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Alan Turner

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Alan Jonathan Turner is a fictional character in the British soap opera Emmerdale played by Richard Thorp. He first appeared on 18 March 1982, and is the longest running character in the soap.

Thorph took a break from filming in 2009 due to health issues before returning to filming in March 2010. In 2010 Thorp commented on his duration saying "I ought to have regrets about staying, but I'm the laziest human being alive so I don't". He added "there was no point in me moving on because I wasn't good enough!" Thorp went onto bemoan the lack of storylines for Alan saying "I would hate to leave, but I wish they'd find more for me to do". He added that he had suggested that "Turner get a love interest" but that the writers had refused saying "they'd have to dig her up". In 2010 Thorp commented on his role saying the serial has been "very good to me and has renewed my contracts for years, but they have not got as much work for me these days - I'm more like the village memorial now than an active character".

Born in 1935 in Chichester, Sussex, Alan Turner had a brother William who died young. Alan married Jill (Patricia Maynard) at a young age and they had two children Terence (Stephen Marchant/Nick Brimble) and Steph (Lorraine Chase), previously known as Mary. Alan came to live in Emmerdale village in 1982. Alan and Jill end their marriage in 1985. Alan spends his early years in the village doing business deals and working on the local council. He worked as an estate manager for NY Estates, having a rival in Joe Sugden (Frazer Hines), who later got his job. Alan finds himself outwitted by NY Estates' gamekeeper Seth Armstrong (Stan Richards) in several occasions.

Alan and Caroline Bates (Diana Davies) begin a relationship when she becomes his secretary at NY Estates in 1984. The couple plan to marry in 1989, shortly before Caroline leaves the village to care for her ailing mother. Alan marries Shirley Foster (Rachel Davies) in 1994. Four months later Shirley is shot by Reg Dawson (Niven Boyd) during a siege at Home Farm and dies. Alan becomes landlord of the Woolpack. In 1998 Alan's granddaughter, Tricia Stokes (Sheree Murphy), arrives in the village and they form a close relationship. Steph, Alan's daughter and Tricia's mother arrives in the village in 2002. Steph and Alan have several disagreements but are united by their grief for Tricia after she is killed in a storm.

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