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  1. Dante is far faster and can just knock Wolverine out of the ring before he can really react
  2. On paper, Tao has far better physicals. It really depends on if you think Tao can hurt Star Platinum. Personally, A stronger DBZ dude could, but Tao is not very well suited for Jotaro
  3. 616 Wolverine would maybe have some chance, if Dante were limited from his higher tier abilities, but Ultimate Wolverine is far weaker. Dante is probably my favorite to win the whole thing so far, and Ultimate Wolverine can't keep up. His healing factor can be and has been overtaxed by weaker than Dante
  4. I suppose my best argument for Guts is that he's a lot faster. Hercules had to catch the Ceryneian Hind while it was sleeping, and Guts is certainly faster than that. Guts has fought Gods and God-like beings before. He can play hit and run and keep him off balance to get a ring out
  5. Base Jin probably lacks any real way to kill Alucard. A lot of Alucards fights will probably have that problem
  6. Unless I'm really underestimating Hill here, Miranda should turn her inside out. Not only does she have a tech advantage, which alone would be enough to probably win, her biotics make this basically impossible for her to lose. Either one of those advantages would be very hard to overcome for Hill, if not impossible, but put them together and I don't see how Hill wins
  7. Someone as politically well connected as Bruce, who single-handedly saved Gotham, the World, and the mayor multiple times, would likely never see jail time for this. He may get a slap on the wrist, but no judge on Earth would be willing to convict him after all he's done
  8. I'm pretty sure the ocean had the ear actually, and it have it to Moana. In any case, no, I doubt it. There's no reason to assume he would be able to do that because he's a scientific man wit no experience with such supernatural forces
  9. I was waiting for anyone else to chime in before I voted

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