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  1. I won't be getting one for awhile, but I can't see myself switching back to Xbox. :p Have a large PS4 backlog, though, so I'll wait for the price to drop.
  2. Psnprofiles.com/damagingrob Do you even need to ask? :/ But I don't know if I even need it. I have built up a pretty large backlog of PS4 games...
  3. Oh, man. Lol. Yeah, Season 8 was weaksauce. Such a damn shame.
  4. Nice to see some things never change.
  5. Heh, thanks. I figured I should change it to something. Whatever one I had before had been deleted.
  6. Uhh, hi? Almost didn't remember my password, it's been so long. Lol.
  7. You're saying you should wear a bag over your head? That's not good.. Believe in yourself, Ethan!
  8. Get the *vulgarity* out of here.
  9. But.. Eric Vale returns as Trunks. How can it be horrible? This does not compute.
  10. *Coughs*Because certain fanboys won't accept it as canon*Coughs*
  11. Heh. I think they're just trying to pad it out, to the season finale. Which will, hopefully, be good. But still, it's annoying to have these pointless episodes. I mean, seriously, a peace talk? Governor don't want no peace; he wants Michonne and everyone else dead.
  12. Anime is short. Season 2 will have a love interest, for the other guy. I think the rich chick starts to dig him, too. But yeah, for the most part, it's a harem series. Much like Tenshi Muyo, all the women want that one guy...
  13. Why does everyone keep saying that? You're all just jealous. And f.y.i. Goku and Chi-Chi got married at the end of Dragon Ball. Not during a time skip.
  14. I don't know why everyone hates GT. I love it all, even with my favorite character only being in the middle portion of Z. I bought up the season sets, for DB, DBZ, and GT. And own all the movies. Even that Justin Chatwin.. thing.
  15. Do what I did, and get the trades. Even Hardcovers are a much better buy on Amazon, than buying each individual issue.
  16. Lulz. I thought it was toned down quite a bit, after the raunchiness in the beginning.
  17. Oh, joy. Three more episodes of filler. I've noticed a pattern here, which I may have already pointed out, at one point. But they spend a whole season, at one place. Why should this season be any different? So, four more hours at the prison.
  18. Casshern, which bored the hell out of me. Never heard of the others.
  19. I saw Trunks in those facepalms, so I had to like it.
  20. I wish they'd put out a complete edition. All these DLC releases are shying me away from it, at the moment. Even with its now $20 price tag.
  21. DamagingRob


    He's definitely the biggest name in Christian Hip-Hop. At least, I assume he is. Hush, you! DBZ's soundtrack is awesome. A rap theme was GT's shtick. I kind of miss that song... It's not on the season sets of GT. Something from Disciple might be a better fit:

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