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  1. As much as I was never a fan of Scooby Doo, I have to admit Daphne and Velma probably have the best chance here. As mentioned, Betty is an athlete, but I've never seen brawling as really her or Veronica's thing. AFAIK, Velma's not an athlete herself, but she and Daphne have been in their fair share of danger being in Mysteries, Inc. If we count Buff--, I mean Daphne from the live action films, then she soloes.
  2. Pretty good set-up, Venom. R.I.P., Yoshi. 😢😋 I was wondering how and if the Turtles were going to stand a chance against a kaiju, but Genie was awful helpful here. As for the match, four skilled ninja turtles that are each Gamera's size should be more than a match for him.
  3. Ah, appears I forgot to log out again ... 😑 Anyways, good set-up, Johnny. I'm liking how this arc is progressing. Looks like a fight of tough blonde cop chicks. Never played Final Fight 4 (have only recently even heard of it), but after watching some gameplay of her from it and SFV, I think she may be able to use her moves and quickness to hold her own against this Estel for awhile. Estel looks pretty tough in her look and in gameplay, so I don't think Lucia can really win, but maybe she can hold her off until the others arrive. Estel could probably be convinced she's on the wrong side again, anyway.
  4. Great set-up as usual, Rakai. Donatello definitely used his skills and smarts to overcome Maxima's massive strength and powerful weaponry. Good in a competitive sense to see that Donnie also didn't exactly come out of it unscathed, though. I guess I'm the only one that saw the Karai twist coming. I meant to hint at it in your previous matches. As for the match, I predict Karai's going to give Leonardo a very good fight, but in every incarnation I've seen them match up, Leo more often than not came out on top. Both being virtual masters of ninjutsu, I could see them both using the terrain and their own arsenals to full effect. Leo may possibly want to try out Hoahmaru's katana here, but I think he'll eventually win.
  5. Heh, no one's gotten to this yet? Not really surprised; I'm not sure a lot of folks here know their TF history. That alright, though. Anyways, good set-up, leroy. It's also good to see Uncle Ruckus "bless" us with his presence. 😛 As for the match, if one looks at each of Jazz's and Blaster's histories in various TF media, Jazz is probably more accomplished overall in combat. Given that, like Blaster, Jazz can use also sound in combat (though not nearly to the same extent), he wouldn't really be caught off guard by Blaster's tactics. In the end, Jazz would probably win.
  6. After looking him up for a previous match, I'd have been kind of inclined to vote for Michael "Lord of the Dance" Flatley. Don't know and Ren or Johnny, but Flatley is actually a boxing enthusiast and used to do so pretty regularly in his youth.
  7. Another good set-up, Johnny. Can't speak much for characterization since I've never played USF4 or the Streets of Rage games, but it's still a good story. Interesting battle of the dominatrix types, though. As for the match, based mainly on the facts that Nora is a boss in SoR4 and fights against a generally more powerful grade of heroes, I think she can beat Poison. Not sure about actually recruiting her, though.
  8. New character added: Evelyn Quan Wang Haven't seen Everything Everywhere All at Once (hell, I haven't even seen Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon yet, which Michelle Yeoh also starred in and is apparently pretty similar), but with all the buzz surrounding it up to and during the Oscars, I thought its star would be a good add. New images added: Bizzaro Master Mold / Nimrod Air Nomads Added a DCAU alt battle pic for Bizzaro, and an image of TLoK's New Air Nomads. I also just found out that you can add a pic from the gallery to more than one profile, so I added a pic of the fourth boss from the old X-Men arcade game, which, regardless of Wikipedia or anywhere else says, is really an amalgamation of Master Mold and Nimrod.
  9. Another good chapter for your Megastory, leroy. Never saw Big Trouble in Little China, but thematically, a nice part of the Avatar World fits right in with Chinese culture. As for the match, as mentioned I've never seen Big Trouble, but after looking up the Storms, I don't think your run-of-the-mill Air Nomads can defeat them. The Storms may have trouble at least containing Aang, as even pre-series he could access the Avatar State subconsciously under stress.
  10. Finally got to this one. Good set-up. Venom. Looks like the Noid gets a stay of execution for now. As for the match, not only can Yoshi eat almost anything, he's also pretty good in combat, if his multiple adventures with Mario and Co. and competing in various Super Smash Bros. games are anything to go by. The Turtles are highly trained in their choice of combat, though (yes, even the '87 Turtles 😛 ), so I don't think Yoshi can eat them all before he gets taken down.
  11. Another good set-up, Johnny. Looks like a good battle of ninja with their own shadow clones, etc. As for the match, since they're both immortal, I think Zato-1 could probably incapacitate Noob first, since his and Eddie's shadow powers seem more diverse and more akin to what the symbiotes that Spider-Man goes up against can do.
  12. I know it had to be kind of tough to come up with a scenario for this one, lol. Well, you know more about Clueless than I do. I never watched the film or the show; I've just seen enough of both to get the gist of Cher's character and figured she might be a good add. I guess Cher gets Blair and Sharon to be friends and might even relate to Blair since they're both from upper class backgrounds. There'd probably also be no real reason for Cher to keep what she knows about Sharon's past a secret from her.
  13. Good set-up, Russ. Welcome back to the CBUB Match fold. The Loser's Club is still making for an interesting crossover event. As for the match, is Johnny wearing Bootman's boots? If so, he, Jesse, and James should be able to get by Syd and Jaco mainly on the strength of his abilities alone. In fact, with all that toon force and whatnot, I'm wondering how Johnny was even caught in the first place.
  14. Unless McCabe and Irons are pretty damn clever and/or lucky or can call in back-up from the League, I think the villainesses will win this. Aside from what's been mentioned, Superman defeated Corey Mills by plugging the power grid into the weak spot in his suit. Since Steel invented the suit, he would definitely know about that. Livewire could also send a powerful current right into that spot. Between this and Lock-Up being a normal human, Team 1 is pretty much the weak link. Other than that, the heroes have no real way to counter Livewire and Volcana with their own abilities, so as mentioned, I think the bad girls probably take this.

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