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Battlesphere 2 Update #1




Battlesphere 2 Update #1

Al Rossi: Helloooooo, fight fans!  It’s Al and Andel, back for this special report!  Today we are going to be introducing you to 6 of the 30 combatants that will be entering Battlesphere 2! 

Andel Sanap: All six of these combatants will be entering the Battlesphere for the second time.  Each one of these women were able to qualify for Battlesphere 2 by meeting 3 criteria set by the TCC.  They needed to make it to the final 10 of the first Battlesphere, they each had one of the 10 longest match times in the sphere, and they each eliminated 2 other combatants! 

Al Rossi: So let’s get this started!  The first two of our returning six will be…



image.png.1d13fe9bc6d43be46e2fa151459bdba6.png    image.png.1fe2fef3756c11b3e29b7e4d0cadc5e6.png

Al Rossi: Medusa and Carmen Sandiego!  Appropriate that these two ladies get a second shot, due to the fact that they both entered at number 1 and 2 last time and managed to stay in the Battlesphere for over 50 minutes each! 

Andel Sanap: And they did not waste their time in the sphere.  They both secured 2 eliminations and finished in 8th and 6th place respectively.  We were able to secure an audience with the queen of the Inhumans for her thoughts.  Ladies and gentlemen, Medusa! 

Medusa: It seems so long ago since I entered the TCC Arena and took part in the Battlesphere Battle Royal.  Through all of the chaos I encountered warriors of all shapes and sizes.  Now I am told I have another chance to achieve glory for my people.  And this time, Carmen Sandiego, I will not underestimate you, and you shall not defeat me again!  Hail Medusa! 

Al Rossi: Well, seems like Medusa still is holding onto some frustration after Carmen eliminated her in the last go around. 

Andel Sanap: Perhaps there will be a chance to settle some unfinished business.  Speaking of which, also re-entering the Battlesphere will be…


Andel Sanap: The Miraculous Ladybug!  In her last attempt, the Parisian hero managed to last over 27 minutes in the Battlesphere and score 2 eliminations on her way to 5th place.  A participant in the first match to take place in TCC Arena, she is anxious to not only prove her mettle once again in the Battlesphere, but to go all the way and win. 

Al Rossi: And where Ladybug is, it’s almost assured you will find our next Battlesphere veteran…


Al Rossi: Chloe Bourgeois!  The Queen Bee and TCC’s resident… er, interviewer had a most impressive outing in the first Battlesphere.  She clocked in 43 minutes, a 4th place finish, and secured the most eliminations with 5!  With her thoughts, here’s Chloe! 

Chloe Bourgeois: Hellooo everyone!  That’s right!  It’s your favorite superhero/backstage interviewer in the world, Queen Bee!  Of course, I was going to qualify to get into the Battlesphere again!  Everyone knows how awesome I was last time!  And I would have won too, if that show off Ladybug didn’t get in my way!  So does anybody actually think that any of the 29 losers the TCC will bring in will be able eliminate Queen Bee and stop me from winning this time?  Ha!  Ridiculous! 

Andel Sanp: Miss Bourgeois is never without confidence, but we still as of now are unaware who the TCC have selected for the 24 other combatants.  We only know that they participated in and won scenarios crafted by the broadwaybeyonder. 

Al Rossi: But we do know the final 2 returning ladies who will round out our 6!  And they are…


image.png.62e5caa56a9cacd23916255515ac8562.png         image.png.7e11d37c758ba8e9add2b42a480f919a.png

Al Rossi: The Golden Age heroines Phantom Lady and Battlesphere winner Miss America! 

Andel Sanap: Both heroes clocked in 31 minutes in the Battlesphere with Phantom Lady finishing in 3rd place. Not only do they 2 and 4 eliminations as individuals, they also have a shared elimination by teaming up to take on Elsa. 

Al Rossi: And it was Elsa's power that Miss America chose to use as her prize for winning the first Battlesphere.  Little did we all know that it was all a plot by the 8 to become the 9 and gain their own private enforcer.  Miss America had these thoughts about potentially going undefeated in the Battlesphere! 

Miss America: People have asked me what it was like to be under the control of the 8.  Was I aware?  Did I try to fight it?  Did I know what I was doing?  And the answer is always yes.  I was helpless, a prisoner in my own body, watching as those monstrous men used me as their weapon.  But now I’m free, able to fight when and how I wish to fight.  And right now, I’ve decided to enter the Battlesphere again, not for any prize or glory.  But to fight for you fans.  To give you a battle like you’ve never seen before.  And as for the TCC bringing in 15 men to enter the fray?  Hmm.  Just remember, fellas.  It may be a man’s world, but it’s this woman’s Battlesphere.  God bless America! 

Al Rossi: Sounds like we’ve got some fired up combatant for Battlesphere 2! 

Andel Sanap: Yes, Al, but sadly these developments are not without controversy.  There were 3 combatants who failed to qualify for Battlesphere 2.  Chel and Poison Ivy both met the requirements on match time and eliminations, but neither made it to the final 10. 

Al Rossi: But the biggest disappointment has got to be for Cassie Cage.  Despite making it to the final 2 with 3 eliminations, the Special Forces sergeant was unable to last long enough in the Battlesphere to break into the top 10 match times. 

Andel Sanap: However, the broadwaybeyonder and the TCC have decided that these 3 combatants will be given an opportunity to compete in specialty matches leading up to Battlesphere 2.  And I have heard rumblings that these matches may also involve some other combatants looking to redeem their past performances. 

Al Rossi: We’ll be sure to keep you posted, folks!  For now, we’re just about out of time!  Stay tuned for more updates as Battlesphere 2 draws near!  Until then, for Andel Sanap, I’m Al Rossi!  Goodnight, everybody! 



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