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  1. No doubt this would be a fun match, could have Michael Buffer or The Fink doing the introductions.
  2. After the merger of WCW and the WWF, the World Championship Federation is created. A war has been waged between the two top stables DX and the nWo. In a long brutal war, now it has come down to a War Games match, the match beyond. On Commentary Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler and Bobby The Brain Henan. Referee is Charles Robinson On Team DX The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels The Game Triple H Road Dogg Billy Gunn X Pac for the nWo Hollywood Hogan Kevin Nash Scott Hall Macho Man Randy Savage Mr. Perfect The nWo get the man advantage in this War Games match. Who do you book to win this epic dream match? For those unfamiliar with WarGames matches https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WarGames_match DX are faces (good guys) nWo are the heels (bad guys) Will anyone turn? Will there be any crazy moments?
  3. nWo has been added, if your nWo your nWo 4 life! DX has been submitted too and if your not down with that I got two words for ya!
  4. I concur, Tommy in this world also got extra training from ex Italian Spec Ops (Squadra 13).
  5. As the war in Cuba ranged on the ambush of General Carmona went down, an RPG strikes the General's vehicle, while he is NOT killed he is severely wounded, leaving him out of commission. After this, Tommy Vercetti who has spent time training with Squadra 13 himself, decides to join them in a mission backed by Cortez's rebels attacking outside Havana to create a diversion. The objective is simple, assassinate the Castro Brothers and in Tommy's own words at the meeting “cut the head off the snake”. Tommy arms himself with an AK-74 Carbine, his trusty Colt Python pistol and a combat knife along with some RGD-5 Grenades. Squadra 13 who accompany him have their load out from the previous mission. As this happens Anthony Gallen and Mike Toreno command the rebels attacking Havana. Gallen in particular has gained many of the rebels respect for his fearless demeanor on the battlefield. Also at the old Presidential Palace where the Castro Brothers are meeting with Cuban Generals, the guards are unaware that come Cuban rebels have stolen many Cuban army trucks. Hiding in the back and plan to attack in a diversion, while Cuban rebel commander flys Tommy and his men in on a chopper disguised as Cuban army transport. Once they land, A Cuban army truck with explosives is detonated, killing many guards. Tommy and Sqadra 13 come out of the chopper with guns blazing. All while a massive attack outside Havana makes sending back up to this location difficult. For Tommy to win he, or one of his allies has to kill both Castro Brothers. The Castro brothers just have to escape. Who wins?
  6. Some new Earth VC86 matches could be coming
  7. Homer agrees to a boxing match with Rocky Balboa and plans to "fight" like he did in the episode "The Homer they fall". Homer however showed up drunk to the press conference and in full Jerkass Homer mode. The fight is in Philly at the Wells Fargo Center. Who wins?
  8. After being beaten back somewhat on the East Coast, The American Union State Forces with the Minute Men at the forefront crush the Combined Syndicates of America under Jack Reed and William Z. Foster. Now hold up in both the South and what is left of the rust belt holdings not held by Entente and Federalist forces. The once broken away Pacific States of America rejoin the Union. As the situation keeps degrading for the AUS, Vice President Pelley is convinced by a young Minute Man liaison, George Lincoln Rockwell and Imperial German advisor Karl Von Rundstedt to attack in the Northwest, crush the Federalist forces and capture the temporary capital of Denver. (Washington DC is under AUS occupation) While US and Entente lines near Texas are holding study, a massive AUS offensive is launched from the Occupied Upper Midwest. As the offensive hits Eastern Colorado, a detachment of Gurkha mercenaries that are stationed in the area are under attack from a force of Minute Men. The Minute Men are armed with mostly with M1903 Springfields, Colt M1911s, Browning Automatic Rifles, Ka-Bar knives, Thompson SMGs. As well as MK 2 Grenades. As they advance through a harsh blizzard in the Mountains, the Entente forces dig in. Th Gurkha Mercenaries are armed with a mix Enfield SMLE rifles, M1 Grand Rifles, Vickers Heavy Machine Guns, Webley Revolvers, British No. 69 Grenades, Khukuri knives as well as Bren Guns and Thompson SMGs. The Gurka Forces have to hold out for 48 hours in this mountain pass. A force of US and Canadian troops is on the way under the joint command of US General Douglas MacArthur and Canadian General Andrew McNaughton arrive. Heavy snow makes air support and artillery support difficult. Can the Gurkha unit hold out? They are outnumber but entrenched. Note I am NOT endorsing racism or Neo-Nazism in this battle. The AUS can have rather unlikable figures in charge during and after the Second Civil War especially should they win. https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/VideoGame/KaiserreichLegacyOfTheWeltkrieg
  9. A group of Mercenaries in the Jungle hunting for a druglord find mangled bodies on the compound of his property. They now face a mix of giant scorpions and cloned raptors. Who wins? The ten Mercenaries are armed mostly M16s with M203s and Colt Commanders. Two heavy weapons mercs are armed with M60s Machine Guns, Desert Eagles and RPG-7 rocket launchers. All also have Bowie Knives. Six Raptors are in the area Three Giant Scorpions are also there. What happens?
  10. https://image.online-convert.com/ The site linked above is great for it, I have used them for years. Basic use with some limits on how many images is free and you can upgrade to a premium account. I use it for both CBUB characters and my mods.
  11. Added Red Alert Giant Ants and General Carville from Red Alert. Tried to add two more Red Alert General but they got rejected because of the wikilink. If anyone has a reason, I could see what I could do about fixing it next time.
  12. Yeah, I am glad its back, I hope I can post more matches soon. I just spend a lot of my time these days modding PC games.
  13. https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Fanfic/TheCrownAtomic
  14. In The World of Crown Atomic a KR AAR in the 50s, after the American Union State tests its nukes, giant ants appear in the Mountainous areas of Southwestern Colorado. Killing some civilians in a town. In order to keep this quite and low key, the AUS army sends a unit of elite Minute Men to hunt down and destroy the nest. They are authorized to use everything from firearms, to flamethrowers to poison gas. What happens?

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