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  1. Maybe a future game could be Darkest Hour: A Hearts Of Iron game which can be played with mods? Or is that too niche?
  2. As much as I like that bit, Treehouse of Horror is non canon.
  3. Welcome back to Earth VC86 folks, its been a while but we are back! As the ambush begins Gallen and Squadra 13 along with their Cuban rebel allies open fire with everything they have killing many the guards but with several Cuban rebels being taken down the guards. Carmona takes the wheel of his transport tries to make an escape to the base as fast as he can running some of his own men over in the process. As they begin to chase Carmona, Vincenzo Lucchesi, through his scoop spots incoming Cuban reinforcements, warns the rest of the team, Cosmo Caruso fires his rocket launcher at the transport, severely wounding but not killing Carmona. They team bid a hasty retreat. Liberty City December 1989 In a Forelli Mob hangout near downtown Liberty City, a meeting between Paulie and Johnny Sindacco with Remaining Forelli bosses is underway. Mike “Lips” Forelli is heading this meeting inviting the Sindaccos over for talk of a pact against Vercetti, Leone and the Russian Mafia. While the self proclaim in Invisible Don Paulie Sindacco and Mike Forelli talk business and play darts at the Forelli owned bar, Johnny and Mike's nephew Caligula drink and chat. The Paulie mentions having an overseas contact who could give them an edge in the coming war in Liberty City. While they keep playing darts business is further discussed. Is a deal made? This simply decides who wins the most rounds of darts and billiards. Also anyone have any guesses to who Paulie's contact is?
  4. This is NOT a fight Canon Homer Simpson Vs Bob Richards of Tekken in a DONUT EATING CONTEST
  5. Rockstar is going to milk GTA 5 until its run into the ground. Starting to get old.
  6. I mean we can always appoint some extra moderators.
  7. The Borg invade Battletech Universe around the time of the Clan Invasion. (3050 or so) Can The Clans and Inner Sphere factions join forces? How does the Borg adapt to this new foe? Who overall wins?
  8. Fair enough That being said any thoughts on who gets the edge in which weapons and X-Factors?
  9. Just thought I would rerun this to get a proper result that is hopefully not a tie.

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