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  1. Well, it now looks like Fox caught up to you in likes in the end. Better do something, bruh! 😉

  2. Accurate. And yeah, some of the animes there are pretty cool
  3. Jeanne D'arc has the better design than Boudica in Fate, does that count 😝
  4. …but that’s because they locked themselves in a shuttle and stayed put? They weren’t out fighting, running and gunning through the halls like you make it sound, they were hiding their asses in a armored locked ship. And also, 30 of them didn’t hold out for 3 months, since by that time there was only six left, with them killing and eating each other just to stave off death from starvation. So 6 did manage to last that time, but it wasn’t through being badass. Granted, yeah, DT zombies are smarter than WWZ zombies and in enough numbers can learn to utilize blasters and pilot ships and stuff, so, fair point.
  5. Sentry…who at the time that he ripped Doom’s armor like paper, was just a Superman clone, none of the molecular manipulation or any of that. So that’s not really relevant, not sure why you brought it up. Secondly, no, it is a common misconception but a misconception nonetheless that kryptonians are weak to magic. It is not a weakness, they just don’t have any inborn defenses against it. In other words it affects them like it would any other normal person, but it’s not an out and out weakness like kryptonite. No he won’t, he has no idea who this stranger from another universe is, there will be no prep lol. Power Girl has no explicit defense against magic, but that’s not gonna matter much when she takes Doom apart before he can utilize much of it.
  6. For what it’s worth, Stormtroopers did pretty shitty against zombies. Death Troopers, anyone?
  7. Yeah, no. Doom’s forcefields crumbled like paper against a Superman level foe like the Sentry and he’s not gonna have prep here, Power Girl is gonna rip his armor off and pummel him.
  8. A fair amount of my team up near the top in stats but damn the Skrulls, Isla Sorna and even Ares dragged the squad down.
  9. So close, yet so far away... Couple of bad matchups threw me off.
  10. Yeah, no, though the movie itself is rightfully labeled as bad, for the most part I do think people enjoyed Liev in the role. And speaking personally, I wish he’d had a part in the Logan movie dammit
  11. Greater strength, similar or superior agility, spidey sense, webbing to counter the obvious strategy, don't think Victor's got much of a shot here.
  12. Is this comic or movie Wonder Woman, I’m thinking the first but the picture is throwing me off. Either way though, I’m of the mind that J’onn has this. Equal or greater levels of strength, plus his shapeshifting, intangibility and most of all his incredible psychic ability, which is something Wondy has been shown to fare badly against with the likes of Maxima and others.
  13. Well, one can certainly model underwear and pantyhose better than the other…
  14. A combination of being highly skilled, knowing the symbiote’s weaknesses, giving herself good luck and Venom bad luck(she’s been able to straight up influence weather even), and the movie version of Venom not being as powerful as in the comics, that seems enough edge to win
  15. Ah, gotcha. Still, that means a number of regular scientists managed to survive, and if they could, I don’t see why Din could not.

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