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  1. I would give this one to Kukri. Panthor is probably stronger, but Kukri can evade long enough to wear the big cat down. Drash doesn't stand much of a chance here.
  2. Hmm... I'll give this one to Cinder thanks to her superior speed.
  3. Interesting matchup. I'd give it to Summer for having the best defense out of the three.
  4. Huh. I don't know. New Kato is extremely skilled and has a more varied moveset, but Ty Lee has taken down more dangerous people. It will be a massive clash of personalities though.
  5. Is this between the individuals or against their ships?
  6. Do the chimps have guns? I don't see the two winning without them.
  7. I'll go with the Power Ranger. His speed and beams will likely give him the upper hand.
  8. I think Mega-Man's strength is greater than any Sentinel created in the main universe. Plus there's Time Stop.
  9. Hmm... I think this fight can go the distance. The problem for Raidou is that his slow movements will make dodging Rugal's various projectiles extremely difficult.
  10. This should be an easy win for Wanda. Mechanical beings fare especially poorly against her.
  11. Only Joker's acid can really do much to harm them and even then they will have to worry about any sneak attacks that they wouldn't survive.
  12. I think the force users would be able to sense where they are. But if either small guy can shrink the Force Users, that should put the match in their favor.
  13. This is the being that can't really die right? I'm going with Daimajin.
  14. I'm giving it to the eagle, and not just because the eagle has more canonical hand-to-hand experience. Lasers will do nothing due to the counter system and while the reflector should handle most items thrown at the eagle, he will likely have more of an advantage up close.
  15. I checked footage from both competitors and Vorpax impressed me more. Unless there's any footage of a Wraith-enhanced Teyla fighting.
  16. Riddler's traps plus Joker's gas is just a lethal combination. Ironically, the Mirage version may be the worst version to handle this kind of fight.
  17. I don't think so. Ken's definitely the kind of guy to underestimate Ash and get his chi powers stolen as a result.
  18. Hmm... I can easily see a scenario where Korra tries to go in strongly and gets blown up in the process due to Vin's superior speed and strength.
  19. From what I've seen, I think Devilman has enough defensive and offensive capabilities to catch Trent slipping on his super speed.
  20. Okay, Soul Calibur evens things out a lot here for Siggy. Not even teleporting will work out that well as the sword acts out on its own. I honestly don't know. This can go either way.
  21. Probably one of the best writeups I've seen on this site in a while. Great job. Honestly, I'm torn. I'm biased towards Baroness, but Emma Peel's got a whole lot of skills to back her up. Not that Baroness isn't too bad in the marksman and fencing department either. I will have to give it to Peel due to having more experience in hands-on combat.

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