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  1. Well looks like my battle of riddles is down to the rocket fight by .02 rating. GG
  2. I think the formatting got messed up when I pasted it from word in.
  3. I like the matchup. Roxy is a stuntwoman wheras the Rocketeer is a bit more of a battle hardened force so I give him the win. Edit: Not rating as we are head to head here.
  4. Man after rewatching License to Kill, I've come to appreciate how many things Timothy Dalton was in that aren't James Bond. Hot Fuzz, Looney Toons, Dr. Who, Doom Patrol...
  5. I also like Bourne. Wick is real tough, but he isn't bloodlusted towards Bourne the way he is elsewhere.
  6. In a hole in a wall there lived a villain. Not a well traveled, beloved drinking hole filled with patrons and a boozy smell, nor a decrepit, bare unused hole with imminent demolition and the space cleared out. It was a villain’s lair, and that means crime. It had a perfectly gangly villain wearing green with a shiny gold cane in his hand. He paced about perfectly upset with how things were going. This villain was a very well to do villain and his name was Nygma. Nygma had schemed and planned and riddled in Gotham for the longest of times. Villains considered him one of the most respectable and notable villains in the entire city. He was very rich and very successful, but he had nothing to do. This is the story of how Nygma found something worth his time.He may have left his hole in Gotham and lost his criminal empire, but you shall see if he profited anything of it. They had done it, the Batman had been beaten. Gotham was theirs, but the villain had little to do. Villains are fond of schemes and with no Batman to scheme against crime had lost its luster. He removed and replaced his green bowler hat several times as he asked his henchmen yet another riddle. He was surrounded by simpletons, as many villains are, and his great love of riddles was wasted upon them. They were dullards unburdened with the pains of great thoughts or great loves. Nygma was a most respectable villain and so they gravitated towards him. By curious chance one hazy evening in the world, when there was more crime, and fewer heroes, Nygma sat in his hole working over another sudoku book, when Neron came by. Neron! If you are aware of half the terrible things I know he has done, you would have been very startled indeed. “What do you want?” grumbled Nygma only momentarily looking up from his puzzle. “What do you mean? I want what you want, Edward. I am looking for someone to partake in a scheme. It has been very difficult indeed to find someone willing” Neron bowed his blonde head in a mocking deference to Mister Nygma. “I should think so in these parts, without the Big Bad Bat, there has been a real shortage of schemes in this town. But riddle me this, crack this riddle, take the prize; Cheat, and I shall know your lies; For I hide in your words, you see; A bond that begets your honesty. What am I?” “The truth.” Neron knew many riddles and it was wise to speak to him such, for speaking plainly with a demon bores them and leads their minds to mischief. “Here is the truth, a fellow demon needs a favor, he seeks a simple object, a golden ring, held by a riddling champion. He has matched wits with cursed beings, elven kings, and dragons alike. He has schemed with armies and wizards and lives in a hole in the ground. So tell me Edward, might I interest you, in a battle of wits with the most unlikely creature imaginable.” Nygma had grabbed his golden cane and donned his emerald bowler hat and stood up, “And what price must one pay to partake in this scheme?” “Alas, I cannot go myself, for the agents of good are many in that world, but I can send you. The price is the favor you do for Mairon now called Sauron is payment enough for me. I could tell him where his ring it, but he certainly would betray me and ignore any debt he might owe me, so I will take the ring as recompense till he can pay it back. Your battle of riddles is to be your recompense.” The Demon extended his hand which the Villain took and in a moment he found himself standing in a very different place from what he had imagined. A far green country stretched as far as Nygma could see. A pleasant smell wafted through the air, like a pleasant meal prepared by someone you love after a long day of toil. A faint smell of tobacco came to fill Nygma’s nostrils and he turned to see a short being in a bright waistcoat fastened over breeches sitting upon the green puffing smoke rings. The being wore no shoes, but had a pair of big hairy feet with curly hair not unlike the hair upon his head. He greeted Nygma warmly. “Good morning my fine fellow, I suppose you must be some acquaintance of Gandalf’s appearing like that. Quite a nice staff you have as well. Perhaps you would care for some tea?” The Halfling blew another smoke ring as he casually pulled himself to his feet. “Not often we have wizards round these parts, but they visit me more often than a respectable hobbit should receive them. Nygma was stunned, he expected something more intimidating, but then again, the mind was truly the deadliest weapon. “No tea, I need to find…” The knowledge seemed to instinctively fill Nygma’s mind, “Bilbo Baggins.” The Hobbit walked over, “and so you have found him. You must be a friend of Gandalf’s come in Mister…” Nygma thought as he let the Halfling lead him through the gate and into a smartly painted round green door. “They call me the Riddler.” This Halfling had impeccable manners and had Mr. Nygma seated and his hat and cane put up in a moment. All respectable Hobbits are excellent hosts. One should always pay a call on a Hobbit if he can. “I am quite fond of Riddles myself. Indeed all Halflings are. Shall we have a game of it?” Bilbo placed a bright copper kettle on the roaring fire and began to place cakes before Nygma. Nygma smiled at the thought. “A game is no fun without a friendly wager,” He glanced about the room noting a map that had riddles encoded on it framed upon the wall, a suit of armor and a sword well dusted and displayed in the living room, and a big red book sitting with many pages already filled. “Surly, each of us can spare one treasure to make the game more interesting?” Bilbo paused, he was not of the gambling sort, but that had been what had helped him against the Creature Gollum, and very few knew of the magic ring that sat in his coat pocket. As he placed an earthenware jug of milk upon the table and a wedge of fresh cheese he nodded in agreement. Bilbo sat down with his mithril coat and sting in the room behind him. “It would be rude of me as a host to riddle first.” Edward nodded, “My first is a creature whose breeding is unclear. My second, a price you must pay. My whole can be found in the river of Time and refers to events of today. What am I?” Bilbo took a cake as he repeated the riddle to himself, “A cur…Ah! A current, that’s what it is!” Nygma’s smile told Bilbo it was his turn. “A dozen Royals gathered round, Entertained by two who clowned. Each King there had servants ten, Though none of them were also men. The lowest servant sometimes might, Defeat the King in a fair fight. A weapon stout, a priceless jewel, The beat of life, a farmer's tool. What is it?” Bilbo had opened with one of his favorites. For Halflings love all games, and their fondness for cards was well represented through the entire Shire. Nygma stopped to think. For all his riddling with the Caped Crusader, seldom did he have an opponent ask a riddle back. He was starting to enjoy himself. “A deck of cards, twelve face cards, the ace through the ten are the servants, sometimes the ace is a trump card, and a club, diamond, heart, and spade. Thus the Battle of Riddles was to begin!
  7. Man I love Jackie Chan Adventures, but know nothing of Ben Ten. From my understanding though, he is pretty busted.
  8. I'm leaning towards Oz Scarecrow over DC Scarecrow. Considering Oz Scarecrow even with his fear of fire is able to stay somewhat rational while on fire, plus his willingness to face Doom to save Doroty, means he has the willpower to pull the win.
  9. Yeah the idea is that Wright escaping Tokyo getting Godzilla thrashed was his win condition. Godzilla is more of an environmental factor than anything else. I saw survival as the idea that fighting back was not an option so I wanted any confrontation to be horrifically lopsided. As a regular person Wright is beneath Godzilla's notice, so surviving is not impossible, but it also wouldn't be easy. At least that was my logic on the matter.
  10. Don't see Nancy making it out of this one. I do like the phone call though.
  11. Also entering at the 11th hour. End of the quarter and a dead mobo made this a tough deadline for me. Looking forward to reading everyone's once I'm finished with report cards.
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