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  1. I hope to find time. Start of the school year has been hectic. I should have taken Kirk's advice from Generations. "Don't let them promote you."
  2. Marcus pulling a dub out of nowhere appeals to me though...
  3. I feel like the cartoon logic might take the win here. I, like Dskillz, am looking forward to the bottom line.
  4. Pretty happy with second. A strong field.
  5. Looks like Doom wasn't prepared for Arcee's mix of being a motorcycle and a robot even on his hometurf. With the W though, Doom is definitely aware of Cybertronians now. EDIT: Arcee is now 2-0 and her other win is against Lady Sif. She really can take down Marvel powerhouses it seems.
  6. I have to go with one of my childhood crushes. I don't really think Elisa would win, but I don't think I can vote against her.
  7. Heh, the Jim picture is the cover of the version I teach. Suyin should win, but Jim has a habit of dumb lucking his way to victory.
  8. I teach Treasure Island. I will remind our readers, Blackbeard was scared of Captain Flint and Captain Flint was scared of Barbeque (and for the Peter Pan lovers, Barbeque was afeared of Captain Hook). So I am throwing in with Long John.
  9. Man, I'm glad I held back on my Obi-Wan vs Cal Kestis original idea. Seems Star Wars was in.
  10. Qui Gon is better trained, but Luke has made a huge amount of effort to learn everything on his own. Grandmaster Luke ftw.
  11. I ran into the problem of writing good legal drama is hard.
  12. I find it interesting considering Tiana has been presented with the opportunity to heel turn before and she didn't. That said, using her cooking skill in it is creative and marks there.
  13. I love how you handled Blanc's character Broadway. You captured a lot of charm he had in the movie. Well done.
  14. Here's mine. Dskillz I thought of you when I wrote it. From that one random encounter we had on youtube on a Transformers Prime clip.

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