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Luke Skywalker vs Paul Atreides


This fight suggested by: Mr. Kite, The Rookie, Poe and others in the FPL ChatRoom (IRC - channel #FPL)




Callisto:    Hello and welcome infidels to what promises to be another thrill packed fight down in the hot sands of the Khazan Arena.

Harley Quinn:    That's the interdimensionally famous Arena of Khazan. An' now a word from da' sponsor...

Callisto:    Arena Dog is the official taste of the Khazan Arena - and before you're all caught up in todays amazing big fight, stop by and get the family a box of great tasting Arena Dogs - the best hot dog in the Reality Nexus.

Harley Quinn:    Yeppers. Yum! Yum!

Callisto:    You don't actually eat those do you?

Harley Quinn:    Oh sure. I gotta high metabolism! I can eat my Arena Dogs and keep my girlish figure.

Callisto:    Is that so?

Harley Quinn:    Sure is.

Callisto:    Hmmm. Well, today in the Arena of Khazan it is Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker vs. the Kwisatz Haderach Paul Atredis.

Harley Quinn:    The sun is bright, the sand is hot and the crowd is in a good mood. It's a good day for someone to die.

Callisto:    Let's see what you had to say about the battle....



Jacen Writes:

"The Power to destroy a planet, is insignificant, next to the power of the Force."

Luke Skywalker isn't a whiny little farm boy any more. Luke skywalker is a telekenesis-master supreme. Luke Skywalker reinstituted the Jedi Knights. Luke Skywalker turned Darth Vader back to the light, a feat that Obi-Wan and Yoda thought impossible. Even when his Force abilities are limited, Luke still kicks butt (Heir to the Empire, Vision of the Future, New Jedi Order series). And, he married the hottest gal in Star Wars, Mara Jade.

May the Force be with you Paul, you're gonna need it.

kilt man Writes:

luke is going down faster than whole wing of z-95's vs darth vader in a tie defender

Dr. Peaches Writes:

I have no idea who Paul what's-his-name is, but there's no way he's taking down Luke Skywalker. Let's take a look at some of Luke Skywalker's accomplishments:

1- Destroyed the Death Star(without using his targeting computer)

2- Went one-on-one with Darth Vader(twice) Not only that, he survived both the devasting blows of losing his hand and learning Vader was his father in the first match.

3- Stood his ground against the Emperor and refused to join his side.

4- Studied under Obi-Wan and Yoda.

And that's just in the movies. In the expanded universe he has:

1- Been involved in the defeat of just about every major threat presented to the New Republic, be it from the Imperial Remnant or other forces. Grand Admiral Thrawn, Joorus C'boath, The Ssi-Ruk, the Nightsisters, the list goes on.

2-Has succumbed to and conquered the Dark Side as well as the ressurected Emperor, with help from his sister Leia. Note the only reason he accepted the Emperor's training in the first place was because he thought he could learn the Dark Side's secrets and conquer it from within.

3-Has re-established the Jedi Order and is now training a new generation of Jedi at his Jedi Academy. He has succeded in this despite the spirit of an ancient Sith Lord preying on his early students and opposition from various anti-Jedi groups.

4- Has managed to fall in love with Mara Jade, the former Emperor's Hand, who spent a large amount of time trying to kill him and now has a son.

5- Recently has been engaged in a long-running battle against the Yuuzhan Vong, a hostile alien species that is immune to the Force.

The Catwoman Writes:

If George Lucas stopped after Return of the Jedi Luke would have owned this fight. Unfortunately The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones sucked so much of the power from Darth Vader that it looks like a collection of Troll dolls could beat the tar out of him. Atradis wins by dent of not sucking so much.

praxisilver Writes:

First, I gotta say that the Indiana Jones vs. Mordor fight was a real letdown.

That being said, I say that Luke is gonna wipe the floor with Paul.

I don't care if Paul has superpowers, the Force is like the Ultimate Power! It gives the power of limited mind control over the cloud-minded, increases your fighting abilities, and gives you one heck of a boost to your jumping and gymnastic abilities. I seriously doubt that Paul can backflip onto a scaffold that is one story above his head.

Another thing Luke has going for him is popularity. I look at it this way: the better and more famous the exploits, the bigger the popularity. Who over the age of 6 hasn't heard about Luke Skywalker and how he lead a small, underpowered Rebel army, took on the Empire, fought against his father (who up 'till then was the best Jedi who ever lived), and won?

Won, Luke Skywalker has.

Cupid Writes:

Let's see. Paul had two superhot wives.

Luke macked on his own sister.

Luke moves superhumanly quick.

Paul moves a whole lot faster.

Luke beat an empire using X-Wings, Lightsabers, Calimari Cruisers, and an army of laser-toting rebels.

Paul took over an empire of laser-toting soldeirs and space-fighters with a pigsticker, and a bunch of pigsticker-toting turbanheads.

Luke tries not to fall into the mouth of the big monster sand worm.

When "Pimp My Ride" decides to feature Paul in an episode, he shows them to his garage full of big monster sand worms.

Paul wins.

Goliath Writes:

Paul all the way. Even with the force behind Luke, the Skywalker boy was trained in one art of battle and not even well at that. Paul has been trained since childhood, his senses tuned and trained by his Bene Gesserit mother, the Mentat Thufir Hawat, and the Atreides Weapons Master Gurney Halleck (who was originally played by Patrick Stewart who moved on to be the formidable Picard). Muad'Dib, the Mahdi, has the ability to see every twitch of every muscle that his enemy makes. The two of them would be able to see each other's attacks, but Muad'Dib would be able to react to them faster and better than the ill-trained Skywalker. The weirding way trained into him from birth would almost take over and the instincts would react before thought. Paul would see with the inner eye and Luke, thought his reaction time is sped up, still cannot beat the beyond super human speed that Paul's muscles react with. And those of you who might quote the shield conditioning as a weakness, I think Paul's proven he has overcome that early conditioning and can even use it to his advantage, fooling his enemy into believing they have an edge. Without his lightsabre, Luke's toast. Even with a Katana, the closet approximation of a lightsabre available, all Paul would need is double long knives and Luke's blocked, turned, pinned, and gutted like a large mouth bass.

In the popularity contest, Skywalker wins. But in a real fight. The Kwisatz Haderach, the shortening of the way, would defeat Luke in single combat.

Dark Queen Writes:

Everyone who participates in these voting battles all knows the #1 rule that is never broken, and that being:

Star Wars must win. (Okay, STar Trek must lose is a close second.)

Don't believe me? Check out the past battles here and at the WWWF. I think we know who has the mad skillz to win this fight. Make us pround, Luke!

DarthVegita Writes:

Paul: "Eat your lightsaber"

Luke: "Mmmmmmmmmmph" *gack* *thud*

Lesson: Never fight a guy who knows the power of suggestion like its an exact science (which it is in Dune).

Seriously, Luke comes from a farm. He recieved training from an old man and and ass=kicking muppet. Luke is good, but he's not even CLOSE to Paul's calibur. Paul, who is the result of centuries of genetic breeding, who's recieved training from the best of the best of the empire's warriors, and had his mind honed by one of the most deadly of the Mentat.

Starcloud of the Ewoks Writes:

My vote goes to Luke Skywalker, because early on in the New Jedi Order, he's able to hold miniature black holes in place with the Force.

That's frickin' cool.

(Hey! Start sending in Ewoks vs. Jaws battle requests!)

The ace of knaves Writes:

A very interesting battle!

Both have quite a lot in common so I don't know where to start: there's the obvious "surviving on a desert planet" theme, though for Luke his life started out in the desert and ended elsewhere, whereas Paul initially lived on water-fun lovong Caladan, but came to a tragic end on dusty Arrakis. Next there's the father issue. Both are indubitably their fathers sons and in a sense their destinies are shaped by their fathers. Both are severely traumatised by the death of their father and end up straightening out the mess their parents left them. Both definitely have no good experiences with emperors,so I find that the comparison Palpatine-Shaddam Vader-Harkonnen is feasable. Vader-Harkonnen eliminates the father to fullfill the Palpatine's-Shaddam's wishes.

Both have sisters who are quite capable of taking care of themselves and both command the loyalty of a large circle of capable friends and retainers. Now for perhaps the most important issue: "What about combat abilities":

Let's compare:


knows the future

has enhanced reflexes, senses, metabolism and coordination

can command rather nasty worms

can do the voice

has the ability to wear a personal shield (though best not anywhere near the worms!)


can see the future

has enhanced reflexes, senses, metabolism and coordination.

can do jedi mind trick

has a laser blaster (so if paul's wearing a shield it's going to be a nuclear draw!)

has a very nifty pocket knife (his lightsaber of course)

can levitate and hurl objects

So, ignoring the blaster-shield scenario, we end up with Paul armed with a chrysknife on a sandworm and facing it Luke brandishing his lightsabre. The worm isn't going to finish off Luke, as it's to cumbersome to gobble the jedi up. Luke can get out of the way any time he wants, and if the worm gets to close there's going to be the stink of burning flesh as the lightsaber chews through it's carapace and into the soft pink stuff underneath. So that leaves Paul Vs. Luke mano a mano. And that's no contest really, beacause both are just as fast, but there's no way a chrysknife is going to block a lightsabre...Besides I think that as a jedi Luke's ability to draw upon the force, the essence of all living things combined is much greater than Paul's ability to draw the utmost out of his ownbody. Besides: Paul wants to die remember? He is quite unhappy with all those visions floating in his head, so Luke is going to do him a favour. I couldn't think of any other reason why these two would fight, other than to give Paul some well deserved euthanasia.

Zisteau Writes:

God this match is so lopsided. Its like pitting Batman against a bunny rabbit. Just using his voice alone, Muad'dib could easily kill Luke. But why did you have to use a pick of Paul from that god-awful sci-fi miniseries. The David Lynch film was far superior to that piece of crap.

Shadow the slayer Writes:

First of all, I'm a big fan of both characters and there respective stories. It's a very good match up because the characters are so alike. Both have supernatural powers, both utilize mystical energies, and both fight for freedom.

However, while Paul can kill with a word, Luke can kill with a thought.

Paul is more ruthless than luke, but luke's past causes enogh anger that brings out the darkside within

wich is pretty much imposible to beat.

In terms of powers, A jedi can summon a wepon to his hand and litterly throw hisher oponent with the force. I'm pretty sure that the Beni geserat (Spelling?)don't teach any thing close to that. Paul will have to rely on mind games.

Now for the weaknesses, Luke's to much of a Friggin' pasifict, unless you get him mad. Paul relies WAY to much on the spice.

the way I see it, If lukes dark side doesn't kill Paul, the lack of spice will

Sara Writes:

Luke is a whiner, that's for sure. But he's also way cooler. And when he strolls into Jabba's Palace at the beginning of Return of the Jedi... he's unflappable.

He went through a lot if you think about it... finding out about the Darth Vader/daddy thing, losing his hand, et cetera. The guy's got some stamina. Plus he has cool sidekicks like Chewbacca. Chewbacca would be in there for him. You can't take Luke out, cause he has a lot of friends who go to the wire for him. :D And then there's the whole Force thing. :)

TheRedFear Writes:

you may as well end the voting. The instant you put a "I know him!!" against a "Who's that?", the outcome is predetermined.

The wanderer of all planes of existence Writes:

Greetings to thee!

I have borne witness to the noble Paul Atredis in the heat of battle on the sands of Dune, his mastery over the giant sandworms brings nothing but awe and his deadly voice reminds me of the mighty Black Bolt himself.

I have also seen the heroic Jedi Luke Skywalker and his mastery of the Force as well as his astounding skill at wielding a lightsaber.

Both have proven themselves excellent warriors and leaders.

However, if both warriors were pitted against each other, I must give the upper hand to the Jedi.

With but a thought, Luke can quickly use the Force to strangle the hapless Paul from afar thus rendering him incapable of using his weapons or his legendary voice of death! Paul has limited options as to ranged attacks unlike his adversary.

The only advantage Paul would have is to summon the giant sand worms to his side and have them devour the poor Jedi!

Timebandit1977 Writes:

It is unfortunate when a battle is decided by fanboys as opposed to real strength. Star Wars has more fans than Dune. But if it did go the distance here is how it plays out.

Luke has no chance in this fight. As we know the Force can only predict the future imperfectly. Yoda said so and so it must be. Paul on the other hand can see all futures and pick the one he wants to take place by doing exactly what he needs to do to make it happen. This is like giving your entire game plan play by play to the other side and not having them smack you down. Its not going to happen. The battle will go on for a while due to the Force but the Weirding Way is just as nasty and with the outcome already determined by Paul, its over.

ballantrae Writes:

Both Paul Atreides and Luke Skywalker are warrior-mystics. They are concerned with fighting a terrible evil but they are also concerned with conquering their "self". Neither one reaches their pinnacle until they have mastered that.

For example, Luke Skywalker's test was when he had to withold his anger and pull himself back from killing his father. Only at that point did he become a Jedi. Had he not done that, the Emperor would have literally owned him. For only his father, had the ability to kill the Emperor in any case.

Paul Atreides had to master his own fears and reach tremendous insight in order to take of the "water of life" (or whatever it's called). At that point he had the ability to glimpse the future and to have insight into the human soul on a primevil level. He also had to overcome his instinct for revenge against the power-that-be for manipulating his family to death.

The difference is that in Lukes' world, it is the Force that guides and moves everything. So that ultimately everything turns out well. In the case of Paul, he still relies on his self, in a world of selfish individuals. Luke ushers in a generation of givers, the New Republic (now Galactic Alliance), but the children of Paul usher in an age of tyrany. Ultimately, I think Luke does a better job, because his power really comes from Trust. Pauls' power comes from the Self.

I could go on, but really, I just want to see Luke whip Pauls butt. Make it good guys!

Psychopathicus Rex Writes:

Well, I must admit that I've only seen the first Star wars movie (and yes, yes I know, it's really the fourth, and what kind of heathen am I and blah blah blah), and am therefore unable to comment with 100% accuracy upon this fight. But my vote goes to Paul Atreides - or however you spell it - and here's why.

From what I've heard and what I remember about Luke Skywalker, he was always surrounded by someone. Wookies, princesses, muppets, Ewoks, those two damn blinky-blinky robots - there was always SOMEBODY in the background if he needed backup. And he had all the toys. Spaceships, land cruisers, light sabers, toys toys toys toys. The guy has more toys than Batman. And I'm sorry, but that just doesn't impress me; I don't care how many Jedi woo-woo mind tricks he's got hidden up his sleeve. Now, if it were his DAD, then I'd be impressed! Vader's the MAN! Not only does he have terrific fashion sense, not only does he have an awe-inspiring mastery of the Force and the extensive resources of the whole empire to draw on, but he's also a Cyborg! And we all know Cyborgs kick ass.

But, unfortunately, we're NOT dealing with Darth Vader, we're dealing with his wussy son who goes around looking like he's late for Karate practice. Oh, well.

Now, Atreid...Atrie..At..Screw it. PAUL is a different matter. First off, he's got noble blood and has been trained with weapons and those nifty-lookin' personal forcefields. Secondly, even when stripped of his creature comforts and plonked down into the middle of a huge damn desert with SANDWORMS all around him, for goodness sake, he managed to not only survive, but become the leader of the local tribespeople! Thirdly, he is actually a sort of Chosen One type (which I'm not even going to TRY to spell) and we all know that you don't mess around with guys like that. Fourth, remember those Sandworms? HE USES THEM FOR PERSONAL TRANSPORT AND SHOCK TROOPS! Did you see the SIZE of those things?! They're GIGANTIC! Put a few of these things in space-suits (not an easy task, but just for the sake of argument) and I'm guessing they could take down the Death Star within minutes! The dice are loaded so far it ain't even funny!

Plus, in the final defining factor, let's look at who directed these guys in their respective movies. George Lucas directed Star Wars. George Lucas is the putz who created Jar-Jar and turned the franchise into a cinematic video game. Dune, on the other hand, was directed by David Lynch. David Lynch is a certified lunatic who makes movies and TV shows that make your head spin right off your neck. I can't say I'm a huge fan of his stuff, but if he was ever pitted up against Lucas in a deathmatch, Lynch would whack Lucas with an I-beam, hire Glinda the Good to sprinkle fairy dust down on him and make him sneeze, then run over him multiple times in a bright pink cement truck with 'Beware the Squirrel' painted on the sides. And then he'd make a mini-series about it. Lynch is not a man to be messed with.

I picture the fight going something like this. Luke and Paul face off in the middle of the burning desert.

Luke: Yer gonna die! I have the Force on my side, for I am a Jedi and my heart is pure! Plus, I was trained by a muppet and I've got this neat glowy sword-thingy.

Paul: Yeh? Well, my EYES glow. That beats a sword for sheer coolness any day. Plus, I'm nobility. Down on your knees, lowly member of the Proletariat!

Luke: I have no idea what you're talking about, and anyway, I still have a lightsaber, and you don't.

Paul: No, but I DO have this. (snaps his fingers, Sandworm comes howling up from the depths)



(Sandworm swallows Luke in one gulp, then spits out the lightsaber for its master, who picks it up and regards it appraisingly)

Paul: Hmmm...Cool sword.

Paul wins. No question about it.



Callisto:    The mighty Arena gates which lead to the fighters pit are opening... and stepping out from either end of the arena our fighters today.

Harley Quinn:    Steppin' from 'da North end gate it's the Return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker! An from da' South Gate it's Emperor Paul Atredis!

Callisto:    The crowd goes wild!

Harley Quinn:    Positioned around the Arena fighters pit are many weapons racks. These weapons racks are stocked with a selection of various old skool hand-to-hand weapons. Swords, axes, maces and polearms.

Callisto:    Paul Atredis steps to a nearby rack and grabs two short stabbing swords.

Harley Quinn:    Luke Skywalker looks over his own selection and choses from the rack a long, thin fencing sword.

Callisto:    To the howl of the crowd the two contender walk towards each other across the arena sand. Let's go, now, down to the sidelines where Braveheart is waiting to tell us what these weapon choices mean.

Braveheart:    FREEEEEEDOOOOM!

Harley Quinn:    OOOkay. They've stopped several yards from each other

Callisto:    It looks like they're going to have words. Lets go to the live mics and hear the sound from down on the field.

Luke Skywalker:    You do not wish to fight. Turn around and go home.

Callisto:    Oh, Luke is using the old Jedi Mind Trick to try and end the battle.

Harley Quinn:    Hmmm... Well, Paul Atredis is beginning ta' laugh. I guess he's to strong ta' be hoodwinked by da' Jedi Mind Trick.

Paul Atredis:    No, it is YOU who must Drop your weapons and go!

Harley Quinn:    Wow. An Paul Atredis has whipped out The Voice - his own strong suggestive power which is like the Jedi Mind Trick!

Callisto:    Luke wobbles .... Begins to drop his guard...

Harley Quinn:    No! It's a ruse! Luke springs to attack!

Luke Skywalker:    I guess everyone's staying, then...

Callisto:    Paul Atredis brings up the two long knives in his hand, crossed together before him... Catches Skywalkers blade in the crux of the two...

Harley Quinn:    With one knife Paul bats Skywalker's sword to the side... Does a whirl in place, bringing the other knife around at kidney level...

Callisto:    ... Paul with the stab... Misses as Skywalker flinches his body to one side...

Harley Quinn:    ...Skywalker flows with the move... does a standing backflip to get some distance...

Callisto:    ...Skywalker lands on his feet in the En Guard position.

Harley Quinn:    The two are circling now.

Callisto:    Both looking for just a little opening to go with...

Harley Quinn:    ...Paul makes the move!

Callisto:    ... Using a sudden burst of speed Paul Atredis lunges forward while dropping to one knee - knife thrust forward...

Harley Quinn:    ...Luke jumps back but a fraction late...

Callisto:    ...First blood to Atredis as skywalker takes a gash across the upper leg...

Harley Quinn:    ...Luke already has momentum... hops to one leg... and Jumps!

Callisto:    A flying summersault over Atredis head ... and an opening...

Harley Quinn:    Solid hit by Skywalker onto Atredis' exposed upper shoulder has he flies overhead...

Callisto:    ...But Atredis is up and turned by the time Skywalker lands back on his feet...

Harley Quinn:    ... Furious assault now by Atredis as as he goes ballistic on Skywalker with those two pig-stickers...

Callisto:    ... Skywalker forced on defense... he's blocking the rush of knife swipes from Atredis...

Harley Quinn:    ... Some fancy footwork by Skywalker... Atredis pressing for an advantage...

Callisto:    Skywalker blocks... blocks... blocks... cartwheel now...

Harley Quinn:    ...SETUP!...

Callisto:    Atredis whips one knife out - throws it clean at Skywalker...

Harley Quinn:    ...DEFLECTED!...

Callisto:    Using the Force, skywalker changes the directory of the deadly flying knife... It's flying back at Atredis!

Harley Quinn:    Hardly losing his rhthm... whirling like a dervish on speed... Atredis plucks the returning knife out of the air...

Callisto:    ...As Skywalker takes the initiative for a full frontal attack!...

Harley Quinn:    It's Skywalker now on the offense... Fencing moves - thrust... swipe... thrust... he's forcing Atredis back...

Callisto:    That rack!

Harley Quinn:    A nearby weapons rack, behind Atredis is shaking... a a club flies off!

Callisto:    Skywalker using his Force teleknesis causes a club to fly at the back of Atredis...

Harley Quinn:    ...No! At the last instance Atredis ducks!

Callisto:    ...And Atredis throws a knife again... pointblank range!

Harley Quinn:    The club whizzes over Atredis, a miss... while Skywalker tries to parry the flying knife...

Callisto:    FAILURE!

Harley Quinn:    Bullseye as the knife slices into the artificial hand of Skywalker and drops to the sand!

Callisto:    Skywalker keeps hold of his sword but that damage to his hand might impair his swordsmanship...

Harley Quinn:    ...Skywalker kicks the fallen knife away ... Lunges for a new attack...

Callisto:    ..Atredis meets him head on with his remaining knife...

Harley Quinn:    ... Skywalker playing his fencing sword close to his body now... short controlled attacks...

Callisto:    ... Atredis blocking every one and initiating a few swipes of his own ... both on offense - deadlocked..

Harley Quinn:    A hush over the crowd as they watch the incredible tension in this deadly stalemate of whipping blades...

Callisto:    ...

Harley Quinn:    ...

Callisto:    Oh, my... I see... they're both trying to out-predict each other! They're both looking into the future!

Harley Quinn:    Yes, yes... their bodies are acting but must be several moves behind their minds as they...

Callisto:    ... Atredis leaps at the wounded Jedi!

Harley Quinn:    ...As Skywalker drops his sword! That artificial hand must have just become useless!

Callisto:    Atredis, blade out... in for the kill...

Harley Quinn:    ... As Skywalker leans into the attack... arms out...

Callisto:    ... Skywalker catches the knife on his damaged artificial hand! Sparks fly as the two connect!

Harley Quinn:    ... And Skywalker follows with a roundhouse kick!

Callisto:    Atredis flies backwards - face bloodied!

Harley Quinn:    ... As skywalker puts the Force juice on it - causing Atredis to keep flying - gaining velocity!

Callisto:    Oh, this is going to hurt

Harley Quinn:    WHAM! Atredis slams into the South wall of the fighters pit!




'Nuff Said!


Paul Atredis: 774

Luke Skywalker: 1448




Callisto:    Atredis is unconscious out there. Looks like we have a winner.

Harley Quinn:    An amazing match! Hey, Cally, lets go down onna field and say hi to Skywalker.

Callisto:    Naw. He's cute but don't get your hopes up about him.

Harley Quinn:    Why, what's up?

Callisto:    I hear he's really close to his sister.

Harley Quinn:    Oh. ummm.... nevermind.

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