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Time Force Power Rangers: 6
Ninja Sentai Kakuranger: 0

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Son Goku (DBE Live Action): 1
Clark Kent (Smallville): 8

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Midknight: 2
Mira (Killer Instinct): 4

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Quasar (Wendell Vaughn): 2
Galvatron: 3

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John Matrix: 5
Luke Hobbs: 3

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Cara Dune: 2
Gazelle (Kingsman): 4

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Tommy Gunn: 0
Mike Barnes: 5

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Son Goku (Saiyuki): 5
Son Goku (DBE Live Action): 1

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Shina The Leopard: 3
Bullet (BlazBlue): 4

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Ramlethal Valentine: 7
Nu-13: 0

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Scanlan Shorthalt: 2
Zenitsu Agatsuma: 3

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Din Djarin: 6
Major Bludd: 0

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Jenny the Bat: 1
Nitara: 4

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Invincible: 3
The Homelander: 0

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Chloe Bourgeois: 1
Bulma: 4

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Baby Bonnie Hood: 2
Erron Black: 4

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Clone Force 99 (The Bad Batch): 5
Moogers: 3

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Din Djarin: 5
Edgar The Bug: 0

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Gyutaro: 0
Vox Machina: 6

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Shadow Yamoto: 5
Sadira: 2

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  • Blog Entries

    • By Marvel Man in Marvel's Corner 6
      Alright, welcome, young and old, this is Marvel's Corner!
      Now, tonight I'm going to post something I rarely do. Infact, this is the first time I ever do this. What is it?
      Oh yeah. Every other day I'll post one of my personal favorite quotes. This, I promise. Now, enough talk, let's get to this quote!
      Today's Quote: 8-15-09
      "You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today. 
      - Abraham Lincoln
      So true. I hope laziness is one day destroyed... 😞
      Anyways, this is Marvel Man, signing off.
    • By broadwaybeyonder in broadwaybeyonder 0
      Battlesphere 2 Update #1
      Al Rossi: Helloooooo, fight fans!  It’s Al and Andel, back for this special report!  Today we are going to be introducing you to 6 of the 30 combatants that will be entering Battlesphere 2! 
      Andel Sanap: All six of these combatants will be entering the Battlesphere for the second time.  Each one of these women were able to qualify for Battlesphere 2 by meeting 3 criteria set by the TCC.  They needed to make it to the final 10 of the first Battlesphere, they each had one of the 10 longest match times in the sphere, and they each eliminated 2 other combatants! 
      Al Rossi: So let’s get this started!  The first two of our returning six will be…
      Al Rossi: Medusa and Carmen Sandiego!  Appropriate that these two ladies get a second shot, due to the fact that they both entered at number 1 and 2 last time and managed to stay in the Battlesphere for over 50 minutes each! 
      Andel Sanap: And they did not waste their time in the sphere.  They both secured 2 eliminations and finished in 8th and 6th place respectively.  We were able to secure an audience with the queen of the Inhumans for her thoughts.  Ladies and gentlemen, Medusa! 
      Medusa: It seems so long ago since I entered the TCC Arena and took part in the Battlesphere Battle Royal.  Through all of the chaos I encountered warriors of all shapes and sizes.  Now I am told I have another chance to achieve glory for my people.  And this time, Carmen Sandiego, I will not underestimate you, and you shall not defeat me again!  Hail Medusa! 
      Al Rossi: Well, seems like Medusa still is holding onto some frustration after Carmen eliminated her in the last go around. 
      Andel Sanap: Perhaps there will be a chance to settle some unfinished business.  Speaking of which, also re-entering the Battlesphere will be…

      Andel Sanap: The Miraculous Ladybug!  In her last attempt, the Parisian hero managed to last over 27 minutes in the Battlesphere and score 2 eliminations on her way to 5th place.  A participant in the first match to take place in TCC Arena, she is anxious to not only prove her mettle once again in the Battlesphere, but to go all the way and win. 
      Al Rossi: And where Ladybug is, it’s almost assured you will find our next Battlesphere veteran…

      Al Rossi: Chloe Bourgeois!  The Queen Bee and TCC’s resident… er, interviewer had a most impressive outing in the first Battlesphere.  She clocked in 43 minutes, a 4th place finish, and secured the most eliminations with 5!  With her thoughts, here’s Chloe! 
      Chloe Bourgeois: Hellooo everyone!  That’s right!  It’s your favorite superhero/backstage interviewer in the world, Queen Bee!  Of course, I was going to qualify to get into the Battlesphere again!  Everyone knows how awesome I was last time!  And I would have won too, if that show off Ladybug didn’t get in my way!  So does anybody actually think that any of the 29 losers the TCC will bring in will be able eliminate Queen Bee and stop me from winning this time?  Ha!  Ridiculous! 
      Andel Sanp: Miss Bourgeois is never without confidence, but we still as of now are unaware who the TCC have selected for the 24 other combatants.  We only know that they participated in and won scenarios crafted by the broadwaybeyonder. 
      Al Rossi: But we do know the final 2 returning ladies who will round out our 6!  And they are…
      Al Rossi: The Golden Age heroines Phantom Lady and Battlesphere winner Miss America! 
      Andel Sanap: Both heroes clocked in 31 minutes in the Battlesphere with Phantom Lady finishing in 3rd place. Not only do they 2 and 4 eliminations as individuals, they also have a shared elimination by teaming up to take on Elsa. 
      Al Rossi: And it was Elsa's power that Miss America chose to use as her prize for winning the first Battlesphere.  Little did we all know that it was all a plot by the 8 to become the 9 and gain their own private enforcer.  Miss America had these thoughts about potentially going undefeated in the Battlesphere! 
      Miss America: People have asked me what it was like to be under the control of the 8.  Was I aware?  Did I try to fight it?  Did I know what I was doing?  And the answer is always yes.  I was helpless, a prisoner in my own body, watching as those monstrous men used me as their weapon.  But now I’m free, able to fight when and how I wish to fight.  And right now, I’ve decided to enter the Battlesphere again, not for any prize or glory.  But to fight for you fans.  To give you a battle like you’ve never seen before.  And as for the TCC bringing in 15 men to enter the fray?  Hmm.  Just remember, fellas.  It may be a man’s world, but it’s this woman’s Battlesphere.  God bless America! 
      Al Rossi: Sounds like we’ve got some fired up combatant for Battlesphere 2! 
      Andel Sanap: Yes, Al, but sadly these developments are not without controversy.  There were 3 combatants who failed to qualify for Battlesphere 2.  Chel and Poison Ivy both met the requirements on match time and eliminations, but neither made it to the final 10. 
      Al Rossi: But the biggest disappointment has got to be for Cassie Cage.  Despite making it to the final 2 with 3 eliminations, the Special Forces sergeant was unable to last long enough in the Battlesphere to break into the top 10 match times. 
      Andel Sanap: However, the broadwaybeyonder and the TCC have decided that these 3 combatants will be given an opportunity to compete in specialty matches leading up to Battlesphere 2.  And I have heard rumblings that these matches may also involve some other combatants looking to redeem their past performances. 
      Al Rossi: We’ll be sure to keep you posted, folks!  For now, we’re just about out of time!  Stay tuned for more updates as Battlesphere 2 draws near!  Until then, for Andel Sanap, I’m Al Rossi!  Goodnight, everybody! 
    • By Skirmisher in Skirmisher's Characters 0
      Metalus Regis, The Grey Knight

      - - - - - - - - - - - - Regis in Armour - - - - - - - - - - Regis out of Armour
      This is a WIP character that I've been using for AKUMA's tournament, and I've decided to finalise just What he can actually do in and out of combat. Now, I'm sure that this is Not how an actual Grey Knight would be like... but it's the closest that I can actually get to it. Most info has been taken from Dark Heresy and has been expanded upon to fit what first a Space Marine could look like in game, and then what a Grey Knight would look like.
      Truly it was his first day in the Position of the Honoured Brother Captain of the Grey Knights, but alas Fate would see him taken away just as he entered into Battle to lead his Chapter to war. It was through a Trick of the Warp that he was pulled into AKUMA's Tournament along with the Necron Lord. Upon entering the tournament he was given the Choice to train for a Day in Any Location he could think of. But he didn't hear it because he was Dumbstruck by the fact that he had actually entered another dimension, one where he could not feel the presence of the God Emperor of Mankind. The Necron Lord who was supposed to be his Tag Team Companion chose for them, and they were whisked away to the Mars, specifically to the Void Dragons Chamber.
      Here they got a major surprise as The manifested Spirit of the GEOM was there with the Void Dragon, conversing and discussing in an un-natural alliance. Here the GEOM told Regis what he must do, and that he must enter the tournament and fight beside the Necron, and he accepted this task.
      After being transported back to the tournament they engaged in their first round with the Sith Stalker known as Starkiller (Did I get that right?) With the Necron Lord engaging first. The two fought as Regis was forced to make his way slowly through the battlefield terrain, and for the most part was inconclusive with the Sith not being able to harm the Necron, and the Necron not knowing where the elusive Sith was in order to attack him.
      With that the Necron became irritated and left the field of battle leaving Regis to deal with the opposition. At this point Star Killer took his leave and taped out for his Tag, Sora from Kingdom Hearts. The Battle was hard fought, and it seemed at times that Regis would come out on top, but the round timer ran out and pure crowd votes determined that Regis had lost. This allowed the combined might of Sora and Starkiller to blitz the Grey Knight into submission.
      After that humiliating defeat he and the others that had lost in Round One were locked up a location known only as the Temples. These Temples were the only structures on the island and had only two buildings separated by a large and haunted looking forest. Winners were put in one complex and the Losers in the other.
      It was as Round Two kicked off that a plan was created to break out of the jail. In spite of all their planning, the prisoners took advantage of a freak occurrence to escape. As it happened, Starkiller did not trust the Cloaked shadow priest that seemed to be running the competition and had Stitch (Whom Sora had "Summoned") scout around the area. Stitch then stumbled across the Prisons and managed to get some Gear into the cells of the prisoners for them to escape with. The Shadow Priests stepped in and Locked down the prison with their powerful magics, but Stitch managed to free Regis.
      Thus freed Regis attempted to attack the Priests with his Grey Knights Holochaust Psychic power but failed as their Barrier deflected the power back at him. In order to survive the rebounding energies he threw them at the very wall of reality itself and burst a hole into the warp. Seeing it as his only option for escape he Jumped into it. The Corrupting energies of the warp took a toll even on the Hardened Grey Knight, but Bending every once of his will to the task he punched a hole back into reality. The ordeal however left it's mark on the Knight, mutating him into an Aberration, a fusion of Man and Bestial features.
      At this time the other Competitors revolted against the Guards and Shadow Priests and made their way to the Prison. After Re-arming and Re-equipping they attempted to attack the Main Temple, getting ambushed in the forest between. While they fought, Regis moved on ahead to the main temple and confronted the Priests. The situation became tenuous as he was given the Choice of either Surrender or having everyone else on the Island Die. He chose instead to tactically withdraw and fight the battle outside with the support of the others.
      The battle was a furious melee, that devolved into a confused mess as the combatants fought for survival against ever increasing numbers of foes. Finally Akuma himself showed up and confronted the tournament contestants, but one of the other contestants had foreseen this happening and had given a power to one of the other competitors. Together those two were able to defeat Akuma, however the demon had the Last Laugh starting a process that would sink the island and Drown all the survivors.
      Thinking quickly a portal was opened that would allow everyone to escape the island. To Be Continued...
      Statistics (Avg Human = 30's)
      Weapon Skill: 68
      Ballistic Skill: 59
      Strength: 68 + 40 in Terminator Armour
      Agility: 65
      Will: 73
      There is no substitute for zeal...
      Wounds: 40 (Average Human = 10)
      Armour: Terminator Armour; 18 DR
      Grey Knight Terminator Armour Specials
      Aegis: The armour worn by Grey Knights is archaic and baroque, anointed and inscribed with prayers and hexagrammic wards, ritually consecrated and psychically charged to do battle with the unholy. In conjunction with the psychic might of the Knights themselves, these hallowed suits of armour enable the Knights to resist their otherworldly foes.
      Effect: Cannot be manipulated by outside forces, allows the wearer to double their will save against Magic and Psychic attacks.
      Standard Terminator Armour Systems
      Vision and hearing are linked directly to the users brain via implants, this protects against blinding flashes and deafening noises. Images and Sounds are presented as if the wearer wasn't wearing a helmet. The spectrums the wearer sees range from infra-red through the visible and into the ultra-violet. Images can be zoomed in and magnified at will and subconsciously. Senses are presented as if the wearer wasn't wearing a helmet. The Helmet also contains a Re-Breather/Gas Mask that can allow the wearer to operate in Toxic or otherwise dangerous environments or even in vacuum.
      Nemesis Force Glaive: Damage: 2D10+Strength Bonus (Energy); Armour Penetration: 8;
      Stormbolter: Damage 1D10+8 (Explosive); RoF: Single/Burst 4; Armour Penetration: 6; Ammo: 80 Psycannon rounds
      Punch: Damage 1d5+7 (Impact); Armour Penetration -2x opponent's DR
      Claws: Damage 1d5+3 (Rending); Armour Penetration -2x opponent's DR; Cannot be used in Armour
      *There will be a list of various weapons and armours with the damages that they might do or reduce included at the end of the character sheet*
      Psychic Powers
      [b][size=3]Minor Powers[/size] [i](Basic Psychic Powers that are common to all Psykers)[/i] Call Item:[/b] An object that can be held in one hand can be infused with the Psychics imprint. This takes about one hour and Runes and Glyphs have to be inscribed on it. When the Psychic calls it to him it appears in his hands as if teleported to him. Only one item may be imprinted at a time, Regis' item is currently his Force Glaive. [size=2][font="Franklin Gothic Medium"][b]Effect:[/b] Regis's Force Glaive automatically appears in his hand as if it were there all along.[/font][/size] [b]Heal:[/b] By Channelling his Psychic power into a willing target bones and flesh can be mended. It substantially speeds up Healing, but prolonged or repeated use can cause more damage as the targets flesh can only take so much warp energy before rebelling. [size=2][font="Franklin Gothic Medium"][b]Effect:[/b] Heals 1-5 wounds / 6 hours[/font][/size] [b]Precognition:[/b] Get a fuzzy picture of what will happen, the closer in time the Clearer the picture. This can be extended to only a few Minutes into the future. [size=2][font="Franklin Gothic Medium"][b]Effect:[/b] +10 to Dodges and Weapons Parry[/font][/size] [b]Sense Presence:[/b] With the Mind the Psyker gains an Inkling of other life forms in the area. The psyker is aware of the direction of each life-form, but not their exact distance or location. 1m thick walls block this though... [size=2][font="Franklin Gothic Medium"][b]Effect:[/b] Sense the direction of any living thing within 50m + 10m/Overbleed[/font][/size] [b]Resist Possession:[/b] The Psyker throws up mental wards to shield his mind from enemy assault. It's not perfect, but it makes it a lot harder to get in there. [size=2][font="Franklin Gothic Medium"][b]Effect:[/b] Lasts for one hour, May re-roll failed "resist possession" tests.[/font][/size] [b][size=3]Psychic Discipline: Divination[/size] Divine Shot:[/b] The Psyker is able to hit with a Single almost impossible shot on Any target that he can perceive. Concentrating on a single projectile the Psyker casts his gaze into the warp to search down the Infinite paths of potential trajectories. [size=2][font="Franklin Gothic Medium"][b]Effect:[/b] Regis Automatically hits any target he can see with One Ranged Attack (Only one bullet). As long as it's theoretically possible to hit it will hit. [b]Limitations on Use:[/b] Regis first has to concentrate for a turn before firing the weapon. This will leave him vulnerable to attack for that turn.[/font][/size] [b]Preternatural Awareness:[/b] The psykers eyes roll back and his senses roam about the area around him. He "sees" everything around him and even slightly into the future. [size=2][font="Franklin Gothic Medium"][b]Effect:[/b] When Regis is using this power, he sees Everything around him at once, as well as limited precognition (0.7 seconds x Overbleed) [b]Limits on use:[/b] Cannot combine this power with other psychic disciplines except for common.[/font][/size] [b][size=3]Psychic Discipline: Telepathy[/size] Telepathy[/b] Can send my thoughts into the minds of anyone around me. The effect can be used on only one person or group, or to anyone within range. [size=2][font="Franklin Gothic Medium"][b]Effects:[/b] Regis can talk with his mind. Range 7km[/font][/size] [b][size=3]Psychic Discipline: Grey Knight[/size] Holocaust: [/b]The Psyker calls forth a raging white-hot firestorm ignited by his own soul, usually out to about a 6m radius. The Flames burn across dimensions, affecting the entities of the immaterium as well as the material. Normally this would also cause harm to the psyker, but Grey Knights in their Aegis Armour can shrug off the effects on themselves. This damage by-passes the targets physical defenses, such as how tough they are or any armour they are wearing. Those slain by Holochaust are killed forever... [size=2][font="Franklin Gothic Medium"][b]Effect:[/b] Deals 7d10 points of (Energy) Damage to everything within 6m, even creatures normally immune to Flame will burn as though they weren't. [b]Limitations on Use:[/b] Regis will take 1d10+10 (Energy) Damage per turn while using this, though he may use the DR of his Aegis Armour. [/font][/size] [b]Sanctuary:[/b] The Psyker can conjure wards around himself and companions through which enemies have difficulty approaching. For enemies breaching the threshold of this Sanctuary the very air repels them and strikes at them with ethereal electrical charges. [size=2][font="Franklin Gothic Medium"][b]Effect:[/b] Anyone not designated "Safe" by Regis, will find a Strong unnatural wind trying to blow them away from Regis, and they will suffer 1 points of (Energy) Damage per turn that they are in his area. Range 6m. [b]Limitations on Use:[/b] Cannot combine this power with other psychic disciplines except for common.[/font][/size] [b]Shrouding:[/b] The psychic prayers of Regis are focused in battle to constantly confuse and wrong-foot his enemies. It will blind their senses with the shining light of faith and resolution. [size=2][font="Franklin Gothic Medium"][b]Effect:[/b] While Regis is using this ability, anyone in his line of sight will be effected by it. The amount that their senses are clouded is based on how they are looking at Regis, with only hints of incense, whispers of chant and a faint light if they only see him in their far peripheral vision. While anyone looking directly at Regis will feel as though they are starring into the sun, hear only a deafening chanting, and will smell nothing but burning incense...[/font][/size]    
      Space Marine Physiology
      [b]Secondary Heart[/b] Allows Regis to survive his other heart being damaged or destroyed, and to survive in low oxygen environments. Not just a back-up, the secondary heart can boost the blood-flow around his body. [b]Ossmodula implant[/b] Regis' bones have been laced with Ceramite making them extremely resilient to injury and heat. His ribcage has been fused into a solid bulletproof plate. This implant also contributes to his massive size. [b]Biscopea implant[/b] This is another implant that contributes to his size as well as his physique. Having increased his muscle mass tremendously. [b]Haemastamen[/b] Increases the amount of Haemoglobin in Regis' blood, making it far more efficient as well as bright red. [b]Larraman's Organ[/b] If Regis is injured his wounds will automatically and nearly instantainously form scar tissue when his blood makes contact with air. [b]Catalepsean Node[/b] Regis needs no more than 4 hours of sleep a day, and can potentially go for 2 weeks without any sleep at all. [b]Preomnor[/b] Cannot be poisoned by ingested food. [b]Multi-lung[/b] Regis is immune to any airborne Toxins, Poisons, or Viral contaminants. Can also allow Regis to breathe underwater. [b]Occulobe[/b] Regis has far superior vision to normal humans (20/10 acuity), and can see in low-light conditions almost as well as in daylight. [b]Lyman's Ear[/b] Regis is immune to dizziness and motion sickness. As well as having the ability to consciously filter out and enhance certain sounds. [b]Sus-an Membrane[/b] Regis can enter a state of suspended animation, consciously or as an automatic reaction to extreme trauma such as a Mortal Wound, this will keep him alive until healing can be done. [b]Oolitic Kidney[/b] Regis' blood is filtered very quickly, rendering him immune to most poisons. Though if sufficiently poisoned he will fall into a coma until the poison can be fully filtered. [b]Progenoids[/b] Creates Space Marine Geneseeds, for use to create more space marines. [b]Black Carapace[/b] A hardened subdermal sheet embedded in Regis's torso that connects to his nervous system and allows him to control his Power Armour as though he were one with it.    
      Weapons and Armour that may be encountered
      [b][size=3]Weapons[/size][/b] [b]Simple Weapons[/b] like swords, axes, spears, and bows/crossbows Damage: 1d10 (Impact or Rending), Armour Penetration: 0 [b]Large Melee Weapons[/b] like Great Swords, Large Mauls, Heavy Waraxes, or Polearms Damage: 2d10 (Impact or Rending), Armour Penetration: 2 [b]Power Weapons[/b], like disruption weapons, lightsabers, plasma swords Damage: 1d10+5 (Energy), Armour Penetration: 6, 75% chance to destroy non-powered weapons if parried. [b]Guns[/b], like Modern rifles, Blasters or Laser rifles and such Damage: 1d10+3 (Impact or Energy), Armour Penetration: 0 [b]Grenades[/b] Fragmentation ~ Damage: 2d10 (Explosive), Armour Penetration: 0 Anti-Tank ~ Damage: 2d10+4 (Explosive), Armour Penetration: 6 Incendiary ~ Damage: 1d10+3 (Energy), Armour Penetration: 6, targets may be set on fire [b][size=3]Armours[/size][/b] [b]Leather:[/b] DR 2 [b]Chain:[/b] DR 3 [b]Kevlar/Flak:[/b] DR 4 [b]Plate:[/b] DR 5 [b]Ceramic/Plastoid:[/b] DR 6 [b]Powered Armour:[/b] DR 8 [b]Terminator:[/b] DR 16 *Note: Space Marines get better armour and weapons, and Grey Knights get even better.*  
    • By CanisMax in Philosophy of Nerdism 1
      Anyone who watches anime regularly can tell you that most of the shows are pretty good. But the fact of the matter is that it's just a form of TV show. There's crummy anime and more importantly, there's weird anime. Here are my top ten picks for the weirdest anime ever. Please keep in mind that this list is purely subjective, so if one or more of your picks didn't make it, feel free to make a friendly comment, but try to avoid ranting.
      Without further ado...
      10. Chrono Crusade
      Kicking off the list is 'Chrono Crusade', an anime I discovered only recently thanks to the SciFy channel's anime featuring. In short, it's a show about a group of nuns who fight off demonic threats to the earth. Is it weird? You bet, but it's pulled off nicely, which puts it at number 10 on this list. While it's a strange concept, that's about where the weirdness ends. Aside from the fact that, apparently, nuns are a deadly supernatural fighting force, the anime is a fairly normal "future-apocalypse" type anime show. It's not particularly one of my favorites, but it merits mentioning if for no other reason than it's difficult to describe.
      9. School Rumble
      High school drama anime are a dime a dozen. There's a million variations on the theme and every one of them is different. What sets 'School Rumble' apart is the sheer absurdity of it. First off, from the outside it looks like your average shoujo (girls' anime). But upon further inspection, I've decided that it could go either way. There are elements of shoujo, to be certain, but for the most part, these only come out to play when the plot's focus is on the female protagonist, Tenma. When the story focuses on the male protagonist, Harima, the style shifts to a much more shonen (boys' anime) style. This provides for a strange, albeit entertaining, viewing experience. All in all, 'School Rumble' is a fun little anime. There are times when it gets pretty mushy, but for all intents and purposes, it's entertaining.
      8. Inuyasha
      One of the most recognizable anime on this list, some may be asking, "and what, exactly, is it about 'Inuyasha' that merits its place on this list?" Well, let's think about this for a moment. It's a show about a teenage girl who falls down a well and is transported back in time to feudal Japan where she meets a half-demon with dog-ears. They go on many adventures with their various friends and meet many strange and insidious creatures. Obviously there's more to it than that, but by the (I think) fifth episode, they fight a girl who uses her hair as a weapon. Now admittedly, Japanese myths, fables, and folklore are going to be a bit hard for American audiences to follow. 'Inuyasha' pulls the transition off pretty well, but from where I'm standing, it's still weird. On a side note, my mom watches this show. Seriously. She's a bigger fan of it than I am, but that's not to say I don't enjoy it. Albeit, I'm still dealing with the fact that my mother watches anime.
      7. Nyan Koi!
      As a sufferer of severe allergies to dogs, I can tell you that they're (I can't believe I'm actually going to say this) nothing to sneeze at. But in all seriousness, I can relate to the main character Junpei's troubles. Allergies suck. So when the plot of 'Nyan Koi!' develops and reveals that he becomes cursed to not only have the ability to talk to cats, the very thing which he is allergic to, but to have to help them with whatever problems they might have, well, I felt for the guy. 'Nyan Koi!' is strange, but it's interesting because the story is frequently seen from the cats' point of view. 'Nyan Koi' is pretty funny. The story can get pretty strange, but hey, it's a show about a guy who talks to cats.
      6. Samurai Pizza Cats
      The world of 'Samurai Pizza Cats' is inhabited entirely by talking animals which also happen to be cyborgs. Seriously. The main story takes place in a city called Little Tokyo. Little Tokyo is constantly threatened by the villainous Big Cheese (a rat), his partner-in-crime Geri Atrick (a crow), and their army of evil birds. The only defense against these guys are the Samurai Pizza Cats: Speedy, Guido, and Polly. That pretty much sums up the entire show. Every episode has the Big Cheese attacking and the Pizza Cats fighting back... and it's awesome. 'Samurai Pizza Cats' is one of the stupidest anime ever created, and I've loved every second that I've seen. Weird? You bet. Silly? Absolutely. Fun? No question. But if you want the full experience, go eat a pizza pie.
      5. Yu-Gi-Oh
      Without a doubt, this is the single most recognizable anime on this list. Even people, who barely know what anime is, know what 'Yu-Gi-Oh' is. Some people have accused it of being a Pokemon rip-off. It's hard to say, since they were released at about the same time. Let's cut to the chase. Admit it, 'Yu-Gi-Oh' is weird. Almost everyone plays the card game, it claims that the Egyptian gods were real, and some of the characters are supposed to be reincarnated. Interesting concept, I suppose. Nevertheless, 'Yu-Gi-Oh' can't seem to shake its own strangeness. It tries to be serious, but usually ends up just looking even sillier. Admittedly, I don't much care for this show, but LittleKuriboh's "Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series", which pretty much started the abridging anime craze is worth checking out.
      4. Ranma 1/2 & Kampfer
      Before you say anything: it's my list and I can put two different shows at one position if I want to.
      What do these shows have in common? They both involve the main protagonist randomly changing from a male to a female.
      'Ranma ½' is a fairly popular anime, but I'll explain anyway. It's about a martial artist named Ranma Saotome who falls into a magic pond and is cursed to change into a girl whenever he comes into contact with cold water. He changes back when exposed to hot water. There are a few other characters who have suffered similar fates, most relevantly his dad, who changes into a panda (oddly enough, he spends most of the show in this form) and Ranma's rival, Ryoga who changes into a pig.
      'Kampher' centers around a guy who acquires a bracelet which causes him to become a 'kampher', a female warrior fated to do battle with other kamphers. Most of the other kamphers are girls naturally, so he's pretty much the only one who changes gender, though most of the others go through physical and/or mental changes.
      Another thing these anime have in common is that they present some interesting romantic storylines. Ranma has several girls who want to marry his male self and at least one male who wants to marry his female self. 'Kampher's' main protagonist, Natsuru, is in love with a girl who is interested in his female self. Both are complicated shows and both are pretty fun anime.
      3. Hell Girl
      This one is really a piece of work. 'Hell Girl' is about a group of supernatural beings who run a service that allows humans to send other humans straight to Hell, in exchange for their souls, or something to that extent. The thing that confuses me the most about 'Hell Girl' is the imagery. I imagine that most of it is symbolic or something, but it's very hard to follow. The first time I watched it, I went away feeling emotionally drained, but I'm not sure why. In all honesty, I'm not entirely certain how this anime is supposed to make you feel. It is one seriously messed up show. I wish I could say more, but thinking about this show makes me want to go sit in dark room and mumble to myself.
      2. Rave Master
      On a lighter note, we're nearing the end of the list with 'Rave Master'. This is another one that's hard to follow, but it's about a trio of heroes who try to destroy some sort of evil stones. Honestly, I think if you spent an hour playing the last five or six 'Final Fantasy' games while on an acid trip, it would look pretty similar to 'Rave Master'. The show is wacky on purpose, but while it's usually fairly tame, there are times when you have to sit back and say, "OK... what just happened?" It's that weird. Admittedly, most of the time it's a fairly normal 'swords-and-sorcery' anime in the vein of 'Slayers' and 'Full Metal Alchemist'. What pushes it over the edge is the indescribable weirdness that permeates the series. Don't take my word for it. Go check it out. You'll never think the same way again.
      1. Requiem from the Darkness
      What happens when you take a series of Japanese horror novels and turn them into an anime series? You get 'Requiem from the Darkness', and in my opinion, a lot of confusion. The show is apparently about an author who wants to write a book of 100 ghost stories, so he travels from town to town looking for ideas. Well, as it turns out most of the stories he hears are more than stories. Now, the concept is sane enough, there have been weirder ideas presented. But the actual product is just...
      "Beyond description" is the term I'm looking for. The same thing that caused 'Hell Girl's' weirdness causes its weirdness: the imagery. Interestingly enough, 'Requiem' never had a manga as a base. The entire thing is an original anime. It's dark, gritty, and all-out strange. The visuals look like some sort of modern art at times. 'Requiem from the Darkness' is hard to follow, but I'd recommend checking it out. It's fun to watch in a weird sort of way.
    • By Marvel Man in Marvel's Corner 0
      Alright, welcome people. This, is Marvel's Corner!
      As you all know, every other day I post one of my own cool quotes. Well, now, every once in a while, I'll also add an awesome quote from a Marvel character. Today is one of those days.
      Today's Topic: Quote
      The quote:
      "He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you. "
      - Friedrich Nietzsche
      And the Marvel quote:
      "While Solo lives, Terror Dies!"
      - Solo
      That's it for today. Until next time.
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    • Match Final Results Member Ratings: 4.00 - IKA 5.00 - StormChaser 4.00 - Pizzaguy2995 FPA Calculation: 3 Total Votes cast 13.00 Total Combined Score 13.00 / 3 = 4.33 Final Rating on the match MATCH SCORE Time Force Power Rangers: 6 Ninja Sentai Kakuranger: 0
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    • Goliath and his clan take this easily. They practically live out a DnD campaign twice a season, nothing Zargon does will surprise or intimidate them.
    • I really should get back to finishing this story...
    • Learn More About Teen Titans (2003 TV series) Read more about Teen Titans (2003 TV series) at Wikipedia Official Site: DC Comics Links: Teen Titans Wiki Entry Titans Tower Titans Go! Tiny Toons Read more about Tiny Toons at Wikipedia Official Site: Warner Bros. Links: Wikipedia IMDB: Tiny Toon Adventures Big Cartoon Database
    • Control Freak huffed and panted as he shoved mall patrons out of his way.  People cried out in alarm and excitement, pointing to the air at the sight of Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy in hawk form.  “Control Freak!  You will halt and commence with the surrender!” shouted Starfire.  She hurled a star bolt that hit the floor and exploded in front of Control Freak.  He whirled to face the oncoming heroes with a snarl.  “You people don’t get it!  How do you losers expect me to watch the premiere of Warp Trek 9 from prison?!”  Raven raised an eyebrow.  “You broke out of jail to see a corny science fiction movie?”  “Corny?!” Beast Boy transformed to his normal shape and pointed an accusatory finger at Raven.  “The special effects alone are incredible!  And they got the original screenwriter for the script!”  Raven gave Beast Boy a withering look, and he chuckled nervously.  “But yeah, still no excuse for breaking out of jail.”  Control Freak pulled out his remote and aimed it at the Titans.  “You want to ruin my fun?  Then it’s up to the master of all media, Control Freak, to make you pay!”  With a press of a button three 7-foot-tall robots materialized in front of Control Freak.  “Annihilate them, my mechanical minions!”  “Azarath Metrion Zinthos!”  Raven’s eyes glowed and she extended her arms at the lead robot.  A blast of dark energy enveloped Control Freak’s construct and caused it’s limbs to be pulled apart.  Control Freak jumped up and down in frustration.  “You and your stupid magic!  But it doesn’t matter!  I’ve still got two more robo…”  Before Control Freak could finish his rant, a beam of blue energy cut through the other two robots.  Cyborg walked into view, his arm still in Sonic Cannon form trained at Control Freak.  “I wouldn’t bother seeing the movie, man.  You know the sequel can’t beat the original.”  “Not fair!  Not fair!  NOT FAIR!” whined Control Freak.  He raised the remote only for a batarang to knock it out of his grip.  He turned right into a kick from a diving Robin that sent him crashing through a window into an electronics store.  Robin and the Titans walked over the debris to surround the staggered supervillain.  “It’s over, Control Freak,” said Robin.  “You are going to prison.  It’s up to you whether it’ll be the easy way or the hard way.”  Control Freak moaned, looked at the row of televisions behind him then grinned.  “Ha!  Think again, Robin!  Because uhhhh, you’ve fallen into my trap!  Yes!  My brilliant trap that I totally have planned for this moment!”  “The first time you’ve done something brilliant?” snarked Raven.  “How exciting for you.”  “Stay on guard, Titans,” ordered Robin.  “Cyborg!  Set your cannon to stun and…”  With a swift gesture Control Freak pulled out a small device from his trenchcoat and slammed it on one of the TVs.  The television set sparked and flashed, and the screen went from black to static to swirling mass of colors and light.  Control Freak leapt out of the way as a vortex began dragging the Titans towards the screen.  “Robin!” Starfire shouted, gritting her teeth as she tried to fly loose.  “It’s too strong!”  “What’s this geek done now?!” yelled Cyborg.  “It’s Freak, not geek, Tin Man!” ranted Control Freak.  “And what I’ve done is use by brilliant device to send you back into the tv world!  But this time you won’t be able to hop from show to show!  This time you’ll be trapped in one show FOREVER!”  Beast Boy was the closest to the television.  He morphed from one bird to another but slowly he was sucked into it.  “This isn’t how I wanted to get into televisiooooooon!”  In a flash Beast Boy was gone.  “Beast Boy!” cried out Raven.  Cyborg aimed his cannon at Control Freak’s device.  He fired and hit the target, causing it to deliver a piercing whine.  “No!” screamed Control Freak.  “What’s with it with you people breaking my things?!”  The villain slammed the side of the tv set and the screen continued to pull the Titans in.  Starfire was yanked backwards into Raven and the two heroes disappeared into the tv.  “Starfire!  Raven!  Hold on!” Robin hurled a batarang attached to a cord, embedding it into a pillar.  Wrapping the cord around his waist he allowed himself to be pulled toward the opening as Cyborg desperately attempted to hold his ground.  “Robin!  We can’t hold on much longer!  We’re going in!”  With a final explosion of sparks, the device increased it’s pull, finally dragging Cyborg and Robin into the television.  Robin’s cord held taut for a second, only to snap and fall uselessly to the floor when the vortex closed.  Control Freak danced with glee.  “Oh yeah!  Finally, the lord of reality Control Freak has finally bested the pathetic Teen Titans!”  The device sparked again, and the vortex re-opened.  Control Freak groaned and ran to the device on the side of the set.  “That dratted Cyborg!  His stupid cannon screwed up my device!  Ah, it’s no problem!  Once I fix this thing, I’ll close the vortex for good.  Then those troublesome Titans will never get out!”    When Robin regained consciousness, he looked up into the eyes of Starfire.  “Robin!  Are you alright?”  Robin rose to his feet and tried to shake the cobwebs from his mind.  “I think so.  Any idea where we are?”  Beast Boy nudged Robin and pointed.  “Dude, I think I know.”  The Titans looked where Beast Boy was pointing.  They were standing in front of a tall building with two large statues on either side of it.  The statues appeared to that of a rabbit and a duck in robes and mortarboard hats.  At the top of the stairs leading to the front door of the structure was the name of where the Titans found themselves in red, bold letters.  “Acme Looniversity?” Starfire said in confusion.  “Are you familiar with this place?”  “Familiar?” Beast Boy clenched his fists in excitement.  “I know where Control Freak trapped us!  We’re in Tiny Toon Adventures!  I loved this show!”  The other Titans looked at Beast Boy until he sighed.  “Come on!  Don’t tell me I’m the only one who watched this!”  “Dude,” Cyborg said.  “I was playing football, Robin was being trained by Batman, Raven was being raised in a temple, and Starfire was on another planet.”  “The point is we got lucky!  There’s no monsters or aliens on this show that could attack us!  All the toon characters here are good guys!”  “Ehh, wouldn’t be so sure about that, green bean!”  The Titans found themselves surrounded on all sides by the Tiny Toons.  Buster and Babs stood together looking unusually serious as Robin held up his hands.  “Listen, we don’t mean you any harm!  We are just wanting to get home!”  Babs whirled around into a Glinda the Good Witch costume.  “Oh, that’s simple!  Just click your heels together, close your eyes and say, ‘There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home!’”  Starfire looked confused for a moment, then shrugged and closed her eyes.  “There’s no place like home.  There’s no place like…”  Cyborg put a hand on her shoulder.  “Cool it, Starfire!  They’re just messing with you!”  Beast Boy stared at Babs as she returned to normal.  “Why’d you do that?  You’re supposed to be good guys!  Err, rabbits.”  “Well, buddy, today’s going to be a kind of special episode!” said Buster.  “See, all of us at Warners have been enjoying this whole DC vs Toon thing that’s been going on.  But we’ve decided that since we’re so in the lead of you long underwear types, we wanted to finish it off with one big fight!”  “And with that maroon Control Freak bringing you here,” continued Babs.  “That means you five lucky contestants have won all expense paid, one way trip to the DC Universe final loss!” She gave a side eye towards an invisible camera.  “How’s that for exposition?”  Gogo Dodo jumped up and down in excitement.  “Prepare to repel boarders!  And Waldenbooks!  And Half-Price Books!”  “Yeah, you guys,” chimed in Shirley.  “These super zeroes are totally harshing my aura, kay?”  “Please don’t tell me we have to fight a mob of stuffed animals?” said Cyborg.  Robin nodded up at the clock tower of Acme Looniversity.  “We might not have to.  Look.”  The Titans glanced up and saw the swirling light of the vortex at the top of the school.  “We get to the vortex before it closes, we can get out of here.  Beast Boy, you take point.  What you know about this show could give us an edge.”  “Got it, boss!” Beast Boy saluted.  “Alright.  Titans!  GO!”  Dizzy Devil snarled and spun towards the heroes as Starfire and Raven took to the air.  Gogo Dodo teleported in front of them and pulled out a giant stop sign.  “Sorry, ladies.  This is a no-fly zone!  Not even Vincent Price could get up here!  So long!”  Gogo swung the stop sign and sent the two heroes sprawling to the ground.  Shirley closed her eyes and interlocked her fingers.  “Like, nice one, Gogo.  Now let me get with my center and show what my aura can do, mmkay?”  A transparent copy of Shirley rose from her body and advanced towards Raven.  “Enough games!  Azarath Metrion Zinthos!”  An energy construct in the shape of a raven shot out of Raven and smashed into Shirley’s aura.  The aura and Shirley were sent flying backward and Calamity drew a makeshift laser.  Cyborg flailed his arm to try to dislodge Dizzy, whose jaws were clamped on tight.  “Get off of me, furball!”  “Don’t worry, Cyborg!  I’ve got ya!”  Beast Boy morphed into a wolf and was about to leap into action until he felt someone grab him by the tail and yank him back.  “Ooh!  A doggie!” Elmyra Duff wrapped her arms around Beast Boy, making him gasp for breath.  “I’ve always wanted a doggie for my very, very own!”  Robin hurled a smoke grenade and leapt over Buster and Babs.  “Titans!  Get into school!  We’ve got to reach that portal!”  Raven picked up Starfire and took flight as Cyborg finally shook Dizzy loose and sent him crashing into Elmyra.  The Titans ran up the stairs pursued by the rest of the Tiny Toons as Babs stopped Buster.  “You know, Buster, we really don’t have to fight these guys, do we?”  “Yeah, I guess we don’t have to.  The other Toons took the lead a long time ago.”  “And we are kinda doing that Control Geek’s dirty work for him?”  “Yeah, kinda.  But the guy writing this is already on the fourth page of the setup.  It would be shame to waste everyone’s time reading all this and not give them a fight.”  “Hmm.  I guess you’re right.”  A look of glee came over the two rabbits.  “So, let’s get ‘em!”    OK: 2003 Titans (Robin, Beast Boy, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven) 1990s Tiny Toons (Buster, Babs, Plucky, Hamton, Fifi, Shirley, Elmyra, Montana, Dizzy, Calamity, Gogo, Furrball, Sweetie, Beeper, L’il Sneezer) The Titans win by escaping through the portal before Control Freak repairs his device.  Game On! 
    • How dare you!  The Iron Sheik will humble you!  XD  Yeah, the Sheik is pretty nuts, especially nowadays.  
    • And I thought the Mexican wrestlers were eccentric. 
    • MATCH SCORE The Avengers and Justice League: 2 Sailor Scouts and Z Fighters: 0 Doctor Manhattan and Voltron: 1
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