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  1. youre telling me you're gonna give more attention to the 50th polka dot man that's just a dude in a one piece with some construction paper dots and not a guy in a tactical gear with a big mechanical dick? ok buddy
  2. Daylight or no, I think the degree to which the Spartans would presumably have to engage with Ninjas outside of an open field in order to reach their flag is going to fuck them up. It seems like if this were just "kill the other team" the Spartans would have some advantages since they are an army meant for doing exactly that. However, Ninjas are going to be a decentralized unit of highly skilled infiltrators, highly mobile single units that Spartans will have an extremely difficult time catching up to and defeating. I think Ninjas just have every single advantage that isn't organizational, and the organizational aspect is way less important here.
  3. I think Hulk just beats the shit out of Doomsday. Hulk these days, as of Immortal Hulk, is crazy strong, capable of bitching amped Thor and regenerating his body completely and totally. He can thunderclap to beat Thor-level enemies away. I don't see a way for Doomsday to actually beat Hulk, whereas Hulk can beat Doomsday to death or submission.
  4. I imagine Sabretooth can just cut the webs? He's extremely difficult to put down, if he can tag Peter he can just kill him, and Peter has a way harder time putting him down especially when considering his healing factor.
  5. I feel like the prompt either totally disqualifies or heavily disincentivizes this as an option. They're fighting it on earth. I don't know anything about the Tyranids, but the Flood are inordinately difficult to rid yourself of. I'd be interested to see some Tyranid feats.
  6. Yeah, I think cartoon violence wins this for Kali.
  7. Why don't ninjas just beat them? What do Tenga do that is actually lethal?
  8. Victor sure does love his icy lake. I don't think Winters can put him down.
  9. Yeah, it was my CBUB match. I would guess Tallahassee can survive unless someone wants him dead (probably any Batman rogue in there washes him instantly). If the idea of the prompt is that the inhabitants of the setting do want the survivor character dead, Tallahassee is dead, no ifs, ands, or buts.
  10. It's just that he'd have to cross 60 feet on a surface with way less friction than regular ground.
  11. The Savage Land probably doesn't hold much of what Lara Croft can't handle. She's eminently capable. I don't see any particular reason she and Ka-Zar would fight, either.
  12. Yeah I'm pretty sure Master Chief just immediately goes under and can't get back out. There's a reason water automatically kills you in Halo...
  13. When have the Jem'Hadar shown such capabilities, and why wouldn't the Flood be able to simply convert all biomass on a Jem'Hadar ship they infect in space (via debris launching spores)? Even 1 spore essentially makes it such that the Flood isn't defeated, and I've still seen zero evidence to indicate the Jem'Hadar would have any capability of defending against a Flood infection. It also seems unlikely they'd engage in that course of action. Presumably these two are invading Earth for strategic purposes, which the Flood can do with zero exterior infrastructure (in fact creating their own by virtue of their cellular conversion) and the Jem'Hadar cannot, barring any other evidence (as none has been presented in their favor whatsoever in this thread).
  14. 1. Forerunners developed technology that wiped out every life-form in the Milky Way that possessed a nervous system except for the ones they specifically protected, because that was the base level at which the Flood could assimilate until it grew into a specific form that could convert all biomass into Flood. 2. On an individual level, nothing except that Star Trek has never had a fast combatant. On a macro level, the fact that by the time this is able to happen, the Jem'Hadar would not be able to fight any significant portion of the Flood due to accrued biomass. 3. Spartans, as individual soldiers, are significantly stronger, faster, etc. than essentially anything that exists in Star Trek. They react in 20ms (10x faster than a human) outside of their armor at the age of 14, and 4ms (50x faster than a human) within it, run at 45+mph from dead stop, and break through boulders by charging them, as well as throw one-ton combatants around. Show me a Star Trek combatant that can do any single one (1) of these things, and then tell me how they beat that when their opponent is wearing armor that blocks 50mm weaponry with its shields, and endures laser fire, as well as plasma grenades. Just watch this video about the Flood and you'll have some idea about how bad and inefficient an idea it is to lock your fight against them to one planet, especially one as green as Earth.
  15. 1. Star Trek doesn't have anything like Forerunner tech, which was required to beat the Flood 2. Show me literally any single combatant in Star Trek that could ever beat a Spartan in Mjolnir armor 3. Even if both of these things exist it took centuries to beat the Flood 4. Jem'Hadar, humans, and all biomass on Earth become Flood
  16. Okay, but since Flood can convert literally any biomass into Flood, how do they beat it? They don't need humans or Jem'Hadar, they can just kill them. They also don't need Ketracel-white, they just need a relatively intact nervous system to overtake in the first place, which a living Jem'Hadar would presumably possess. Afterward, they are puppets for flood, and it doesn't matter if they're dead. The Flood can just take the form and walk it around. I basically don't see how a less efficient fighting force from a weaker universe can beat a biomass plague that required wiping out a galaxy of nervous life to defeat.
  17. How can the Jem'Hadar realistically stop them?
  18. All we know is that both factions are present on Earth, which means the Flood almost certainly wins. If they don't have ships (idk how else they would get to Earth) they can take the Jem'Hadar's.
  19. Codpiece would simply blow open the door to the museum and escape while disorienting the police officers using his sonic weapon. He'll punch anyone who gets in his way. He'll rocket them. He's unstoppable. Stilt Man stands no chance.
  20. It's not that Clayton can take it over by force exclusively, it's that when it comes down to it, he can choose to exercise force against monsters while Frollo absolutely cannot. Frollo also does not hold any position of power in Monstersverse, all of his charisma in Hunchback came from occupying a position of power, and without that power he's just an old man.
  21. As far as I'm aware, Clayton is the only person in Monstersverse with a gun. Threatening to kill a couple important people and otherwise leveraging his human status to his advantage would probably easily net him a win here, while Frollo has to be conniving and cannot enact his goals through force, for the most part. I also agree with TGK, Frollo would be disgusted by both monsters as a whole and by the hedonism of modern life in Monstersverse.
  22. vsbw is pretty cringe but if we're gonna use it, by god we're gonna follow the tiers

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