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Anthony Romulus (Lupus)

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The Werewolf (Anthony Lupus) is a DC Comics character.

Anthony Lupus is a former Olympic Decathlon champion who suffers from severe headaches until he meets Doctor Achilles Milo, who uses a drug to treat them — which also turns him into a werewolf. Milo discovers that Lupus suffers from lycanthropy, which is the source of Anthony's headaches. With a serum derived from the Alaskan Timber wolf, Milo sends Anthony's condition into overdrive, transforming him into a full werewolf with the full moon. To get the cure, Anthony will have to kill Batman. When Milo does trap Batman and leave him chained in an abandoned lot, he sends the transformed Anthony to attack Batman only for Anthony to attack Milo first. Batman fights Lupus until a bolt of lightning strikes Anthony. Batman presumes that he's dead, however, Lupus was last seen in Alaska hunting wolves in search of a cure.

Batman later goes to Alaska to capture Lupus in order to give Anthony's sister Angela a much-needed bone marrow transplant. However, catching him is not easy since Anthony Lupus sees Alaska as a place where his werewolf form is at home. With a silver net, Batman manages to bring Anthony back and promises that he will find a cure for his condition like Doctor Milo had.

There are some theories that Lupus was involved in "The Lupus Affair," which was an untold encounter featuring John Constantine.

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