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Annie Walker

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Covert Affairs is a USA Network television series starring Piper Perabo and Christopher Gorham. The one-hour drama premiered on Tuesday, July 13, 2010. The show concluded its first season on September 14, 2010 and was renewed for a second season on August 19, 2010. The second season began airing on June 7, 2011, and a DVD set of the first season was released on May 17, 2011. The series was renewed for a third season by USA Network on September 15, 2011. The Second Season DVD was released in American in April 2012, with deleted footage. The third season will begin on July 10, 2012.

A young CIA trainee, Annie Walker, is sent out into the field to work at the Domestic Protection Division (DPD). August "Auggie" Anderson, a blind tech operative, is Annie's guide in her new life. Annie's cover story is that she works in Acquisitions at the Smithsonian Museum.

Season One of Covert Affairs was released on DVD on May 17, 2011 in region 1 and region 4 on June 2, 2011. The three disc set features all 11 episodes of Season One, commentary on the "Pilot" episode, "Communication Breakdown", and "When the Levee Breaks" outtakes, deleted scenes, Behind the Scenes featurettes entitled "Welcome to the Farm", "Blind Insight", a Set Tour, and "Celebrate the ADA" PSA. The DVD is also equipped with Descriptive Video Service, a feature that provides descriptive narration of key visual elements for the visually impaired.

Season two was released in April on Region 1 encoded collection, containing all 16 episodes on 4 discs. featuring deleted scenes, a gag reel, comic con intro and behind the scenes location documentary

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