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  1. I won't be getting one for awhile, but I can't see myself switching back to Xbox. :p Have a large PS4 backlog, though, so I'll wait for the price to drop.
  2. Psnprofiles.com/damagingrob Do you even need to ask? :/ But I don't know if I even need it. I have built up a pretty large backlog of PS4 games...
  3. Oh, man. Lol. Yeah, Season 8 was weaksauce. Such a damn shame.
  4. Nice to see some things never change.
  5. Heh, thanks. I figured I should change it to something. Whatever one I had before had been deleted.
  6. Uhh, hi? Almost didn't remember my password, it's been so long. Lol.
  7. oh man, I just noticed you're AWOL. :(

  8. Happy B'day, Rob! Where have you been, man? I've been expecting a "Holy Carp!" from you with all the recent changes.

  9. You're saying you should wear a bag over your head? That's not good.. Believe in yourself, Ethan!
  10. Get the *vulgarity* out of here.
  11. But.. Eric Vale returns as Trunks. How can it be horrible? This does not compute.
  12. *Coughs*Because certain fanboys won't accept it as canon*Coughs*
  13. Heh. I think they're just trying to pad it out, to the season finale. Which will, hopefully, be good. But still, it's annoying to have these pointless episodes. I mean, seriously, a peace talk? Governor don't want no peace; he wants Michonne and everyone else dead.
  14. Anime is short. Season 2 will have a love interest, for the other guy. I think the rich chick starts to dig him, too. But yeah, for the most part, it's a harem series. Much like Tenshi Muyo, all the women want that one guy...

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