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is a 2016 Japanese fighting game. Part of The King of Fighters (KOF) series, SNK developed The King of Fighters XIV, which was published by Atlus USA in North America and Deep Silver in Europe. It is the first mainline The King of Fighters game rendered entirely in 3D, unlike previous installments which used 2D raster imagery. SNK released the game on the PlayStation 4 in August 2016 and ported it to Microsoft Windows and Japanese arcade cabinets in June 2017.

The development of The King of Fighters XIV began in April 2014, after SNK CEO Eikichi Kawasaki sought to reorient the company towards traditional video games after several years of focus on Pachinko-style slot machines and mobile apps. Yasuyuki Oda, who previously worked on Capcom's Street Fighter IV and other titles by SNK, directed the game. The game retains the series' system of teams composed of three fighters while introducing "Rush Combo", an automatic combo system designed to make the series more accessible for new players. The game received post-release downloadable content support through new characters, alternative outfits and patches to improve the game's visuals. Kyōtarō Azuma. wrote a spin-off manga series, The King of Fighters: A New Beginning, published from 2018 to 2020.

The King of Fighters XIV received generally favorable reviews. Critics praised the game's fighting system as enjoyable for both new players and fighting game experts, but criticized its graphics as inferior to other fighting games released during the eighth generation of video game consoles. SNK confirmed a sequel, The King of Fighters XV, at EVO 2019.

The King of Fighters XIV features full 3D models like its spin-off The King of Fighters: Maximum Impact against a 2D background in a manner similar to Street Fighter IV and its updates while keeping the formula used in previous installments. The player can select a three-character team which fights other teams. In the game's story, the fighters often interact depending on their relationships. After eight rounds, the player fights the bosses Antonov and Verse.

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