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Ace (Class Zero) vs. Yugi Mutou
Ace (Class Zero): 4
Yugi Mutou: 2

Kim Possible vs. Max Guevara
Kim Possible: 3
Max Guevara: 4

Pokemon vs. Justice League (DCAU)
Pokemon: 1
Justice League (DCAU): 5

Mai Valentine vs. Faye Valentine
Mai Valentine: 2
Faye Valentine: 1

Mercy Graves vs. Kato
Mercy Graves: 2
Kato: 7

Leonardo (Mirage) vs. Geese Howard
Leonardo (Mirage): 4
Geese Howard: 3

King Kong vs. Ebirah
King Kong: 6
Ebirah: 2

Gamora vs. Drako
Gamora: 3
Drako: 2

Audrey 2 vs. Jolly Green Giant
Audrey 2: 1
Jolly Green Giant: 6

Power Girl vs. Justice League (DCAU)
Power Girl: 3
Justice League (DCAU): 6

Zuo Ci vs. Oswald (King of Fighters)
Zuo Ci: 4
Oswald (King of Fighters): 1

Maui vs. Snowbird
Maui (Moana): 3
Snowbird: 4

Roger (Tekken) vs. Roo (Streets Of Rage)
Roger (Tekken): 3
Roo (Streets Of Rage): 2

Raphael (Mirage) vs. Duke (KOF: MI)
Raphael (Mirage): 8
Duke (KOF: MI): 2

Review: The Saint's Magic Power is Omnipotent




Review: The Saint's Magic Power is Omnipotent


article-showcover-saintspoweromni.jpgSeason Aired: Spring 2021 - 12 episodes

MAL Link: The Saint's Magic Power is Omnipotent

I watched it at: Funimation



The Saint's Magic Power is Omnipotent invites the viewer into a world of enchantment, romance and fantasy.

It is a pleasant enough world, inhabited with characters who generally seem kind and chivalrous. There's a bit of danger to be dealt with, which provides some small stakes. There's a love interest to follow, for the romantics among us. And the art is pleasing to the eye.

However, this easy-going and generally pretty show is marred by some storytelling issues that can take you right out of the narrative and break your immersion. Specifically, there are characters in this show whose decision making processes are questionable and may have you shaking your head about it.


The Plot in a Nutshell:

Generic Fantasy Kingdom is in dire straights as viscous monsters are appearing at the borders.  Hence, they play their ultimate card and perform the ritual that will summon the Hero they call "Saint".

As it happens, the ritual summons not one, but TWO prospective Saints.  So, two women are pulled from Japan and appear in Generic Fantasy Kingdom: a middle-aged workaholic corporate drone and a younger student.


My Verdict: 

The Saint's Magic Power is Omnipotent is not terrible.  It can be perfectly fine, if somewhat mindless entertainment.  And I am totally fine with mindless entertainment as long as my brain is pleased.

The Main Character - The Saint - is just fine.  Her story and her actions are understandable and generally congruent. My Brain floated along with her story in a generally neutral entertained state without issue.

The problem is that there are a couple of side-characters who make decisions and take actions which are simply incomprehensible. Their actions defy logic and reasonable judgement - and anytime my Brain has to stop and question the stupidity of the show's writing my score goes down.

It is unfortunate because overall the show was cruising along at about a "3" score for me but the idiot side-character's arc (the Prince) was a pot-hole in the road that dinged my enjoyment.

But you may not be as critical about it as I.  If you're in the mood for a mellow, feel-good romance show with some fantasy world-building elements then you might be more charitable towards it.


Score: 2.5 out of 5

Review Rating Scale:

5     Brain wildly entertained. Neurons saturated with entertainment.

4.5  Brain extremely entertained. Neurons firing regularly. Outside world forgotten.

4     Brain entertained. Neurons well stimulated. Brain wants to look for the blu-ray.

3.5  Brain in Neutral. Neurons a little stimulated. Brain generally pleased.

3     Brain in neutral. Neurons flat lined. Meh, brain pleased just enough.

2.5  Brain in neutral but occasionally displeased.

2     Brain displeased and not entertained. Brain thinking about doing something else.

1.5 or less - Brain suffered through the show so it could tell you not to.





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