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  1. *nibble nibble* https://tenor.com/biXP7.gif
  2. Forgot to add this point earlier, while no doubt this would be Sam's call to make since it's his site and project, but what about renaming Redux to something like FPL: Redux or something? Basically, a symbolic gesture of recognizing Redux as the officially-endorsed successor to the FPL, and might give it more pull by attaching a familiar branding to it.
  3. Lawman

    Video Games

    I was never a big fan of Musou-style games until I played Night Agent: I'm the Savior.
  4. I think a lot of us become quite good at noticing familiar patterns - I.e. same userhandles, use of certain idiosyncratic terms in one's posts, familiar posting habits, etc. - when we spend enough time online. Since yeah, I wasn't also expecting to recognise folks I hadn't spoken to in years either, but now that they've posted they're definitely familiar.
  5. That wouldn't be the first time Sam Justice as a character has died though. Maxx did that first to his self-insert, Sam "The Hand Of" Justice in Apocalypse. XD
  6. Oh hi, Exal! I remember you.
  7. They just keep trickling in.
  8. I know it's obviously too early to be asking about the FPL, but I couldn't help but be curious... is the Khazan setting coming back? Because I vaguely recalled in the final iteration of the FPL prior the EF's closure back in... 2013 IIRC, there was a community decision to retire the Khazan setting in favour of a brand-new setting. But now that EF's back and I'm seeing that the CBUB peeps are still referencing Khazan as a setting where CBUB matches take place. So yeah, it made me curious as to whether the FPL is also going to take place in Khazan as well? (Though I always think of CBUB's Khazan and FPL's Khazan as two separate entities - i.e. although they share the same name and broad concepts they are separate realities, which is why the latter only has original creations)
  9. Electric Ferret, you live! And yeah Lawman here!
  10. Electric Ferret! You're alive!!

  11. Not to sound like I'm among those having preconceived notions about this new site and stuff, but for once I'm actually glad that my FPL characters have always been mostly self-contained, not too deeply interwoven into Khazanian lore - it actually makes it easy for them to be ported over into alternate settings with the right tweaks. ^^
  12. Not too sure if this counts... but I've been participating pretty heavily in forum-based RPG's (which at its core, is basically collaborative storytelling) since I vanished from the FPL in 2006.

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