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  1. That's the epitome of a stomp match, poor bastard.
  2. I love the both of them, Laura especially since Wolverine yeah, totally no bias... But pragmatically speaking, I hold the opinion that Laura edges Scandal out in terms of physicality and the combination of that with her skill and regenerative factor is what pushes her over. Not that it detracts from Scandal's own skills whatsoever.
  3. Maybe it's telling that I didn't quite do my research thoroughly before casting my vote but I essentially made a decision based on what I already knew about the two characters through peripheral encounters and prior wiki hopping years ago. Maybe it's dated but I've always thought Accelerator was so absurdly broken given his power kit that even the standard application of time stop could be readily defied. And Dio really can't do much of anything to him whereas Accelerator can make chunky salsa with no issue so.
  4. What AvP said. It's good to be remorseful of the past but don't dwell on those regrets, I'm sure you've become a better person for it. Try to have a good time as before and mingle with the others. Load's changed.
  5. Not entirely a fresh start but a name change and some things here and I'm good to go.
  6. It was you, wasn't. You reacted to my posts... you bastard...

    1. AVP vs The Terminator

      AVP vs The Terminator

      Eat shit. Don't you come here to me and make assertions.

  7. The dang censor filters are riling them kids.
  8. Oh fuck, it's the local drunkard...
  9. Don't give me that SHIT. Absolutely IN THE SAME BOAT except older and still paddling.
  10. Welp, dredged that old email out the dumpster. Been a long time, seems like some things don't change much.
  11. Indolent

    Video Games

    I love The Last of Us. ;~; As well as Ellie. Friggin' amazin' game.
  12. Haven of Wiidom doesn't really get much action, sure, but EF is still around... and Haven of Wiidom is one of the options.
  13. Loved or Hated, Like I Give A *vulgarity*.
  14. I fail to see how Thanos is a better planner than Darkseid.
  15. ...They barely use telepathy - doesn't suddenly mean they have resistance. I mean Piccolo might have some degree but not the others. >.>
  16. He was guided by outside forces for HOTU and he prepared for years iirc in order to do so.
  17. No, they wouldn't have any resistance to it. This is friggin' Pre Crisis Superman aka obscenely overpowered to the point that it'll happen just cuz he wills it. Not only that but Silver Age Superman is a literal genius that makes the likes of Reed Richards look retarded. He'll notice, he'll react accordingly. He's not just a flying brick.
  18. Telepathy. And if the Z-Fighters are using the gigantic magical dragons - his insane senses (Superior to most incarnations of Superman _-_), will give him the magic password. As you said, several ways to skin a cat.
  19. Also oddly enough if they can use the Balls/Dragons, Superman can too - I don't see why no one's thought of this. >.>
  20. Second and Third Wish might not work, especially the second - you're forgetting the limitations of the dragons.

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