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Airachnid is the name of two fictional character. The first is a Female Decepticon from the television series Transformers: Prime. The second is a Kreon from the Kre-O Transformers toy line.

Airachnid is a twisted, spider-like Decepticon who traumatized Arcee by killing her partner Tailgate in front of her very eyes. She is apparently a homage to Blackarachnia. Her "beast mode" is actually her second robot mode in which the rotors can be unfolded and extended to be used as spider limbs for crawling. She is voiced by Gina Torres.

In the Japanese dub of Prime, Airachnid's personality is completely different from her US interpretation. In the dub, she is a bubbly, giggling, high-strung chatterbox that is obsessed with collecting handsome boys as trophies. Played up as something of a female Pepe Le Pew, she constantly swoons over Jack, calling him her "hunk", her "darling", her "cutie Jack-chan" and various other lovey-dovey remarks as she amorously pursues him (even going so far as to sing love songs to him, mid-chase). While her sadistic qualities remain, she's played more like a creepy stalker girl than a vicious psychopath. Airachnid is dubbed by Ryōka Yuzuki, the actress who dubbed Beast Wars Black Widow and Animated Blackarachnia, and so many of the quirks she conceived for those characters (such as a habit of making a hissing tshaaaaa-- noise) are present. Likewise, the constant, incessant talking seems to be a throwback to the "adlibbing" prevalent in the Japanese dub of Beast Wars.

Airachnid is introduced in the episode called "Predatory". She did not have a true vehicle mode until she confronted M.E.C.H. in the episode "Crisscross". Airachnid is an enemy of Arcee because she killed her partner Tailgate. While Airachnid joined the Decepticon, she states that she likes to "work alone". In fact, after the "great exodus" (the event where the Transformers left their home planet Cybertron), Airachnid left the Decepticon and started hunting alien species, leaving them endangered.

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