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Amanda (Nikita)

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Amanda is one of the main characters of Nikita, portrayed by Melinda Clarke. She is the main antagonist of the Main characters of Nikita, but more specifically on a personal level with Nikita Mears and Alexandra "Alex" Udinov.

Relatively little is known about Amanda's life prior to Division. When introducing her to Carla Bennett Percy made the comment that Amanda was a rising star in psychological operations, which may hint at a military or government background. Though she did not create Division's recruitment program (this was done by Carla), Amanda greatly modified and "enhanced" it. Amanda ultimately developed a hatred for Carla, most likely because she felt threatened by Carla's presence, which she perceived as a challenge to her position in Division. The fact that Percy seemed to have cared a great deal about Carla may have also had something to do with her antagonistc attitude (though she would hate to admit it, jealousy has been shown to be a motivating factor in Amanda's personality). Amanda had secretly been carrying on an affair with Ari, the head of Gogol and a Division rival, for many years. Carla inadvertantly saw the two of them together one night, and Amanda decided to put out a hit on her life, even though Carla had no idea who the man was.

Amanda is a chamelonic character. When first meeting new recruits she tells them to think of her as a friend and confidant. Amanda spends a great deal of time with her charges, building up their mental resilience and teaching them how to conduct themselves during various missions, and she also seems to enjoy grooming their appearances. She wants them to feel comraderie with her, which allows her to get inside their heads even more.

When Amanda is angry, or feels betrayed, the facade is dropped and reveals someone who could be described as a borderline sociopath. She will torture anyone, no matter how long she has known them, if she thinks they are withholding vital information from her. She can be particularly brutal: During one interrogation she smashed Birkhoff's fingers with a hammer and then inserted needles into his nasal cavities to penetrate his brain to inject a paralytic which would have caused his mind to as she described it "wither and die".

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