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  1. Waddup, I was hamboy/M Bison/whatever. Here mainly for the nostalgia, I pretty much grew up here.
  2. Trailer for the DVD of the hardcore show I was involved in a few months ago. I'm the guy in the mask that get flattened at about the one minute mark.
  3. Mankind wasn't an influence on the original concept of the character, but as I improved in training, the influence of Mankind did indeed creep in more and more. Heath Ledger's Joker as a major influence also, as well as any "creepy child" you might find in horror movies or the like.
  4. I was the one in the yellow trunks making his entrance at 4:18 in the battle royal doing the creepy manchild gimmick. And the senton thing is the Grizzly Bomb, as performed by the terrifying Dutchman known as Mark Kodiak. Oh, and the masked dude is Voodoo. He's a brilliant comedy wrestler who co hosts the pro wrestling comedy vlog Science Fiction. http://www.youtube.com/user/ViralRevamped?feature=watch
  5. http://youtu.be/JWgp_VPVEbs Friend of mine did a vlog about the show I debuted on last Friday. Check it out! (I'm Noah/Hamish)
  6. We'll see if they put the match I'm having tomorrow online (excited!) but British promotions try to save stuff for just the DVDs. And Cena tries to wrestle good matches whenever possible as well, just like all those other guys. He's had the occasional RAW classic (HBK, CM Punk), much like they have. To an extent I agree on the character, but remember: He's not there for us. He's there for the kids, and he plays his role exceptionally well. And there's nothing wrong with it. Wrestling SHOULD be family entertainment.
  7. Shawn Michaels had fun matches on RAW - as does Cena - not great ones (again, aside from the occasional like vs SHelton Benjamin at Gold Rush). At that stage in his career, Flair was over the hill and the claim he was having great matches on TV every week is ludicrous. Vs Triple H at Taboo Tuesday, and VS HBK at 'Mania are probably the only great matches of his final run. These men have their own bodies to think of. Great matches are often very exerting, and have a high risk to your body. They shouldn't be doing that on RAW. RAW is there to make you buy the PPV. PPV is where the WWE makes its money.
  8. Live TV isn't the place for huge main event matches. One of the weaknesses of WCW was that it gave key marquee matches out for free. This is a documented problem that, though initially gave them a spike in ratings, was one of the factors in their long term decline. Workers are SUPPOSED to save the great matches for PPV. That's the point of PPV. People are supposed to pay for the best matches. Cena is supposed to have simple matches that fit into a larger story on TV. He's occasionally had a big match on RAW (CM Punk, Shawn Michaels), but these are - rightfully - few and far between. Cena is a great TV wrestler, because he gives you just enough to be entertaining without going over the top.
  9. Cena performs to an extremely high level in every big match. He never chooses not to perform his best. If you're asking him to have big over the top matches on RAW then you don't get wrestling. You save the big performances for the big shows. Let's look at his body of work. One or two great matches? In no order: vs Umaga, Royal Rumble vs Shawn Michaels, Wrestlemania vs Edge, Unforgiven vs Christian and Chris Jericho, Vengeance vs Brock Lesnar, Extreme Rules vs CM Punk, Money in the Bank, and on Raw in the run up to this year's Mania There are more, that's just off the top of my head. Sting phoned in some of his performances during the end of his WCW run, this is well known. Sting has a large catalogue of great matches as well no doubt, but Cena has just as many if not more. Cena doesn't have anything Sting lacks, but you can certainly argue he does some of the same things better. By the way, the video above doesn't mention Sting once. He says Steen. As in Kevin Steen.
  10. HBK vs Undertaker is likely 50/50, they both take equal responsibility. If the video was on them, those matches would count toward both of them. Plus, they've both had a huge array of great matches that were mainly their responsibility. The Sting that faced Flair wasn't as great a worker as he eventually grew into, those were more to do with Flair. Cena is definitely on a similar level to Michaels or Sting. He's constantly producing wonderful matches against a huge variety of opponents. Better than them? I disagree with the video when it comes to Michaels (but can see his point about the hammy over acting), but Sting, while very good, was never the super worker Shawn was and I'd probably rank Cena above him.
  11. http://youtu.be/levGIV_1eHY The best wrestling related video on the internet? Possibly.
  12. Aw yeah. I debut for GPW next week. Looking forward to it.
  13. It's just a horror story, and considering some people believed it, not a bad one either. It's fairly well written and is creepy even if you don't believe any of it, if I recall correctly. Writing a good horror story doesn't make someone sick.
  14. British wrestling is well good. Or at least, it can be. Love this promo. I'm posting far too much today.
  15. Tom, you got a professional school near you at all? Granted, the American system is very different to the British one - we pay per session, as if we're learning a martial art. You guys have to pay for a scholarship and live at the school.
  16. https://www.facebook.com/AngryWrestleVet ^^^ That guy knows. And of course the Rock could do serious. He did serious at the Rumble too (even if he did rip off a Dusty Rhodes promo). My point is that much of the comedy stuff we cringe at from his modern promos are similar to his Attitude Era comedy promos.
  17. Nah. The Rock was giving us what he'd always given us. The difference is, we've all grown up now. The Rocks shit has always been extremely immature. Massively charismatic, but the content was always immature. Be careful with those rose tinted specs, especially when discussing the Attitude Era.
  18. I... don't think you guys know what a shoot promo is. You're talking about an ad libbed promo. A shoot is talking about reality. The Rock, Stone Cold etc all still spoke in terms of kayfabe. But I agree, I dislike that promos are scripted word for word. As for style - guys all do wrestle their own style, and they always have. Development doesn't kill a wrestlers style, it teaches them proper psychology. Big guys wrestle like big guys because it makes sense in terms of in ring psychology. If the big guy is doing moonsaults and dropkicks, no one gives a shit when the little guy does them. The big guy is more threatening as the slow, lumbering monster than he is as the surprisingly athletic big bloke. The monster is scarier. The monster will get more over, and make more money. Bryan looks and wrestles different to the wrestlers of the past because wrestling, like other forms of entertainment, evolves over time. Hogan and Flair looked very different to Lou Thesz as well. As for steroids, there are less of them now that the WWE won't touch you if you're on them, but many still use them.
  19. I do wrestling training Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and twice on Sunday. Other than learning to wrestle, we do a fair bit of cardio and conditioning at the training sessions. I visit the gym 3-4 times a week. Chest day, back day, leg day, with a shoulder day if I can (otherwise I work shoulders at the end of chest and back day). Cardio is important, as is body type. Lose the flab if you're fat, put on muscle if you're skinny. Skinny wrestlers rarely get booked, and fat ones only do so if they're genuine monsters. I also need to get a tan soon. Spray tan though. I'm staying away from sunbeds. I've still got a long way to go bodywise. There are guys on the scene on steroids and it's almost impossible to keep up.
  20. Got back on shows last night, in an adults only show. Odd environment, seeing the guys come backstage after a hardcore match with ring crew following them frantically cleaning blood everywhere with one wrestler not giving a shit about the huge gash on his arm was interesting. As for my own role, I was filling in under a masked gimmick in a religious faction. Was good fun. Caught a dive and got the pin. Then we battered the poor bloke we were in there with.
  21. In fairness, Even KISS's biggest fans admit they're the cheesy action movies of the music genre. They're a lot of fun, but they're meaningless trash (not that there's anything wrong with that). I really don't think KISS are that similar to Cooper or Ozzy though. The music has a completely different feel. Also, lyrics come into it, but judge the whole peace - lyrics and music. Even rap songs need a good beat. And I love Dylan's broken voice, actually. For me, it adds emotional resonance to his music.
  22. Guys, you're missing the point. Kiss never sold 'in' in the first place. The very concept of Kiss was to become a brand. The toys, comics, lottery tickets and all the rest of it? That was the idea since the beginning. You can't say they sold out their principles for money and fame because they were all about the money and fame to begin with. Gene Simmons would tell you that himself.

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