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  1. I was inspired by the fact that Marvel decided the Two-Gun Kid at some point, goes back to the past, dies, and goes to Hell in the Falcon comic.
  2. “All rise for the honorable Judge Mephistopholes” The courtroom stood at attention. One one hand was the prosecution in a spikey hair doo and a flashy maroon suit, on the other, the brown haired defense attorney wearing a bolo tie and great coat and hat that went out of style in the 19th century. The brimstone stench filled the air as the audience of devils and the jury of the damned stood for the demon prince. “You may be seated.” Mephistopholes cackled looking upon his domain. He enjoyed this charade he would do for souls, and since the Two-Gun Kid insisted on shooting up hell, he was going to have a little fun at his expense. Indeed and after losing one too many bouts to Phoenix Wright, it was all too easy to manipulate the prosecution into playing along in exchange for a few updated autopsy reports. “Miles Edgeworth for the state your honor.” The prosecutor scoffed at this country bumpkin that had been dug up for the defendant. “Matthew Hawk of Kurtzman, Liberman, and Book for the defense.” The attorney tipped his cowboy hat to his opposite number. “The accused, Owen Reece, on charges of universal endangerment, assault, bodily possession, and tampering with the nature of reality, how does the defense plead?” “Not guilty, your honor, and may I remind your honor, we would play this by the US legal system.” "I AM WELL AWARE OF MY OWN RULES HUMAN!" Mephistopheles roared. This hero trapped in Hell could be so infuriating. “Very well prosecution, call your first witness.” Two-Gun Kid defending Molecule Man vs Edgeworth trying to sentence him to damnation
  3. Ace Pilot Shakedown who is the best pilot? Round 1: Pure Obstacle Course Flying Round 2: A cross galaxy race Round 3: A dog fight in a vehicle (with support R2/Chewie/BB8) of the pilot's choice.
  4. THE BOTTOM LINE "I'VE GOT YOU NOW LUPAWN!" Inspector Zenigata slapped the cuff on Loid. "Now rest easy Mr. Luthor. In a moment I'll have that ring back." "YOU DOLT! THAT'S LUPIN!" Luthor grabbed the Interpol Inspector by the collar of his jacket. And Lupin waved from a passing Daily Planet news copter. "I gotta thank you for taking care of my competition Pops! Toodles!" The scarlet jacket clad rogue shouted as the copter pulled away from Lexcorp Tower. "LU-PAAAAWN!"
  5. Writing romance... hmm...
  6. Anime & Manga from Spy X Family Loid Forger-Agent Twilight, Master of Disguise, and top spy Your Forger-The Thorn Princess, Master Assassin. Anya Forger-Toddler Telepath
  7. I like the Frog over the Penguin here. A gangster with a verbal tic hunting a looney toon? It screams classic Mel Blanc era. Penguin & co. are going to be looking worse for wear after this.
  8. I like American Dream in this one. Hellboy isn't too complicated an opponent and I think she can handle him.
  9. Welcome. Always exciting to get a bit of new blood. Sadly, I'm only familiar with Sydney, so my input will be minimal.
  10. “I don’t know Lupin. This seems insane even for you.” Jigen took a drag on his cigarette as his friend parked the yellow Fiat on a Metropolis side street. “Think of Fujiko’s reaction when I show her that piece of genuine kryptonite jewelry.” Lupin grinned looking at the Lexcorp Tower. “Well you can count Goeman and me out.” Ji “Aww c’mon guys be pals.” Goeman rolled his eyes, and Jigen excited the vehicle scanning the skies. “Your obsession with Fujiko Mine is a distraction and frankly it never does us any good.” Goeman stoically added and followed his bearded companion, “besides, this town isn’t well known for the success of its thieves.” “Sorry Lupin, but there’s this seafood place I’ve been dying to try.” The red jacketed thief stood with his arms crossed as the pair made their way to the Metropolis pier. “Fine! See if I care! Wait till you see the headline! Lupin Robs Luthor!” Lupin shouted after them and began scheming his disguise and plan to steal Luthor’s kryptonite ring. “Agent Twilight, the recent incident involving General Zod has made it clear that Westalis needs an anti-Kryptonian defense.” Handler moved through a slideshow presenting the layout of Lexcorp Tower. “One Alexander “Lex” Luthor has been photographed wearing this.” The slide showcased the powerful bald man wearing a ring set with a green gemstone. “Kryptonite. The only known weakness of Kryptonians. Obtain this ring by any means necessary. I recommend you use your talent for disguise to enter the building under false pretenses. “As you can see Mr. Kent, Lexcorp has-” Luthor’s pontificating on the supremacy of human ingenuity was interrupted by a buzz. “What is it Mercy?” “Mr. Kent to interview you, sir, but I security places Mr. Kent on your level and in the elevator…” “Detain him! It’s Lupin! He sent a calling card, and he’s come to rob me. Forgive me Mr. Kent another time!” Before Loid could act, Luthor had sprinted straight at a wall that parted on his approach and sealed behind him. Exiting the elevator was a broad-shoulered man in a blue suit with round glasses. “Lupin.” The reporter sheepishly grinned before removing his mask. Loid likewise doffed his disguise and strared down the thief. “You know Blondie, I can’t say I’ve had the pleasure. Are you one of Zenigata’s harebrained schemes or just some local competition?” Lupin grinned. He loved these sorts of complications. Before Loid could answer the room began to fill with smoke and the two smashed through opposite exits. Lupin vs Loid: Who can steal Luthor’s kryptonite ring and get away with it? In case you missed it, the real Clark Kent is unfortunately being detained by Mercy Graves.
  11. I admittedly couldn't be happier with the outcome.
  12. I was inspired by someone who always does a nice followup to their matches.
  13. Wow, hard to believe I was the tiebreaker like a half hour before the match closed.

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