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  1. I bet the OTHERS are not sinister at all. That when we finally encounter them, they'll just be a bunch of old NERDS. Also, the Voice is obviously voiced by Jessica Walter.
  2. Apparently, I wrote this on November 5th, 2019. Something which I forgot about until I was going through my files just now. It seems I was doing some sorta reboot thing, fiction-wise. Re: FPL Caxan was dying... and there wasn't a damn thing that could be done about it. For endless eternities, it had been the Nexus of All Realities. A place where the impossible was merely improbable. And the probable was definitely a reality. But now, the unthinkable was happening. The end of the long and winding road. Perhaps most vexing of all was that the Apocalypse wasn't even triggered by anything or anyone. It wasn't the Void finally breaking through to existence in all its magnificent nothingness. It wasn't the machination of some uber villain. It wasn't even some cosmic accident. It was simply a matter of fact. Things die and so does, apparently, a "place" like Caxan. And with the end of Caxan, so too, does everything end with it. For despite the efforts of the heroic Sentinels of Liberty & Justice and their vigilante counterparts, the Reavers or even the "bad guys", from the Fallen to the Marauders; from gods in heaven to demons in hell, to those purveyors of Fate known as the Powers That Be or the Admin, who run the Arena and maintain the Core of Caxan; all the way to plain ol' Joe Average who happened to know what was happening... and inspite of those few who would actually welcome and work toward the death of Caxan... At the end of it all, their efforts were for nought. Caxan has died. In that instant, reality and the nature of the universe collapsed. Everything and even nothing itself, imploded into oblivion. Even the Void was not spared. All across the multiverse, it happened and by extension, unhappened. No version of any individual was not undone. There was no escaping it either. The once Nexus of All Realities was connected to everything, even so-called personal bubble dimensions. Time travel didn't work either. Every moment of time, whether past or future, disintegrated all at once with the present that was Caxan's end. In the end, it was... the end. In the beginning, there was nothing left. But then something happened and it lasted a really, REALLY long time, but fortunately, that ultimately died off as well. Don't worry about what that thing was. Trust me, you wouldn't want to have anything to do with it. The point is, after THAT, there was nothing again. Until... Let there be light.
  3. Probably leave the old one as the FPL. The things that make the FPL what it is, soon to be what it was, are fairly unique.
  4. Erm, yes it is. I mean, metaphorically, maybe not. But in actuality? Heck yes it's cool.
  5. We're starting with a blank slate and things are fairly low key right now. But I really don't mind if we grow to become fantastical. But let the growth be organic and natural. If what really works; if what everyone ends up wanting to do is low key Dresden/Potter/whatever stuff, so be it. But if we get a good writer like Mediaman showing up and he likes things grandiosed and is able to back it up with fics, then sure. The thing is, don't worry about it too much guys. I think it's kinda sounding like the new site guys are saying "don't bother creating or contributing anything, because we got everything covered... erm, why are we letting you guys in again?". But that's not the case. All we're trying to say is, this is a clean slate. A new sandbox. You've got all this new freedom, so why not use it rather than arbitrarily limit yourselves with preconceptions?
  6. Don't worry y'all, you can port your stuff over if you like, or create new stuff. All you have to do is not assume it's got the exact same structure as the old FPL. Remember, clean slate. Here's an example, you can probably port over a superhero type with minimal hassle. I'm personally planning to create some super crook types as well. But if you say this guy is a Sentinel, and then you imply/assume that the Sentinels are a world wide police force who administrate all the small teams as well as have their own A-Team, then at this point, that's probably gonna have to go through some scrutiny. You'll have to write up (or just port over) a bunch of fics to establish this setup. Once you do, it'll be hunky dory. I think the only "rules" we have at the moment is that Khazan won't be our main locale and no "silly" characters like a ball of death or a voltron knock off or a sugar junkie hulk. Who knows, if this thing takes off and we get a lot of stories going, it might make sense to have a Nexus of All Realities type thing going, but at the moment, because we're going with a blank slate, that concept is a little too far out there, unless you're able to back it up with a bunch of fics).
  7. Unfortunately, we lack the expertise/resources to implement that competitive aspect. I suppose we can do things manually with forum polls and such, but that's probably not a long term solution.
  8. Where everyone else is like "don't bother bringing your pre-conceived notions", me, personally, I'll be reworking a lot of my old stuff into the new place. It helps that a lot of my stuff ain't reliant on Khazan Kontinuity. We're starting on a blank slate, so things will probably be low key at the beginning, but eventually, I can see things becoming more publicly fantastical. It depends on the contributors.
  9. I'm just going to say that the current incarnation of the FPL, from a technical standpoint, is really good. Heck, it brought guys like me outta "hiatus/retirement". It does NOT limit creativity. Part of the creative process is working within the restraints of any given format. A TV series with a limited time frame per episode for instance, would limit how much detail you can cram in, but gives you access to sound, music, actor charisma, visuals and cliffhangers become easier and more effective to pull off. On the other hand, a novel is good for monologues, filling in background and motivations, and bringing attention to details that can be missed in a visual media. It's all pros and cons. I mean, we're gonna leave here soon. But that ain't no reason to knock the FPL. No offense meant to anybody, but this place has sentimental value for me. It's been my main page for 15 years. The old CBUB was arguably the best fight site on the internet. Other sites might have been more popular, but this place had the snazziest presentation.
  10. There's probably no need to be overly strict on contradictions, but naturally, try to keep it to a minimum. Just throwing this out there, but Piranha Girl, Unicorn Boy and Kurio Kaufmann are free for use. These guys wouldn't need too many changes (if any) to fit into whatever world's being done. Hmm, I need to find that write up I did for the guy who took over Africa. I was fairly pleased with him at the time.
  11. Oh wait, this is the only match that ended? Hehehehe.
  12. Goodie, t'was noted in the Crow-Man write-up that the Perni vs HIME thing was 'something else'. And now that fight's all wonky insofar as I can tell. Landon and ThreeDark and/or myself should do something about that.
  13. I'd go with Dogpound and Fishface. Bebop and Rocksteady had access to higher tech weaponry, but didn't really do too much with 'em. At the height of their threat level, they were tough but I wouldn't say legitimately deadly. Unless we're talking about the time they got training from a ninja spirit, they never quite recovered from villain decay. Tokka and Rahzar, eh, they were limited by the rubber suit technology of the time. Dogpound and Fishface are legitimate threats to the best choreographed/animated turtles yet. Sure, they suffer villain decay, but not too much yet.
  14. Youse said "current or historical Famous database or ME winners base".

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