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Sydney Bristow: 3
Anton Chigurgh: 0

Jake Sully (Avatar): 2
Feral Predator: 3

Two-Gun Kid: 2
Miles Edgeworth: 3

Zilla Jr.: 4
Cloverfield Creature (Clover): 2

Captain Marvel / Shazam: 1
Superman: 2

Sydney Bristow: 3
Juno Skinner: 1

The Goonies: 2
Hawkins A.V. Club (Stranger Things): 3

Trakeena: 1
Astronema: 3

Loki (Marvel Comics): 3
Sauron: 2

Sydney Bristow: 3
Mike Ehrmantraut: 1

Emperor Han: 4
Ozai: 3

D-Generation X: 1
The nWo: 5

Penguin: 1
Michigan J. Frog: 4

Arsene Lupin III: 2
Loid Forger: 1

Sydney Bristow: 4
Ava Faulkner: 2

Heracles: 0
Darth Bane: 3

Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn): 4
Professor Pyg: 1

The Dominion: 1
Dominators: 3

Grinders: 4
Jem'Hadar: 3

Lucy (2014 film): 6
Leeloo: 0

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    • By RakaiThwei in RakaiThwei's CBUB Blog 0
      Here is a list of characters I have added to CBUB and they are categorized by their respective franchises. I most certainly will be updating this list overtime as more and more characters are added by me to the CBUB rosters. I hope that they will see matches of their own and grow records of their own.
      But the Twilight characters were added so they could be jobbers. Ha ha ha ha!
      Arthur Read
      Dead or Alive/Ninja Gaiden
      Helena Douglas
      Tina Armstrong
      Kazuya Mishima
      Asuka Kazama
      Baek Doo San
      Lidia Sobieska
      Soul Calibur
      Seong Mi-na
      Heishiro Mitsurugi
      Street Fighter
      Dan Hibiki
      Juri Han
      Fei Long
      Maki Genryusai
      Allen Snider
      Sheng Long
      King of Fighters
      Kyo Kusanagi
      Saisyu Kusanagi
      Iori Yagami
      Ryo Sakazaki
      Yuri Sakazaki
      Sie Kensou
      Chin Gentsai
      Shingo Yabuki
      Choi Bounge
      May Lee Jinju
      Chae Lim
      Jhun Hoon
      Mister Big
      Garou: Mark of the Wolves
      Kushnood Butt
      Hotaru Futaba
      Aggressors of Dark Kombat
      Bobby Nelson
      Mortal Kombat
      Dark Kahn
      Kurtis Stryker
      Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Mirage)

      Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (IDW)

      Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - The Last Ronin
      Michelangelo (Last Ronin)
      Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)
      The Turtle Van
      Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012)
      TMNT: Tournament Fighters
      Alien vs Predator
      Scar Predator
      Wolf Predator
      Scarface Predator
      Dark Predator
      Ghost Predator
      Broken Tusk Predator
      Runner Alien
      Specimen 6 Alien
      Pvt. Jeanette Vasquez
      Pvt. William Hudson
      Sgt. Apone
      Lt. Gorman
      Machiko Noguchi
      Lt. Mike Harrigan
      Praetorian Alien
      Weyland Yutani Corp.
      Killer Croc Alien
      Joker Alien
      Robert Rodriguez's PREDATORS
      Berserker Predator
      Falconer Predator

      The Terminator

      Invaders from Mars
      Invaders from Mars
      Star Wars
      Black Krrsantan
      Icon Comics (Marvel Imprint)
      The Crimson Bolt
      The Host
      The Host
      Zombie Spider-Man
      WildCat (Tom Bronson)
      Gotham City Police Department
      The Mutants
      Milkman Man
      Kamen Rider
      Kamen Rider Amazon
      Kamen Rider Black RX
      Kamen Rider Decade
      Kamen Rider Diend
      Kamen Rider Shin
      Kamen Rider Faiz
      Kamen Rider Kabuto
      Percy Jackson and the Olympians
      Annabeth Chase
      Colin MacLeod
      Duncan MacLeod
      The Kurgan
      Juan Sanchez Villa Lobos Ramirez
      Richie Ryan
      Sailor Moon
      Sailor Mars
      Sailor Mercury
      Sailor Venus
      Sailor Jupiter
      Sailor Chibi Moon
      Sailor Saturn
      Sailor Uranus
      Sailor Neptune
      Sailor Pluto
      Record of Lodoss War
      Karla the Grey Witch
      Detroit Police Department
      The Crow
      The Crow (Ashe Corven)
      Historical Figures and Misc.
      Shaka Zulu
      Masutatsu Oyama
      Abraham Lincoln- Vampire Hunter
      Shaolin Monks
      Joan of Arc
      Cryptids and Legends
      The Jersey Devil
      Devil Monkey
      The Dover Demon
      SCP Foundation

      Siren Head
      Berry Gordy's the Last Dragon
      Sho'Nuff the Shogun of Harlem
      LeRoy Greene
      Demolition Man
      Simon Phoenix
      Prophecy (1979)
      I am Legend
      Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky
      The Steel Clan
      Crusade Comics
      Final Fantasy
      Rinoa Heartilly
      Terra Branford
      Streets of Rage
      Axel Stone
      Adam Hunter
      Blaze Fielding
      The Plutonian
      Witchblade (Masane Amaha)
      The Mist
      The Mist Creatures
      R.L. Stein's Goosebumps
      The Masked Mutant
      Transformers: Generation 1
      Lord Chumley
      H.P. Lovecraft Cthulhu Mythos
      The Deep Ones
      In The Mouth of Madness
      Sutter Cane
      Sword Art Online
      Asuna Yuuki

      Japanese Mythology

      The Fighting Fist of Shanghai Joe
      Shanghai Joe

      The Boys (Amazon Prime)

      Tongue of the Fatman
      The Fatman
      Goblin Slayer

      Goblin Slayer
      Legendary Monsterverse
      Toho Kaiju Eiga
      So I'm a Spider, So What?
      Dodgeball: An Underdog Story
      White Goodman

      Saved By The Bell
      A.C. Slater
      Alice Cullen
      Bella Swan
      The Derelict
      Hadley's Hope
      The Amazon Rainforest
    • By broadwaybeyonder in broadwaybeyonder 0
      *This blog is meant to be the starting point for a series of winter themed rumbles.  It will be featuring a plot device I used in Snow White vs Cinderella.  If you want to see that, click here!  Match 16928 Snow White vs. Cinderella - CBUB Rated Matches - The Electric Ferret Message Boards If you want to see what’s in store, read on!* 
      Calm Before the (Snow) Storm
      Once upon a time, the wielders of magic looked across the expanse of time and space between their kingdoms.  They were Yen Sid, Merlin, the Genies, the Fairies, and the other great magicians, wizards, and witches.  By combing their powers, they set about establishing several smaller realms between the kingdoms.  They were a collection of castles and lands that would allow people from different kingdoms to gather and explore together.  One castle in particular became known as the retreat for the princesses, a place where could get away from the stress of ruling their kingdoms.  For many years, the princesses would come to relax and enjoy their fellowship, and all was well.  Until one day… 
      Elsa looked around the courtyard of the castle to examine her handiwork.  The entire grounds were covered with a soft blanket of snow, and icicles of varying lengths stretched down from the roof.  “Oh, sis!  You’ve outdone yourself this year!”  Elsa smiled and gave a nod of approval before turning to face Anna.  “Thank you, Anna.  I hope that the other princesses appreciate it.” 
      “Of course they will!  Why wouldn’t they?  Everything’s so calm and peaceful and….” 
      “OOT OF THE WAY!!” 
      Anna jumped behind Elsa as a sled sped through the open gates of the castle into the courtyard.  It kicked up a cloud of snow that hurtled toward the sisters until Elsa used her magic to disperse it.  Sitting on the sled looking sheepish, were Merida and Rapunzel.  Merida still clutched the edge of the sled, while Rapunzel sat in the back with her hair wrapped around her like a scarf.  “Um, good morning, Princess Elsa, Princess Anna,” said Rapunzel nervously.  “Merida was just showing me how to ride this thing, and it kind of got away from us.  Didn’t it, Merida?”  Merida shot Rapunzel a look, who jerked her head towards the sisters.  Merida looked back and cleared her throat.  “Oh, yes.  That’s what happened.  I’ll need to talk to Tor back home.  He just doesn’t build sleds like he used to.”  Elsa looked at Anna and sighed.  “Were you about to say quiet?”  Anna peeked behind Elsa and carefully walked around her to the sled.  “Oh they’re just having some fun, Elsa.  No harm done.  Besides, you can’t blame them for enjoying this weather you…” 
      Anna was interrupted by a snowball hitting her in the face.  She sputtered as the sound of stifled giggles came from one of the archways.  Elsa raised an eyebrow and walked toward the archway to see Ariel, Jasmine, and Belle in winter gear.  She frowned at the three princesses as they stood with their hands behind their backs, desperately trying to keep from laughing.  “Would any of you happen to have seen who threw that snowball?” Elsa asked.  The three princesses all shook their heads.  “Snowball?  Someone threw a snowball?” Belle asked wide eyed.  “I wouldn’t even know what a snowball looked like,” said Jasmine.  “Me neither,” snickered Ariel.  Elsa rolled her eyes and turned to walk away.  Sharing a final grin, Ariel, Jasmine, and Belle all pulled out the snowballs they had hid behind their backs and threw them at Elsa.  Elsa spun around and used her magic to send the projectiles flying over her head.  Unfortunately, they proceeded to land directly on Anna, Merida, and Rapunzel.  Merida wiped the snow from her hair and grinned at the snowballers.  “So, you want to play, do ya?”  She scooped two handfuls of snow, with Rapunzel and Anna following suit.  Ariel, Jasmine, and Belle scattered laughing into the courtyard for cover.  Within an instant, fozen projectiles were being hurled back and forth across the lawn.  “Ladies!  Ladies, please!” Elsa shouted, but to no avail. 
      Across the courtyard, Snow White and Cinderella walked through an archway.  “Oh!  What’s going on hereMMPH!”  said Snow White before receiving a mouthful of snow.  “Ha!  Sorry, Snow White!  Or is it Snow Ball?”  laughed Ariel.  Cinderella pulled Snow White behind a tree just in time to avoid another volley of snow.  “I should of known you three would be starting up again!” Cinderella said as she started rolling snow.  “You’ve been waiting for this ever since Belle told you about snow!” 
      Elsa stood in the center of the playful warfare until finally she raised her hands to the sky.    “ENOUGH!”  Instantly every snowball that was still in the air stopped in mid-flight, suspended by Elsa’s magic.  The other princesses dropped the snow they had in their hands as Elsa let the snowballs drop to the ground.  She looked around the courtyard disapprovingly.  “I can’t believe this.  I give you all the gift of winter and you instantly turn into a mob of lunatics!”  Anna took a step forward.  “Elsa, calm down.  They didn’t mean any harm.  There’s nothing wrong with a little snowball fight.  We had them when we were younger, remember?” 
      “But this is not a little snowball fight,” Elsa argued.  “If you all kept this up you’d probably wreck the whole castle!”  Merida crossed her arms and pouted.  “But we were winnin’!”  Jasmine scoffed.  “Oh please.  We would have won!”  Elsa silenced any further debate with a glare.  Then she took a deep breath to calm herself.  “Very well.  You want to have a snowball fight?  Fine.  Then we’re going to try to keep it under control.  Meet in the main dining room tomorrow morning.  I’ll tell you how we’re going to handle this.”  Elsa stalked out of the courtyard, leaving the other princesses to look on in confusion. 
      The next morning, the six princesses made their way into the dining room, only to find they weren’t alone.  The hall was filled with familiar faces: Aurora, Pocahontas, Esmeralda, Megara, Mulan, Jane, Kida, Tiana, Moana, and Raya.  All were dressed for the winter weather and talking in hushed, excited tones.  “Do you have any idea what your sister is planning?” Ariel asked Anna.  “Don’t look at me,” Anna shrugged.  “She didn’t even come up to our room.  She said she had ‘things’ to take care of.”  The door to the dining room swung open and Elsa walked in.  She looked over the excited and curious faces before her.  “Thank you all for coming.  I understand that you all are very excited about the snowfall I’ve created for the castle.”  Some of the women shouted agreement and thanks.  “But I also know that some of you might decide to get carried away and turn our castle grounds into a snowball battlefield.”  A couple of knowing glances towards Ariel, Jasmine, and Belle and some snickers followed.  “Now I don’t want to interfere in your fun, but I believe we can do it a way that isn’t going to turn into a free for all.  So, I’m happy to announce that starting today, we will be having a snowball fight tournament!” 
      The dining room started buzzing with excitement, and Elsa raised a hand to quiet it.  “Yes, I know.  You choose who you want to have your teams, and then you will be free to have your snowball fights, two teams at a time.  If you get hit by five snowballs, you’re out.  If all three of your team members are out, you lose the fight.  Lose two fights, and your team is out.  Seem fair?”  The princesses nodded in agreement.  “Oh.  And one more thing,” Elsa said, smiling sweetly.  “Since you all are so ready to go, I figured I might invite some more people to join us.”  She strode over to the floor length mirror and laid her hand on the frame.  “Visitatores intrant!”  The image in the mirror blurred and then six more figures entered.  The princesses looked on in shock as Elsa introduced them.  “Ladies, allow me to introduce you to your competition: the Swan Princess Odette!  From Russia, Anastasia!  From Transylvania, Mavis Dracula!  From Clan Hofferson, Astrid!  From Far, Far Away, Princess Fiona!  And from the city of El Dorado, Chel!” 
      Chel waved at the dumbstruck princesses and grinned.  “Hey, ladies.  Hope you don’t mind if we win this little game of yours?”  Megara stepped forward toward Chel.  “What makes you think we’re gonna let you?”  Snow White got in between the two and looked to Elsa.  “Elsa, are you sure you know what your doing?  I mean, we’ve never had people not part of the kingdoms come to the castle before.” 
      “Well, excuse us,” Astrid said sarcastically.  “Elsa invited us to play a game with you lot.  And that’s what we’re going to do.  If you don’t like it, then you better be ready for a fight.”  Merida turned to Rapunzel.   “Oh, I like her!”  Snow White looked around the dining room at the princesses.  “Do you all still want to go through with this?”  The answer echoed throughout the dining room. 
      Snow White sighed and turned to Elsa.  “Very well.  But you better make sure that everyone is following your rules.”  Elsa nodded and smiled.  “Of course I will.  Now, who wants to go first?” 
      Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting a series of rumbles featuring the princesses mentioned in this post.  Be sure to vote and check out the results to see who wins!  Have a happy holiday season! 
      Let’s Snow! 
    • By broadwaybeyonder in broadwaybeyonder 0
      The man in the blue suit ran down the New York City street, panting for breath as he push himself to go faster.  The moon was covered by clouds and he desperately tried to avoid the glow from the street lights.  He occasionally glanced behind him, and slightest trace of movement drove him onward.  His right hand was still wrapped around a revolver, but he knew it wouldn’t do him any good. 
      He heard a creaking noise behind and above him.  He looked back and faintly outlined by the street light and crawling along a tenement wall, he saw him.  If it was a him.  The way it moved, the way it killed, it could have been an it.  Or a devil.  The man quickly raised his revolver and fired wildly, shooting out the light of the lamp.  But in the last explosive burst of light he saw the thing that was hunting him leap from the wall and land on the street.  Half of it’s body was crimson, the other half so blue it was nearly black.  It’s eyes were two white slits, and it’s face was frozen in a blank expression.  And around it’s waist, there was the glint of metal. 
      “Keep away!  Stay the hell away from me!” the man yelled.  He fired his revolver again twice.  The devil dodged the first bullet, but the second struck it in the chest.  The devil staggered back by the impact, then looked up and glared with it’s uncaring eyes at it’s prey.  In a swift gesture the devil reached behind his back and drew something from a scabbard.  “Why don’t you leave me alone?!  Why don’t you die?!”  The man took aim, then screamed in pain, as the boomerang the devil had thrown collided with his hand and made him drop his gun.  The boomerang rebounded back to the devil who effortlessly caught it. 
      The man cradled his injured hand and stared in terror, then took off running down the street again.  The devil strode after him, boomerang in hand and ready to throw.  A black sedan screeched to a halt into the intersection up ahead.   The back door opened and a blond man in a suit and fedora urgently waved to the man.  “Come on!  Get in the car!  Let’s go!”  The man in the blue suit sprinted toward the car.  It was only a few more feet away.   Then he heard a strange whistling sound drawing closer behind.  He looked back for moment… just in time for the boomerang to crash into his skull.  He stood poleaxed for a few seconds as the boomerang returned to it’s owners grip, then he fell lifeless to the pavement. 
      “NO!” the man in the car screamed.  He jumped from sedan and drew a machine gun.  He fired a spray of bullets toward the devil, who leapt into the air twenty feet to the wall of a building, then seemed to disappear into the shadows.  “Frank!” called the man at the wheel.  “We got to get out of here!”  Frank ran to the prone body of his fallen friend.  Two more men in suits and fedoras leapt out of the sedan and chased after him.  “What are you doing?   The cops will be here any minute!”  Frank knelt down on the ground and bent over the body.  Then he straightened up, nearly falling backwards.  “He’s breathing!  He’s still breathing!  Come on!  Help me get him to the car!” 
      “What are you, nuts?!  You saw that hit!  If he’s not dead, he won’t last much longer!”  Frank got to his feet and aimed his machine gun at the other men.  “And I say you get him in the car!  Or there will be two bodies for the cops to find!  Get him in the car.  Now!”  The two men reluctantly picked the man in the blue suit up by his arms and legs and carried him to the car, as Frank kept watch on the rooftop where the devil had disappeared. 
      With the man in the blue suit laid out in the back seat, the other two men got in front and shouted to Frank.  “Let’s get out of here already!”  Frank backed up a few steps before running to the car and climbing in the back.  “Frank, he isn’t gonna make it!” the driver said as Frank slammed the door.  “Quit bellyachin’!  Get us to Doc Harrow’s!  He can fix him up!”  The man in the passenger seat looked back in disgust.  “That quack?  We’d have better luck takin’ him to Doc Frankenstein!” 
      “He don’t have time!  Now get us to Harrow’s and…. Oh God!  DUCK!”  Frank ducked over in his seat and covered his head with his hands just as the boomerang smashed through his car door window.  It whistled through the air and crashed through the opposite window and into the night.  “Drive!  Drive!  Go!  Go!”  Frank’s screams were drowned out by the screech of the tires as the sedan tore off down the streets. 
      On the rooftop of a nearby building, the devil watched as the sedan sped away.  He placed his boomerang in the scabbard on his back, then felt the bruise on his chest left by the impact of the gangster’s bullet on his bulletproof costume.   The devil was not satisfied with the results of his mission.   Those men were scum that polluted this city.  None of them deserved to draw breath.  The devil knew that there were many such men that needed to be dealt with.  But their time was drawing to an end.  For now, there was a devil in Hell’s Kitchen. 
      Marvel Studios, in association with ABC and the Broadway Beyonder
      Agent Carter Season 3
      Coming Soon November 2021
    • By broadwaybeyonder in broadwaybeyonder 0
      When the gods walked alongside Man, Shiva and his celestial brethren ruled over a time of enlightenment and tranquility.  But as is the case of all times of peace, it was not to last.  It came to pass that a race of demons known as the Raktabija broke free from their subterranean crypts and spread like a plague on the land, slaughtering all who stood before them.  Humanity cried out to the gods for salvation, but the prophecies of the Raktabija proclaimed that only a woman could destroy them.  And so the task fell to Parvati, wife of Shiva.    
      Calling on the celestial power of her shakti, Parvati transcended into the form of the warrior goddess Durga.  She came down from the heavens and attacked the horde of Raktabija head on.  Countless demons fell to her blade.  But from every drop of blood that was spilled, a new Raktabija grew to take it’s place.  Durga was on the verge of being overwhelmed.  And beneath the shroud of Durga, Parvati began to feel fear.  She felt despair at the thought of failing to save her precious humanity.  But then Parvati felt an emotion she hadn’t experienced in her existence: rage. 
      Parvati became filled with anger.  How dare these demons, little more than vermin, stand to oppose her, the bride of Shiva?  Rising to her feet, Parvati summoned her power again, determined to ascend to a form mightier than Durga, more powerful than Shiva himself.  The roar of the demons was overshadowed by her screams of pain as darkness enveloped her.  And so it came to pass that on that day, demons, Men, and gods bore witness to the birth of Kali. 
      Kali.  A goddess born of darkness, bloodlust, and fury.  A being that possessed Durga’s strength and cunning in battle, but none of Parvati's all too human weakness.  The Raktabija charged to attack this new threat, but within an instant Kali was upon them.  She slaughtered them all and drank their blood, ensuring that they would never be seen again on this Earth.  Humanity thought the battle was over, but they were wrong.  The day was not done, and Kali still hungered. 
      With no more demons, she simply turned her aggression toward the humans.  They begged for mercy but Kali continued her onslaught, determined to return to the heavens and bring down the gods themselves.  Shiva saw that Kali had the power to accomplish her goal, but could not bring himself to do battle with the being that once was his beloved.  He descended to Earth and fell prostrate before Kali, offering himself as a sacrifice so that humanity and the heavens would be spared.  Kali raised her blade to strike the killing blow. 
      But Kali was betrayed.  For within Kali still were the spirits of Durga and Parvati, who forced the goddess back within Parvati’s soul, restoring her body and mind.  While humanity rejoiced the victory of their gods, Parvati knew that none were safe as long as Kali lived within her.  Calling on her fellow goddesses, Parvati used their combined shakti to remove the shadow of Kali from her spirit, convinced that without a life force to sustain her, Kali would eventually wither, fade, and die. 
      But Kali did not die.  She lived on off of her hatred and rage, swearing vengeance on the gods and the humans who worshiped them.  But she was now a mere shadow, unable to fully establish herself on the mortal or celestial plane.  But she still could give her blessing to humans so that they would create further bloodshed and chaos in her name. 
      And that is why we worship Kali.  For hers is the power that will bring down the world.  Hers is the power that can make the gods fall down in reverence.  The day of the ultimate transcendence draws near, when Kali shall return to us.  And on that day, all gods and all Men, shall bow. 
      “Tatter?  Tatter!  Where the hell are you?!”  The woman’s voice broke Arnold Paffenroth’s concentration as he looked up from the scroll sitting on the podium in front of him.  At that moment he was in the library of the Tower of Shadows.  It was a circular room lined with shelves filled with dusty books and manuscripts.  Arnold was a man with unkempt gray hair and dressed in a blue tunic and pants.  He was in his early 50s, but he took great pride in the knowledge that he was in better physical condition than most men half his age.  Still there was part of him that did enjoy the idea of being by himself and exploring the treasure trove of knowledge in the Tower of Shadow’s collection. 
      “TATTER!”  Arnold sighed.  There was also a part of him that would have preferred to have his associates use his proper alias.  He had long ago chosen the name Tatterdemalion as his nom de guerre, but after realizing his allies either couldn’t pronounce, remember, or care what his name was, he resigned himself to being referred to with the abbreviated term. 
      The oak door to the library creak as it opened and woman’s head peeked in.  She was an a attractive woman in her mid 20s with brown hair in two pony tails.  She wore a black shirt, jeans, a brown trench coat, and an annoyed expression on her face.  “Seriously, Tatter?  I’ve been looking all over the Tower for you!”  Arnold quickly started to roll up the scroll and reach for the cylinder he pulled it from.  “My apologies, Moth.  I was just catching up on some reading.”  Sybil Dvorak, or Moth as she was known, raised an eyebrow as she noticed the scroll in Arnold’s hands.  “You know Dansen doesn’t like people messing with her stuff.” 
      “How odd, since we are supposedly a team now,” said Arnold as he re-sealed the cylinder and moved to the rack on the wall where other scrolls were stored.  Five strings of thread sprang from Sybil’s shirt and stretched out to snatch the cylinder from Arnold.  He glared at Sybil as the threads placed the cylinder in her waiting hand and re-knitted themselves back into her outfit.  “Isn’t there some cliché about curiosity killing cats or something?”  Arnold quickly crossed the room and yanked the cylinder from Sybil’s grip.  “Yes.  There certainly is,” he said trying to maintain his composure.  “I’m surprised you are aware of it.  Did you read about it on Twitter?”  Sybil rolled her eyes as Arnold walked back to the rack.  “No.  I just figured you’d appreciate it.  It’s like you.  Creepy, annoying, and old.” 
      Arnold bristled slightly, but before he could come up with a reply, Sybil was already heading for the door.  “The point is, Dansen will probably kill both of us if you don’t get your wrinkled butt downstairs.  Better move it.  This will probably be our only chance to get this Russell guy.”  Arnold watched Sybil as she disappeared through the doorway.  He looked back at the rack, noting the location of the scroll he had been reading, then followed after her.  Sybil had a habit of being rather brusque, but she did have a point.  This was an important mission for their organization.  “And besides,” Arnold said to himself as he grabbed his wide brimmed hat and wrapped his raggedy scarf over his face.  “It’s not everyday you get to hunt a werewolf.” 
      Marvel Studios, in association with Netflix and Broadway Beyonder
      Night Shift
      Coming Soon November 2021
    • By SSJRuss in The Loser's Club 0
      Part 9.1
      The winds of change roll through Verse City, both on the surface and in the underbelly.
      In an abandoned warehouse, Commissioner Donquixote Doflamingo subdues General M. Bison, making him an offer he can't refuse.
      Elsewhere, Amanda Waller and Vince McMahon play their own game of chess. Moving figurative pieces into place so they may capture their goals.
      In the Grand Arena, a Black Swordsman duels a user of the Dark Side. They fight for the victory, they fight for the crowd cheering their names.
      In the Common District, three stooges drive their garbage truck under duress. A fleshy monster tries to kill them but all action stops when they crash into the district junkyard.
      Across town, a skeletal knight runs for his un-life as the embodiment of kawaii tries to catch him. Their antics get them into more trouble than they bargained for.
      And outside of Verse City, an ogre runs through an endless gauntlet of mushroom kingdom iterations alongside an unwanted companion. Both of them journey to find their home.
      But we focus now on the Verse City S.P.D. Common District, where we find our heroine Vin Venture in the hands of the police.
      Bridge Carson sat across from the recently arrested Vin. Charges of reckless endangerment, flying without a permit, no registration, resisting arrest and putting two S.P.D. officers in the infirmary were quite the rap sheet for just one afternoon.
      He spent the better part of a two hour interrogation trying to reason with her and got nowhere. All he had was her name, that she wasn’t a resident of Verse City, and that she claimed to be a contestant of the Grand Tournament before she got thrown out.
      Of course, nobody could verify her story.
      “Listen,” Bridge put on the trademark charm, “We’re willing to help you and let you go. Put all this behind us. We are the good guys after all, you know. But you gotta-”
      “THE FACT that you put me here in the FIRST place is the problem,” Vin interrupted. “I’ve told you and your men what I was doing in the city. I am not from your world and had no idea I was breaking your laws. That doesn’t warrant attacking me and locking me in here.”
      Geez, was she always this combative?
      “Hey, I’m sorry.” Bridge replied. “But your response was pretty extreme too. You damaged our vehicle and hurt my teammates. We have rules here and you can’t just do that.”
      Vin’s body language, yes Bridge could read body language, was closed off and avoided eye contact. Her wrist cuffs were latched onto the table and did nothing but make her look smaller. Now, she made herself big and stared into Bridge’s eyes. “I’m not in the wrong. Let me go about my business.”
      “And what exactly is your business?” Bridge retorted.
      Vin crossed her arms best she could and gave no response but to look the other way.
      So that's that?
      Sigh. Bridge needed a break. Maybe a vacation. “Alright Vin, I tried. When you're ready to talk, you let the Commander know.”
      Bridge got up and left the room. He traversed the halls of S.P.D. Headquarters, got himself a coffee, then headed to his desk where the rest of his team waited.
      “That woman is insufferable!” Bridge told them, taking a seat in his swivel chair.
      Sydney Drew, the S.P.D. Blue Ranger was first to reply, “No luck?”
      “What do you think?” Bridge buried his face into his coffee.
      Standing alongside Sydney was the team’s Green Ranger, Elizabeth Delgado, or better known as ‘Z’. She was still in her ranger suit inspecting the damage to her helmet when she chimed in, “Some people don’t do well with authority. She wouldn’t be the first.”
      “No," said Sydney. "But how many can outrun an Air Delta Cruiser and take on an entire squad of S.P.D on their own? Marika and Umeko are still in the infirmary."
      “How are they doing?” Bridge pulled himself from his cup.
      “Stable,” Z replied. “They should be fine as long as they take it easy for the next few days.”
      “Did you find out how she got so fast and strong?” Sydney asked.
      Bridge put down his half finished coffee and rubbed his eyes in exhaustion. “She isn’t budging, guys. I don’t know what else to say.”
      “I think I may be able to offer some assistance,” said a voice coming into the precinct.
      S.P.D. stood to meet face to face with the district’s resident detective, Denny Colt or otherwise known as The Spirit.
      “The Spirit? You have something for us?” Bridge asked in surprise. He didn't think Spirit would be working a case as arbitrary as this was. In fact, the Spirit hardly ever got involved in S.P.D. business.
      The Spirit revealed his hand, holding two vials. One empty and one filled with a clear liquid with shavings of material floating inside. “I picked these up from analysis," he said "These are the vials Ms. Vin had on her when she was arrested. They’re composed of different metal types and an oil-based fluid."
      “Metal?” Z wondered. “Why would she be drinking that? That’s gross.”
      “Maybe that’s how she was throwing us around? She moves metal with her mind whenever she drinks that.” Sydney said, eyeing the vials in The Spirit’s hand.
      “It’s possible,” The Spirit said, turning his attention to Bridge. “Captain Carson, did she say where she’s from or how she got here?”
      Bridge explained what he knew from Vin. She was a contestant in the Grand Cross-Galactic Budokai Tenkaichi, but was removed from the arena after losing a fight.
      “There were others too,” he continued. “An ogre by the name of Shrek and some guy who calls himself General Bison.”
      “Not a lot to go on. Wait, did you say ‘an ogre’?” Z said in surprise. Bridge nodded in acknowledgement.
      “If she came from the arena,” The Spirit started, “someone there will know something. I can-”
      "Not so fast, Detective," Another voice called, this one deep and commanding.
      Bridge felt the air in the room chill as the group turned and stood at attention for S.P.D. Commander Brock Lesnar.
      As usual the Commander's entourage of twin Machamps were with him. Pokemon built like he was, minus the extra set of arms, they were intimidating and made the Commander look even more so. One of them, Gunter, stood to the right and wore a deep scar across it’s left eye, now pupiless and blind. The other Machamp constantly wore a black tank top with the phrase Suplex City, on front and back. Everyone just called him Suplex.
      The three stood in a row, blocking the entrance to the precinct. The Commander snatched the vials from The Spirit’s hand. “This is evidence. And I don’t remember asking you to tell me what you think it is.”
      Bridge, being the team’s Red Ranger, felt like he had a duty to speak up. “Sir, he was just-”
      “And you, Carson,” Commander Brock turned his attention to Bridge as he handed the vials to Gunter. “You let your whole team get thrashed by a perp and then you embarrass yourself by getting nowhere with I.D.ing her. It’s been two hours, Carson. What the hell have you been doing?”
      “Commander Le-”, Bridge started to explain, but Lesnar wasn’t finished.
      “Shut up. You’re the goddamn Red Ranger. Start acting like it.” The Commander was clearly in a worse mood than usual.
      "Now do your jobs and take the detainee to the holding cells. We’ll give her a few days so she can learn how to talk again."
      “Commander Lesnar," The Spirit said, "Holding that girl for that long seems unethical. If I may just ask a few questions--”
      “I gave an order," said the Commander. "I expect it to be followed. This isn't whatever backwards agencies you were from, this is the Verse City S.P.D."
      The Commander turned to leave with his entourage in tow but stopped short of the door. "I’ll remind you all that anyone caught without a record of Verse City identification is not a citizen of our city. She has no rights here. As far as I'm concerned she's a potential threat to the safety and security of our city. So we'll keep her here as long as we need to."
      And with that, Bridge was alone with his squad and Detective Spirit. None looked to happy about the Commander's decision or attitude. But it was their job to follow orders...
      "I guess that’s that," said Z defeated.
      Bridge felt like he should say something encouraging, something a leader would say. But silence remained as everyone dispersed.
      All that remained was to do the job.
      --Holding cell inside Verse City S.P.D.
      S.P.D took Vin downstairs for lockup. After passing security doors and winding corridors, she found herself at the jail cells. Six cells along a stone wall complete with metal bars.
      Metal. The irony wasn't lost on her. If she only had more of that in her system.
      Vin burned too much of her metal reserves during her fight with Bridge and his team. Honestly, if she'd just been more careful by walking the streets of the city instead of steel pushing, she wouldn't be in this situation right now.
      But she had to toss that thought aside. She needed to stay focused if she wanted to get out of this mess. With no vials left on her person, she took mental note of what she had stored in her body.
      No steel. No iron. She had still had tin, something she would need to enhance her senses for a chance to escape whenever an opportunity arose. Plenty of copper and bronze, though they wouldn’t be of much use in a world without other mistings. She had zinc and brass which might come in handy to distract or enrage the guards. But only enough pewter to last three or four seconds. That was it. She needed to find her vials that they took from her.
      Without a word, the spandex guards locked her in one of the cells. It wasn’t large by any means, but it was certainly better than she’d been treated back home in similar situations. One bed on either side of the cell for her and a cellmate. A green creature with raggy-looking clothes sat on his bed, his large black eyes were almost expressionless. He didn’t seem hostile though.
      The two guards that escorted her left, leaving three others in the room. These guards looked nothing like the spandex ones Vin had encountered so far. They were shorter and less human. They wore matching blue and grey uniforms and talked amongst one another, ignoring their captives.
      Besides herself and the green cellmate, there were three prisoners. A man and a woman shared a cell and wore large red “R”s on their uniforms.
      The other was a large man in a cell to himself. Dark shades over his eyes with a ridiculous haircut. And he was loud.
      “Come-on,” the man said. “Can’t you see I’m innocent?”
      "Quiet down, you pervert!”, one of the guards responded. “You've been singing that same tune this whole time. Nobody's buying it.”
      "Hey now have a heart,” the man continued his plea. “I’m not a bad guy, my momma said so.”
      “I don’t care what your momma thinks. The girl was sixteen, Mr. Bravo. Galactic Patrol and Verse City law states you are indeed the bad guy.”
      “She said she's single!"
      This back and forth continued well into the next day. Vin kept to herself and searched for opportunities to break free of this prison. She learned more about her cellmate, Greedo. He was a petty criminal and didn't speak in any language she understood.
      The big guy was Johnny Bravo and he didn't seem like a fighter. The other two, Jesse and James, told their story in rhyme and didn't seem like they would be any help either.
      Guess it was up to Vin.
      Vin's plan formed in her mind when Bridge walked into the jail.
      “Hey Vin. Feeling up for a chat?”
      Vin responded with silence.
      “I’m asking you to talk to me,” he tried again. “I’m sure this is a misunderstanding because I don’t think you’re a bad person.”
      Bridge was naive and easy to manipulate. She flared zinc. “You wouldn't understand the things I've done. You're too simple.” Vin said.
      "Simple?" Bridge looked hurt. The zinc was working on flaring his emotions. "I'm trying to be nice and your just making things harder."
      "You're a fool. You're the one who told me to talk to your Commander. So where is he?"
      For a second Vin wasn't sure if it was going to work. But then he pulled a guard to his side. "Let her out. She's right, the Commander will talk with her."
      The guard opened her cell and in one swift motion Vin grabbed the keys, elbowed the guard in the face and knocked Bridge down with her knee.
      She tossed the keys to Greedo. "Help the others!"
      He caught the keys and sprang into action.
      Vin will be rushing for the door to find her other vials and escape. The vials are being kept in the contraband lockup. Bridge will try to stop her and Greedo from freeing the others and escaping but will try not hurt them if he can help it.
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    • Wow, for someone so new to the site you have made some impressive set-ups, a natural.  Sadly I must confess I know nothing of these characters so I won't be voting, but I will be giving the setup a 5* rating. You should consider doing a write up for the challenge you would be a great contender to be sure. 
    • As for the match itself, I'm leaning toward Beckett. I'm not too familiar with Quantum Leap but from what little I've seen and read. He seems like he has experience getting out of situations like this; pulling off the heist and making sure Drew is safe
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    • Sydney tried sneaking up on Anton. Anton heard the sound behind him and turned around. He shot at her with his shotgun.   Sydney jumped for cover behind some crates. Anton kept shooting. Sydney crawled to get to better cover.   Anton slowly walked over to where she had jumped. He moved around the corner and she was gone. Anton pointed his shotgun up and looked around.   Sydney came out and shot Anton in the shoulder. Anton dropped for cover. He grunted with pain.   Sydney asked "Who hired you"   Anton said "it doesn't matter"   Anton came out from cover and shot at Syndey again. Sydney was able to get behind a car. She looked around to see if there was any where she could go.   Sydney looked through the car window and saw Anton coming. She walked to the other side of the car. She came out from behind the car slightly.   She shot at Anton again and hit him in the arm and leg. Anton dropped the shotgun. Sydney tried shooting him but her gun jammed.    Sydney charged at Anton and kicked him. Anton grabbed her and threw her on the pavement. Anton kicked Sydney in the stomach.   Anton then grabbed Sydney by the hair and threw her against the car. He went over to her to choke her. Before he could get his around her neck, she pulled out her knife.   Syndey cut Anton's hand. Anton looked at the cut on his hand. He spit on the ground.   Anton said "That was not nice."   Sydney tried stabbing him but Anton grabbed her. Anton threw her down on the pavement once again.    He tried kicking her but Syndey stabbed his foot. Anton fell to his knees. He looked at the knife in his foot.   Anton pulled the knife out and tried stabbing Sydney. Sydney rolled over to the shotgun. She grabbed the shotgun and quickly shot Anton in the chest.   Anton fell on the ground dead. Sydney looked over his body. She checked to see if he had a phone but he did not. Security came and Sydney told them to call Marcus to let him know.   Sydney picked up her pistol and knife. She got in the plane and headed for Europe. She got a call from Marcus while she was on the plane.   Sydney said "hello"   Marcus said "you just killed Anton Chigurh"   Sydney said "is that name supposed to mean something to me"   Marcus said "he was an assassin for different cartels. Whoever killed your husband and took your kids definitely knows where to find hitmen and assassins"   Sydney said "did you find out anything else"   Marcus said "not yet. The plane that you are in is hidden from radar so they can't shoot you out of the sky. I can't make any promises for you once you land. There may be assassins waiting there"   Syndey said "sounds like fun"   The plane landed in Europe. Sydney was going to head to a safe house. She got to the safe house okay.   She found more weapons at the safe house. Then she heard a knock at the door. Sydney went to open the door. Before she got to the door, a female had kicked the door open and started shooting.   Sydney jumped behind a corner. She briefly saw that the person that started shooting was a dark-haired female. The female had a silencer pistol.   Sydney was able to get a machine gun that was leaning against the wall. She put a round I the chamber.   Ms Perkins said "did I at least hit you"   Sydney said "not yet"   Sydney has a machine gun and a knife   Ms Perkins has a silencer pistol
    • Match Final Results Member Ratings: 4.60 - DSkillz 4.10 - Boratz FPA Calculation: 2 Total Votes cast 8.70 Total Combined Score 8.70 / 2 = 4.35 Final Rating on the match MATCH SCORE Sydney Bristow: 3 Anton Chigurgh: 0
    • "3: The reason for the change of heart MUST fall in line with their character" That would  take them away from their character, so no. A "Trick" Origin story (EX: Captain Hydra) could be a way to subvert that though. But again, you have to make that feel original. 
    • Moon Knight would have to carry with Daredevil having exploitable weaknesses and no guns, but even he will be overwhelmed.
    • Seems like Gwangi is a bit smaller than the T-Rex here.
    • Betty's fairly athletic, but Charley actually has some combat experience and fights along the Biker Mice. I think she has the best shot of winning.
    • Ah. Makes sense.  Regarding the challenge, would it be plausible to write a scenario where the hero is taken in, kidnapped, etc., before the events of the story and raised and/or trained in a way that he/she/it becomes a villain before he/she/it can become a hero in the first place?
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