himself painfully squashed in the process (showing that he was willing to put himself in harm's way for her and genuinely cared for her). Acting on these feelings, she kissed him and near the film's end, becomes his girlfriend.

Lola Bunny Lola Bunny

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