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Orchid vs. Chun-Li vs. Sonya Blade


Major be-bop with the babe-a-licious battle maids of the boardwalk arcade circuit.

Dig down deep in them faded dungarees for another ducat, 'cause these ladies are more than dime-a-dance and they don't take discover card. Join us now in a fight we had to call...

Wax on, Wax off Daniel-san.

Fight (or a derivative of it) suggested and inspired by a bunch of people, including: Black Claw, all mighty council and Earthwalker.


PAT: LIVE I'm Pat Summers. We are about to witness an amazing match-up as the three Femme Fatales of the arcade combat circuit... Orchid, Sonya and Chun-Li mix it up.

JAY: And I'm Jay Peoples. These Warrior Womyn look ready to go, Pat. The stage is set here at Khazan Arena and the crowd is ready for a show. While the ladies are getting in last words with their trainers, let's see what the crowd had to say....


kolemsai writes:

Chun-Li has the experience, the know-how, and the power to take on the other babes.

The Veteran Gamer writes:

Sonya all the way. Chun-Li's fighting is just 2-dimensional, and I'm not sure how Orchid manages to stay on her feet without tipping over on her face.

Wildman writes:

Chun's been around longer than the other two ladies, so I figure she's got more fighting experience. I wouldn't wanna be around when people start accusing you guys of sexism, tho'.

T Rex (Jeff Hayes) writes:

Orchid is cool 'nuff said

Dark Queen writes:

Sonya Blade all the way!!! First of all she is a great martial artist and has beaten many monsters, aliens, and other people in the game and the movie. I think it would be hard to go up against a monster with six arms, or even against someone who has all this funky weaponry that she doesn't have. No doubt about it, my vote has to be for Sonya.

Shade writes:

From what I have seen of the three, it looks like they use the same type of fighting style. With that in mind, I say Chun Li would win. She practically invented that style of fighting for video games, and should not loose to people with less experience. I also think she has the better out fit!

Dodger writes:

Chun Li was the inventor of the multi-cyclone kick. Orchid is just a cheap knock off. AS for Sonya Blade, looks don't count in this match.

Lord Kthululu writes:

Chun-Li? Anime, check.

Fighting skills, check.

Controllable character, (ahem, heh, heh) check.

Nicest to look at, check.

Nicest personality, check.

Thank you citizen, move along. Drool somewhere else.

Rich Stellato writes:

All three women have excellent agility and hand to hand combat skills. All three are known to be unmerciful. In the final analysis, I think Orchid will be the victor because she has the most vicious (IMHO) weapons. Those mini light sabers will slice and dice before the other two even get warmed up.

a.j. writes:

Chun li it�s not only the best fighter. she is the cutest!!

Ace Kendrich writes:

I gotta go with Chun Li. Had this been a beauty contest or something I would say Orchid, but this is a fight, plain and simple. Sonya goes out in the first minute because of being involved in such a lousy game as Mortal Kombat.

LordFish writes:

I'd say Sonya, but after watching MK the movie I realized she really doesn't stand a chance. As for Chun-li, well she may be able to kick fast, but Orchid's light-saber swordy things could cut a hole right through her.

Sailor Xena writes:

Having played all three women in there respective games, I think that Sonya Blade will be the first to go. She doesn't have the power or the moves to compete. And between the other two, I think that Orchid has the most moves that can be strung into combos. Orchid takes down Chun-Li for the win.

TermyT writes:

Chun Li is fast as lightening and can super jump, something both of the other two lack. Her feet are the nastiest weapons any Femme Fatale has ever wielded. Now add fire balls... case closed.

Timur G. writes:

My two cents:They'll all join forces, kill Pam Anderson and get jobs on Baywatch (tm) :)

Ped writes:

Sonya is the only way to go... after all the other are just "pretty girls" while Sonya is a cop!

Master E writes:

It's a tough call, but ya got to go with Chun-Li. She's been around longer, which means she has more fight experience and she has bigger... er... ah... kicks ya that's it kicks.

Ivy1022 writes:

Ouch! Hard decision. They are all good fighters but Orchid has the added bonus powers... though I don't know how she can fight in those heels. Oh yea, one extra point for Orchid.. She could poke eyes out with those hooters.

Sailor NwO writes:

Chun Li will Kick all their butts without breaking a single nail.

Gerald writes:

All three gals have cool moves but Chun Li with her lightning legs would make short work of the other two. Besides she's my fav street fighter and she is sooooo cute!

sinsecticide writes:

Well even though Orchid has those outrageously cheap 20 something hit combos going for her, Sonya has military training and is OBVIOUSLY a superior strategist when it comes to fighting. She also has more fighting experience - she's been in three games and two movies for goodness sake. I'm gonna have to go with Sonya on this one just because she has superior finishing moves. And Chun Li? - PLEASE!!! All that little girl can do is jump off walls.

Chris Sawler writes:

It's gonna be a close battle, but I have to go with Sonya. She's been in umpteen games, two movies, and has saved the world twice, so she's got the experience to beat the other two.

The All Mighty council writes:

Chun-li will win because she has very, very strong legs, not to mention that she has extremely kick ass buns. And she looked great in the shower scene in the movie. But Seriously, her projectiles will over come the others.


Cossack writes:

Chun-Li has been bustin' specials before the other two were ever imported from Japan or had their buttons installed.

Skunk writes:

Chun Li could kick Sonya's butt easily... Sonya is a freakin' wimp... Chun Li would just lightning kick her to death. Orchid, would be tougher, but still Chun Li would kick her bum. Chun Li could throw her little lightning thing, and be done... Hands down.

Dominic writes:

Orchid has to win this fight. I mean, come on! Those jugs of hers are lethal!!!

noctromancer writes:

comments: what is orchid even doing here? I'm a big fan of KI, but let's face it, Orchid is naught but a cheap female ryu knock off... yes, she can turn into a cougar... yes she has tonfas, and 180+ hit combos... but seriously, who's she actually fought? her brother? some guy with two heads and a club?

and sonya got captured by shang tsung when he was an old guy cowering behind the might of goro, and she lost to shao kahn, arguably the most pathetic boss in fighting game history.

now, chun li is a warrior born and bred. She beats mutants for fun, destroys walls and cars for practice, and kicks the crap out of Bison, who is pretty much god made sprite...

But Morrigan from darkstalkers would annhialate all of them... hehehe...


JAY: And there's the Bell! The women all three stride out onto the sand and stop a safe distance from each other.

PAT: It looks like "High Noon" out there, Jay...

JAY: And suddenly they're all in motion! It's Chun-Li with a rush and low Leg-sweep at Sonya...

PAT: Orchid is taking advantage of the move and going after Sonya on the high side...

JAY: Sonya busts out with the flying-bicycle-kick... avoiding the sweep and pounding Orchid back across the sand...

PAT: Chun-li cartwheels towards the action... she jumps... This could be a lethal kick...

JAY: Sonya finishes the bicycle and rolls left... Orchid looks dazed...

PAT: And here comes Chun-Li dropping out of the sky like a missile towards Orchid... This could be the end...

JAY: Orchid snaps out of it... and... and... Spinning-Top-Kick Combo Breaker right into Chun-Li. She is knocked flat and without grace into the sand.

PAT: Sonya, assessing the situation, pops Orchid and Chun-Li both with an energy ring blast from a distance. Now that's using good strategy!.

JAY: Orchid and Chun-Li are too close together... They're in a situation where they have to try and take each other down.

PAT: It's an amazing.. I can't see... what!!!!???

JAY: They're too fast at close quarters... spinning, punching, kicking... and all the while dodging a barrage of Sonya's energy rings...

PAT: Orchid is using the light sticks...

JAY: Too late, Pat! Too Late! It's Chun-li with the furious Light-Kicks! Orchid is slammed 20 times before she can blink!

PAT: It's over for Orchid, Folks! Chun-Li jumps, flips backward throwing a blue fireball at Sonya...

JAY: And Sonya get's popped! It's Sonya vs. Chun-Li on the sand now. The two close...

PAT: ...And it's Show Time! A barrage of hits, sweeps, kicks... The dust is flying....

JAY: Hard to keep-up, Pat... Wait it looks like Sonya...

PAT: ...No, it's Chun-Li with the Helicopter-Kick!!!

JAY: ...No, Sonya stands on her hands and pulls off the Leg Grab!! Chun-Li is slammed to the ground by Sonya's muscular thighs.

PAT: ... Chun-Li rolls.. she's-up.. but Sonya... and... and...


'Nuff Said!


Chun-Li: 91

Sonya: 92

Orchid: 95


PAT: I Can't Believe my eyes!!! Orchid recover's and comes out of nowhere to win this match.

JAY: Amazing!! They'll be showing the instant replay's all night. Amazing!!

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