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  1. Quiplash Trivia Murder Party Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Team Fortress 2 Halo: Master Chief Collection (Halo 2, Halo: Combat Evolved) Halo Infinite Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Archeblade Smite Paladins Gotham City Imposters Friday the 13th: The Game (Xbox One version) Street Fighter V (PC) Ultra Street Fighter IV Killer Instinct Duke Nukem Forever (bite me) Ninjala Phantasy Star Online Worms Armageddon Mortal Kombat 11 Soul Calibur VI Pokemon Unite
  2. Muggles have been seen as many things. A nuisance, trouble, ignorant. Dangerous? Not in all these years. But who is to think of such things? Muggles have had little to no contact with the wizarding world, and even then it is rare that they pose any kind of danger to even an individual wizard or witch. That was until one of them had made a trip back from New York. Death Eaters, enemies of the wizarding world that claim to be for the greater good, are pure blood supremacists who commit crimes such as genocide, brainwashing and the practice of the dark arts in the name of their cause: Keep wizards and witches pure of blood. While the tales of New York from long ago were just that to some of the members, recently one of them would try and go to New York thinking it was free of such 'tomfoolery'. Eventually he'd come back via Floo Powder, falling out of the fire place during a meeting of the Death Eaters. He's seen to be covered in wounds, some familiarly looking like gunshots and stab wounds. Others however like burns and bruises made the Death Eaters curious, getting him up and sitting him on the chair. They demanded he tell them what he had just gone through and why he dared to go on such a conquest without permission from Lord Voldemort himself. Speaking, he was shaking. Thankfully someone was healing him so he could speak clearly, but it was more for that and less about his well being. "It was a muggle....he was merciless." A few of them tried to hold in their laughter while the others looked at him like he was insane. One muggle? Their weapons were deadly, but to be wounded and chased by just one? They were aware of magic users in New York, but they did things differently there. "He had a giant skull on his chest." This silenced the entire room. A muggle with a white skull on his chest. Could it be? One of them then walked towards him. Surprisingly it was Luscious Malfoy, holding a wand to the survivors neck as he asked him a question. "I need you to be absolutely sure what you have seen: A muggle in all black, wearing a large, white skull on the front of his uniform. A man, yes?" The survivor nodded. Luscious walked away a few meters before he quickly turned back and pointed his wand at the man. "Avada Kadavra." Before he asked why, he slumped out of the chair and fell on the floor with a loud thud. Luscious was angry. "Frank Castle. You survived after all these years..." There was some confusion as to why a muggle would be such trouble, making one of them ask out loud: "How can one muggle be a danger to us?" Luscious exhaled through his nose with an angering glare, looking at said member who dared to ask. "Frank Castle has fought, survived, and had come back from the dead many a times that he would practically be seen as a demon!" He huffed. He sheathed his wand, continuing to speak. "This man has managed to survive armies of criminals by himself with nothing but his own ferocity and will power, walking off wounds no mortal man should!" Luscious walked over to the man and pulled him close by the scruff of his shirt, while still glaring, was now shaking. "I tried to fight him myself when I and several other followers tried to recruit a witch from Xaviers institute, only for him to find us in a matter of hours! He blew up an entire warehouse of our fellow brethren just to save one witch." Luscious the pushed him away in irritants. "If he's willing to kill for one witch, he's willing to destroy to see us gone!" It was then the chimney spouted green flames, revealing that same man. "Luscious Malfoy. I thought I killed you when I rescued Illyana from those scaley clutches of yours?" A non cholent, deep toned voice echoed the area, revealing the man in question. "Frank Castle. I see you've taken that Punisher role too seriously." Luscious hissed. Frank brandished two .45's by his side, though he obviously had a few more fire arms and other weapons attached to him such as grenades and knives. "I thought I told you the next time I find one of you, I'd follow the source." He told Luscious. "Now that you stepped into my territory, I'm invading yours and making sure that nobody will be around to continue your groups 'legacy'." This gotten other Death Eaters to step back several steps, Luscious growling while he unsheathed his wand again. "This time I'll have your head, Punisher!!" Frank pulled back the hammers on his magnums, aiming them at him. "Not unless I get yours first."
  3. I wouldn't see a problem with promoting matches, both official and Rumble over on Twitter. It can not only get more people interested, but also get people to participate in the CBUB as well with more character submissions and fights as well as maybe Draft matches again in the future. Especially since there are a ton of people that really wanna look for something other than Death Battle to quench their crossover fighting thirst, wether it be waiting for another episode/season or just thinks the show has gone down hill.
  4. We nee to keep the drafts going, as it's a cool second event to participate in. Especially for healthy debates when it comes to certain debates like love rivalry and hostage negotiations. Especially since these moments are picked at random, wich makes many of these matches more interesting or funnier.
  5. Would natural disasters as well as fictional events be something the database can accept? Examples being Flood, Earthquake, Purge Night and Squid Games.
  6. Only over a dozen? You would think more people, both new and old members, would try and get in on this. I signed up for mine and hope it comes in one piece, I'm just surprised not many others signed up for them.
  7. Superman is fast enough to travel from one solar system to another, but he's not fast enough to time travel as casually as Wally West or any other Flash for that matter. And considering they have to use weapons from a shaolin temple, Wally West could possibly vibrate them into Supermans body to kill him, if not at least to stun or injure him.
  8. It's been a number of years since I even read about anything regarding the Shiar Empire, but I still think the Jaffa Warriors have a better time taking over. The Jaffa are able to blend into humanity at many points of the Stargate show, taking over an entire town and even on occasion taking over the Airforce secret base and almost sneaking into the U.S. government. Yeah the Shiar can just invade like any other alien force would, but the Jaffa again can blend in with humanity and use whatever secret there to go against them. Meaning they might have already recruited many humans into their ranks with spare goa'ulds they carry around sometimes. They could even summon other Jaffa warriors from across the galaxy, entire planets in wich they still rule, to come to their aid. The Jaffa also have technology that not only revives the dead, heals all wounds and even mind controls enemies into doing things out of their control.
  9. LEt's consider how cowboys from back in the day while sharp shooters and have had their share of dodging bullets and other things like fists, bottles as well as rope and knives, I don't think they would stand a shance against the GCPD because of one thing: fitness. When it comes to being a cop while yeah you are gonna come across some fat guys, it doesn't change the fact you need to be in shape to not only carry a bunch of equipment, but to run with said equipment such as a bullet proof vest, flash light, fire arm and so on. And while yeah, they're obviously not gonna use any of that when it comes to a game of dodgeball, I can say they'd last longer than the cowboys would. Cowboys back then while yeah, weren't really fat guys or overweight compared to many normal people nowadays, they aren't as fit as police or the normal gym instructor nowadays what with many of them practically just drinking and playing cards as their day to day hobby or way to waste some time with the occasional bank robbery and train hold up. Police on the other hand need to be on constant watch of their diet and cardio so they can have easier time catching criminals, even when off duty incase they are called in.
  10. Doomsday already beat him before, very brutally might I add.
  11. Don't look to underestimate Toad just yet, guys. Sure he's lost his fair share of fights against the X-Men, but there's a reason he was in the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. He's managed to incapacitate Jean Grey with his slime, not only silencing her but also putting her in danger of dieing of suffocation. He's held his own against Storm one on one for just a bit before Storm started using her mutant powers, sending him hundreds of feet into the air and into the New York reservoir. And since he's supposed to have abilities that mimic an actual Toad, he likely survived that fall. And I know these are feats from the movie, but it only shows that even taking a more realistic approach, he still fights pretty well. He's also managed to convince a former villain and another super hero to attack Spider-Man that being Frog Man and Spider-Kid, defeated Spider-Man and Vision both at once, lead a team of villains to fight X-Force, Survived an attack from Nimrod only losing a fingers (Basically a super powered, bright pink Sentinal from space), and kidnapped multiple people to die in Arcade's traps including The Thing and the X-Men, Angel. Also little known fact about Toad, he's had a chemical imbalance in his system that practically gives him a sort of bipolar disorder, making him switch from calm and collective to angry and rash in a second before it got cured. He's also got a prehensile tongue that he can also engulf in flame when he wants to. So with all of that, I think he could do something that has blackmail involved. After all, he did manage to kidnap The Thing and Angel once and even talked to his former Brotherhood minions into coming back togethor to attack another X team. I think he's gonna be able to pull off something more simple like blackmail.
  12. Since nobody is gonna comment, I will to back up my pic of the Jaffa. They managed to take over almost an entire galaxy, have ruled under the disguise of gods that have been in many religions such as Yu and Ra. From fear alone, they managed to enslave many planets and people as well as recruit, by force or volunteer, more soldiers into their conquest of galactic rule. Sure they have the weakness of creating and following through with theatrics, but they deserve such things if they can rule many planets and solar systems so easily. They can even blend in as a normal human without many noticing any differences unless they look for them. In a way they've ruled Earth before, but for a full on alien invasion, I think they not only have the means, but also the right information and to infiltrate key parts of Earth so to let their warriors know where to strike next or first and spread their destruction.
  13. Yes, actually. There's a few villains there that can go up against Rhino no problem such as Bane, Poison Ivy and even K.G.Beast at one point. Though I think the question is would they even care enough to stop him?

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