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What YOU thought about the match:

Eagle299 Writes:

Batman is good. His stolen play book is enough to take down the JLA.

Doom is better. He's got virually every cosmic being in MarvelU crying in their cosmic support groups about how they feel so violated by Doom. He's conquered the world and gave it back because he got bored.

Doom wins.

Nick The Critick Writes:

a bit early in the issue for me to talk but hey, that's me.....after all i'm gonna have to sit through twelve parter OH GOODY....prima-donnas dishing it out to see who can talk just that-much-better.....as i always do, i feel like braking down these alleged badasses....so first we have the Bats:parents died, kid cried, love denied,sex deprived,and lets not forget tries to hide.....in a cave that is.....sure his parents died and he was left with an utter fortune to do with as he damn well pleased....and as we all know if were had bilions of dollars we wouldn't spend it on giant trampoline or anna nichole smith..OH NO....we'd buy shit off of ebay and cleverly find a way to put the word bat in its name.....as yes the american dream to have pointy ears and hide a little boy in your cave...ouch cut too deep there didn't i.....BUT DON'T WORRY i haven't leeched the credentials off of victor von doom yet.....o yeah a man who came from a third world country and welded a hunk of metal to his face...hey some kids here in jersey light their arm on fire but that welding thing...THAT'S BETTER...the accent is great the cape is well.....the cape is something....doom would do great in the queer eye show they...absolutely fabulous...yes yes i know FEAR HIS POWER OF A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY....so scary are these poor ass people with their rocks and technology of the 1840's.....now as i recal they said Victor vs. Batman...not Victor and a country vs. Batman and the Justice League...so chill down with yer what if's and use it against another smurf fight...ANYWHO....as for who wins its Doom....let me explain something to you, Doom was known to be the SECOND smartest man alive....yeah i know it doesn't have that same kick as if i would have said THE SMARTEST but hey, not all of us can be as smart as elastic ok? Batman may have this detective work cut out for him, but doom has fought paranormal and cosmic forces, while batman relies more on gadgets to blow up or trip a person...i will agree it'll be one helluva long discussion before anyone takes action but hey, that's what they're hear for

Dustin Prewitt Writes:

now THIS is an even match... both are equally intellegant, ruthless, determined to fight for their cause, and will not surrender. This is a 50-50 match that can go either way, but since Im more partial to the good doctor, Im taking his side-

It starts out simply enough, Batman learns through his own resources that Doom plans on attacking Gotham. So of course, Batman takes the fight straight to Latveria before Doom can make his move. Mission is simply, sabatoge Doom's invasion plans, right? After fighting his way through several guard robots, his eventualy makes his way to Doom's quarters, and Doom himself. Doom does some self-bolstering and whatnot, then the fight begins. After a very long and grueling match, Batman triggers a device of his own design intended to short out Dooms armour with a localized pulse, and it works. But this isnt Doom- its one of his robot doubles. And Doom has been observing this the whole time, and now knows what his foe is capable of. Not wishing to take chances (but declairing that he does not wish to sully his hands with such lowley filth) he teleports in a massive defence mechanisim into the room, which incinerates the Batman. And our doctor procedes with his plans uninterupted.

Smoov60 Writes:

Batman is great when he is kept on his own level.Batman is the world's createst detective, but that wont help him in this fight. Dr. Doom has taken over the world at least 3 times and Batman can't beat the frickin Joker. Come on someone give Dr. Doom a challenge. Dr. Doom has come up with plans to take on all of The Avenger's. He has made a time machine, he stole The Beyonder's powers, and he stole The Silver Surfer's powers. With those doombos Batman wont know what to do.

Batman has had his back broken by Bane, could have been killed by The Joker, lost three different Robin's and a Batgirl and he is supposed to beat Victor Von Doom who has even more resources than Batman. If Dr. Doom can take over the Earth then he could take over Gotham.

Shout outs to..... Mr. Fixit, SavageHulk, and TheSharper.

Skotgun Writes:

Read Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe. Batman just wouldn't be as sloppy about it. Plus, Doom's arrogant and underestimates his foes, leading to the occasional embarrassing defeat. Sorry, but there's no livin down Dazzler.

Jigawatt Writes:

Man, why do you have to do this to me. I am a Batman fan till the day I die, but you put him up against the only guy he could probably lose to. The hell with that, I still voted for him.

Katrover Swatroad Writes:

Batman wins, thanks to three hard-to-budge customs of comics: continuity, character, and territory.

Continuity: if Dr. Doom wins, then DC's going to have to contend with major overhauls in its universe, what with Gotham's nature being completely revamped and having to explain a Marvel character's continual presense in it (and pay licensing fees). As if "No Man's Land" wasn't screwy enough! Much more convenient for the continuity to have Batman win.

Character: Batman's the good guy! I ain't voting for evil here, m'kay?

Territory: This is Batman's home turf. He knows the streets and society better than anyone.

praxisilver Writes:


Batman is going to win. Why? Because he has the terrain advantage. Batman and Dr. Doom are going to battle it out in a huge city in the dark of the night. Batman is sneaky when he needs to be, and will blend into the shadows with his dark costume. Doom is going to stand out with his green cape and shiny armour. Batman can have all manner of ambushes and traps set up. And he's no slouch in the technology department, either. He can analyze that armour of Doom's with his supercomputer, find a weakness, and exploit it.

Plus, Batman just looks cooler watching over Gotham on a gargoyle, with his cape flying in the air.

Tyler Durden Writes:

You have to see it from The Movie Guru's perspective.

Doctor Doom is having a(first)movie.

Batman is having a prequel.

Prequels SUCK.

Go Doom.

RIKER1701E Writes:

Batman will win. He ALWAYS finds a way out of the no-win scenario; mainly because his enemies always underestimate him( and his will to win) Doom is powerful, more resources, yada yada yada...but his ever present arrogance will be his undoing. Besides home turf advantage in Gotham will seal the deal. Even if Dooon would somehow beat him, Clark has Bruce's Back and as seen in the current issues of World's Finest, that would be Bat's poison pill if it came to that...but it won't. Doom might win the first round, but Bruce will find a way...he always does. Anyone who could find a way to defeat Superman and the entire Justice League will find a way to outthink/outlast Doom. Consider Doom's history----it's always his own arrogance/feelings of superiority that trips him up...even after he's apparently won.

Darth Cruel Writes:

Okay I bet everybody says that Batman is going to win, right!

Well Wrong! Because there no shadow of doubt! Dr. Doom is a powerful Mega Villian!

Nothing to the likes that Batman has ever faced!

And for the record, Dr.Doom can defeat Ra Sal Ghul! For all the stupid people out there who say otherwise,

YOU ARE WRONG! Yes Wrong to believe that Batman' Batarang can hurt Dr. Doom's indestructable Bionic Armor or personal shield!

Next Dr. Doom bionic armor enhances his strength giving him the strength of at least 50 men and that is greater than MR.Freeze's Cyro-Armor!

And lastly Dr.Doom is a genius better and I do mean better than Batman!

So the faster everybody excepts that Batman is going to lose, the faster we can get on to a better match!

Rabid CBUB and WWWF fan Writes:

To quote a very weird Teacher on a Nickelodeon cartoon with an alien in it..."doom, Doom, DOOM!!!!!!!"

The Red Fear Writes:

Well first off, Dr. Doom has already taken a victory in CBUB against the ONE AND ONLY man in the entire DC Universe who MIGHT have stood a chance against him. Lex Luthor. Doom is a villain capable of taking on the entire League(Much like Lex). And much like Lex, this is a contest Batman can't win without alot of help.

The ONLY way Bruce is taking a win here is if Lex decides to get some payback by lending him a hand at the last minute, or Batman calls on the collective resources of the ENTIRE Justice League, AND Oracle, AND his various sidekick underlings. Don't get me wrong, I like Bruce way more than Victor, but....

Toys: Everything Batman considers to be "cutting edge", Doom already threw away as obsolete years ago. The Batcave's probably full of Doom's hand-me-downs

Magic: Doom has it in droves. Batman doesn't. At best Batman knows a few people who MIGHT be able to help him counter Doom's magical might.

Direct Combat: Doom's suit is powerful enough to let him go one on one with any member of the JLA for at least a little while. While batman is without a doubt the superior fighter, the best Mouse in the world hasn't got a chance against the weakest elephant. And Doom is far from weak even without his armor. Batman's got NOTHING that's getting through Doom's armor, and as for his own suits he periodically uses, look at the toys section above.

Intelligance: Batman's smart. Doom's smarter. Much, much, much smarter. Kinda like somebody saying "Spiderman's Strong, but Superman's stronger". Batman's intellect doesn't even begin to rival Doom's.

Strategic Cunning: Here's where the two balance each other out. Without a doubt despite his inferior resources and manpower, Batman will make Doom work his ass off for a win. But Doom's superior resources, superior intellect, and superior manpower(An army of Doombots, villains-for-hire, summoned demons and more) ensure that his inevitable win is not in question. Speaking of which....

Manpower: Doom can call on a near endless supply of Robots, Demons, mutated freaks, time-displaced Dinosaurs, and bankroll damn near any other heavy-hitter villain you care to mention from EITHER of the two universes. All Bruce has to call on is the JLA, and other talented, but ultimately, mere human crimefighters like himself...none of whom are as capable of facing Doom intelectually as Bruce himself almost is(With possible exception of Oracle. And even then, she, like Bruce, is only ALMOST Doom's equal)

And the final bit of proof Batman can't take Doom. BANE already beat Batman on his OWN TURF. Bane. The frikkin' steroid abusing veiny freak. Bane outmaneuvered, outstrategized, and BROKE the Batman. In Gotham, in Batman's yard. BANE did this people. If you seriously think Doom can't meet and beat any intelectual, strategic, or physical feat of Bane, you're out of your gourd.

Only votes Batman's getting here are the Popularity(AKA, Anti-Marvel), and Ignorance votes. Sadly, those two categories make for ALOT of votes.

Deven D'Addario Writes:

This one goes to Batman. Harley, I hate to vote against you but Batman has defeated many villians like Penguin, Mr. Freeze, Black Mask, and mainly the Joker. Plus, Batman's got Robin, Batgirl, and Nightwing. All 4 will team up and defeat Dr. Doom. If they aren't enough, then Superman, Hawkgirl, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, that green alien thing, the Flash, and whatever Justice League member I missed will come and give Dr. Doom a beating. Take that, Doom!

Captain Oblivious Writes:

Batman will win because he has terrain advantage. And because he's sexy. Various female escorts on the streets of Gothman will witness the battle, Batman's sexiness at risk, and immediately come to his rescue. Dr. Doom will be bombarded with cheap perfume that will eat away at his armor and horrible diseases that will destroy his body. And Batman will sneak away, unharmed and all sexy-like.

The Jester Writes:

Let's face it, Al Ghul is a poor man's Dr. Doom. Dr. Doom is the most powerful non-god villain in any comic book universe (ask Wizard), and hell I wouldn't be surprized if he could take out the ones that are gods (I wanna see Darkseid/Doom on here someday). If Al Ghul can get into the Bat computer and use the info to take out the Justice League, then Dr. Doom can get in a hundred times over, use it to illegally download episodes of The Howard Stern Show and have the FCC invade the Batcave. The Batman is lost. Gotham is doomed. The pun is intended.

worldconquest03 Writes:

As much as I love Doom I have to go with Batman because the two are so evenly matched that the only way to decide the victor is that classic comicbook tradition has taught us, no matter how tough the villain is the good guy will find a way to win.

Agent D Writes:

Dr. Doom. He is too bad ass to lose to Batman. In Latveria there will be a parade for Doom after he returns victorious over the Dark Knight.

SimbasGuard Writes:

BatMan has beaten foes mor powerfull than Him many times before I think He will find a way to beat Doctor Doom

El Kabong Writes:

Now, THIS is freakin' scary. There is a very thin line between the two combatants in the match. Some things go one way, Doom ends up like Batman, some things go the other, Batman is Doom. But what's important in this battle is the fact that Doom and Batman think alike. Cold, calculating, ready for anything. Both of these men, if possible, will do as much research and reconnaissance on the other as possible. So, my dear pontificators, where does the advantage lie, the tortued Latverian in the iron mask, or the Dark Knight whom feels the need to dress up as a millionare playboy in the meantime?

Offense: Doom has lasers. Doom has spaceships. Doom has every weapon of mass destruction ever invented and probably some that haven't been locked in his basement. His very attire can destroy even the strongest of men. Batman, well, he has some contraptions in that utility belt that might neutralize some of Doom's firepower, but the problem is that as he does, Doom is going to be whipping out yet another death ray from under his cloak. Batman is also a master of nearly every martial arts, as I understand it, and he very well probably has something in that repertoire of moves to counteract a dictator in power armor. Still, point for Doom, thanks to his higher level of technology.

Defense: Doom is defined by his defenses. His armor defines his very villainy. Doom has enough countermeasures in that thing to neutralize nearly everything that Batman can throw at him. Batman, for his part, could very well be his equal, but for a different reason: while his suit is about as armored as he can make it, he's also got all that martial arts training to help him get out of the way. He can't match up to all the bells and whistles on Doom's armor, though. Point again for Doom.

Tactics: Doom has lasers. Doom has spaceships. Doom has all those WoMDs. Doom has that spiffy armor. But it does not matter in the least because Batman will more than likely know how to counteract each one. Given the chance, Batman will know every single chink in Doom's armor and weapons (I also think it likely that Batman will do enough research to distinguish Doombot from the real article, so that advantage will be neutralized)....and the thing that will likely decide the fight is Batman's ability to get under Doom's skin. Taunt him about his mother. His face. His inability to defeat Reed Richards. Any and all of Doom's failures. Doom has an ego the size of Jupiter and when Bats starts poking holes in it things are gonna start looking grim for Doom's chances of victory. Doom is no slouch in the tactics department as well, but someone as reclusive and shadowy as Batman will be difficult to obtain recon on. However, if Doom manages to discover Batman's true identity, then he's suddenly got massive leverage against his opponent. I find it unlikely that even Doom could pull this off, though (but if does, and he loses the fight...well...bye, bye Stately Wayne Manor, and probably a good bit of Gotham City as well). Point for Batman.

X Factor- God, this one is difficult to decide. Batman's planning could very well negate Doom's armor and weaponry. But, sadly, the fact of the matter remains: this is the absolute dictator of a country with power to spare versus a brooding rich boy who dresses up like a bat and jumps around on rooftops because he can't get over his parents' death. Doom simply has too many stops to pull out on Batman (I haven't even mentioned that mind swap thing, or the entire planet Doom has at his disposal, or the time machine), and sooner or later Batman will either drop, or more likely, admit defeat (not out loud, of course) and make a discreet exit.

Of course, considering Gotham's at stake here, he won't stay out for long: he'll be back with the power of the Justice League of frickin' America behind him, but then, that's another fight for another day.

Doom wins the day.

Darth Phage Writes:

Okay this is Victor Von Doom here,

this is the man who is an evil super genius and gives the Fantastic four a good run for their money.

To say that this man is simple is not true!

So why will Batman win you ask?

The Answer is he won't!!!!!!1

Dr.Doom is the master of the arts and science, how can Batman hope to defeat a guy like that?

I mean Batman is use to fighting Simple Villians with gimmic, crazy emblems, freaks, and monsters!

Now Dr.Doom is horrid in the face department henchs the helmet.

Nowever he is genius enough to construct a indestructable bionic armor suit.

I think Batman will make the deadly mistake and underestimate Dr.Doom and Dr. Doom will send Batman to his DOOM!

Razorback Writes:

Doom's got everything Batman's got, and a whole lot more. The outcome is obvious. Not that it'll be easy, but it is obvious.

Gotham resident Writes:

this may be the dark knights greatest challeng ever but his geneus and tecnolegy will find a way to to get rid of that armor. then bats well remain hidden to avoid getting fride or anything else like that since its his turf it shoudent be to hard then he can try to take him out with that badass belt of his or anything else he can think of. plus bats is probly a better martial artist to. and ill try to get as much pepole as i can to riot against mr.udefeatabaldoom and his gay green cape

Big Poppa Pump Writes:

If my fellow Steroid-abusing asccociate BANE can figure out Batman's identity, you better beleive Doom will do it in a fraction of the time. Heck, one of his Doombots will do it for him while Doom himself enjoys some sweet tentacle Hentai. Which of course will give him an abundance of inspiration on what kind of nightmare creature he should summon up with his dark sorcery to deal with Batgirl.

If this were an equal Chess game, these two men would play for years with never a clear winner determined. But it's not. This is a chess game where batman has normal layout of peices, but Doom has traded in all his Pawns for extra Queens.

Heck, half the people who are voting for Batman as winner are doing so only after throwing in the stipulation he'd have to call on the JLA for support, meaning even you Batman fans know Brucie can't do it on his own. 'nuff said.

To my Freaks, and my Peaks.


Dom Writes:

This contest would be even if you stripped both Doom and Batman of their gadgets and gizmos, then placed them in JUNKYARD WARS: COMBAT IN GOTHAM CITY. Otherwise, Doom simply has too many resources and abilities for Batman to handle. Even if Batman reaches into his Utility Belt and takes out his "Bat-Anti Dr. Doom Spray", Doom will have a way to neutralize its effects.

Paul Soth Writes:

Many good points have been made, but some things have to be taken into account. For instance, there is no time limit. In the various elsewords books and the like that show a world taken over by villains or rouge heroes, Batman is always shown leading up the resistance. Hence, even if Doom makes a grand sweep of the city, Batman will take months, or even years to take Doom down.

Second, while Doom's intellect and will are second to none, his hubris will take him down in the end. Batman is smart enough to take advantage of this, and he will work it out into a master plan. Keep in mind that Batman has battled some of the most brilliant and deranged minds in comics, and has won. He will play on that, that's a given, which in turn goes into another point... Batman will keep his head longer then Doom, who is quite easy to set off. Some might say that Doom will in turn try to play mind games on Batman, but it won't work. Batman will see the threat that Doom possesses, and will take him down, no matter what. Just as long as others don't get involved.

This is perhaps one of the most evenly matched fights ever presented, and it's hard to pick a clear winner... but I feel that Batman just edges out Doom in determination.

Scooter Pie Writes:

It's true, Doom has a lot more going for him than Batman. His armor, his weaponry, minions, inventions, etc.

But Doom is also used to fighting the Fantastic Four and their ilk. Can any fighting force in existance be more predictable than the FF? They're boy scouts, all of them, including Sue Richards. Reed will try to out-think and out-invent him, Ben will try the direct attacks, Johnny will rely on firepower and Sue will rely on basic trickery and stealth.

Batman fights dirty. Ruthless. Vicious. He systematically discovers his enemy's weaknesses, gets inside their heads and destroys them.

Doom may be a genius, but he's also used to enemies that play by the rules.

Hyperstorm Writes:

Some things that people who argue that Dr. Doom took over the world are forgeting is that he took over an Earth in the Marvel Universe: a world that he had been studying and setting things up in for years. I am pretty sure that it was actually Doom 2099 who took over the world which means that he was studing, ploting, and trying for who knows how long before he actually succeeded in taking over the world after traveling back in time from the year 2099 to the present. His traveling back in time also meant that if he studied history enough, and im sure he did, he knew a huge amount about who was where and what would happen. As far as i know, Doom has never been to the future of any DC universe and does not know as much about present day Gotham as Batman does. I may be wrong about some of these things but I know that I am right about my first sentence and about Batman Knowing more about Gotham than Dr. Doom does.

Bane Writes:

Leesten to mah cheezie Ahnuld accent.

Batmahn knew Gotham bettah than ah deed. Deedn't do heem a whole lot of good now deed it?

Hyperstorm Writes:

No. Facing several powerful enemies at once didn't do Batman a lot of good. Stack up enough powerful enemies against any mortal man and he will fall. Im not just considering the area. Im considering the combination of all the factors. Some of them include Batman's Briliant mind, masive amount of fighting skill, effective gadgets, and overall capabilities. Im sure that Dr Doom has been foiled or stopped a lot more times than batman has been defeated too. Most of the "furthering of his plans" that were mentioned with some of his losses were like measly consolation prises that kept Doom interested in doing things that caused him to get more beatings from the heros.

Smoov60 Writes:

Those who insist that Batman can beat Doom are nothing but DC fanboys who think Batman is the smartest guy on Earth. Yal just look at the names of the comic book companies and pick a winner. Batman couldn't hope to defeat some of the people who Doom beats on a regular basis like Ironman, Namor, The Fantastic 4, Cap. America, and the black Panther.

All you DC fan boys I suggest you grab some tissues because I'm about to break your hearts.

First off about Batman. He is not the best human level fighter he is in the top five, but he is not #1 or #2 so suck on that. The Black Panther and Cap. America are both better than Batman and they cant beat Doom alone so get over it.

Dave Writes:

DEFINATLEY BATMAN. Doom is the villian Batman is the hero. Simple as that. There is no way the Dark Night is going to let some freak-show in a Metal suit take over HIS city. Kick Doom's ass Batman.

Puppy Luv Writes:

Uhhh...Black Panther hasn't got a chance against Batman. Captain America on the other hand IS a better fighter, and better tactician, and yer right. Even he needs the Avengers to handle Doom. Doom's ONLY Weakness is his arrogance, but if you think he can be taunted into making a mistake you're sorely mistaken. Spiderman does that better than anybody and even his taunts fall on deaf ears when directed at Doom. The Torch does it too, so Doom's well accustomed to people trying to get into his head. Hell nobody knows him better than Reed, the most brilliant man in ANY comic universe. All the DC fanboys just can't accept the fact Batman's out of his league. The best explanation any of them can offer is "Batman's friends will come to the rescue" or "SOMEHOW he'll find a way". Just because Batman did the COMMON SENSE thing to beat Superman in some never-gonna-happen alternate future and used Kryptonite, everybody's convinced he's the grooviest badass. Yeah, that was real tactical brilliance right there. NOBODY knows enough to use Kryptonite on Superman. Riiiiight. Please people, I could beat Superman with a peice of Kryptonite.

Doom can EASILY find Bat's identity. At that point all he has to do, is exactly what Bane did. Except Doom's smart enough to finish the job. Or take advantage of his hero-complex and unleash an army of Doombots, or monsters or thugs, or super-powered mercenaries or whatever on Gotham. Batman will have NO CHOICE but to take to the streets and try to save lives. All the while Doom's consolidating his grip on the city. And even if Batman gets lucky and manages to get face to face with Doom, he has NOTHING that can bypass Doom's armor. Or Doom's magic. Or Doom's technology. When it's all over Doom wins, and the ONLY way Batman's getting rid of him is getting HELP, from the JLA, Oracle, etc.

Batman can't beat Doom.

Batman and Friends, might be able to beat Doom. Might. But of course, the rabid DC boys won't listen to reason.

nightmare Writes:

I say Dr.Doom because he has way more advantanced tech stuff then batman don't get me wrong batman has tech stuff to but it's not better than Dr.Doom stuff. Dr.Doom can beat the FF single handedly. Not only is he smart he's strong he went one on one with the Thing and beat him sure good'o Ben Grimm gave him a hard time but Doom still won. Batman is the same way he will find out Dooms weakness but Doom will find out Bat's weakness it's just a matter of who strikes first.

Hyperstorm Writes:

I knew it was only a matter of time before some dork started trash talking, Smoov60. As I keep saying, the setting is against Doom (At least if he tries to accomplish his goal in this match, anyway). Batman doesn’t have to be the smartest of all characters in comicdom to beat Doom in this situation. Your writing looks like you are the one who is acting like a fanboy, especially when you write things like Captain America or Black Panther could beat Batman. I've heard people who work at comic shops say to each other that Batman could definitely beat Captain America because he is just as strong and skilled and fights dirtier. Black panther is mediocre as super heros go and Im sure that Batman, as well as most comic book super heros, could beat him. By the way, Im a much larger fan of Dr. Doom related stories than I am of Batman comics, but that doesn’t change facts.

Robin Writes:

Holy one-sided affairs,CBUB!My pal Batman will walk all over this priss Doom!

Batman has been around people's memory around 60 years.EVERYBODY knows Batman.Who,outside of comic book fans,knows Doctor Doom?

Doctor Doom is a villain.Batman is a hero.Period.


M.O.B.(Man-of-Battle-) Writes:

Simple again, it's Dr.Doom hands down!

Batman is a splendid detective and extraordinary fighter and that has been his edge, his main edge against his opponents.

However Dr.Doom is the master of Science and Sorcery! An evil will that is so sharply twisted to a superior level of thinking!

Batman is not able too match that!

Dr.Doom is also equipt with more, much more advanced technologies(-Like his Armor-),sophisticated

weapons, and well honed spells. That probaly Harry Potter hasn't even heard of yet!

Batman has partners and Dr.Doom has Henchmen called the Minions of Doom and advanced robots called Doombots.

Just think of Dr.Doom as a more advanced evil version of Batman!

Be glad that Batman isn't facing Doom 2099. Batman would be slaughtered then even worse!

LJSLarsson Writes:

If we asume this is a GOOD written elseworld, by Alan Moore or Grant Morrison or something, we can exclude the rule that the bad guy must lose.

The most interesting outcome, to read as a comic anyway, would be something by this:

In the two first issues, Dr Doom begins his moves and some really slow storydevolpment begins. Of course he will meet the playboy Bruce Wayne sometimes and some heroes will be killed (I personaly would have hoped for the FF).

By the third issue, it would be time for a real confrontation, and Batman would be utterly humiliated. Maybe get his back broken, again. But he will survive.

Batman will then understand that Dr Doom is to big for him, at the moment, and will begin to devolp a new strategy in the dark, doing what he should have done a long time ago: Stop playing with bondesque toys and start collecting all the advanced science that just lies and collects dust all over the dc-universe.

Up to issue 8, he will actually begin to resemble Doom more. Getting his own army, sending his superpowered minions (JLA), and getting more and more advanced science.

But Dr Doom is still more experienced, so Batman will begin to lose againg. He will send more heroes (both from DC and Marvel) to their deaths at Dooms hand, and even begin to manipulate and recruit all the villains from DCU.

By Issue 11, Batman is good as a duplicate of Doom. He will understand what he have become, and will see what Doom is. Batman surrendes and bow before Doom. Doom accepts, he was finally found a whorthy heir.

Issue 12 will be an epilogue. Several years have passed. Dr Doom is now controlling Gotham, or maybe the whole world with an iron fist. Crime is no longer existing. Neither is freedom. He goes to his private chambers and removes his mask to look at the mirror. Beneath the mask, we see Bruce Wayne. Dr Doom has been dead for several years, assasinated by the man earlier known as Batman.

That was what would have happened with a good writer. Probably, we will just get some stupid explanation why Doom lost... again ("Damn! Me, Dr Doom, forgot the batteries to my suit. It's now vunerable to batarangs. Damn thee, my memory... wait... did I, Dr Doom, say that about vulnerable to batarangs loud?") and Batman will be home eating applepie before noon.

Smoov60 Writes:

Do you really think that Dr. Doom would go and try to take over Gotham without preparing for at least months. Why would he just go into a place and try to take it over before even knowing about the city evironment and landscape. Batman is NOT Cap's physical equal. Batman has trained the human body to perfection, but Captain America is past that. Batman is described as being on olympic level in all aspects. Captain America is above olympic level and not to mention he is a better fighter than Batman being that he is familiar with every style of Martial arts there is and that he has mastered most most of them.

If you know anything about Doom then you know that Batman can't beat him. If Tony Stark can't beat him on his own turf then how will Batman? HE WONT! About the Black Panther. He is Batman's physical equal and intellectual equal and not to mention that he has better weapons than batman. Let's see those batarangs wont hurt him because his suit is laced in vibranium and BP carries guns and lots of them, and not just any guns. Those guns are the most technological advanced guns in the world.

Back to Doom whooping Batman. How the hell can Batman beat Doom when he can barley beat the Joker. If he Batman is so tough then why did he get whooped by Bane on his own turf, and the good Captain whooped Bane. The same Dr. Doom who has taken over the world and got closer to beating Superman his first time around than Lex Luthor ever has is supposed to lose to Batman. Give me a break. I would love to see the great plan that Batman could make to take on The Silver Surfer, but he can't do that either because he is outclassed here.

You said that I sound like a fan boy huh? I think you're the one who sounds like a fan boy. Do you really think that Batman can take over the world and create a time machine. I'm not with all that talking stuff, so if we need to meet somewhere and fight then we can do that, but if not you need to sit back and respect my mind.

Peter Writes:

I love Batman. Love him to death. Big fan of Robin, Nightwing and Catwoman too. He's Batman, the guy who makes gods shift around nervously in his presense, the one man who can smack around any superhuman (up to and including Superman -- constantly) any time he jolly well feels like it. He's the guy who's ten steps ahead of everybody else, and while he waits for you to catch up, he's even further ahead. In short, Batman is not a badass, Batman is *the* badass, and in the DCU, IMHO, he is Mr Badass.

Which is why this match pains me. Because this is a horrible, horrible mismatch of galactic proportions.

Doom is Doom. Insane intelligence and insane levels of skill in both technology and magic, and given preptime, Doom is unbeatable. Give him a tube of lipstick and an onion, and in half an hour he'll have something that can kill Galactus.

Batman is king of preptime, but even if he raids the Watchtower (which I think he'll need to, going into battle against Doom), Doom is just that much more uber in about five or six fields, and Batman just isn't as good.

Doom, after all, is an evil-Batman with no self-control. Bats is the best in his particular universe, and it's just a damn shame that Doom isn't from Bruce's hometown.

So, I'll be in the corner watching Batman smack down Superman and waiting for this battle to end. Somebody call me next week...

Evil Abraham Lincoln Writes:

Doom's dumped all of his gadgets. Unfortunately, that makes Batman's fight even harder. Why, do you ask? Doom's decided to jump on the magic bandwagon. And in his first appearance as Doom, master of the mystic arts, he sent the entire Fantastic Four and Franklin to Hell. While he was wearing the flayed skin of his first (and some may say only) true love. And he's actually shown respect for the FF, even that "Accursed Richards!!!!!" Does anyone think that he's going to show even an iota of concern for a "mere" mortal? No!!!! The battle should go like this.........

1. Batman circles Doom.

2. Doom feels the presence of an intruder.

3. Doom turns the intruder into a frog.

4. Doom wins in a squash, literally.

Althamiel Writes:

Reluctantly, I must give this one to Dr. Doom.Im not really a Doom fan, But after careful analysis I give it to him for one reason, Magic. Doom is a master of martial arts, technology AND magic. Martial arts and tech. Batman can defeat, he has more than once. But magic? Ah, thats a different story. Batman is grounded in the physical world. Logic and fighting skills arent enough this time around. All of his foes are physical, and logical But Doom would be operating on a completely different level. If we're assuming that neither one is calling in any allies, than I think after a long, nasty fight, Batman would go down. But Doom wouldnt be completely unscathed and would probably say that The Batman was the greatest foe he'd ever faced. If, however, Batman gets to call on his JLA friends I think they could all take him together. If the Avengers can defeat him, they can. They have more heavy-hitters on their team. But that's if Batman would actually call them. He's proven again and again that he's a loner and relunctant to call on anyone else for assistance.

DC Fan Writes:

If you vote for Doom, you are nothing but a Marvel fanboy who won't admit that Doom is simply outclassed in this match. Batman never loses.

Marvel Fan Writes:

If you vote for Batman, you are nothing but a DC fanboy who won't admit that Batman is simply outclassed in this match. Doom never loses.

Hawk Writes:

Doom is second to Dr. Strange in the magic department. Doom has the resources of Latveria (can we say nukes?). Doom has more willpower, stronger armor, and is probably Batman's equal in martial arts. Not that Batman can get that close to land a punch. If all else fails, Doom will send Gotham into space, like he did to the Baxter building.

And can a batarang even scratch Doom's armor? The guy has had nukes dropped on him, and he didn't even blink.

Curbstomp in Doom's favor

Daki Writes:

I... is this a dream? Do my eyes decieve me with some vision or trickery? CBUB is back? Pardon me a moment while I JOYGASM!!!

And I return to find Doom suffering from delusions of grandure. Going up against Batman?!? Let's break this down:

- Dr. Doom's main adversary is Reed Richards. A scientist. As Homer Simpson so eloquently put it, "Batman's a scientist!" Not looking good for Doom there. Doom is also lacking a key weapon here...

- No Baxter Building to launch into space.

- Batman cheats to win.

- Batman CHEATS to win. He has no qualms about re-writing a man's nervous system to mirror Dr. Stephen Hawking and then knocking him out.

"Welcome to Latvia... a Wayne Enterprises Community."

AniX Writes:

Two Words: Time Machine. Doom has it, Batman doesn't. If Batman even starts to get a little upperhand, Doctor Doom merely needs to go back in time and save Brucie's parents. Suddenly, Batman is just a normal preppie with a very big house, and Doom takes the town.

K1 Writes:

Well, Batman's definately outclassed by his opponent. Since he can't go running the JLA for help, his only real chance is to go to ground and hope that he can draw out the contest to the point where Doom gets bored enough ruling Gotham that he lets himself loose so he can leave (Which is the only Reason the Avengers beat him the time he had the Purple Man)

Of corse that assumes that Batman can keep hidden in the face of Doom refitting a local factory to churn out tracking robots, and making nanotech survelance devices to plant in all of Bats possible contacts.

Captain Oblivious Writes:

Dr. Doom is a Gypsy. That's got everything to do with everything. It's in his blood to move from place to place, as he's done throughout his life up to this point. He's moved to different countries and even back and forth through time. So even if he were to succeed and take over Gotham, one with his nature could only stand a dark city full of huge naked guys for so long. Eventually he will have to move on. Batman will recognize this and strike when the moment comes, taking full responsibility for Dr. Doom's departure of his city.

So rest assured civilians, Dr. Doom may win the battle, but the war. Batman will triumph and take back his city, one way or another.

Captain Obvious Writes:

I am Captain Obvious.

Chuckg Writes:

On the Rumbles board, I am a long-time Batman fan. I have defended Batman vs. many comers. I have nothing but the utmost respect for Bruce Wayne's almost peerless willpower, deviousness, and abilities.

With all that down, all of you Bat-Fanboys on this thread are talking like you're completely nucking futz.

Folks, this is Doom we are talking about here. Where Batman has a Batplane, Doom has dimensional exploration vehicles and spacecraft. Where Batman has cruise missiles, Doom has lightspeed anti-matter strategic bombardment systems capable of vaporizing entire cities in a millisecond. Where Batman has the world's best-stocked utility belt, Doom has a suit of personal armor that can throw down with Iron Man and a forcefield that can take a shot from Galactus and still leave the occupant un-vaporized.

Batman can terrorize any remotely sane person. Doom scares the crap out of /other megalomaniacs/. People who will laugh mockingly at the idea of facing Reed Richards in a battle of wits will turn pale and piss their pants at the mere /thought/ of crossing Doom, as those of us who remember the highly amusing FANTASTIC FOUR #29 (v3) will recall.

Doom is the only supervillain known to have conquered the planet Earth *three times*, *in continuity*, and *given it back*. He's scored clean wins over his arch-nemesis. He's made the primary heroic opponents of him have to bow down and acknowledge that without his aid, their children would have died.

He is the Greatest Supervillain Ever, and not even the Batman can bring him down.

For he is Doom, and Doom yields to no one.

(Note -- the author of this post, thanks to vigorous neuralyzer abuse, has forgotten everything written with Doom in it from "Unthinkable" onward. This was a necessary protective measure to save the author's sanity.)

Ultimoballer Writes:

This is such an easy call.

The Fantastic Four can barely stop Doom, and they're FOUR people with SUPER POWERS. Batman is just one dude with fancy gadgets. Dr. Doom all the way! 'nuff said

Seanbaby Writes:

Doctor Doom will win.

In the JLA, Batman was the brains of the team, which is a lot like being the tough guy in the Erasure fan club. His retarded science lessons made us fail more classes in grade school than modeling glue and fetal alcohol syndrome put together.It's not like it was his completely his fault though -- he didn't really need his brain after he got his Bat Computer. If someone give him a problem, a riddle, or if he just wanted to tell the future, he would feed crap into its slot. Not necessarily clues most times-- things like sandwiches, vacation pictures, stuff he found in his nose, and eventually the machine would spit out an answer on a long paper receipt. (Which was only for show, it always read it outloud for him anyway.)

The one thing that was really notable about Batman was the 5 toolsheds he had somehow jammed into his Utility Belt. I've seen him pull out bugspray, boomerangs, inflatable batrafts, 80 feet of batrope, and if Robin was lucky, tiny bat nipple clips. Batman could fall asleep and his belt would keep fighting crime. There were so many knobs and switches on it that he set off car alarms every time he let his gut hang loose. If you needed something bat-shaped and stupid, he probably had it in there somewhere. It was amazing. My cable guy only had a couple pliers and some wire on his belt, and it still yanked his pants down to his knees every time he moved.

Batman did the best he could as a superhero, but there's only so much you can do with no powers and a bunch of toys.If the Justice League of America was fighting an army ofd robots, Superman would melt hundreds by looking at them. They always had to save one for Batman, though, who would spend five minutes working out a complicated pulley system with his batropes to tie one up, and hope it breaks when he bonks it gently into a wall. Thanks, Batman, we couldn't have done it without you. I guess it's better than Aquaman who usually fought robots by sticking his head in the nearest sink and pretending to be soap. I know that seems weird, but robots are pretty easy to trick.

He's basically as clumsy, stupid and inept as everyone else on the team, but doesn't have any powers to help you forget. I think that's why he hangs out with Robin. Because when you're standing next to a little masked boy in his underwear, the last thing people are going to mention is how you're useless in a fight.

know the ice skates that pop out of the bottom of his shoes are great, and I swear to Christ he once shot Bat Lube out of his leg, but some of the things he had were insane. There was a button on the Batjet that makes it travel through time and space. And knowing Batman, he had the same option installed on all his Bat-Vehicles and didn't label one single button. It's just a matter of time before he accidentally bumps a switch on the Bat-Go Kart and sends himself into deep space 20 years ago without a helmet.

In short:Batman sucks,Doom rules.

Captain Oblivious Writes:

But you guys forget, Batman is great at exploiting weaknesses. He knows that many underestimate him because he has no real powers and that's how he gets them. Probe, target, and destroy.

So knowing this, this is what's going to happen: Dr. Doom puts Batman in a compromising position and then does the bad-guy thing: Reveals all his plans. Then Batman being the cunning brainiac that he is, asks just right question and gets Dr. Doom reveal the ultimate inspiration behind all his evil planning; the brutal death of his parents. Then Batman will self-disclose and reveal that the loss of his own parents turned him into what he is today as well. So then Dr Doom let's down his defenses for a split second and then BAM....before he knows it, Batman has used some cool gadget to escape and destroy Dr. Doom's devices. All sexy-like.

El End.

Genma:TheDestroyer Writes:

Batman cheats. Batman plays for keeps, and is ruthless. Batman knows how to spot weaknesses, and exploit them.

Are we talking about Batman, or Doctor Doom? Because everything said in Batman's favor goes double for Doom.

Doom hasn't 'just' been facing off with the FF. He's gone up against just about every team on Earth, several cosmics, etc, etc. 'Used to opponents who play by the rules'? Wrong. Doom makes it a habit of battling other villains, capturing them, taking them apart piece by piece, and generally rubbing it in their face just how powerless they are against him.

Example: Purple Man. Lame name, nightmare of a character. One of the most powerful telepaths in the world. He told people to murder, rape, steal, commit all sorts of horrific crimes. And his power was so strong that it seemed no one could resist.

Doom amped Purple Man's powers, took off his suit's defenses, and told his adversary to do his worst.

Doom never even blinked when the attack came. Purple Man's powers did *nothing*.

Doom doesn't study and plot against just heroes. Nope. He's got files on villains the world over. Should Magneto decide to take him on, Doom has a plan to neutralyze him with minimal fuss.

And it's been discovered by the FF that it doesn't stop there. Doom has protocols that would allow him to stomp all opposition flat and take over the world *again* if he so desired. This was found out by a collection of FF, Avengers, and Shield members. The probability of Doom winning in every scenario? Very, very good.

Now that we've got this 'Doom can't deal with someone who doesn't play by the rules' stuff out of the way, let's look at other factors.

1. The time machine. With this, Doom can get as much prep-time as he needs. If he wanted, he could take a few months, and build a Doombot army loaded with every gadget he's ever created. Then send them down to take Batman's head. Go back and get detailed information about every aspect of Batman's life. Friends, enemies, failures, etc, etc. Also, a source of almost limitless resources.

2. The nano-machine. Everyone may remember a machine Reed used to slow time down to a crawl. Doom probably has one collecting dust in the 'been there, done that' section of his castle.

3. Doom's armor. Batman has nothing that is busting through that thing. Might as well put that Bat-grenade back, my friend. You might as well be tossing jolly ranchers at him. Whereas Doom has *plenty* he can use to dust you.

4. As said before, most of the stuff listed as Batman's advantages work just as well for Doom. Cunning, intelligence, tactics, ruthlessness, technology, willpower, resourcefulness, etc. For every example you find for Batman, we can find a comparable feat for Doom. Batman working himself back up from being a cripple? Doom fighting back at the Beyonder, who was picking him apart. Then sucking his power away, healing himself, and becoming more powerful than ever.

Doom has Batman's strengths (several fold) and pretty much none of his weaknesses. And the weaknesses he does have....well, his strengths make sure Batman never has a chance to try and exploit them.

Daniel Lewis Writes:

First of all, this is one awesome fight! I love both these characters.

Doctor Doom is my all-time favorite villain. This matchup is perfect-- Doom is more of a DC-level foe than other Marvel baddies.

But to me, the fight goes to Batman.

Here's why:

1.They are evenly matched in resources. Doom runs a small nation, But Wayne runs an international corporation.

2.They both are geniuses, thinking several steps ahead of the moment, analyzing their opponents and the situation, and capitalizing on enemy weaknesses.

3.Batman is the pinnacle of human perfection. Not only has he trained his mind, but also his body. He has the edge here.

4.Another of Doom's flaws: Ego. He has one, Bats doesn't, and it has often been Doom's undoing.

5. Finally, Batman is driven.Gotham is HIS town. Its people are under HIS protection. And he is willing to give his life to protect innocents and bring Doom to justice.

IMO, Batman is one of the few people who can take out Doom.(Richards most certainly cannot.Bwa-haha-haha!!!)

Make no mistake-- this will be a long, fierce, Gotham-shattering war-- but in the end, Batman will stand watch over a city battered, yet unbroken.

Genma:TheDestroyer Writes:

Physical abilities: Actually, though they don't play up on it too much nowadays, Doom is a very good fighter. He killed a lion (without the armor) in a single blow. And impressed even Captain America with his hth skills. Now, add in the fact his armor is at least Iron Man level, and any physical advantage Batman might have had is gone.

2. Plenty of other heroes would disagree with your statement about Batman not having an ego. He seems to believe that his way of going about things is best, and he's not afraid to argue about it. His ego is one of the reasons there is so much friction between him and some of the JLA members. He thinks he has the moral high ground, and that bugs the utter crap out of them. Batman's even admitted he makes sometimes makes mistakes due to his confidence in his own abilities.

3. In the Marvel universe, there are countless beings on Earth that are dedicated to what they do. So with a narrow-mindedness that rivals even Batman.

Doom has stomped several of them. On various occasions. And taken over the world. Conviction is nice, but won't save your city if your opponent is simply too much for you.

Ossian Writes:

While it is theoretically possible for Batman to win this match under optimal conditions (optimal conditions being defined as Bruce planning and counting on an outright divine intervention to weight the odds in his favor), men of reason and intelligence understand that the probability of Bruce scoring a credible victory in this match are roughly akin to the odds of Osama bin Laden undergoing a spontaneous conversion to Judaism on a CNN live broadcast.

Aleph Sage-Jedi Knight Writes:

Okay listen I've seen Batman face off against other heroes and villians from other Universes and I know through my skills of analyzation that the reason Batman won those fights was through popularity only!

But this Dr.Doom people a master genius of the arts and sorcery together. Batman can't beat that at all!

And for the people out who excuse Dr.Doom on having an ego problem, let us not for get that Batman has one too, He hates to lose just like he will here!

Because Dr.Doom has more upgrades and sophication than Batman.

And oh yes Batman can fight, But Dr.Doom can win with his intelligence because Dr.Doom will toy with Batman before destroying him. I've seen him do it before!

Batman is way out of his league!

Yeoman Writes:

Crossposted from Rumbles at Chuck's request:

On Batman's best days he is capable of giving support to a powerful group against cosmic entities. If said entities ignore him, Burce may even do some significent damage.

Doom has days where he solos cosmic entities. Doom calls them Tuesdays.

K1 Writes:

Actually it's occured to me that a lot of the arguments are based on the idea of Batman directly fighting with Doom. The actual term of the fight are that Doom has to take over Gotham and Batman has to stop him. And frankly, Doom can do it with incredible ease. A few hours of tinkering, and he can release a small army of undetectable robots who simply walk up to all of the most important people in Gotham, and grab their heads for half a second. Their targets will feel a sharp pain, then hear Doom's voice explaining that he's just implated them with a device that lets him talk to them, see what they see, hear what they hear, and can detonate turning their brains to goo if they upset him in any way. Or similar deviced planted in the skulls of spouses/children/friends. Within a matter of hours, everyone with any real power in Gotham will either be dead or practicing saying "Hail Lord Doom"

Evil Abraham Lincoln Writes:

But wait, there's more!

Simply put, Batman cannot defeat Doom. If this battle takes place in the 60's, Doom would discover Batman's secret identity, wait until Bruce Wayne makes his token weekly appearance at Wayne Enterprises, then uses his technology to throw the Wayne Enterprises building into space.

If the battle takes place in the 70's, the same thing would probably happen. Except that Bruce would have Selina Kyle bent over his knee, instead of his ward Dick the Boy Wonder.

I'll give Batman a token victory against the crazy Doom that appeared in the early 80's. Yeah, he used to talk to his reflection. So what! At least he didn't get his back broken by a reject from the WWE!

If this battle takes place in the 90's, Doom would time shift the Bat-Cave with ease, probably into the future. Bats would be shaking hands with Kamandi and trying to figure out how to defeat the talking animals.

If this battle takes place in the modern era, I reiterate my prior assumption. Doom changes Batman into a frog and steps on him with barely a sideways glance.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention the constant reminders about Doom's ego. Doom respects power, and any analysis of Batman will reveal that he's a normal human being. On top of that, no matter what level of power a person may have, he doesn't see anyone as his equal. He may view Reed Richards as a rival and he does show respect to Namor and the Black Panther due to their regal status; he may even see Magneto as a threat due to Mag's mutant power. However, almost everyone else on the planet is (at least in his eyes) beneath Doom. He may brag about his plans to Mr. Fantastic, and he will proclaim his superiority over the more god-like characters in the MU, but I doubt that he'd give Batman as much consideration as he gave Spider-Man. And the last time Doom fought Spider-Man, he whipped out a handy matter enlarger, changed the floating dust and dirt particles in the air into boulders, then casually buried Spider-Man under tons of rock. Petey's far more agile than Batman, yet he couldn't dodge the stones. Batman gets buried easily. He pulls out an explosive Batarang and blasts away the rock. Doom brushes back his cloak and releases enough energy to reduce any non-invulnerable person to ashes. then he'll laugh and drink some wine. Maybe he'll add a MSH touch and Doom-Bots will materialize around him and laugh with him.

Best case scenario for Bats? Once again, the crazy Doom. Doom sends a Doom-Bot to face Bats. Bats defeats it. Doom sends a pair of Doom-Bots to face Bats. Bats defeats them as well. Doom pulls a Mongul and directs a 50 mile wide beam of energy into Gotham City. Of course, Gotham City and the surrounding areas (Presumably, the Bat-Cave is within the blast radius. If the cave is farther away than 50 miles, then Bruce Wayne is a plain idiot.) will be destroyed in the process, and there will be Batty-boys who insist that Batman won because Doom couldn't claim the ultimate prize, but Batman will still be dead. Pyrrhic victory.

Mike Writes:

I really don't care what all the Doom fans say. I don't care if Doom has already taken over the Earth. I don't care if he can outwit Reed Richards. I don't care if his armor is stronger than Iron Man's. I don't care if he has magic, and has his own planet and is so invincible that God himself would be hardpressed to stop him. I still voted for Batman. You know why?

Back in the 1770s, there was this country called Great Britain and they were the most powerful country in the world. Then one day, in spite of their superior technology, vast army, larger numbers and other innumerable advantages, they were beaten by a bunch of farmers. Let's recap: the colonist had hometurf advantage, less weapons, no real army of any sort, and were ridiculously outclassed in every aspect, yet they still won. Gee, sounds kinda like the Batman/Doom setup And that happend in real life, not just some comic book.

The hell with Doom. Batman doesn't lose, period. Character shield or not. "blah blah blah Doom has the superior technology blah blah blah he has routinely humilated Galactus blah blah". I voted for Batman because, quite simply, he is vengeance. He is the Knight. He is Batman.

And if you want to get into scenario analysis, alright. Doom wants to take over Gotham and Batman's protecting it. Gotham seems like chump change compared to what Doom's already taken over in the past, so do you think he'll really put his whole heart into this? He's not evem gonna try. This is like when Dexter figured he would win the science fair so he just sent one of his reject inventions, then lost. Or when Bart was so sure he would win class president that he didn't even vote for himself, then lost by one vote. And since this is a comic book, and Batman is the hero, I think things are slightly tilted in his favor. In a comic book, only one of two things can happen. a) The villain dies or b) both the hero and villain die. So either way, Doom dies.

I voted for Batman, not because I am "insane or retarded" as some of Doom's fans would say, but because I think he can and will win. C'mon. He's Batman.

Genma:TheDestroyer Writes:

In other words, he's going to win because he's BATMAN!!!

Please, lord, make the hurting stop.

The Minute Man Writes:

Here's what you seem to have forgotten about Great Britain. They were idiots.

They dutifully lined up all their lil redcoated soldeirs out in the open, and then said "Hey farmer-men. Why doncha come shoot us? We like being shot. We'll stand right here and let you do it. Don't beleive us? Come and see for yourself!!"

Doom is not an idiot. And Batman, the guy who never asks for help unless he's utterly desperate, the guy who ALWAYS thinks his way is the right way, has EVERY bit as much an ego as Doom does.

theColonel Writes:

This is a good one, but in the end the Bat will be the last man standing. Granted Doom has the armour, but with the home town advantage in the Bat's corner I think he will pull a win. He'll be [email protected]#$%^ up but will win.

vladimer811 Writes:

got to go with the Victor here!


hell this is a man who once harnesed the power of a universe (the beonder), and has stood toe to toe with the most cosmic beings in the universe.

bats is a good dectectve, possibly the best, but that wont help you when you are going up against someone with a time machine or has the ability to shoot whole buildings into space.

doom also has repluer rays.. bats couldnt even get close to him. and anyway before this all started doom would cast a spell and send bruce to hell to chat with valeria.

Meatwad0930 Writes:

This battle is not even a contest. The big scary bat is gonna try to take the Lord of Latveria. Batman was smashed by Bane, this will be no problem for Doom. When is the last time Batman ruled a country. Doom wins hands down.

stevebird Writes:

This is GREAT! Whoever came up with this matchup is a genius! Before I get too annoying though, I'd like to get on with my theory. Ya got Batman; a legend in his own right, who's been protecting his city ever since the tradgety that caused him to be Batman in the first place. He's faced them all, the brainiacs, the muscleheads, the conquerors, you name it. And lets not forget his friends/teamates Robin, Nightwing, batgirl, Catwoman, and probably a lot more than I know. I'll even bet that some of his enemies will be willing to help out just because they want Gotham for themselves. Then you got Doc Doom. A genius that can tell you what Reed Richards is saying without takeing a second. So in other words, he's a genius. He's also got gigantic robots, henchmen, monsters (probably), the whole kit & kaboodle. And even if you get past those, he's still a formidible fighter even without his suit which, I might add, is a plus.

Batman will have his hands full with this villain, even with help; But hey, he's defeated Ra's Al Gul, a fellow world conqueror and a guy that doesn't seem to die, so I say Bats comes out of the rubble with the city needing a major clean up crew. Live on Batman!!!

stevebird Writes:

This is GREAT! Whoever came up with this matchup is a genius! Before I get too annoying though, I'd like to get on with my theory. Ya got Batman; a legend in his own right, who's been protecting his city ever since the tradgety that caused him to be Batman in the first place. He's faced them all, the brainiacs, the muscleheads, the conquerors, you name it. And lets not forget his friends/teamates Robin, Nightwing, batgirl, Catwoman, and probably a lot more than I know. I'll even bet that some of his enemies will be willing to help out just because they want Gotham for themselves. Then you got Doc Doom. A genius that can tell you what Reed Richards is saying without takeing a second. So in other words, he's a genius. He's also got gigantic robots, henchmen, monsters (probably), the whole kit & kaboodle. And even if you get past those, he's still a formidible fighter even without his suit which, I might add, is a plus.

Batman will have his hands full with this villain, even with help; But hey, he's defeated Ra's Al Gul, a fellow world conqueror and a guy that doesn't seem to die, so I say Bats comes out of the rubble with the city needing a major clean up crew. Live on Batman!!!

Daniel Jackson Writes:

All I really have to say is that, even if Batman fans are voting for him blindly, Doom fans sure seem very snobbish.

Genma:TheDestroyer Writes:

Xena vs. Wonder Woman

X-men vs. JLA

Need I go any further? If we don't try and point out the stuff that gets overlooked (events, inventions, etc, etc) then we're not debating with the best of our ability. And some strange results can happen. Xena beating WW? Wah?!?

You look at the facts, look at what they've done, and vote on who wins. It's not a popularity contest. It's a 'who would beat the crap out of who if they ever met' type of thing. I love Superboy to death, but he'd die if he was pitted against Silver Surfer. Saying 'I've heard your arguments, but I don't care. So what if SS can nuke solar systems? So what if he can turn Kon into a twinkie? Kon wins anyway!' Isn't looking at the match fairly.

Sorry if it seems a bit rough to you, but some of us come from the Rumbles board. And saying 'He wins cause he's Batman' wouldn't fly. And we'd like to think that would extend over here.

Farfignugen Writes:

Captain America's a better fighter than Batman, and even he was impressed with Doom's hand to hand abilities(And that's skill we're talking, not physical superiority. Doesn't matter who knows more styles. Quality beats Quantity everytime) Doom killed a Lion with one strike, not with strength, but with SKILL. Doom's sheer willpower alone as beaten back several of the most powerful psychics in the world. And Doom will cheat to win same as Batman, and dealt with more than his share of dirty fighters. He's brought other villains to heel just to show them he could. You think none of them fought dirty or cheated? Please. Face facts people. Batman's on one level. Doom is on a much much higher one.

praxisilver Writes:

You know, I'm gettiing tired of Doom supporters saying, "He got out-thunk by BANE!" or, "He can't even beat the Joker!" The thing is, there are good reasons that Batman didn't beat them.

Let's start with the Joker. The facts:

1. The Joker is insane beyond all reason.

2. Batman has an analytical mind.

One of Batman's greatest assets is his analytical prowness. He can analyze a plan, discover its weakness, and find who did it through studying its style. The Joker is the exception because he has no style. He is an insane murderer at times, and a cold planner at others. He is a wild card. Compared with the Joker, Doom's mind is going to be easy to crack.

Next up, Bane. Now, I can't find anything saying how Venom makes you stupid. Sure, the stereotypical Bane is so "dumb" he has a speech impediment. But is that any real proof he is stupid? After all, we don't know if it really affected his intelligence. All we can see his how he acts. We can't see how smart he really is. For example, look at Stephen Hawking. Looking at him, with a condition that restricts his motor functions, you would never guess that he is probably one of the greatest physicists since Einstein. So for all we know, Bane might have a decent intelligence, enough to create a plan to discover Batman's identity. Batman might not have known that, and let his guard down. But Doom is a clear and definite threat. Batman will have an eye on him. Batman will win.

Bryan Writes:

The one thing everyone seems to be forgetting is notification. What makes both characters so dangerous is their firm belief in the 7 p's. Prior Proper Planning, Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Both characters do well with their assorted skills, arsenals, abilities when dropped into an unknown situation, but both stomp ass when they know exactly or at least have an inkling of what they're about to get into. Remember Marvel vs DC? Each characeter has at least a passing knowledge/familarity of and with the other. Thus if Doom is just dropped into the middle of Gotham and told to take it over, he might get a decent foot hold, before The Bat detects his prescence and uproots him. If without any warning Doom and Batman come into direct conflict Doom will win but he'll have to work darned hard for it, and a fully informed Batman will resurface later to hand Doom his ass. What I want to see is both characters fully informed about the other, and both meeting in Gotham with every trick, minion, trap, and resource tapped for what may be the greatest comic book battle ever fought. Picture it: Castle Doom materializes over Gotham, portals to Hell open and demonic Doombots pour into the streets of Gotham, as the gates of Arkahm are thrown open, releasing all the inmates. Meanwhile the JLA invades Castle doom, destroying everything they can get their hands on, Oracle takes over the Castle doom computer system, And with the help of Dr. Fate, tries to hack demon fused Doombots, and Doom demands to know how Batman (whose decked out in a Batman Beyond style suit) breached Castle Doom's defences, entered the throne room, and came to stand 2 feet behind Doom without Doom's knowledge or permission. Then it's FIGHT TIME! And Batman wins, after a 4 issue battle, at which point Access rolls in and hustles everyone back to their proper realities.

Koba Writes:

"Batman is Vengeance, he is the Night, he is Batman...blah blah blah freakin' blah."

The mind of a fanboy is really not much to waste.

You notice that throughout the comments section, the Bat supporters ramble off a series of factoids as if they're magical incantations to prove to the rest of us nonbelievers once and for all that the Bat is invincible, and he shall triumph. You notice that what none of them is saying is any even remotely plausible scenario where victory for Batman is possible. Let's look at some of these remarks.

Incantation #1: "Gotham is Batman's home turf, that gives him the advantage."

Doom's been dropped on a planet not his own before, buck naked, no tech and zero resources. Couple years later he was running the place. Home turf means next to nothing.

Incantation #2: "Doom's ego will be his undoing."

Question: How many times has BATMAN's ego been used against him? "Tower of Babel" ring any bells? "Knightfall?" How about "The most obstinant loner in the DCU, who never, ever asks for help as a matter of psychological incaoability unless he absolutely has to?" No advantage here.

Incantation #3: "Batman never gives up."

Batman stood up and continued fighting after Ra's al Ghul stuck a shovel in his chest. Doom, in comparison, looked a Purple Man powerful enough to mind control Thor (against which Asgardians have natural resistance) in the face and smiled, withstood a psychic assault from the Overmind which the narration described as having the power of billions of minds, and refused to yield even when the Beyonder was ripping his very molecular structure out from under him. Every bit of willpower Batman brings to the fore, Doom can match.

Incantation #4: "Batman will cheat, CHEAT I say!"

This assumes that Doom is some sort of paragon of honor and virtue by comparison. Doom has never, ever shown a reluctance to pull out all the stops in a battle.

Incantation #5: "Batman has Wayne Enterprises."

And yet he still has yet to take down LexCorp after all these years. Tony Stark has his own multinational corporation, as you might recall, and I don't see him clamoring to take on Latveria without help from the rest of the Avengers.

Incantation #6: "Batman has gadgets."

He might as well be Bill Nye the Science Guy compared to Doom. There isn't a single thing he's come up with on his own that Doom couldn't duplicate given oh, an hour. If he's feeling tired that day.

And given the lack of specific examples given as to how Batman can win, exactly how many ways could Doom add Gotham to his collection? Let me count them.

-Flood Gotham with Doombots, cause enough destruction so that the Bat shows up and gang up on him.

-Take either Gordon, Dick Grayson or whoever else has a close connection with Bruce Wayne/Batman hostage and put the Bat in a scenario where he must act and react according to Doom's whims.

-Time travel back to Batman's first appearance, before he became as skilled or as well-equipped as he is today, and cap him.

-Pull a sort of extranational Knightfall, empty Latverian prisons and plop them all in Gotham Square. Wait until the Bat shows up, come on the scene and blast him to ash. Don't even give him time to find out who did it or why.

-Make an android replica of the Bat complete with equipment and send him to do nasty things to Gotham officials, ruin his reputation and turn his own city against him. Then simply waltz in incognito, promise to end the menace of the Rogue Bat, and have the city eating out of his hand. Show them the order Doom can bring.

-Get the Joker out, hand him Doomtech that's been collecting dust in the closet and tell him to have fun. Then step in when both have been sufficiently weakened and kill both.

-Take the more direct approach, nuke Gotham from orbit (ground zero: Wayne Manor), blame it on someone else, then step in and rebuild it as a benevolent, enlightened ruler. Even if Bruce survives, if he doesn't discover it was Doom he might actually work with him willingly and be none the wiser until it's too late.

I like Batman. I think Batman should have beaten Captain America on CBUB. He at once both one of the most iconic and one of the most personally complicated characters in all of comics. He has pulled off impressive victories in the face of insane odds and is an integral part of the DC Universe framework. Doom is just out of his league.

He is Vengeance, he is the Night, and in this battle, he is completely outclassed.

Cybernetic Ghost of Xmas Past From The F Writes:

Now I'll give credit where credit is due, Batman is one of DC's top heroes, his skills and mind are matched by very few. But when you compare him to Dr. Doom, that's a totally different level there. Dr. Doom is Marvel's, and possibly comics as a whole, greatest villians ever. He wrote the damn book on Super-Villianry, and teaches a class on it every Wednesday at Latveria U. Batman's the best at what he does, but he is nowhere near a match for Doom. Only chance Batman has is to confront Doom the first time, and if he survives that, figure out that he's no match and call up the JLA, and possibly the JSA, the Titans, hell, if he's smart he'll even make a long distance call to that acursed Richards, a person who far smarter than Batman by the way. And for those who keep saying Batman has the hometown advantage, it doesn't make damn difference where they're fighting, Gotham, Metropolis, Latveria, the YMCA, wherever they are won't mean a damn thing. It's not like they're hopping around the freaking rooftops, such things are beneath Doom. I'll admit, Batman has done some bad-ass things is his time, and fought some powerful foes, with or without the JLA. But no villian he has fought has accomplished the things Doom has. He's taken over the world, and given it back more than once, he's beaten and taken the powers of the Silver Surfer, Galactus, and the freaking Beyonder. He's also led other big super-villians (it's always a sure bet that when Doom teams up with others, he's pretty much in charge), hell, he's stopped Magneto from beating the Red Skull like a red-head stepchild (no pun intended). Doom will respect Batman's mind, skill and status (as both Batman and Bruce Wayne), a feat few have actually earned from Doom, but the Dark knight just doesn't stand a chance. If he's smart he'll call for help after accessing the situation, if not then he's screwed. Then again, he could just sit aside and let Doom have Gotham, and after Doom gets rid of all the crime, corruption, and poverty, he'll just give Gotham back anyways, because such an insignificant city is beneath Doom. So, obviously, my money's on Dr. Doom. (And for teh next fight I suggest Deadpool vs. Deathstroke. Tons of violence and humor there)

Skye Agony, Guitarist of Doom Writes:

Batman! Batman again! I say Batman again! No one kicks butt like Batman!

Dr. Doom: I thought you said I kicked butt!

I lied. Kiss your chances of taking over goodbye, Doomie.


Bruce Wayne Writes:

I'm doomed! Doomed!! DOOMED!!

*Falls down on his knees, clasps fingers, gazes upwards*

I'm not normally a praying man, but if you're up there, please, PLEASE save me Superman!!!

Squeed Writes:

First, let me say that i love Batman. He is truly the baddest of the badasses. I would tip my hat to any man who threw down with the Man of Steel and won, especially if they did it far past their prime(Dark Knight Returns).

However, my preduicies will not interfere with the fight vote. Doom is far superior to the Dark Knight. The best way to judge these men is their accomplishments, right? So thus:

Batman: Picked a fight with the Brothers(Marvel vs DC). Won by virtue.

Doom: Picked a fight with Beyonder(Secret Wars?). Won AND took control of hyperdimensional powers.

BAtman wins with virtue. Domm wins with style. Doom is the victor.

jefftron Writes:


No, wait, Doom.

No, wait, Batman!

Hold on, Doom!!

AAAAAHHHHHH! *head explodes, but the slumped over body hit the 'Vote Batman' button*

And The Beat Goes On Writes:

Additional ways in which Doom would take Gotham

1)Without EVER setting a single foot in it. He acts through intermediaries, subtly and LEGALLY buying up vast swaths of Gotham real-estate. Starts replacing high ranking persons in Mayoral office with doom-picked Candidates. An ultra-subtle hypno ray or two ensures the votes always go the way of Doom. First order of buisness? It's time for the police department to come down on Vigilante Justice like the hammer of god!!! While the cops keep Batman on his toes, Doom continues closing his gauntlanted fist around the prize that is Gotham....though frankly, the city is beneathe him. This is probably just a way to kill time over the weekend for him.

Han Solo's Clone Writes:

I notice a bunch of Doom voters seizing on a few facts and ignoring all the rest. Many people who are voting for Doom use his few victories in arguments but forget all the times that he was prevented from doing something or defeated.

They also bring up Batman's one defeat in battle. Why was that a major comic event though people? Because it never hapened before in all of the 5 decades that the Batman character existed. People are still acting like Bane did it alone too. Bane's goal took more than three villians that were able to cause Batman some serious trouble on their own (I don't remember how many major villians it was exactly but the odds against Batman were ridiculous). I thought it was really silly when Bruce Wayne implied to Alfred that he felt like a falire after loosing against odds like that.

Im not just considering track records either. I don't think that Dr. Doom could take over an entire city that he's never been to before with someone as skilled, intelegent, and overall powerful as Batman present.

Mrfixit Writes:

Han dont you know there is a massive power level diffrence between Batman and Dr Doom. Perhaps you just choose to ignore it? Bane in a trillion years would never ever ever get his hands on Doom. ALso Batman doesnt have diplomatic immunity. Batman cant do anything to legally touch him. Not that would matteer, becuase Dr Doom is something like 100.000 times more powerfull.

Mrfixit Writes:

Han dont you know there is a massive power level diffrence between Batman and Dr Doom. Perhaps you just choose to ignore it? Bane in a trillion years would never ever ever get his hands on Doom. ALso Batman doesnt have diplomatic immunity. Batman cant do anything to legally touch him. Not that would matter, becuase Dr Doom is something like 100.000 times more powerfull.

Chewbacca Writes:



I think what my erstwhile partner seems to have forgotten, is that when Doom "loses" it's only because he HAS to, as part of the silly villains-never-win rule. And even then, the fact that's he's done such massively [email protected]$$ things inspite of having this rule of comicdom constantly work against him proves he is on a completely different level from the street-vigilante hijinks of the man in grey tights. He's broken this rule, he HAS won again and again, and CHOSE to let the silly little heroes have their planet back when it began to bore him.

And even in Batman's victories he's rarely done anything that another person with half a brain couldn't have done. As somebody else said, who cares if he beat superman? He used Kryptonite. Gee, who'd have ever thought the Man of Steel could be brought down by Kryptonite. Wow. I marvel at the Dark Knight's strategic cunning.

Luckily the villain-always-loses-and-hero-always-wins rule does not exist here in Kazahn. There's no character sheild protecting Batman from the oncoming slaughter that is Doom. Except for the one his rabid fanboys desperately try to erect around him.

To borrow and paraphrase a very insightful quote from somebody else on this board(which deserves to be reiterated for those just arriving)....

"On his best day, Batman lends support to others who take on cosmological entities of unimaginable power. If they conveniently ignore him, he might even manage to do signifigant damage.

Doom has days here he solos cosmological entities of unimaginable power. He calls them Tuesdays"

'Nuff said.

WereWolf Writes:

Two of my favorite characters of all time, going head to head? No! Doom versus Gotham City! Latveria versus Gotham City would be over so fast, you wouldn't be able to blink. Batman would have that one. But Doom is smart. Doom goes it alone and all he has to face is Batman and the Commish. He has it down. He takes his whole army and tries to take over Gotham and he has the whole country falling over itself to kill them. America and its many allies versus Latveria? Or Doom versus one city. Been there done that.

Kryle Writes:

I chose Doom because if worse comes to worse, he could call on his legions of bots. Batman can't be 150,000 places at once...

Superfluous G. Writes:

I voted for Batman, since this is hero vs. villain match, and I always tend to vote for the hero. I don't think I have ever rotted for the bad guy. Lightsaber Super Brawl? I voted for Luke. Hulk vs. Doomsday? Put a tally mark for the Hulkster. I just like seeing the good guy prevail, so since Batman represents the side of justice in this match, I voted for him to defeat Dr. Doom.

Tages Writes:

Again, more "He is BATMAN! He is INVINCIBLE!", nothing of actual substance.

Here is a list of things to which the Bat supporters still have no response:

-How Batman can counter time travel.

-How Batman can counter magic.

-How Batman can counter the Ovoid Mind Transfer technique.

-How Batman can counter Doom's ludicrous tech advantage.

-How Batman could even scratch Doom's armor in any direct confrontation given that he's been able to stand back up after the Thing has absolutely laid him out before, and that's not even counting the force field.

-How Batman could strike back after Gotham gets hit from orbit.

-How Batman's going to deal if Doom just floods his city with Doombots.

-How BRUCE WAYNE is going to survive if Doom decides to take him out during one of his token public appearances. It's funny, Deadshot just happened to blow a hole in his forehead during a dinner gala and then kill himself. Now, why would he ever do that...

Instead, we will continue to get more and more howls of "Batman wins because he's COOLER!" absent any quaint old-fashioned usage of things like logic or common sense. At times like these I gain new appreciation for the Darwin Awards.

Picullus Writes:

I must admit that thus far my favorite response has been "Doom loses because he's a Gypsie." It takes a kind of cosmic stupidity to think a participant's ethnic background is a good enough reason to judge how they will do when pitted against someone else in a battle, wit-based or otherwise. Captain Oblivious, my hat goes off to you: people like you are the reason why "Jackass" is so popular.

Captain Oblivious Writes:

And my hat goes off to you Picullus. You're the reason why television is so popular, period. Because people don't frickin' READ anymore. I explain my reasons in detail if you happened to finish the whole statement. And I truly feel sorry you if you're taking it seriously.


I am Captain Oblivious.

Daniel Lewis Writes:

There are several reasons why Doom shouldn't win this fight.

Mainly, Doom can't move his pieces in the open. People act like being sovereign ruler of a country would be an advantage here. On the contrary, it would limit his options. Doom would have to conduct his war on a limited scale, lest others(the U.S.,U.N.,etc.)interfere. Doom's plan would most likely be limited to a cadre of loyal minions, testing Batman while Doom bides his time on some Doom-purchased real-estate. Doom would proceed to purchase Gotham City land and businesses, at every turn being contended by Wayne enterprises. Doom would quickly ascertain Batman's identity based on Wayne enterprises, and choose to confront him at home. Batman, meanwhile, would learn who he is up against and direct a multi-pronged attack on Doom. Doom arrives at Wayne Manor and razes it to the ground, fighting and heinously injuring the Dark Knight. At this point Doom tells Batman that he expected more of a challenge from Batman,"or should I say, Bruce Wayne." The wounded Bats laughs and says,"What can I say, you got me!" At which point he reveals that he is actually Nightwing in one Batman's spare costumes. The real Batman arrives wearing tech from one of Doom's spare suits, having gone to Doom's hideout,disabling his Doombots and schooling Doom's minions. What results is a fight for the history books, ladies and gentlemen.

The two combatants eventually eschew tech for hand-to-hand combat(where, as any martial artist knows,strength is not the most important factor. Besides, Bats IS a better martial artist than Doom). Having VERY NARROWLY been beaten, Doom is arrested by the newly-arriving police, who cannot hold him. Witin hours, Doom is on his way to Latveria in his private aircraft, as the local government takes possession of all his Gotham property.

This is close to the way it should happen, but I have a feeling this match will go the way of X-men vs. JLA and Superman vs. Thor.

Oh, and anyone who says Batman isn't smarter than Reed Richards doesn't know what they're talking about. Batman is a far more fitting nemesis for Victor von Doom than Stretch-o ever could be.

Genma:TheDestroyer Writes:

Duh, of course Batman is smarter than Reed. I mean, Batman invents gadgets that allow him to talk to future versions of himself all the time! And little miniature universes as well! And single-celled, amoeba-type reproductions of villains he's fought, created only with the data he gathered during a battle.

No, wait.....Batman's never done that. But Reed has, as little side-projects. Hobbies.

And somehow, I don't see Batman sneaking into Doom's lair, and swiping his stuff. Not happening.

Chuckg Writes:

a) I find the idea that Doom's sensor systems would be unable to distinguish Nightwing from Batman to be very improbable.

b) Doom's 'loyal minions' are Doombots, who are just about as physically powerful as the man himself. So Batman is trying to 'school' a room full of combat bots with plasma artillery that can knock down small buildings, force-fields that can soak tactical nukes, etc. etc.

c) Did we mention the handy little neural paralyzer gizmo that instantly turns off the opponent's motor nervous system? Tested on such opponents of formidable endurance like Colossus and the Hulk, no less. Batman ain't 'schooling' *no one*.

d) re: Doom's 'limited war' -- this guy has repeatedly ripped skyscrapers out of the heart of New York City and the US has never dared to declare war on him. Name anybody else who has blown up two skyscrapers in New York and *not* gotten the entire US Army after his ass.

Dog Day Writes:

Let me break it down, If you were to measure a hero/villian you would do it by his accomplishments am I right? Sure I am. Ill admitt, Doom has officially made the Fantastic Four his bitch right? And he's faced the awsome likes of Captian America and the Avengers, X-Men, and even the amazing Spider-man. But to fight Super HEROES is to fight someone who plays by the rules.

Now we come to the Batman who fights villians ranging from the mighty to the criminally insane(Wherein lies his advantage). Batman is Fully capable physically to fight Dr.Doom, Anyone who takes martial arts knows strength is NOT an advantage ex. Bats beat the Incredible Hulk (see the first Marvel vs. DC), and if Hulk hit a lion not only would it be killed after one punch but it would also be gooey and and hard to remove from your clothes. But Batman fights with his MIND, baby. NOT to say the good doctor wouldnt but Its the way bats would handle him.

See, I dont know if you have noticed But DOOM has a huge... ego. That is a weakness. Batman is driven and will NEVER underestimate his enemy. The Dark Knight would prevail because when all cards are on the table Batman will cheat! For that reason the one who SHOULD win is Batman and not Dr.Doom.

ps. Keep in mind we are talking about Batman and not Bat-shark-repellant-man.

Keyser Soze Writes:

I like Doom alot. I know everyone says he is undefeatable but have we forgotten about the one viglante who lost to Batman but in turn was able to outsmart Doom? I know I know, "Whatcho talkinbout, Keyser?" Well I will tell you little boys and girls I talk about the Punisher and how he cleverly took one of Doom's vases hostage. BoomshakalakaBoom Oh! could it be...Doom surrendered? Muahahahaha! Yes he did. My referance comes from the pages of Marvel Comics possibly from Punisher issue 29 anyhow it is there in the great multi-colored world of comics (pelvic thrust insert here). :P

Batman Fan Writes:

Though it pains me to say it, the Bat is Doomed.

The Saint Writes:

First off, I'd like to say that the man who just posted as theColonel is only a fraud. I know the Colonel. The real Colonel, no matter how demented and deluded he is at times, would never vote in such a lopsided battle in favor of Batman.

The aside, Batman is quite simply Doomed (damn, that joke's getting old...) The only way he'd win this if Doom suddenly realised that Gotham City was about as useful to him as a good dose of arthritis, and left the Bat with his stinking city. Since this is not the case, Doom wins in a landslide.

Besides that, what else can I say that hasn't already been said?

The (No Longer) Unpublished Solider Writes:

As Dr. Doom himself would say...

"DOOM must win! DOOM is superior to Batman in every way! DOOM is a genius! DOOM can use ancient magic! DOOM is a God! Batman must use gadgets and giant cartoon THWACKS to win! You will vote for DOOM! Support DOOM! DOOM! DOOM! DOOM! HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!"

Doom Fan Writes:

I'll say this much for you Batman-types, at least you're actually starting to put forth some half-way beleivable arguments. Unfortunately, the likelyhood of Batman slipping past Doom's security network is slim to put it generously. He relies alot on his own tech to infiltrate places, which is woefully inferior to Doom's and that's not even taking into account the mystical security systems. And again, Batman's ego is every bit as big as Doom's. He DOES underestimate opponants, because he utterly refuses to ever ask for help until he's backed into a corner. And again, Doom fights villains, not just noble heroes, so sorry, Batman's willingness to cheat means nothing. Because Batman's still NOT willing to let innocents die. Another checkmark for Doom.

And please, don't even dare try to compare Batman's IQ to Reed, the one and only man who actually IS...just barely, smarter than Doom. Reed's been going brain to brain with Doom for years, and is still ticking, though much of that is attributed to the fact he has powers, and three similarly powerful allies, and Doom-level Technology and Super-Science. He's probably not the strategist Bruce or Victor are(though the fact he's still ticking means he's no slouch), but don't dare try to put Bruce's laughably inferior IQ on a level with Reed and Victor's.

Picullus Writes:

"Dr. Doom is a Gypsy. That's got everything to do with everything. It's in his blood to move from place to place, as he's done throughout his life up to this point. He's moved to different countries and even back and forth through time. So even if he were to succeed and take over Gotham, one with his nature could only stand a dark city full of huge naked guys for so long. Eventually he will have to move on. Batman will recognize this and strike when the moment comes, taking full responsibility for Dr. Doom's departure of his city.

So rest assured civilians, Dr. Doom may win the battle, but the war. Batman will triumph and take back his city, one way or another."

To summarize:

Here not only do you state that Doom's "nature" as a Gypsie will help defeat him, you admit that he will succeed in taking over Gotham and thus winning the scenario. This is the very essence of fanboyism: "Batman is so awesome, if he loses and if Doom grants him back Gotham out of a showing of superiority, Batman still wins. Because he's Batman."

And you, like all of the other Bat supporters, still have yet to come up with a single counter Batman could use against the Ovoid Mind Transfer, swamping Gotham with Doombots, etc. It's all vagueries, "Batman exploits weaknesses," that kind of thing. In contrast, Doom supporters are putting forth concrete, specific scenarios for which the other side has no answer.

Grey Writes:

Although Dr Doom may have an advantage in technology and resources, Batman will win. Why? This the guy who went toe-to-toe with Supermam and create a plan to take down the whole frickin justice leauge!! Nuff said, Batman has to win

The Dutchman Writes:

Seriously. Any question who'd win?

The Batman.

Naw, joshing here.

Batman's plans for taking down the JLA were great, but it was quite handily that most of these had weaknesses he could exploit, save from Wonder Woman (I still don't get why he didn't use her tactic on everybody. *shrug*)

But what Doctor Vic has pulled with his science easily trumps anything Batman has ever pulled. Batman fixes alien teleporter, Doom creates a dimensional one.

Batman hacks into his Batmobile in 2 minutes, Doom calculates an equation faster than a White house computer.

Batman takes down the JLA with prep,

Doom takes down Galactus, Odin, Beyonder, Surfer, his grandmother, your grandmother, entire buildings of security measures, X-Mansions, Starbucks' HQ's front gate, alternate Earths, Latvaria one, two, tree, four, five times, and entire teams of supergenius Supervillains with their pants down.

Batman's only hope if he knows Squirrel Girl's phonenumber.

Unless Doom brings a keyboard of course.

Genma:TheDestroyer Writes:

Grey: Batman fought a mind-controlled Superman, who was trying to fight off Ivy's influence, and not even trying. Also, Batman had a Kryptonite ring. In any type of fair fight, Superman would squash Batman like a bug. Unless you're talking about the 'Dark Knight Returns' fight. But that wouldn't count, because that's a different Batman.

As for the JLA, Doom's figured out ways to beat, and drain, several cosmics. While one of them was dissecting him! Silver Surfer>>Superman, and Beyonder>>>>>>>>>>>>JLA.

Han Solo's Clone Writes:

Some Doom fans feel that some questions have not been answered so I will attempt to answer some.

If time travel was not difficult for Doom he would do it more often. Plus this is Doom Vs Batman not Doom Vs Little Bruce Wayne which means by definition he would have to run into the Dark Knight before he traveled back to a point that was key to easily defeating Bruce Wayne.

Outside of silly comedies, magic is usually portrayed as pretty slow moving and slow to cast. A highly skilled fighter can have a chance to make an attack before the spell is cast or be able to dodge the spell if it is cast. Magic is also complicated and requires concentration. Batman might be able to mess up Doom's attempts to cast spells with some mind games.

Batman's powers are all skill related and he might be cunning enough to deal with a power like the mind transfer. I heard that moron Goku sucessfully dealt with a character that had that ability in Dragon Ball Z.

Doom fans keep talking about Doom's tech advantage. Well Batman has advantages of his own in this senario. As I've said this contest is in Batman's city and a vital reason that Doom has conquered the Earth in a Marvel Universe was because he stayed aware of details in his suroundings for years. Batman is a detective and has been in Gotham for years. The fact that this match is really Doom vs Gotham also helps Batman's chances. Batman is also a better fighter than Doom.

What makes people so sure that Doom could bring something as large as a death satalite or security system to the DC universe? I've never seen a gateway between universes that large, at least not one that isn't to chaotic to be controled by anyone. I doubt that he would be able to build either in time, also.

What makes people certain that Doom would discover Batman's identity?

Maybe Batman learned a few things from that one incident with Bane.

As for Doom flooding the city with robots, that seems sort of familiar dosen't it? Heros almost always suceed in a fight against a bunch of robots or henchmen.

By the way, how are my forum names any worse than a lot of people's on this site? Why do people seem to think that they are more deserving of implied ridicule?

Chuckg Writes:

Time Travel is *not* "difficult" for Doom. He's got the time machine in his basement, for God's sake. He's had it ever since his very first story arc in comics, /ever/. He can use it any time he feels like. It's just that in the MU, time-travelling to the past only creates a new divergent timeline without affecting the main one, so it's not really useful there for killing your enemies in their cribs.

In the DCU, on the other hand, time is a lot more linear, and the 'go back and zap him at birth' approach works just fine.

As for Doom 'knowing the ground' -- again, I refer you to the conquest of Heroes Reborn Counter-Earth. That was a parallel Earth at least as widely diverged from the MU than even the DCU would be... and Doom had to conquer it cold, without years and years to study it.

It didn't take him very long. Not long at all.

As for Doom's sorcery not being point-and-click -- ummm, you can generalize all you want about 'silly', but if you've actually read the comics when Doom pulls out the mojo (like "Triumph & Torment"), yes, it's point-and-click. The only person who can cast spells faster than Doom is Doctor Strange, who might as well be Cyclops firing optic blasts for how quickly *he* can squeeze shots off.

Not to mention that since this is a *prep time* battle, Doom will have *opportunity* for lengthy rituals if he needs them. I mean, what's Batman going to do if Doom just sits in the basement of the Latverian embassy, draws a pentagram on the floor, and starts up the Ritual Of Inevitable Doom On Guys Who Wear Bat Costumes? Interrupt him by throwing a Batarang all seventeen miles from Wayne Manor to the embassy, through six locked doors and four heavily armored walls?

mrfixit Writes:

Looks like Han Solo Clone knows nothing about Dr Doom. Did anyone read amazing Spiderman 300? The one where Dr Doom pimp slapped Spiderman like was nothing.

Spiderman is at least 20 times stronger than Bruce, and at least 5 times faster. Granted this is a prep battle, but it still shows how helpless Batman would be if Doom decided to take the battle to him.

I find it laughable that someone can clam Doom wont be able to figgure out who Batman is.

Basicly its time for the Batman fanboys to start telling us how Batman could win? I mean havent even seen one decent arguement so far.

Rember if Batman goes sneaking about any propertys of Dr Doom. Doom legally can do anything he wants to him, and declare him a spy.

Also i am sickend someone used the Hulk vs Batman crossover in a debate. I think someone should strike off 100 votes for that.

K1 Writes:

OK First the Time Travel question. Dr. Doom has been using his time machine since earliest days of the Fantastic Four. As mentioned Marvel U time Travel tends to spontanously generate alternate timelines, but Doom has actually created a time machine that works around that problem. Though he's reluctant to clip that one onto his belt because it risks drawing the attention of the Time Variance Authority.

Now as far as Magic goes, Doom has the knowledge to cast spells on the fly, he just prefers to use more ritual magic since that's where his earliest training was. However he's knowlegable enough at that that he was able to make a yearly trip to Mephisto's realm, battle the devil on his mome ground, and successfully retreat for years. Still he has a preferance for technology, and is not likely to use much magic in his initial attack.

Now as for dismissing any robots Doom unleashs as easily beaten underlings, your forgetting that from his earliest apperances, Doom has shown himself able to create robotic duplicates of himself who's AI's are so sophisticated that evel people who've known Doom for years can be fooled by them.

Han Solo's Clone Writes:

Okay. So I missed the issues about Dr. Doom and time machines, but before everyone assumes that Doom can go back in time to when Bruce Wayne was twelve and shoot him on the toilet I'd like to know how large this time machine is. If its more than two inches in volume larger than a henchman, I refer you to the argument against bringing in large stuff. Im pretty sure Doom does not have a talice, if a talice can even bring in large equipment. I would also like to refer to the argument that Doom, by definition, does not get to START at a moment before he in some way encounters Bruce Wayne after Bruce became Batman. As for the example of Counter Earth, you'll forgive me for not reading anything but Exiles after "Heros Reborn". Im sure that most people can understand why. As for what I know, Im sure I don't know any less about comics than a lot of people who have posted or at least voted on this site, especially after seeing some of the arguments about Bane.

The Voice of Civility Writes:

While I agree the batman fans are clinging to tattered shreds of hope, the Doom fans are kinda being jerks about this. There's no reason to single anybody out for ridicule. Not the person themselves anyway. Let's all try to treat the others the way we want to be treated eh?

Han Solo's Clone Writes:

I just read K1's post. Good point! I didn't even think of Waverider and his crew! Even if Doom does go back in time to attack Bruce as a child, the people in charge of guarding time in DC can eventually go back in time from any point and change it so that he didn't!

Doom Fan Writes:

Don't matter how big his time Machine. If he needs a big one, he'll build a big one. If he needs a small one, he'll build a small one. If he needs a satellite to blast from orbit, he'll build a sattelite...or twenty....to blast from orbit. You can plunk him down in the middle of Gotham buck naked, and he'll have technology that can shake the world from it's foundations within the week. And while batman MIGHT be a better hand to hand fighter, you are sadly mistaken if you seriously think he will beat Doom handily in a hand to hand fight. Doom is a VERY skilled and physically fit combatant even butt naked(As shown when he killed that Lion in one lightning fast stroke, severing it's vertabrae with a single precise, lethal blow from his bare hand), and CAN squeeze off on-the-spot spells if he has to. Even if Batman got lucky and stumbled across butt-naked-just-got-here Doom, Doom is more than capable of either squeezing out a barely squeezing out a win then and there, or retreating long enough to get his hands on some resources. It won't be the first time Doom landed butt naked in an alien, unfamiliar environment, and was ruling it with the strength of his pimp hand a short time later.

Of course, all of that is moot, since in case you forgot, the conditions of the fight already stipulate Batman will have ALL the resources of Gotham at his disposal, and Doom will have ALL the resources of Latveria at his disposal. Including his legions of Doombots, his sattellites, his time machines, his workshops, etc, etc, etc.

Some Other Green Guy Writes:

I would like to point out the following points for consideration:

1.) On Doom's ego: Doom is proud, and even arrogant, but he is not stupid. In Doom 2099 #1, he was shown to have protocols in place should he ever fall from power in Latveria.

2.) Doom is a greater tech god than even the Doom supporters on this thread are letting on. His ship, the Diamondhawk, was state of the art -- in 2099. Sensors couldn't detect it, cannons couldn't lock on it. And he built this a long damn time before 2099.

Further, he adjusted to the new technology in 2099 with zero lag time. We're talking about a guy who Tesla would think was a visionary.

And just to be fair, I'll spot Batman the JLA and the DC clause of 'good always wins'. Well, the thing to note here is that it's "good" that always wins. Not necessarily the "good guy".

We don't know why Doom is coming to Gotham. It could be for the same reasons that he took over the earth in Emperor Doom.

He arrives in Gotham and sees it as the cesspool that it really is. He sneers in derision at the so-called heroes who continue to merely jail their villains when more permanent means are necessary. His first move is to command a phallanx of doombots to head over to Arkham.... and destroy it utterly.

Meanwhile he sits in the Latverian embassy waiting for reports. He doesn't even need spies, it's all over the news: Arkham is in flames and 20 automatons are turning the inmates into curry.

A window creaks open and an angry Batsquad enters.

"You killed them. You killed them all." Batman whispers behind clenched teeth. "Don't bother trying to paralyse me with your neural override device, I'm wearing Mr. Miracle's Mother box and I'm taking you down."

"My dear Mr. Wayne, such a display of emotion is beneath those who Doom almost considers his peer. The defenses in the embassy are for lesser people. I was sending you an invitation."

Doom drops an RSVP card on the table for Bats to read.

Spoiler, Robin, Nightwing, Huntress, Connor and Batgirl flank Doom.

Nightwing looks nervous. Barbara hasn't called in yet. Boris enters.

"Master, the computer specialist has been dispatched."

"Thank you Boris, please leave us."

Nightwing lunges. "You killed her!"

Bats:"Nightwing! No!"

The warning comes too late as a thousand volts and 20 milliamperes course through Nightwing.

"That was unneccessary, Wayne. Control your children."

Doom then goes on to explain why he is doing this, that Gotham needs Latverian protection and that the Latverian populace have been nothing but happy. All while dispatching the rest of the batcrew.

Only Batgirl and Batman remain, decked out in Batman Beyond style suits. Cass eyes the Bat almost imperceptively and Bruce flicks a fader switch in his armour.

"Accursed Mortal! What has thou done to Doom?"

A smile plays accross Bruce's face. "I can't beat you in tech, but Cass and I will wipe the floor with you in Martial Arts. I know you're skilled. I've heard about the lion, but you are overly dependent on technology. Don't bother resorting to Magic as Fate has Nabu sealing off this embassy from your allies. It's just you and us Doom."

Battle is joined and the outcome is not in doubt. Perhaps Doom could best one of them, but not both. Batman is bruised and battered with several broken bones, Cassandra's arm hanging by mere tendons, but they are victorious.

Bruce turns to leave and it occurs to the world's greatest detective: Doom had been bragging the entire time, why was he silent during the battle. He realises this too late as Cassandra hamstrings him and kills him.

"You were a worthy foe, but you should not challenge your betters."

Boris comes in.

"It is done, Boris. Send the Bruce Wayne clone to Wayne Manor. Project Gotham is concluded."

"Very good, master. What of the girl?"

"Her will is too easily broken. Kill her."

"Yes, Master."

Hikaru Kazuki Writes:

ok.. doom wins.. its a fact.. any man who can weld a metal plate to his face is a god

Zuul the Gatekeeper Writes:

Lets get inside Doom's Head for a minute.

Doom took over the world and handed it back out of boredom... ergo Doom enjoys a challenge. Every thinking creature who considers itself good at what it does enjoys a challenge. Doom especially. Doom is a thinking man's thinking man... and so is Batman.

So, the Time Travel argument is way out of touch with the character of Doom. The good Doctor would consider it beneath him to slink into the past and avoid what could be an exciting clash of wits. What fun is your Time Travel argument for Doom? What else has Doom got to live for than finding something... anything... which provides sport?

The Doom Uses The Time Machine argument is as asinine as suggesting a Predator alien would rather be given free trophies rather that hunting for them.

I'm not saying Doom wouldn't win - I'm simply saying that the reliance on a time machine which goes on and on here totally cheapens who Dr. Doom is.

Lets look at who Batman is. In the Rock of Ages story arc (Justice League title) we see Batman is considered mentally broken by Darkseid and De Sade for Decades... which was all in act. He kept his mind and waied for the one moment to act where he could make a difference. That suggests a strong mind.

Given prep time we know that Doom might be aware of how strong Batman is. Don't *you* think Doom would relish the chance to test that mind? To be the one who DID break it? To Break that incredible Batman mind and then... hell... give it back letting Batman *Know* he was broken and *who* broke him? Of course Doom would. It's a challenge. Breaking batman's back is Nothing compared to breaking his mind. Bane never broke the Bat's will.

I think you have all taken the wrong tact on this - especially with the Time machine argument. You have totally overlooked the character of Von Doom and how he would derive pleasure from this fight.

I have no comment on who would win - I only know that if Doom were aware of the Batman mythos, it would be Doom's pleasure to Break the unbreakable will of batman for sport - which would be the ONLY reason he would take Gotham - to break Batman and to assure himself and all else in the world who was keeping score that his mind and will was superior to the Legendary Batman. And he would not resort to Nuclear Weapons, Time Travel or whatever else to do it. That is beneath Doom.

Jon Writes:

I have to hand it to you guys, this is one of the most even matchups I've seen in a while. Both these guys are without a doubt the best in their respective universes when it comes to plotting. The fact is that Batman cannot stand up to Doom in one on one combat. Doom has an assortment of high tech weaponry, unlike Batman he has no problem being lethal in his weaponry, he wears the armor thats immune to the obvious weakness of magnetism, he even has fledgling magical powers. Batman's no slouch either but I have to give the advantage to Doom.

As far as resources are concerned I'd say they're dead even, with maybe a slight edge to Batman. Doom has his entire country, whereas Bats has Waynetch, which could probably buy a country or two. Doom however has an advantage regarding the resources of the supernatural flavor due to his magic abilities.

I will say this as a final note however, the only way Batman can win in this is if it in some way leads to Doom's victory in a farther reaching goal. In other words, even if Doom losses he still wins.

Such is Doom

Chuckg Writes:

I find it telling that only even the remotely plausible scenarios where Batman wins still require Doom to massively hold back and in general do very stupid things.

Zuul the Gatekeeper Writes:

I find it telling that Doom supporters immediately jump on Doom launching a nuclear attack. on the united states to dispose of one hero. It's just dumb.

Even in an issue of Detective Comics scripted by John Bryne and illustrated by Rob Leifeld Doom still has even odds IMHO. But it's not because of Time Machines or nuclear weapons.

I would like to see the Doom supporters provide a more in character manner that Doom would execute a strategy against the Bat and lose hiding behind "He'll just destroy the continent the hero happens to live on". It's not in character at all or Latveria would have nuked the United States in current marvel continuity already just to take care of Reed Richards.

Keyser Soze Writes:

I am a Doom fan also but, if Punisher can beat Doom I sure as hell know that Batman can defeat Doom. As for the people that say the DC fans are just sticking to voting for DC characters. It is the other way around. There was no chance in Hell that Thor could beat Superman. Batman should have been able to take out Captain America and so forth. Anyways about the Doom firing nukes to Gotham. Even if he gets to nuke Gotham, you know what Supergroup he is in and you know what other Superhero lives there...Alan Scott

the original GL which goes by Sentinel now will have the JSA on Doom quicker than you can say Bah!

Basically you mess with Gotham you basically mess with almost most of the DCU Supergroups. Also for the mind transfer thing. Batman knows how to counter any mental attack

(when Martian Manhunter goes bad) and he knows how to defend against magical attacks (Dr.Fate) and as for the time machine counter Batman has faced Vandal Savage and won. Is this Doom against Batman or Latveria against Gotham?

The Majin Writes:

I can't make a vote. I can't stand to see either die. But still, MAKE A MAJIN (KID) BUU VS. DOOMSDAY MATCH ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!! Ahem... e-mail me at [email protected] for more details.

Dog Day Writes:

Listen, why dont those of you who havent read both comics stop putting your 2 cents down because your sad little opinions amount to nothing. I really like both Batman and Doom. I HAVE read my share of comics on both and can HONESTLY say the Batman WOULD win. What I find funny is that captain typo (mrfixit) is more mad because I HAD an actual reference. The Hulk insert was to make a point about how little strength matters in such a case.

Now, about those of you who seem to believe this is about Doom's resources against Batman's. You show a complete lack of the ability to put thigs into context. This IS NOT about Doom's country, doombots, or his nuclear weapons, I agree with other posts when I say that is not only beneath Doom, but also not the subject at hand. If it WERE then why not say that Batman could use all of his resources outside of his immediate person (ex: JUSTICE LEAGUE, WAVERIDER, PLASTIC MAN).

Now that it is just Batman against Dr.Doom we can step back and take a look. Instruments. Doom has his armor. Batman has his utility belt. Doom has magic. Batman is aware of this and would have consulted with others before, such as Dr.Fate and Zatana, and would be prepared for defense against most attacks, the rest he would have to avoid straight out. Dr. Doom has reduced himself to right out brawling with the "ever-lovin' Blue-eyed Thing" a number of times and would do so again with Batman. Batman is the worlds greatest martial artist. That means where Doom's department was magic and projectiles Batman's is certanly fighting prowess. The Dark knight would then add a number of things for Doom to deal with such as tricks (Batman CHEATS) and devices.

Now as for Batman's so called ego problem... Why dont you turn off Justice League for a minute, we all love the show but THAT Batman has no bearing on the Batman of comic continuity. He's independent, true but not afraid to do what is nesessary to win, even if it means playing well with others. Batman simply choses to lead rather than work beside, not because of his ego, but because that is the part he plays as a master stratigest in things such as the league and in his personal affairs.

I am aware that Dr. Doom is favored to win and agree most heavily that if Batman is not on top of his game he would be defeated, but The Batman lives in Gotham and would be on top of said game to defend it against Doom, It means too much to him to not do his very best to save it. So where those of you who acknowledge The Dark Knight's extrordinary will, multiply that times 1,000,000 because Gotham is one city villians avoid.

Gandalf for President Writes:

Everyone, stop bickering please. Honestly, in the long run, who gives a shit if Batman wins or if Doom wins. How about everyone stops taking this so seriously and just has fun with it? Doom fans, you guys need to stop making fun of the Batman fans. They don't deserve to be ridiculed for their voting choice. That's why this site is supposed to be so fun, you get to choose whoever you want to win. Batman fans, maybe you guys just need to accept that even Batman has his limits (to be fair, so does Doom I'm sure).

Just everyone, stop acting like anyone who votes for who you didn't vote for is an idiot. I find that very disrespectful and rude.

sycodmn Writes:

I think that some people are overlooking that fact that Batman would get help from unusual, and likely unwanted, places.

I'd love to see Doom try and contend with the Rogues Gallery. You really think Joker is going to let someone take away Batman. Thats his reason for living. Same with Two Face and Riddler. They NEED Batman. Their the difference.

Keyser Soze Writes:

Reply to

Gandalf for President: What's wrong with a healthy debate. we are not denying them their opinion. We are merely asking them to research both characters instead of assuming the other is automatically going to lose. AND if Gandalf doesn't like debates he should never be president.

P.S. Are we talking Gandalf the Gay, you know Ian Mckellan A.K.A. Fagneto. Just curious not that I judge or anything. I just thought it funny that you were kinda calling us biggots...hmmmm?

The Joke That Never Dies Writes:

Batman's Doomed, DOOMED!!

Captain Oblivious Writes:

Thank you Gandalf and Voice for calling out the madness.

That being said, I vote for Batman because he's Batman. He is good. And sexy. Good always triumphs over evil. Sexy always triumphs over phused metal faces. That's just the rules of the game.

Thank you.

Cat Day Writes:

A) Thor has thousands of years of combat experience, and the big smelly magic factor. He owns Superman.

B) Captain American is every bit the strategist, physically superior and a more skilled fighter. The only advantage Batman has in that fight is stealth/ninja-tactics, which is nothing new to Cap. Once again, DC gets owned. Suck it up.

C) Batman beating the Hulk was as utterly stupid and silly as it was when Cap beat Hulk(Yeah he did it too), or Wolverine beating Lobo(yeah that's right, i'm NOT a rabid Marvel fan. Lobo should have decimated Wolverine). You know it. I know it. Things like that happen so that the writers can convince you powerless Goobers actually deserve to stand side by side with the true superheroes.

We've already stated a half dozen ways totally in character for Doom on how he'd rock this showdown. The Time Travel and Nuking options are just to put it over the top, to drill the message home that if he WANTS to go totally Overkill he CAN. So far, only seen ONE halfway plausible way for Batman to win. And even that heavily depended on help from others.(thus, not his resources, and out of character for him, because whether you want to admit it or not, Bruce does NOT ask for help casually, even from those closest to him. I seem to recall a Bruce Wayne:Murderer storyline. He and Nightwing came to blows over his utter refusal to ask for help. And once again, even if he did do that, Batman didn't win. Batman and Friends won).

And Punisher incidantly, is an actual contendor. He knows he can't outfight most people(so of course he lost a direct confrontation) but he is utterly ruthless and merciless. And the scene where he "beat" Doom was done very tongue-in-cheek. Once again, you know that, I know that. There was nothing tongue-in-cheek about the way Steroid-Boy, AKA Bane, outplanned, outmaneuvers, and flat out crushed the Batman. It's been said before. It'll be said again. If Steroid boy can do it, Doom will do it faster, easier, and with style.

Meatwad0930 Writes:

This stupid! Why is anyone voting for Batman? Has anyone come up with a valid reason for him beating Doom, NO! End voting NOW and let Doom win.

Meatwad0930 Writes:

This stupid! Why is anyone voting for Batman? Has anyone come up with a valid reason for him beating Doom, NO! End voting NOW and let Doom win.

Chaostheory Writes:

Doom shall be victorious.

The Dark Knight is well versed in the way's of Combat but in the end he is not of Noble blood.

Dooom speaks in the third person and Doom's command over the mystical and technological is unmatched.

Doom's gadgets are far more impressive then the commoners.

But most importantly ALL Doom has to do to win.

Is teleport Batman to Latveria point to the people who are happy and crime free under his rule and point out he can do it for Gotham too.

Let's be real the only boundary Batman really has is no killing.

All he want's is for no other child to go through what he did as a child.

Doom can give that to him all he requires is a little bowing and scraping when he walks by in exchange he gives good work, clean air, crime free to Gotham City.

Batman would be sold and start mudhole stomping anyone who didnt get inline with Dooms program.

Dog Day Writes:

Oh, youre funny... do you write your own stuff? I mean, thats clever... Youre a clever, clever little boy...Oh...wait, I know SUPERMAN MOVED THE PLANET! Howsabout that my simpleminded little antagonist friend? Tell ya what your problem is: First of all Thor is a big sissy. I ask you what good is he without his hammer? NOTHING! Maybe he can fly at super speeds and *doh!* Stupid me, he cant. Well, maybe he should freeze Superman's hand together or something with his ice breath WAIT, cant do that either... Well, he must be able to do something other than condition, rinse, wash repeat... I mean he's strong kind of and he could throw his hammer, but whats to stop Superman from doing that little trick where he flies through the sun and gets that funky high? Whats to stop him from taking Thor with him? THAT, my declawed, misguided, blind Marvel fanboy, is THAT.

I particularly like how you just came out and claimed that Captian America is the better fighter over Batman. Once again, not considering the facts at hand. I love Captain America because I am American. That is plain enough. But Batman is a match for him because of how he punishes his body physically as well as mentally. Now, to show our faith in the whole as to where the power of writers come, wouldnt it be fair to say that if enough said writers claim a certian thing about a character it be comes true? Of course it does, such is the whole comic book super-hero deal being literature in the first place. Now take Batman's claim to fame as being the perfect human specimen. He trained his body his entire life to become the pinnacle of man's achievement. Batman works every night and risks life and limb every night to perfecting both his methods and his options. To simply brush him off as to not being good enough to fight Captain America is simply stupid.

Now, as for nightfall which you so chose to use as an example, When was the last time you (as a human being) stayed up for nights on end jumping from rooftop to rooftop doing everything you could to stop a wave of criminals, and then to be approached and attacked by an impossibly strong, incredibly intelligent (DO NOT confuse Bane with the idiot from Joel Shumacher's Batman and Robin) Bane. Could YOU stay up for three days and be able to even read Dr.Seuss?

Your kung fu is not strong.

Now, I repeat, Batman is a worthy opponent for Dr.Doom.

Keyser Soze Writes:

Hey uh the Theory that is of chaos what I am about to say is fact and not a theory. In a little episode known as Zero Hour an once gleefull

GL known as Hal Jordan became Parallax and was going to recreate the universe where in turn would be a CRIME FREE environment. batman was on the opposing side. He already had the chance to see a crime free Gotham and turned it down. Therefore he would turn down Doom's offer. Do your research before you argue with adults. People like you make me believe that if you had superpowers you would be a villain.

Genma:TheDestroyer Writes:

How exactly would the Rogues Gallery have an effect on the outcome? Think about it: Joker, Two-Face, Riddler, Penquin.....what exactly are they going to do? There's no one they can kidnap, they're not stupid enough to try a direct assault on a building protected by Doom...and even with their groups of thugs, a random Doombot could kill the lot of them.

Keyser Soze Writes:

You believe his gadgets are more impressive because you are easily impressed little man. go chase a ball of yarn across the carpet child. Oh and about the Noble blood thing. As i recall Doom was a Gypsy that which in turn was a commoner. However Wayne was born into a very rich and powerful family. Oh you cockslapped yourself!

The Catwoman Writes:

Dr. Doom has taken on everyone in the Marvel Universe, a much more powerful universe than D.C. Batman has pulled off some stunning victories, but nothing on Dr. Doom's level.


Batman: Batman has the best analytical mind on the planet

Dr. Doom: Off the scale genius greater than everyone except possible Mr. Fantastic

Score: 1:0

Can Take Down

Batman: Superman

Dr. Doom: The Beyonder

Score 2:0

Worst Failure

Batman: Back broken by Bane

Dr. Doom: Temporarily being usurped from Latveria's thrown

Score 3:0

Fight Maneuvers

Batman: Olympic level gymnast master of martial arts with plenty of handy tools

Dr. Doom: Legion of Doombots, atomic armor, mystical and scientific weapons of apocalyptic proportions

Score 4:0


Batman: death of parents to fight evil in general

Dr. Doom: Pissed off about a scar caused him to go megalomaniac

Score 4:1

Batman is just out of his league. Dr. Doom has as much time to prepare for this fight as he wants. And a prepared Dr. Doom could take out Galactus, The Dark Phoenix, and Thanos simultaneously.

keflex Writes:

[quote from someone] I considered voting for Doom before I saw the senario. Batman would win this match. This conflict is set in Batman's hood, which is in a whole universe that Doom has hardly ever, if at all, been to. Sure its a lot like New York but Batman ("Detective") knows the details of the place better than Doom would. Lets not forget that this is really Dr. Doom versus the City of Gotham also. In addition to Batman, Doom must deal with the police and most of the people of the city in one way or antoher and thats just if the US government doesn't find him to be worth the attention of a more national level of law enforcement. Sure the villan has his small country but people-wise he wouldn't dare bring in more than a few of his agents because it would be corectly seen as a national war against part of America.

Don't forget the overall track records of Dr. Doom and Batman either. Doom has lost many times against hero characters while Batman has defeated villans who were similar to Doom in skills and abilities.[/end quote from someone]


Scenario is easy: Doom nukes Gotham City while he sits at home in Latveria drinking a nice wine.

After the "terrorist attack" occurs, Doom offers to lend Latverian assistance in rebuilding the city.

Batman, being dead and all, is out of Gotham... PERMANENTLY.

Doom: 349 - Enemies of Doom: 2 (I give 2 because I'm assuming Doom has lost once or twice in his career)

Tryptich Writes:

Dr. Doom Vs Batman.... Could there be a more lopsided fight?

As much as I like Bruce Wayne, the incessant fanboyism in by several of the posters is driving me berserk.

I've been a fan of Batman ever since I can remember, and have thoroughly enjoyed reading about his adventures. His prowess in battle, sheer cunning, and mastery of detective skills have more than impressed me throughout the years.

That said, Doom walks all over him.

Victor Von Doom is one of the most recognizable and feared supervillians in all of comicdom. He combines a razor sharp intelligence, on par with that of Reed Richards, with one of the strongest wills ever seen in the Marvel and DC Universes. And he has the resources of an entire country, not to mention an entire planet at his disposal. When beings like Thanos consider you a threat, you've gotta be doing something right.

While Bruce is no slouch,and has been on numerous occasions a threat to several of DC's heavy hitters, Doom simply outclasses him in too many areas.

Intelligence: Bruce's deviousness is almost second to none, and with prep time he has swung several fights in his favour. He possesses some of the most effective detective skills in comics, and is extremely knowledgeable in many scientific fields. He's matched wits with minds as insane as Joker and Ra's Al Ghul, and thwarted their plans time and time again. He also managed to design protocols for taking down several members of the JLA in case any of them went rogue, protocols which were very effective in their purpose.

Doom, on the other hand, is hands down one of the most brilliant minds in any comic universe. Tied with the accursed Reed Richards for the numero uno spot in Marvel, he matches and exceeds Wayne in the technical knowledge department. He also has extensive knowledge of the mystical arts, and utilizes techniques such as the Ovoid mind transfer to great effect. And when it comes to cleverness, Doom is the master. He landed on Counter Earth completely naked, and took it over within a short time period, tricking some freaking celestials in the process.

Weapons/Technology: While Bruce has his utility belt, and the all the tech that Wayne Enterprises can provide him, Doom has an astounding array of devices, most of which make Batman's gadgets look like cheap toys purchased at the dollar store. Doom has created power draining devices which have siphoned off the energy of several cosmics such as Uatu The Watcher and the Beyonder. Heck, he could just nuke Gotham from orbit and rebuild it from rubble, with all of the stuff he has lying around. Not to mention the Doombots, and his own armor, which can trade shots with Thor and Iron Man and has a forcefield powerful enough to take hits from cosmics like Thanos and Galactus.

Experience: Namely, experience in dealing with the scenario. Doom has conquered the earth on no less than three occasions. Each time, he's willingly given it back. Bruce is more than a little out of his league on this one. While he's dealt with similar situations before, he's never faced an adversary on the same level as Doom.

Pychological Factors: While Batman is a master of fear and intimidation, there's no way Doom is ever going to be scared of him. He scares the ever living crap out of other insanely powerful would be conquerors. He's made his enemies kneel before him and admit that without his help, they would have been screwed out of their minds. And as far as willpower goes, victor has it in spades. He resisted the mental control of a version of Killgrave who was powerful enough to bend Thor to his will, and was fighting the Beyonder with every ounce of his strength even as his molecular structure was being torn to shreds. Doom will not back down from Batman. In the end, it may be Batman who becomes afraid of him.

I respect Batman immensely, and admire him greatly. He is, in truth, one of the most character driven, iconic, and pyschologically interesting character ever conceived. Dr. Doom just happens to be as interesting and developed a character, and an overall more powerful one.

keflex Writes:

[quote from Keyser Soze]You believe his gadgets are more impressive because you are easily impressed little man. go chase a ball of yarn across the carpet child. [/quote]

So, you're telling me, Batman's utility belt trumps Doom's armor?

Oh, wait, maybe you mean Batman's Batmobile beats Doom's Time Machine?

Do you seriously want to start talking about how rocks are better than computers now, or what?


[quote]Oh and about the Noble blood thing. As i recall Doom was a Gypsy that which in turn was a commoner. However Wayne was born into a very rich and powerful family. Oh you cockslapped yourself![/quote]

Oh! oh! And Chelsea Clinton can beat Batman because she's the ex-President's daughter!

You know, since family status has *EVERYTHING* to do w/ this fight...

Cat Day Writes:

Lion-O.....you know...that little punk who runs around yelling "Thunder, Thunder, THUNDERCATS HOOOOO!!!" Cut superman with his MAGIC Sword of Omens and made the boy in blue bleed. Now imagine if Lion-O had swung that sword with Thor-level strength and speed behind it. He'd have cut superman in half. Luckily Lion-O's a punk, and Supes was able to handle him.

Ice Thor's hands? He breaks the ice, effortlessly. Fly him toward the sun? Good luck as, even without the Hammer, he'll be pummeling supes with hits as hard as ANY he's even taken before in his life. Whether you like it or not, Thor's strength is equal to Superman's. Whether it's a single blast of MAGIC lightning, or one smack from that MAGIC Hammer, or any one of a hundred other MAGIC things he can do with said Hammer, Supes folds like a two-dollar hooka getting schooled by her pimp. Now Wonderwoman, that's a whole different kit n' kaboodle. SHE has a genuine chance against Thor since she won't crumple the first time Mjollnir smacks her.(Which is why I had no objection to the fact she DID beat him here in CBUB, though frankly I still think several thousand years of Warrior-Skill should have triumphed, but it was a clean win on her part nonetheless, as any given showdown between them can go either way). But Superman, much like Batman here in this fight, can't fight Magic on his own. He gets owned. And incidantly, Silver Surfer would Own Thor and Superman equally.

And once more, like it or not, Cap is a better fighter than Bats. When people in DC universe need to be trained, they go to Shiva. Huh, guess what. That includes Batman in case you forgot. When people in Marvel universe need to be trained, they go to Captain America. You don't need to master a hundred styles. It's called Quality, not Quantity. It's also called several decades of hands-on in-the-feild battle experience and war strategy.

When Batman's daddy was nothing but a gleam in Grandpa's eye, Cap was strategizing in the feild and fighting REAL fights.

By the time a rookie Batman was getting punked out during "Year One" Cap, already a master warrior, and fresh off a couple decade's suspended animation was kicking ass and taking names in REAL fights, like he'd never been gone.

While Batman was still trying to master that 'Perfect Analytical Brain' Cap was saving the world.

While Batman was earning his Master's degree in computer technology, Cap was educating the men and women who are now considered amongst the greatest hand-to-hand fighters in the Marvel Universe.

I'm not taking anything away from batman. It's just the facts. Cap is superior physically, Cap is every bit the master of the fighting arts, and cap has many, many, many, many years more experience. Every villain he ever fought cheated. It didn't matter. Batman COULD win, but only because of his toys and gas pellets and blah blah blah. Take away Bat's belt, take away Cap's sheild, plop them down in an empty room, and Man to Man, Fist to Fist, though it won't be easy, Cap will win. Suck it up and deal.

Now if you took all Doom's toys away, and all Bat's toys away...if it were a purely man to man fight, Batman would probably win. It wouldn't be easy, but he'd most likely win. Unfortunately, you can't take Doom's magic away, and so in any scenario you try to come up with, Batman can't defeat Doom one on one either.

Doom wins. DC fans just need to learn to accept the fact that while DC has a higher QUANTITY of High Powered characters, Marvel has a higher Quality of them. And I'm only talking about RAW POWER when I say that. Many of the DC chars are much more fun to read and more cool. But being more fun and more cool doesn't mean they're more powerful. Suck it up. Deal.

Dark Queen Writes:

Dr. Doom vs. Batman..... I can't help it, I fell for the "Good Guys Always Win" scenario. I mean, come one, if Batman can be in the Justice League or Super Friends or whatever the heck they call themselves these days and compete w/o super powers, you know he can do pretty much anything.

Dog Day Writes:

Whereas I like your arguments, the Thor-Superman thing is where you falter. First of all... I smell bullshit. Why? Because Thor is Very strong, But superman is stronger (once again he moved the PLANET). Secondly, Where do you get the speed from? Thor is NOT as fast as Superman. You know it, I know it, TOUGH. If you deny it you are lying. Now, you act as if you dont understand what Im talking about when I say "he will fly through the sun and get that funky high", Well Ill tell you: Its kind of cool really, you see Superman gets his power directly from the sun. THINK about it. Superman flies through the sun right, its like plugging a vacume cleaner into the Hover Dam. Then he comes back with all of that wonderful power in tote. Its wrong to think Thor would stand a chance against regular Supes none the less one using the leading brand of batteries. C'mon man! Do you not understand that Superman is stronger, faster, HEAT VISION, and can fly (without any help from a magical little tack hammer). Superman would fly just out of reach all the while baking his head like a potatoe. "Thor would win because hes magic", you gotta be kidding me.

Now as for Captian America against Batman. You insistantly use "Quality over Quanity" idiot. Batman knows all those wonderful fighting skills not only to improve himself but to know his enemy. You say it as if he just kind of read a book or two on eack style which is wrong, Batman has Mastered every fighting style. Mastered, means he knows every one intimatly. Batman has also bested Lady Shiva in single combat multiple times, including the Batman/Superman issue #3 when he beat her alongside almost half the entire rogues gallery of the DCU. Batman has proven himself competant as a combatant after knightfall, in fact he used his crippling injury as a medium to improve himself upon. Now, to say that everyone goes to Cap to learn how to fight doesnt nessesarily mean that Captian America is better, I believe Batman could hand anyone of Cap's students their asses any day of the week. ANY ONE of them. Anyone can teach, its how much your willing to learn which displays your intelligence. Ill admit, you have facts, but you need to fully understand the details of your claims.

Draco Starcloud Writes:

I think Dr. Doom will win this one.

Batman has, at best, himself and whatever resources he can sneak away from Waynetech while Dr. Doom has all the technology, wealth, and manpower he needs since he's the brilliant sovereign of a European nation.

Also, Doom is one of the more intelligent supervillains out there, hiding his bases in ways that even Superman couldn't find them easily. Batman's a smart guy, but Dr. Doom figured out how to turn the tables on the Beholder during the Secret Wars and become Omnipotent.

On to powers. Batman has his Utility Belt, but that won't prepare him for al the goodies Doom's armor has. Super strength, projectile beams, and flight are but a few of the things Doom's armor can do. Combined with Doom's intelligence, Batman is in for a fight greater even than when he went up against the Incredible Hulk.

Grunge Writes:

Damn you CBUB!!!- How can i decide?

Both of these characters are ludicruosly cool, both have a wide variety of gadgets, and both have defeated opponents powerful enough to crush them like bugs if not for theyre sheer intellects and will-power (in Batmans case the white martians and the entire J.L.A, in Dooms case the beyonder and Silver Surfer), both are uber-geniuses and both have insane will-power AND personal fortunes. Indeed, they are like the what each other would be like if the where good instead of evil, and vice versa, however, I know that Doom has lost to Spiderman- Bats could kick Spideys @$$.-Ergo Bats wins

Mr. Reality Check Writes:

I think you all need to get a life.

Stupid fanboys.

Drunken Master Writes:

*Hic* Well, in order to show who will win here, I will go to the ancient form of the points game, let's see who wins!

Name Conest: Winner is Doom.

Batman sounds pretty stupid, Doom is just plain cool. And the Dr. part makes him seem like a crazy scientist (which he is)

Strength Factor: Doom

It takes one muscle powered beast to kill batman. It takes 4 different crazy style creatures to kill Doom

Hide out: Doom.

Batman's got a cave, Doom's got a whole COUNTRY!

Fighting power: Batman

Hand to hand, no weapons, Batman would break through that metal damn fast.

Weapons: Doom

Batman has an amazing arrangement of different amazing gadgets. Doom has an entire ARMY and quite a few weapons such as a time machine and large guns from all around.

I give it to Dr. Doom because he's unstoppable. Now excuse me..

*Has heart attack and dies*

Smoov60 Writes:

Dr. Doom's will be victorius like most people hae been saying. For crying out loud you cant even spell victory without Victor. I dont think that he will beat Batman easily, but he will do it. People are comparing things that shouldn't be compared like Batman's Rouge Gallery. I seriously doudbt that the Joker will help Batman win this fight because I'm sure that Doom would crush the Joker after he was done with Batman. If Doom beats Batman then the Joker will run a muck on Gotham and who will try to stop him. Of course Dr. Doom so I think that we shold save that fight for later.

I think we all know that Doom can find out who Batman is pretty easily. That would probably be the first thing that Doom does. Once he does that Doom would send a robot who's AI is so great that he would get employed by Bruce Wayne.

That is phase 1 of Dooms plan. It would take a while, but he would eventually get promoted to one of the top position's on Wayne Enterprises. While he is working thee and going up in the ranks Doom is learning more and more about Wayne Enterprises and Bruce Wayne himself.

It wouldn't take long before Doom new every thing about Wayne's work life. When Bruce Wayne comes out to premiere one of his new gizmo's that will change the way people live, then Doom could get a big boy Rifle and stand on a rooftop 200 miles away and Boom! He makes quick work out of Batman without Batman even knowing what's happening. It really is too simple becuase Batman has to go to work and make new stuff to keep the business running.

The Majin Writes:

Take my ****in' advice, please.

Dog Day Writes:

re: mr.reality check

Screw you you silly wiper of other peoples' bottoms, I fart in your general direction, your mother was a hampster and your father smelled of elderberries. Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time!

Keyser Soze Writes:

Keflex: Don't ever take my quotes out of context again, idiot. Of course Batman will not defeat Doom based on his family. Do you want to read what I was talking about or what. I was saying that Genma was easily impressed. Oh Wow, a time machine. Almost every Evil Tom, Dick and Harry has had a time machine. You wish you had the Batmobile, Doom wishes he had the Batmobile, Nascar drivers wish they had the Batmobile, Speed Racer wishes he had the Batmobile, etc... Read GenmatheDestroyer's message then read my post.

Keyser Soze Writes:

sorry bout that Genma, I made a mistake I apologize. It was ChaosTheory that i was diresting that attack towards KEFLEX:read Chaos Theory's post not Genma's.

Keyser Soze Writes:

As for you anime boy (THE MAJIN). Stop posting stuff not related to the fight. Go back to Japan to your precious Pokemon bs. DC or Marvel would rule the Dragonball Universe. Dr.Doom would kill all the Z fighters and villains then, have his menions ravage the women. DC has someone called the Spector which is the physical embodiment of God's wrath in DC. Hal would step in and stop all the so called heroes that let innocents die and the villains if Superman or Doomsday doesn't kill him first. The only reason I have to have for Batman to win is that he pulls off the impossible. Now back to Majin, Doomsday would have Kid Boo or Majin Bou , who gives a crap how you spell his/her/its name, killed before they could do one of those big huge blasts. seriously it takes two to three episodes to do a big special beam attack. Dr. Doom would nuke the living crap out of anime land. Either that or send all of them to Hell like he did Frank Richards(yeah I have read Marvel stuff too..I like them both..I go by stats, not by favorites) Now go off and wine to mommy that DB can't win against real Super Heroes or villains.

P.S. I used to watch Dragonball Z, so I know exactly what the hell I am talking about.

Don Hustle Writes:

I'm a big fan of both charactors but Dr. Doom has an array of gadgets that batman has never even thought of. Dr. Doom is used to throwing down with Reed Richards the smartest man in the marvel universe so I think Doom can easily outwit batman. If they fought a pure slug fest it could go for batman if he disables Dooms armor which I don't think would happen

Keyser Soze Writes:

I made a big typo in last post. It was supposed to say "if Superman and Doomsday were to take out THEM first" as in the Z fighters and villains not the Spectre

Cat Day Writes:

Sorry for going off topic here, but the puppy needs to be Edge-a-ma-cated. I'm about to pop a hole into the bubbles of all this "Superman is Superfast so he'll just pummel everybody unconsious and win every fight before they even blink" crap

Superman's superspeed means nothing. Havn't you ever wondered why he rarely uses it in a fight, and when he does 9 times out of 10, it's only in a straight line, or a circle?(both of which have been countered by those without speed)

Let's take a lil look at superspeed. There's a character in marvel called Quicksilver. Thing about Quicksilver, it ain't just his body, but also his mind and perceptions that function at superspeed. So much to the point that from his perspective, the world around him seems to be constantly in slow motion. He doesn't just move fast, he thinks fast. Without that, the world would be nothing but a blur to him and he'd be incapable of functioning in any meaningful capacity while using his powers. Now I don't know if Flash has this same problem. We can probably assume he either does, or the nature of the Speed Force allows him to get around this somehow.

Superman's brain functions pretty much like yours and mine, and his senses, while very very very acute, have never shown any indication of letting him perceive things at that velocity any differently than you or I would, which severely limits the functionality of his speed for anything but getting from point A to Point B really quick. He can't do what Flash does, or at least, nowhere near as easily as Flash does. If he could, Flash would be even more useless to the JLA than Plastic Man is.

Read this lil thing called "Science of Superman" today. Amongst other things it explains how the strength of your muscles does influance how fast you can move(there's more to it than that by means of explaining why he's faster than most, but that's irrelevant here). Just because Writers tend to forget this, doesn't change the fact that if you can benchpress a buick, your leg muscles will propel you along at incredible speeds. Just because Thor's(Or ANY superhumanly strong character) writers don't often showcase this, doesn't make this simple law of physics any less true. It's the reason the Hulk can cover Miles in a single leap. Mass and Velocity, Force and Momentum, blah blah blah. These things still exist in comicdom. Thor's never going to move like Flash or even the much slower Quicksilver, no. But he(like Doomsday, or Hulk, or most obscenely strong characters)has the reflexes to handle the situation if Supey-Pooh does try to get speedy.

Now once more...It doesn't matter if Superman moved the planet(Another of those things about physics, objects in space tend to be weightless, so all he had to contend with was the sun's gravitational pull...from a few billion miles away). Thor is his equal in physical might. Thor has THOUSANDS of years more experience and skill, and as we just covered, Supe's speed, while useful, is not the trump card you think it is. It's a limited kind of useful. Thor's magic on the other hand is one HELL of a Trump Card in this fight, and if you try to deny that you're delusional. Lion-O's sword of Omens, swung by a character with human-level strength drew blood from the blue boy. Thor's hammer will level him. Heat Vision? Fine. Supes has his heat vision, Thor has his lightning. Yer not getting any help there apparently. Skill? Please, that one doesn't even deserve to be debated.

Oh, and I seem to recall that when Superman goes into the Sun for his "super chargeup", he turns into this lameass "Electric Dude"...sometimes into two lameass Electric Dudes. Electricity...hmmmm...what was it that Thor's godly magic lets him control again? Ooooohhh yeaaaaahhhhhhh. Yer bettin' on the wrong Pony here. Good thing common sense prevailed, and Thor already beat superman here in CBUB.

My Kung Fu may not be strong, but it just beat yours.

Zisteau Writes:

Are you kidding me? Doctor Doom vs. the DCU would be fair. Doctor Doom vs. the JLA would at least be interesting. Doctor Doom vs. Batman is a joke. Doctor Doom has MORE intelligence, MORE resources, MORE technology, MORE willpower, and WAY MORE firepower. The only thing Bruce has over him is a pretty face.

Bittity Battity Writes:

Batman wins cuz he's batman!!!!!!!!

nightmare's a moron Writes:

'nightmare, you stupid little dickweed, START USING THE GOD DAMNED SPACE BAR

Seymour Guado Writes:

Batman took down Superman in Gotham. What makes you think Dr. Doom would do any better?

Meatwad0930 Writes:

Holy Jesus end this match!

Doom wins! Valid reasons:


Doom-Cosmic entites I.E. Beyonder

Batman-Handpuppets with tommy guns and a big dude on drugs.


Doom-Indestructable armor that iceases his strentgh and agillity, Smartest guy on the face of the Earth, and the most important DOOM CAN USE MAGIC!



Doom:I would love to see Batman sneak into Latveria without being gunned doen by thousands of Doom worshipers HA!

Batman:A city where for some reason its never light out. Where punk kids run ramped Oh yeah there and insane asllyun too.


The Flaming Phoenix Writes:

Doom is a scientist, not a tactician. Batman is both. Besides, DAZZLER has taken Doom out--why won't Batman?????

Grunge Writes:

O.K, in addition to my earlier posting, having spent many hours in deep and complex Zen-like meditation on the combatants (and actually looking at the other opinions) I shall now point out the flaws in each suggested way for Von Doom to win (jeezo, the Gods of ludicrous names really went to town on the Doc, didn't they? I mean come on, somebody called Victor Von Doom is bound to become an evil tyrant aren't they?). So on with the destruction of the Marvel Zombies futile hopes -

No 1- The time travel strategy- aside from the fact that

A- Waveriders time police would not allow such tampering with the time stream.

B- One of Batman's J.L.A allies is Hourman the, and I quote "MASTER OF TIME", he is the last word in all temporal affairs of this nature.

C- Dooms from the Marvel universe, Marvel U.K own the rights to publish the Doctor Who comic, theyre fore, the Doctor (plus his lovely/slutty assistant) will attempt to stop Doom, an the Doctor (who) is at least as smart as Doctor Doom- Dooms ludicrously intelligent by human standards, the Doctor is ludicrously intelligent by GALLYFREYAN standards- A retard by Gallyfreyan standards is still of first rate intelligence by human standards- plus the Doctor knows how to make the most powerful gun in the known universe ( I cant remember what it was called, but he used it to defeat some cyber men who had invaded the Tardis- he said afterwards as he held the gun up "I could rule the universe with this") so It pretty obvious that Doom cant beat Who.

D-In marvel comics, as has been stated, when history is changed it only serves to create a parallel universe, thus even if Doom does kill baby Brucey it wont get rid of HIS Batman problem.

E- In Legacy of Kain, in order for history to be changed permanently, there needs to be a temporal distortion-ie: 2 identical bodies need to be present in the same time zone- so unless doom can get Bruce to come back in time with him (both bodies must be present a the same time, so if your going to kill Baby Bruce bring Big Bruce back with you is the only way to do it for sure) then it aint gonna happen, I know Dooms charismatic, but he's not that charismatic. Kidnaps ruled out as Bruce is a master escape artist (surpassed only by mister Mircale). Mind control won't work as Bruce is himself a skilled hypnotist and no doubt has counter measures. And the whole mind swap thing won't work as the respective bodies souls need to be present- Mind swap also entails soul swap. Now I know there is no reason why the Legacy of Kain time travel rules would apply to this but its a possibility.

F- Finally, I read of one story a while back (though it was an old silver-age one) called the "Three Super-Musketeers" when Batman, Robin and the Big-Blue-S travel back in time in a time-machine that the Bat designed and built-So he would just chase after Doom back into the past- Now Doom would be mildly disorientated, having just arrived in an unfamiliar time period, would take an (albeit bloody short) time to get his bearings, by which time Bats will hunt him down, short circuit Dooms armour with some well aimed electrified Batarangs. Without the armour increasing his strength Doom wont be able to walk a step in that big heavy metallic suit, and in the time it takes him to remove, or reactivate his suit bats puts him down with some well aimed pressure point strikes and bundles his metallic @$$ back into the time machine an sets the coordinates for the end of time where he dumps Doom, thus freeing the citizens of Latveria.

No 2- The superior tech argument

A- For starters if Doom tries to swamp Gotham in robots, Batman will answer in kind Remember in Kingdom Come where Bats, having never recovered from Banes attack ruled over Gotham via use of an army of Batman robots-Bruce showed that he can create an army of Kill-Bots anytime it suits him-He just doesn't choose too. Besides- swamping the city in robots is too crude a move for someone like Doom to try- he's much more subtle. Also, as for Dooms armour- Bats can make armour as well- In the Dark Knight Returns he designed a suit of strength enhancing armour so advanced it allowed him to fight SUPERMAN Man to Man and WIN. Batman Beyond (or Batman of the Future as its called over here in Scotland) has him not only designing the high tech suit worn by Terry McGinnis, but also a incredibly kick ass mech suit that looks like something out of Big O-Only a fair bit smaller. Bruce designed both these suits when he was in his 50's, but they where still incredibly advanced over 20 years later- And then they where still being effectively used by a much less experienced user.

Still think Dooms got the better tech?

No 3-The Magic argument-

Not even worth spending time on, but the Bats traded blows with Doctor Fate- The closest D.C.U Earth has to a "Sorcerer Supreme"- Doc Doom aint his earths "Sorcerer Supreme"- Doc Strange is. Beside most of Dooms magic is ritualistic- Doom drags his cauldron onto the battle field with him and starts throwing in ingredients- The Bat kicks it over and sets fire to the spilt ingredients-There goes all of Dooms really powerful magic, leaving him with a few minor cantrips and incantations.

No. 4- The "Doom goes loopy and nukes Gotham" strategy.

A- That would actively declare war on America- Thus incurring the wrath of the J.L.A- If you can be beat by the Fagtastic Four, the your gonna get yourself destroyed at the hands of the WORLDS GREATEST SUPER HEROES.

B- I'm sure Wayne tech has access to some United States defence satellites to allow them to simply blow the nuke out of the sky- Failing that Oracle could perhaps hack into the latverian military missile firing computer thingy an cause the nukes to self destruct.

C- George Bush is the president right now- Bush invaded both Afghanistan and Iraq because Osama Bin Laden destroyed two buildings- what's he gonna do to someone who nukes a whole city!!!!???!!!??

Here's how the battle goes- The two start of in subtle games of shadow-play and espionage- Dooms secret service and home built lackies Vs Bats agents and informants. Then it steps up a notch as the Bat launches active sabotage against Dooms installations and labs- Fighting a geurilla war against Doom. Doom, annoyed at this annoying thorn in his side deduces that Bats must be a member of the Gotham elite, and attacks a charity function that Bruce Wayne happens to be attending, after a quick change from Tuxedo to Bat suit, the two face of and fight to a draw- Doom unable to defeat Bats greater combat skill and Bats unable to get around Dooms armour. The two retreat to there bases and continue to fight each other for a few weeks, before realising that they are to evenly matched agree to fight one last time to the finish- Bats showing up in his brand spanking new Kryptonian trashing armour. After a brutal battle both mens suits run out of powr, forceing them to fight each other without the use of gadgetry (by now Gotham is a mess, due to the insane strength of the mech suits and all the missed explosive batarang and energy blasts.) Finally, Bats strikes Doom down whith a modified version of Lady Shiva's leopard blow- Leaveing Doom a comatose mess. (and no, its not just a Doom-Bot- Bats is smart enough to scan Doom from a distance to insure its the real deal).-Thus Gotham belongs to its true master-He is Vengeance, He is the Night, He is The Batman!!! If I seem biased Im just evening the odds a little- A may seem like a raging bat-fanboy but that just because most of the other posters are being raging Doom fanboys- Not to take anything away from Doc Doom- but you guys act like he is invincible when clearly he is not- actually he borders one being a bit cheap- mainly in his constant nullifying and stealing other guys powers- Bats doesn't do that- He even the odds, but never goes as far as to completely remove there powers- He fights with some honour- and as anyone who has ever watched Yu-gi-oh! will tell you those who duel with honour always beat those who cheat. (Though I will admit, that Doc Dooms voice actor-Simon Templeman- During the second series of fantastic 4 and Hulk is way cooler than Batman's voice actor Kevin Conroy. The Bats is more persistent-he has always sounded cool in the cartoons, cause Conroy's always done him. But Doom has had some real stinkers with really fake European accents.)

The Dutchman Writes:

Grunge, that's wrong on so many levels. Seriously. "Trading blows with Fate" equals Batman won't get hurt by magic?

Electrified Batarangs shortcircuit Doom's armor when an electrical blast from Namor (More powerful than a lightningblast's) couldn't? And Doom not being able to walk in the armor without power? (Point: He walks on his own. He doesn't use the robotics in the suit to move around.)

Batman invent a timemachine? Y'hello? PreCrisis Batman, sure, post-crisis never did that.

Psychics, Mr. Fantastic's tech, and whatelsenots have never been able to tell the difference between Doom and a Doombot (Hell, some Doombots can even copy Victor's magical aura), Doom doesn't need "ingredients" to cast spells (He didn't need them in Triumph and Torment either.)Batman only has robots exactly where you said he had.

Kingdom come.

Is Kingdom come current Batman? No.

Will he have robots? Of course fiddlin' not, else Joker would currently be in a constant Batbotbearhug. The cartoon Batman Beyond / Batman of the Future isn't even close to what actually happens in the comics, Legacy of Kain isn't the Marvel / DC Universe, Doctor Who never stopped Doom or anybody else (Hello Kang the Conquerer! Hello Leader! Hello Immortus! Hello, well shucks, Mr. Fantastic and Human Torch!) from travelling into the past, and changing stuff, Doom's timemachine *can* work without creating alternate timelines (Doom considering killing Hitler, Johnny proposing to kill Doom in the past to Reed (First issue after the Arc -Unthinkable-) and of course Marvel Universe: The End (Wanting to kill Mr. Egyptian *I am God!1!* man. And last but not least,

It's Batman Vs. Doom. Not Batman & Hourman & everybody else who the Dark Knight can get together Vs. Doom.

Fairchild Writes:

Newsflash for you Grunge.

First off, nearly every one of your straegies CONTINUES to hinge on Batman getting HELP. Thus, you batman fans continue to concede the fact BATMAN CAN'T TAKE DOOM ALONE.

Second, Kingdom Come was years into the future. Batman Beyond is years into the future. Bruce does not have the technology for those kind of outfits yet, AND furthermore, even THAT is lightyears behind Doom's current technology. What the hell makes you think that if we advance the timeline enough for Batman's technology to improve, that Doom's won't have improved even more?

Razorback Writes:

lol. That Batbot-Bearhug comment just made me think of something. Batman really IS an idiot. Why not just build his OWN Prison, somewhere deep down in the bowels of the Batcave, where there's no way in hell any of his purely human and not-as-intelligant foes can escape? He could have superman Heat-vision away all the handholds, so there's no way for them to climb out, and he only has to lower himself by winch or Batplan or bat-jetboots or whatever to get down there and drop them their daily food rations. I mean c'mon, he has all these friends, and all this brains and all this money and technology(none of which even begins to equal Doom's, but that aint the point)Presto. He can keep his lil boyscout hands free of blood, and ensure they NEVER take an innocent life again. But no. Instead he sends them again and again through the revolving doors of Arhkam. What a chump.

Cat Day Writes:

Oh and another thing. Whether you DC junkies like it or not, Spiderman is LIGHTYEARS faster and better at dodging than Batman will EVER be. Spiderman knows yer gonna punch him before you do. On top of that his pure agility, reflexes, and speed is such he once apprehended 5 thugs, in 2 seconds, on OPPOSITE sides of a street.

If Doom can tag Spiderman with a bunch you're out of your freaking Gourds if you think he won't Tag Batman either. And since last time I checked, Batman was still human, getting punched by a guy capable of Leveling the Thing would leave nothing left of Batman but a fine grey mist settling on the floor.

The_Hammer Writes:

Dr. DOOM All the way. Batman Doesn't Stand A Chance Against The Power and Destruction Of Doctor Doom!The Bat Will Fly NO MORE!

Dog Day Writes:

The references to all those besides Batman and Doom are simply comparative, to try and rate Dr.Doom's or Batman's strength.

Now as for Cat Day (pop's knuckles and rolls neck):

You may want to update your Superman references. That little physiology was interesting but was probably written about 5 years ago. Superman is not human ergo in no comparative proportions should be considered as such. Secondly: "moving the Planet would only be contending with the sun's gravitational pull", WTF man? The sun not only controls the waves of the water, the clouds in the sky, wind patterns, heat, cold, Earth, it's moons, magnetic poles, is BILLIONS of degrees F, but it also controls every other planet in the solar system and Their moons. Planets, which I may add, that are hit with meteors which would destroy everything on Earth with a single blow, but dont seem to move an inch. So, Cat Day, want to pay attention next time in science class? Perhaps you want to retract a statement or two? Hold on, Im not finished.

Superman, after he would fly through the sun, would NOT become Superman Red or Blue. Why would he do all of that to become something weaker in the first place? No, what would happen is that he would gain strength proportinate to that of a living sun. I clearly know more than you on that issue so just drop it.

I recall this one time where Thor had to lift a White dwarf star and take it to the center of the Earth and use it to reinstall the planets gravitational pull (the Mxyptkl twins turned it off) and then *doh!* silly me, Thor couldnt do that it must have been Superman you stupid Marvel zombie.Thor would NEVER be able to do anything close to that. NEVER.

Now, as for the speed issue, Superman can perceive things at superspeed. That abilty does not make Flash useless, because he is MUCH faster than Superman (ex.he can travel through both time and dimensions). Superman is capeable of much more than Thor on many levels. Thor is not as strong. Superman's speed is a definative factor (stop making things up and read the stuff).

Now, Batman defeated Superman because he does what is nessesary to win, be it kryptonite, martial arts, or whatever. But that is because he knows the Man of Steel's reserve, which Thor does not. Whoever Fabio is a match for it certainly is NOT Superman.

What the hell do you have against Plasticman? Guess I have to give you reasons why hes a good superhero... Well' lets see, plasticman can think on his feet. Hes a good improvisor because at a moments notice he would turn into a gumball machine or a mailbox, airplane, liferaft, bag of kittylitter, a christmas elf, tennis shoe, box of crayons, metal detector, stopsign, quaker oats, your grandmother, her cats, a lazyboy chair, Big Barda's dress, a top hat, triclcle, second grader,or a partridge in a pear tree. Plasticman is immune to magic. Plastic man is immune to mental attacks (true, its because his brains made of plastic as well but whatever), and apparently hes immortal and cannot die of old age. satisfied? Betcha even he could beat Goldie locks Thor.

thank you come again.

The Jester Writes:

Um, I'm no genius or anything, but the moon causes the tides, the rotation of the Earth causes the wind patterns (the coreolis [sp?] effect] and the Earth's gravity causes the patterns of the moon, while that of the sun has negligible effect. So calm down there Dog, try to keep the boards friendy and maybe consider paying better attention yourself next time in science class.

Dog Day Writes:

so what your teelling me is that sthe sun has little effect on the Earth as far as waves and such? research your big words first my friend. sure the moon has range over said subject but the sun is the major factor on seasons and weather. Hince sea currents and such. But your right, I am spending to much time on this topic anyway. As long as I know it it doesnt really matter whatv you guys believe, and you all are entitled to your own opinions... except Cat Day. Hes an idiot. Later all, im going back to work. But until next time kiddies, respect Superman, thats whats really cool.

and plasticman hes good too.;P

Tron Writes:

Well well, if I didn't know any better, I'd think this was Superman vs Goku, part 2. All the fanboys came out for this one, with all the stats and outrageous remarks.

Now I would never count Batman out of a fight, after all he is the best at what he does, and an important asset to Gotham and the JLA. But in Doom he faces an opponent that's way out of his league, and after maybe two close encounters, Batman would figure this out also. I won't even get into stats here cause everyone's anyready put them out there, some pretty damn good, some just plain ridiculous, and some that are just pointless. Like the time machice arguement, which I think was originally brought up to show Doom's intelligence and capabilities, not for him to use as a weapon or quick fix. Such things are beneath Doom. Doom wouldn't pass up a chance to match wits with DC's greatest strategist. But with the exception of the time machine and nukes and shit, Doom would pull out all the stops, slowly at first maybe, just to see what Batman's capable of. And if Batman and his crew just happen to get pass all that and reach Doom, they'll find themselves fighting Doombot after Doombot after Doombot, and and NO they won't be able to tell the difference, hell, Marvel's heroes don't even know if they were ever fighting the real Doom or not. And if Batman DOES happen to find out, it'll be a pretty long time before he does.

And some talk about Batman's will to win, which I won't deny in the least, But to have your arms and legs removed by the Beyonder and still able to take his powers and beat him, Now that's something you can't question. And don't forget that he's already taken over the would in Marvel 3 times already, probably the only comic villian EVER to do that in mainstream (although I could be wrong, if I am then let me know)

Now like I said, some people have made damn good points about both Batman and Doom, but Doom just has the upper hand here, sorry Bat-fans, I'm like the Dark Knight myself, but he's just out of his league here. Now maybe if he can get some assistance from the JLA, and possibly the JSA, that would turn things in his favor. But without that, you can say good bye to Gotham (don't worry though, Doom will just give it back as soon as he rids it of the crime, poverty, and corruption).

The Unconquered Drifter-CH Writes:

Intellectually, technologically, and prosperously; Batman and Doom are an even match and therefore are at an impass, so the fight would have to come down to hand to hand combat.

Batman has had rigorous physical training since he was a child and is also a master of several martial arts. Doom's strength comes straight from his suit and is much like that which iron man wears.

If Batman could shut down Doom's suit (possibly using an electro-magnectic bomb) then Doom would be nothing but weak little man.

When it comes to minions Doom has the army of a poor, untrained, third world country; where as Batman has his 'family,' the police force, and as Matches Malone he could rally the Gotham underworld. Also, since Doom is the ruler of Latvia his invasion of Gotham would be percieved as a threat against America and so the military may become involved helping Batman's side.

Also, since this fight takes place in Gotham City Batman has home town advantage, for he knows the Gotham like no other.