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  1. Well, it's nice to be remembered!


    11 hours ago, S. Justice said:

    I remember you! Also I basically never left. I literally come back to the site every couple of months. I'm like the HS jock who visits his alma mater to stare at his trophies in the trophy case. Except more nerdy.


    Hm, I didn't know that!  Also I think I killed you in one character.

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  2. You: Hey, can you believe the five of us are the only people on my friends list up right now?

    Dayna: Yes, Kirsten.  Yes I can.  It's why you keep me around.

    You: Why are you awake anyway?

    Dayna: More problems with my mom.

    You: OMG, sorry.

    Dayna: You didn't know.  We're going to the doctors tomorrow for a couple new tests.  Hopefully we'll hear something good.  

    You: Early-onset alzheimer's sucks.

    Dayna: Yeah.  My guild's appearently all asleep too, so I'm just watching reality shows so I don't have to think too hard about anything.

    You: Can't you guess who's going to win by like episode two?

    Dayna: Yes.  Yes I can.

    You: Know what?  This is an order.  Get some sleep. It'll look better in the morning.

    Dayna: ...Way to surprise me.  kay.  Night, Kirsten.

    You: Night




    You: You stay up this late on your planet, Elliot?

    Elliot: I've told you before, I was sent here very young.  I had a strict bedtime.

    You: Right.  Sorry.

    Elliot: Actually, it may have been stricter once I got here. ;)

    You: lol.  Anyway, what are you doing up?

    Elliot: Just getting a midnight snack.

    You: This normal snack or weird-transistor-alien snack?

    Elliot: Just because you can't absorb the wireless spectrum as sustenance doesn't mean it's weird.  

    You: What's that like, anyway

    Elliot: Its like drinking a tall milkshake with the whole of your body.  Absorbing a multitude of flavors and feelings all at once.  It's quite the rush, really.

    Elliot: Though I guess I should say I also have a bowl of cookies and cream next to the computer.

    You: HA!




    Haruki: Hey Kirsten.  You  doing latenight crimebusting?

    You: Nah, just can't sleep.  What are you doing?

    Haruki: Just hanging with some buds at Gennai's.  Great place, the drinks are all named after 80's cartoons and they have the best *vulgarity*in poutine ever.  You should come with me to the Land of Wind and Ghosts sometime.

    You: They have wifi in the Dreamtime?

    Haruki: Course they do.  How else would the jorougumo get their game of thrones fix?

    You: Right.

    Haruki: Seriously, Kirsten, you should come with me sometime.  You know where the portal in the starbucks is--come hang.  The other shinigami would love to meet you, and even Kristi (the naga) is cool if you don't get her started on her fanfiction.

    You: Sometime maybe.  I think Im going to bed soon.




    You: Monica?

    Monica: Sup bitch?

    You: What do you do when the nightmares hit?

    Monica: what makes you think I'm pussy enough to get nightmares?

    You: Monica you were there.  Web got you same as she got me.  And you were right beside me when alison and nathan died.

    Monica: goddammit, kirsten

    Monica: look, if i ever got nightmares and i'm not saying i do all i do when i wake up is roll over and grab on hard as i can to the girl sleeping next to me and say its a come on when she wakes up.  two problems solved.

    You: That won't exactly work for me.

    Monica: we could fix that you know

    You: ha ha

    Monica: look kirsten, thats just me. and you're a metric *vulgarity*-ton stronger than me.  you can deal with anything your punk-ass brain can send out.  got it?

    You: :) Thank you.

    Monica: get some freaking sleep.  you're depressing me.

    You: kay.  Sleep tight.

    Monica: i always am tight.

    You have logged out.

  3. Once again, this is a game about controlling a character as they are plunged into what will be the defining moment of their young, and probably very short, lives. When your character dies, another random one will be assigned. While your student is, most likely, trying to stay alive DO NOT get too attatched to yours. It will probably not be the same one at the end.


    All of the information I'm about to impart can be found on the pdf of the rules, which I highly reccomend downloading, if you haven't already. At least download the student record.


    To fully explain the rules, let's just take one of the student records and go right down it.


    Name: Obvious. Keep in mind your characters are Japanese, so you can refer to them by surnames or given names. 'Specially considering there's more than one Endo in the class.


    Student Number: There are 50 students in Takami Prefecture High School Class B, the first 25 being girls and the second 25 being guys. 49 of them have to be dead before a student can win. Got that? Though keep in mind—the object of this game is NOT to win. It's to tell a story and tell it as best you can.


    Junichi Sign: Based on the Chinese Zodiac, the sign dictates much about your student's character. ...Okay, you and I know that's bullshit.


    Blood Type: Not important, except to the student, maybe.


    Club Memberships: In case you didn't know, after-school clubs are really important in Japan for some damn reason. The club your student's a member of is important, as it shows what they're going to be familiar with, and who their friends are, if they have any, and if that amounts to anything in the Classroom Deathmatch.


    Elemental Dice: Every time you want to do something that counts as “initiating a conflict,” which in general means take an action against or to avoid someone or something, you roll some elemental dice. The numbers after the element on a student's record shows how many dice are in the pool he/she has to work with in that element.


    When you take an action that requires rolling dice, you choose however many dice you want to use from that pool, up to all of them, at which point they are spent and cannot be used that day. You MUST roll a six on at least one die to succeed in your action. Obviously, rolling more dice will raise the chances that you are successful.


    Each of the five elements of the Godai—Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Void—reflect a different aspect of a person's personality and a different way of solving problems.


    Earth reflects steadfastness, stability, and endurance. Actions involving Earth rolls include, but are by no means limited to, holding your ground, refusing to change, continuing one's effort, and not being brought down, emotionally or physically. “I meet Oki's gaze, attempting to show her that her will is strong and she refuses to be intimidated.”


    Water is almost the inverse of earth, representing adaptability and change, as well as dexterity. Water rolls can be used to alter ones' own emotions or those of others, understanding or reestablishing a situation, or using one's acuity in any quick fashion. “I'll sneak out the window and tiptoe along the ledge, planning to take Roko by surprise.”


    Fire, the least subtle of the elements, represents passion, ferocity and, to a point, destruction. In many straightforward attacks, this is the element you'll be using. Other Fire-type actions might include using brute force on an item, or sheer intimidation to force a foe to surrender. “Ileaps from the shadows with a primal yell, her bread knife held high and ready to stab Hara.”


    Air is the element of movement, intelligence, and quickness. Anything prioritizing swiftness or cleverness is likely an Air roll. Air is also used to resolve issues through rationality or discussion, find the best way to solve a problem, and using less direct tactics. Air rolls are also used for simply running like hell. “I am going to try to placate the berserking Takumi by reminding him of the better times.”


    Void is the element of fear. High scores in Void imply an ability to use fear, both one's own and those of others, to the best effect. Fear rolls can be used to inspire pity in others, overcome one's own fear, or use a burst of adrenaline to face off against a terrifying scenario. “I keep to the rafters, creeking boards and rattling his chain to make it so Emi doesn't know what to think..”


    Note that all you have to do to use a certain element for a roll is rationalize its use. As the five categories are purposely very broad, this opens up a world of possibilities. A defensive move might involve an Earth roll to ignore the wound one will take, a Fire roll to meet the opponent's blade with one's own, or an Air roll to twirl out of the way. All it takes is imagination, and that's really what Classroom Deathmatch is all about.


    At the beginning of each day, players roll up to their max value of Void dice, regardless of how many they used. Players regain three dice, to be used in whatever category they like, for every success they roll.


    Popularity: A student's popularity, besides being a good indicator of how he or she might be viewed in the game, also determines a very important gameplay mechanic—what dice the player rolls during an action.


    “Most popular” students roll d10s. “Least Popular” roll d6s. The average students roll d8s. If you'll recall, you are trying to roll a 6 or better. Obviously, this puts the popular students at a considerable advantage (although a determined and lucky unpopular student can easily kill a popular one).


    At the beginning of every in-game day, or when I feel like it, a popularity vote is taken. All players PM me with one name (other than their own) of the player-controlled student they vote Most Popular and Least Popular. Popularity is then rearranged to fit.


    Best Friend/Rival: Each player has another player designated as their Best Friend, and a second player designated as their Rival. This status has nothing to do with their students' relationships—Two Best Friends can have students that want to kill each other, and Rivals' characters can be friends or lovers.


    After a player takes an action, everyone knows whether that action succeeded. If the action succeeded, the player's Best Friend describes in what way the action succeeded. If it fails, the player's Rival describes what happened, and how the failure affects the student, possibly fatally. (Again, if you people are pokey on this, I'll have to take over. And I'm unpleasant.)


    Normally, I'd have each of you choose a Rival and Best Friend, but that would take a while. Instead, I'm assigning you them based on your names on a hard copy list I have, based more or less on the order you joined.



    Best Friend: DJ

    Rival: Josh



    Best Friend: Josh

    Rival: Seeker



    Best Friend: Seeker

    Rival: Bob



    Best Friend: Bob

    Rival: Omfg



    Best Friend: Omfg

    Rival: Zreth



    Best Friend: Zreth

    Rival: Jesus



    Best Friend: Jesus

    Rival: DJ


    If anyone has any problems with this, PM me, and I'll switch some around.


    Special Technique: Oh yeah, this is based on Japanese media. Of course there are special moves.


    Read the rules to find out more, but this basically allows one to superhumanly succeed—or fail—once per game. When you activate your special power, you use all the dice remaining in your best element, and roll d12s. If you succeed, your Best Friend describes your success (glowing with power may be involved). If you don't succeed after all that—well, your Rival better make your failure as kick-ass as your success would have been.


    Traits: Traits give information about the personality and activities of a student. Students can use a trait during while making a related action. By using a trait—one per action/die roll and only one use of any particular trait per day—a player can raise the size of the dice they roll—from d6 to d8, d8 to d10, and d10 to the almighty d12. In this way, a player can greatly increase his chances of success.


    One or two of your traits are already filled in, and can be used when appropriate. The remaining ones—and the final definition of you student's character—is up to you. The categories are pretty self-explanatory, but let's give you a few more examples beyond what's mentioned in the source material.


    Hobbies: Goes to gun range; couch potato; loves horror movies; hacker; plays D&D

    Friends and Family: hates boys; child of criminals; protective older brother; long-distance relationship; can't we all just get along?

    Personality: Depressed, clever, sociopathic, zealot, cloud cookoolander.


    Belongings: What you have, not counting your issued pack.


    Kills: Maybe you should get these?





    To come later, when I can get the board system to work.


    There you have the basic rules. Any questions? Post them if you got 'em. Otherwise, I'll start this in the next couple days.

  4. Excellent! That's seven players, eight if someone who PMed me is joining in. That's good for now. Other people can show interest, but I think I'll start with this; if people drop out, others can join in.


    I'll make a mammoth introductory post sometime this weekend; work is kinda dominating at the moment.

  5. A bunch of students, randomly chosen, forced to kill each other. Sound familar? It should, the movie version's coming out on Friday. But this is different. You're the players. You control the students. You control the outcomes. And you people are messed up enough to make this awesome.


    This is Classroom Deathmatch, an RPG created on the foundation of Battle Royale and gestalt storytelling. We're using the original rules: http://atarashigames...oom-deathmatch/ Download the free PDF there to read the rules. Or, if you're lazy, read this summation below.


    A class of fifty students are put isolated in a small area and forced to kill each other. You're designated a random student to control. (They don't have any choice, why the Hell should you?) On your turn, you take an action, whether that be attacking another student, going for safety in numbers, attempting to make friends, challenging enemies, hiding like the pussy you are, or literally anything else. If it's against someone else, I roll a die--and each student is better at some things than others--and if you succeed or if you fail, another player describes what happens. (If the RPer is too slow, I'll do it. And no one wants that.) This occurs til the end of the encounter


    There's a lot of other awesome stuff too--traits, replenishment, popularity--but we'll get to all that. Right now, all we need is players. I'd say...from 4-6, but if this gets popular, I'll take more. So just post saying you're in if you want to play! Oh, and post a number from 1-100 inclusive. Using this preferably, but there's no way I'll be able to tell.

  6. Ignore him. With six players, combat's already going to slog. Balance the party with a few good monsters, and maybe a few groups of minions or something to make them feel badass. Remember, a good encounter should be challenging, not impossible, and should under no conditions take six hours.


    Other general tips: unless you're playing 1st ed. D&D, you are not the enemy of the players. You and the players are working together to tell a story. Making traps to kill them as soon as the enter the dungeon? Not cool.


    And take advantage of what they do. They like seducing NPCs? Have the NPCs respond in kind. Maybe one of the wenches they're seducing is a spy for the villain. Maybe one of their previous conquests is going to be furious about their having a woman in every port. They are giving story hooks, man, and there's nothing better than when a character's behavior comes back to bite them in the ass.

  7. It looked like a simple brown cloak. Well, it was a simple brown cloak. That was the problem. One of the three young-appearing women lifted the hood, as if to confirm that there wasn't somebody somehow still hiding in the folds somewhere.


    “Well,” rasped Ophelia Bleedout, “I guess he's dead.”


    The demons of Ophelia's House, of Hell's Gate, nodded as solemnly as they could manage. It had, apparently, started a week ago, when one of their number, Reina In'Sane, had not returned to the house in the Pit after her day of killing on the surface world. The remaining six members at that time had thought she must have been simply further enjoying her task of destroying the human race, but then she did not return the next day, or the next, and it finally occurred to the group that Reina may not be coming back at all. But no matter. She was one of the founders of their damned group, but none of Hell's Gate particularly liked her, not even Ophelia, her co-founder. Euffy, for one, said Reina had been a bit of a downer. And afterlife had gone on as normal. If she had finally decided to leave Hell's Gate, good riddance. If she was dead, well, good riddance to that too.


    Then Jin La'Muerte, Embodiment of Death and Darkness, had vanished. Mona, always the most rational of the group, did some quick research and found that a corpse matching Jin's description had been found, right near one of the creature's favorite hunting spots. This was unsettling, to say the least, but not unforeseeable. Several of the group had thought that La'Muerte was nowhere near as invincible as he had purported himself to be. He had simply finally fought something tougher than he was.


    And now, a pile of burlap and leather that was all that remained of Horen Ali'Gandel laid before the three remaining members of Hell's Gate.


    “So what'cha suppose happened to him?” asked Euffy Fellani, though she said it while inspecting her meat cleaver for chips.


    “Who knows?” replied Ophilia. “Something got him good. Think we should bury him? What's left?”


    The third woman, Hinori Mona, the Embodiment of Jealousy, scoffed. “Why? I felt no particular fondness for the creature. More important is the question of what we shall do to protect ourselves from whoever is killing our fellows.”


    Ophilia looked at Mona. “You honestly think someone's out to get us?”


    Mona shrugged. “Three of us gone in eight days. It cannot be a coincidence.”


    “We don't know Reina's even dead!” returned Ophilia, but it sounded hollow even to her ears.


    Euffy raised a blood-red eyebrow. “Look. There is no way I'm going to be taken down by whoever killed these idiots. I've lived for seven thousand years, and I'm not about to stop now. Plenty of people have tried to destroy me before. Plenty will.”


    Ophilia just looked up at the coming dawn. “We gotta get back to the house, guys.”




    Ophilia's Slaughter House, an expansive manor, existed simultaneously in the Pit of Hell and the California coastline. On approach, it looked like any normal old-fashioned abandoned house, but its lines would blur as one got close, and if you were within five feet, you could hear the howls of the tortured souls inside. The manor's décor matched its appearance, with old-fashioned junk collecting dust; as most of the members of Hell's Gate had existed for centuries, there was very little want of modern accoutrements. Ophelia's room, the master bedroom, had her own design. Fleshy, Boschian nightmares soaked in blood extended from the walls, while her bed was gaudy and frilly. Truly, it was the only place Ophelia really felt at home.


    Ophelia entered her room, locked the door behind her with an absurdly large key, and caught her breath. What if...what if someone was trying to kill them? Ophelia had died once already, in the horrible event that truly spawned Ophelia Bleedout as she was known. She did not want to die again. She was already in Hell, she was a damned Demon Lord! And what happened...what happened when demons died? Ophelia shivered, despite the infernal temperatures.


    She told herself to calm down. She had no reason to be scared, just like Euffy said. They were strong, they were invincible, they were *vulgarity*ing Hell's Gate. She thought about her best moments, her favorite kills. She remembered demons ripping out spines on her command, the thrill of seeing blood spilled across floors, screams of beautiful terror as her victims realized just what was to happen to them. To her surprise, however, she found little comfort in her memories. They had filled her with such pleasure, before...why weren't they making her feel better?




    Every night, the howling of a thousand minor demons rushing into the Slaughter House through every opening they could find created a symphony of wails, a noise that thrilled the denizens of Ophelia's house to no end and incited their bloodlust. But the evening after they found Horen, Ophilia woke up in silence.


    She rushed to the front door and gazed out on the blasted landscape of Hell, joining Mona, already there. There was not a soul, demon, mortal, or otherwise, as far as they could see, for tens of miles, if Hell could be measured in such things. “Where did they go?” Ophilia asked of the swordswoman.


    “I do not know,” said Mona, “But I do know that something is very wrong.” She paused. “We should cancel our nightly hunt until we know what is happening. The living plague will still be there when we return.”


    Ophelia nodded. She looked behind her. “Hey, where's Euffy?”




    Mona and Ophilia found what remained of Euffy Fellani, Tabitha's Daughter, down one of the umpteen hallways of the manor. Her tiny body was collapsed against a wall, eyes and mouth gaping open but with nothing but darkness inside, her skin like the vacated shell of a cicada.


    Ophelia felt an emotion she had not felt in millenia, so long that she had to concentrate for a moment before she realized it was fear. “Wh-what happened to her? She was barely even there, she was untouchable! What in Hell could have done this to her!?”


    Mona shook her head. “I cannot say. But we must assume it will come for us as well.” Mona reeled back and punched Euffy in the head, collapsing the demonically constructed skull. “It is time for us to hunt, Ophelia, to kill it before it kills us. Whether what is after us is mortal or demon, we shall find it and destroy it.”


    Hinori nodded, her will steeling. Whatever-it-was was in Ophelia's Slaughter House, on her turf now. And she was The Greater Demon Lord Ophelia Bleedout. Nothing could stop her. This might even be fun.


    The two immortals wandered the silent, abandoned halls of the manor for hours, destroying anything that moved. This was true hunting, Ophelia realized, not the slaughter of those useless humans. She reveled in it.


    Then Ophelia saw it, out of the corner of her eye. The trailing corner of a black cloak retreating into a room. She pulled on Mona's sleeve and pointed. Mona nodded, and both Demon Lord and Embodiment of Jealousy moved to the wall just outside the room. Mona held up three fingers. Two. One.


    The pair jumped out, finding the room nearly empty except for the short form enveloped completely in the cloak. “There!” shouted Mona, and she leaped, a primal scream of victory emerging from her throat as her blade sank through the cloaked figure's chest.


    Whatever wore the cloak barely noticed.


    It grabbed Mona by the shoulders, sword still through it, and another scream came forth from Hinori Mona, one not of victory but of terror and pain as light blazed from the other's hands. Hinori Mona's form seemed to be peeled away from existence itself, flaking like dead skin and turning to dust in the air. Her scream did not stop until there was nothing left of her but her artificial arm. The creature in the cloak looked up at Ophelia.


    Ophelia ran.


    Diabolic heart filled with nothing but terror, Ophelia tore though the Slaughter House like she was aflame, blood flowing like tears from her clamped-shut eyes, knowing that the cloaked thing was chasing her, was behind her, and knowing if she stopped running it would have her...


    Ophelia should have known the hallways of her Slaughter House like a part of herself, should have run from the house and into the California night...but she somehow, due to panic, forgetfulness or something else entirely, abruptly found herself at a dead end. She turned around, and sure enough, out of the darkness came the cloak, sans sword. It paused before her.


    Ophilia giggled, a mad giggle that quickly transformed into an insane cackle. She knew who was behind the cloak. “You're Death,” she said, through her laughs, “We...we pissed you off so much...you had to come and do it yourself...” She descended back into giggles. “Fine. I'm—I'm not scared. Death holds no surprises.”


    “Huh? I'm not Death,” came a curiously high-pitched voice, and then the figure drew back its hood. It was a teenage girl, with beautiful brown hair and bright eyes. “I mean, I know Death,” she continued, “We're kinda-sorta-common law married by now, or something. But I'm not him. My name's Erin.”


    Ophelia was confused, another feeling long forgotten. “But...then...”


    “I mean, yeah, you kinda annoy him, but all undead do that. Hell's Door, or whatever? You guys are just silly, with all your rationalization and such. But if there's some way I can help make my Thaddy's day a little easier, I will.”


    “But...why not send Death? Who are you?”


    “Y'said it yourself; Death couldn't do anything to any of you. Been there, done that, right?” Erin had a friendly smile on her face.


    “Who...who are you?” Ophelia began getting the feeling that she should be scared once more, more scared than ever before.


    “I told you, I'm Erin. And you people, with all your emo hate and stuff? What else could be your inverse but Love?”


    “No!” Ophelia screamed, angry and scared and everything all at once. “I know love! I loved Lemi! I loved my sister!”


    “Oh...” laughed Erin, tilting her head to one side. “You really think that. Tell the truth to yourself for once, Ophelia. If you had loved her, really loved her, my kind of Love... Would you have ever started killing?”


    Ophelia was silent. Erin rolled up one of her sleeves. “Now,” she said casually, “Let's get this over with. I'm taking Thad to see The Vow tonight.”


    As the warm golden glow touched her, as she felt herself being unmade, Ophelia Bleedout finally began to scream.

  8. Ever get hooked on an anime, then realize there are over 500 episodes and you've just managed to clear 40 over two months? It's not fun.


    Answer: Stop watching. Now. It's extremely rare for [anything, especially, for some reason,] an anime to keep its quality over thirty episodes. If you haven't hit the wall of suckiness already, after forty, you're just marking time. Stop watching now, then go online and read all the complaints that it started plunging into the shithole on the arc right after the one you stopped watching on. And laugh.

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