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  1. Dante is far faster and can just knock Wolverine out of the ring before he can really react
  2. On paper, Tao has far better physicals. It really depends on if you think Tao can hurt Star Platinum. Personally, A stronger DBZ dude could, but Tao is not very well suited for Jotaro
  3. 616 Wolverine would maybe have some chance, if Dante were limited from his higher tier abilities, but Ultimate Wolverine is far weaker. Dante is probably my favorite to win the whole thing so far, and Ultimate Wolverine can't keep up. His healing factor can be and has been overtaxed by weaker than Dante
  4. I suppose my best argument for Guts is that he's a lot faster. Hercules had to catch the Ceryneian Hind while it was sleeping, and Guts is certainly faster than that. Guts has fought Gods and God-like beings before. He can play hit and run and keep him off balance to get a ring out
  5. Base Jin probably lacks any real way to kill Alucard. A lot of Alucards fights will probably have that problem
  6. Unless I'm really underestimating Hill here, Miranda should turn her inside out. Not only does she have a tech advantage, which alone would be enough to probably win, her biotics make this basically impossible for her to lose. Either one of those advantages would be very hard to overcome for Hill, if not impossible, but put them together and I don't see how Hill wins
  7. Someone as politically well connected as Bruce, who single-handedly saved Gotham, the World, and the mayor multiple times, would likely never see jail time for this. He may get a slap on the wrist, but no judge on Earth would be willing to convict him after all he's done
  8. I'm pretty sure the ocean had the ear actually, and it have it to Moana. In any case, no, I doubt it. There's no reason to assume he would be able to do that because he's a scientific man wit no experience with such supernatural forces
  9. I was waiting for anyone else to chime in before I voted
  10. Yeah, I would probably put Aang above Sypha, and Captain Planet well above both of them. He more or less sweeps
  11. Donkey Kong is explicitly shown to be immune to mind control in the intro to Donkey Kong Country Returns:
  12. Nah, DK has this. Remember when he punched a moon out of orbit? Most importantly, in Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Donkey Kong has mind control resistance. I couldn't find the clip online, but it is on his Vs battle wiki page. His physicals are the strongest, and he's got resistance to the one hax power that could take him down.
  13. Based on this video: Personally, I think in a straight up fight, Light has too many ways to cheat. To make it more even battle of wits, how about this: Suppose a different world wherein Light Yagami never picks up the Death Note. He and his family move to America, and he discovers a large life insurance policy on his father, and develops the perfect plan to kill him to get the money. Like most murderers that Columbo deals with though, he overestimates himself, and underestimates a certain detective. Columbo is on the case, and Light doesn't have his connections through his father. Can Columbo pin this on Light, or will Light be able to plan the perfect murder
  14. The fact that he can use Metroman's DNA means that he can definitely make her strong enough. That tech took like a few minutes to kick in if memory serves. The real question is whether or not he could train her to use and control her power, and while he did fail spectacularly with Tighten, I think he could succeed with Alma. His mentality is pretty child-like, and assuming he knows who his enemy is, all he has to do is teach her to be like Metroman. Tighten failed because he was a lunatic to begin with, but from what I can find, Alma seems like a pretty good kid
  15. Batman Beyond has the best armor, physicals, and tech, but he's also the worst h2h fighter I reckon. Nightwing is probably the best h2h fighter, and he could take Daredevil by a very slim margin I reckon. Team DC's best bet would be for Terry to keep Black Panther busy while Nightwing takes on Daredevil, then they can team up on Black Panther. BP has lost to the likes of Kraven the Hunter, so I reckon between Batman Beyond's tech and improved physicals and Nightwing's superior martial arts, they can take him down
  16. Oh my God this is a stomp for the DBZ villains. Even taking everyone in their weakest form AND lowballing them, the Plutonian is the only one that's even potentially relevant here. I'd put the Plutonian above base Frieza, but below Cell and Broly. Thragg and especially Homelander are fodder here
  17. If memory serves, Johnny's a good deal below Terry's level. He's only able to hang with the higher tiers of his universe because he's magically protected from them, but even the high tiers of his universe aren't all that great. I've give it to Terry
  18. A jaguar very nearly did Tarzan in. A tiger and a lion are fast stronger, bigger, and more dangerous. He would really struggle against either individually, but both at once is way too much

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