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  1. Well, the Rescue Rangers film premiered on streaming today, and to rave reviews.
  2. I had to think over this for a bit. Though guest-posting may initially help give lurkers a chance to see the site, in my experience it generally leads people to fix final votes for certain characters. Besides, I just remembered that the last time we had guest-posting here, we had an infestation of bots posting. Had to delete hundreds of bot posts myself at the time. All-in-all, I'm against it. Still, I'd also say we shouldn't make decisions on it just yet, and give more viewers and the staff more time to see this thread and think on it.
  3. I don't know how many of you guys still have cable, but Disney XD has been marathoning OG Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers episodes all day today. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure the eps are also available on Disney+. Disney is pretty clearly promoting the upcoming Rescue Rangers reboot film:
  4. Been a minute, Ferreters. Good set-up as usual, broadway. Speedy and the DCAU Flash rogues were right in character. I think Speedy rightfully won, too. He's probably not as fast as most versions of Flash, but he definitely makes up for it with toon force and plot armor.
  5. Turns out my last CBUB match was posted on pinterest sometime during this site's previous shutdown. 😄 I'm not even sure pinterest was a thing when I originally posted it: Pin on Awesome Villians (pinterest.com) Maybe I should write a sequel one of these days ...
  6. This might initially be a good fight. Tsukuri was able to give Bruce a good fight, and Curare had Terry on the ropes more than once. I'd have to give Curare a fairly definite edge, though. She's strong enough to start crushing Terry in his Batsuit (which enhances his physicals) with her thighs, agile enough to keep pace with him in his Suit, is noted to be arguably the most skilled assassin of her time, and has a superior sword.
  7. Good set-up, leroy. This was my favorite exchange: As for the match, this is a very interesting match-up. The Demon Sorcerers' only real weaknesses, IIRC, were chi magic and using their own magic against them. Meanwhile, the only way the Ghostbusters could stop Gozer was to risk apparent multiversal destruction closing the gate from where Gozer came. I doubt Gozer's going to be knocking the Sorcerers around as much as it did four normal humans, but at the same time the Sorcerers may have a pretty hard time sealing Gozer away. All I know is that both sides will likely do little to real damage to one another in the process.
  8. You're not really disputing anything I was saying. Yes, Oozaru form gives a Saiyan a 10 x power boost, but Vegeta certainly wasn't at full power (18,000) after fighting Kaio-Ken x 10 Goku and after Vegeta himself made that Power Ball for the blutz waves. So, Vegeta's Oozaru form boosted his power to 10 x whatever his power was down to at that point, not 10 x 18,000.
  9. Well, it now looks like Fox caught up to you in likes in the end. Better do something, bruh! 😉

  10. What's a better CBUB debut for the AFLAC Duck than a Gilbert Gottfried tribute? R.I.P., Gottfried, a.k.a. AFLAC Duck, Iago, Mr. Mxyzptlk, Mr. Peabody., etc. Good set-up, broadway. Interesting way to match up two famous Gottfried characters. Everyone is pretty much right in character, too, but I'm pretty sure Genie stopped going to the lamp after the first Aladdin film. As for the match, though it's not really the Duck's business, I think Iago gets discovered. IIRC, there's one AFLAC commercial ad that shows its mascot catching up to a commercial jet. No way Iago can catch up to him.
  11. Congrats on your 100th match, Movie-Brat. Decent set-up. I'm not overtly familiar with the current Champion members, but the characterization of the Cobra characters is pretty good. Serpentor, though, is just as likely to literally backhand Gert across the room for her "insolence" immediately (as he did to Cobra Commander many times in the old cartoon) as he is to monologue his plan in front of her. As for the match, yeah, the Champions stomp this. In fact, if Magik is at full power, she could probably solo both G.I. Joe and Cobra at once.
  12. Well, judging from the site's tab, it looks like we may have a new official logo. Any chance that a larger version of it could be uploaded to the gallery so we can get a better preview of it, @IKA?
  13. Another good set-up that I've missed of yours, Johnny. If leroy hadn't rated the match, it wouldn't have been rated at all. Good background stories for all the characters involved here. I had a feeling that Ryu could take this Devil Jin dude. As for the match, should Mishima have dominated the vote here, especially since Siegfried dealt with both Gill and M. Bison without a lot of trouble in this arc? I have no idea.
  14. Wow, another good set-up, Russ. Sorry about missing the vote on it; I've missed a few matches lately. Good story. I'm not really that familiar with either character, but if Maulkiller is that powerful of a Force user, I'm not sure how Dante could've beaten him if he dldn't have a way to counter the Force somehow.
  15. And so it begins ... I'll be back to check on things in a bit. Nah, MagneticFox was always its own thing, even if it was started in tribute to EF and as a place for the EF community to migrate to and continue the Ferret way.
  16. Gah, I'm not familiar with either of these factions, but the match seems to give a good understanding of their motivations. Another good set-up, Merc.
  17. Good set-up, broadway. Sorry I missed the vote and rate on this one. This was a good showdown of skilled Penguin henchwomen. I never watched The Batman beyond the first couple of episodes (Ninja Joker and Kung-Fu Penguin, eck), so I watched the vid provided to get a good idea of the Kabuki Twins' skill. That wasn't Batgirl; that was Batwoman from the (arguably standalone) film. Batwoman (the Batwomen) never quite as seemed as skilled in combat as Barbara, especially since Roxy Rocket (who very likely wasn't as combat-trained as Batgirl, either) was able to get the best of Jay, Lark, and Raven solo. The Kabuki Twins, though, were able to give Batman (albeit less experienced than DCAU Bats) a good fight and seemed more coordinated and a lot more agile than the trio, so if I voted, I might have been inclined to give them the edge in this one.
  18. I don't know if things are going to be as easy for Moon Knight as that. If we're talking Sunbow Serpentor, this episode perfectly shows off his physicals: If Moon Knight can beat Serpentor, it likely won't be by brute force. He'd have to fight smart, and luckily for him, Serpentor doesn't show too much in the way of tactics in H2H.
  19. Another good set-up, Johnny. It's been great that you've been integrating the fighter's various histories into the story, if only as footnotes. I just wish that I'd played more of these games to get a better feeling for all these storylines. As for the match, both Rugal and Raidou must be pretty powerful if this Orochi demon is considering merging with one of them, but after watching some vids of them both in action, I'd have to agree with pat that Rugal's superior quickness should probably net him the win here.
  20. Sorry I missed this one, Johnny. Good set-up. It's good to see Bison apparently finished off for good, though. I honestly wouldn't have been too sure on who to vote for in this one. Ken sometimes underestimates his opponents, but Ash occasionally tends to struggle using powers he's not familiar with.
  21. Heh, good follow-up, broadway. It's almost a little too honorable of Fox Xanatos to want to fight a worthy opponent, though. As for the match, I apparently can't look up Wanted's Fox without running into spoilers for the film, but I'm going to assume that unless she has significant other combat ability besides her bullet-curving, Mrs. Xanatos should probably be able to take her. That is also a distinct possibility.
  22. Pretty good set-up, Movie-Brat. The heroes seem to be cleaning house against the Cybermen whenever they're working as a group. As for the match, Wanda should probably win this easily. Machines and A.I. in fiction tend to generally operate on probabilities and a sense of logic. Not a good combination to use against someone whose main power is to magically alter probabilities.
  23. Another good set-up, Johnny. Good recaps with Gulie/Cassandra and Sophitia/Rachel. Not so sure Guile could take both Alexandra sisters solo, though. As for the match, while it should be a good fight between Sophitia and Momiji, Momiji is the fresher of the two and doesn't have the new internal struggle to deal with. I'd say Ryu's apprentice should probably eke this one out.
  24. Ah, missed this one. Good set-up, broadway, but Fox Xanatos and Fox McCloud rightfully took this one. IIRC, in a combat sense, Mulder had to be bailed out by Scully more often than not.

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