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  1. Looking at Trilla's abilities, she seems like a member of the Sith or something similar. That being the case, I don't think even Bumi's airbending will do him that much good here. Also, if the Goblin King is anything like the goblins I saw in the 1977 Rankin/Bass Hobbit film, he may be close to a non-factor.
  2. Another great set-up, Boratz. It's been awhile since I've seen you do a follow-up to a match. And lol at Juno essentially going out the same way she did in True Lies. As for the match, I think I'll leave the voting to those that have seen Relic Hunter and Uncharted. Jo didn't look all that impressive in the one fight I saw her in, but that may not be her at her best.
  3. Hah! I remember the commercial. Good set-up, Merc. You seem to have the characters I'm familiar with right in-character, but that commercial is about the only thing I remember about Ty. Will have to do research on Crash and Ty's abilities here.
  4. While I haven't seen enough of Eve in action to gauge her skills, I do remember Lotus pretty well. Ozzy may not be as skilled as Lotus in H2H, but he can hold his own. Being a white blood cell, he also has other abilities the ladies may have trouble accounting for: All-in-all, Ozzy has a pretty good chance to escape.
  5. Battle of the red-jacketed cartoon detectives! About time a proper match was made for these two. I mean, we've had a Rumble, and they just missed facing off in a Fantasy Draft. Good set-up, broadway, though Xanatos seems a little more sinister than usual here. I'm not real familiar with Yin because I never watched much of The Batman (Ninja Joker, Kung-Fu Penguin, etc. turned me off of it early), but a clip I saw once shows she might be a decent fighter. I'm a lot more familiar with the Gargoyles characters, and Elisa's smarts and fighting skills are no joke, either. As for the match, this could be a tough one. I can't speak for Ellen's detective skills, but may have more experience dealing with Batman villains. I know Elisa's a very good detective, and she would likely do better in combat against this crew since she's used to going toe-to-toe with gargoyles, New Olympians, and the like and holding her own.
  6. Ah, man, I think this one may partially be on me. I rated the match, but I think I forgot to vote on it. My bad.
  7. Given the month, I hope the Challenge is at least Halloween-themed.
  8. Not at all familiar with the Macross/Robotech/etc. animes/mangas/novels, but the story here looks pretty good, leroy.
  9. Another great set-up, Boratz. Battle of the Carerres! Sorry I missed your last one, BTW. Heh, it actually just back in February. And yeah, both that Rumble and this match feel like adventures that both Sydney and Juno would definitely be in on. As for the match, I'll join the consensus that Sydney should probably win this one almost easily, especially since Juno is essentially on her own.
  10. Great set-up, Rakai. It looks like you're officially back to form now. Very good recap of Michelangelo and Aska. It just about felt like one of those TMNT Tournament Fighters matches. The one thing that was missing was the super special attacks, but I doubted that we'd see them in this fight because 1), these are the Mirage Turtles, who wouldn't necessarily be able to do those super specials, and 2), like most TMNT Tournament Fighters matches actually went, the fights were too fast-paced to see specials much. Also, it was good to see Aska's butt-ram and Mikey dust off the Rising Thunder that he used in a match awhile back in this arc. As for the match, I think Raphael can win, but he might need to be just as careful as he needs to be ruthless. I've seen a bit of Shermie's characterization in @JohnnyChany's own fighting arc matches, and she can be just as murderously ruthless as she can be nonchalant (especially if her full Orochi powers emerge). As mentioned, though, Raph has had plenty of experience dealing with supernatural foes and the like, so he might have better than a good shot here.
  11. You guys might be underestimating Lady Chiyo a bit here. I happened to watch the saga of Naruto: Shippuden that she was in, and she has some skills: Information on The Ferret is scant, but Kagami didn't really seem to do anything faster or more skillful than what was shown here.
  12. Welcome back, Johnny, and good set-up. Good story, and there seems to be good characterization here, but I don't think I know enough about these ladies to vote.
  13. Very good to see you back in the writing game, Rakai! Very nice set-up. Even without the usual recap, you did a very good job at portraying what Donatello and Chizuru were feeling in the aftermath of their fight. As for the match, I had to look up Aska in action since it's been awhile since I've played Tournament fighters. For anyone interested, here's Aska in action. Given this and what Mikey and the other Turtles have been through so far, I say he should win here. Aska will definitely make it interesting, though.
  14. New characters added: Osmosis "Ozzy" Jones A recording of Osmosis Jones has been sitting around in my house for a long time, so I finally went ahead and watched it this weekend. At least the animated parts of the film weren't bad, so I figured, why not add its protagonist? A match-up for him would have to be pretty creative, though, since he's a white blood cell. Eve Polastri The "hero" of Killing Eve is now in. Since I already added Villanelle, I was actually waiting to see if someone that's actually watched the show would add Eve, but here we are. Bumi (The Legend of Korra) Aang's kooky oldest child is here.
  15. Another good set-up, broadway, and good debut for the Dalmatian Puppies. The Puppies are another case of a profile I added without actually watching the film the subject matter is from, but I think I've seen enough trailers from both the animated and live action films to get the gist of what they're about. I've seen enough of Tarzan to know about Jane, too (as well as played KH I), so I think Jane will give this a pretty good try with her experience with animals. I seriously doubt she'd be able to control 99 pups, though, and the recap would be all the better for it.

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